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Islands – Xu Fan, Ma Sichun

Islands is an urban drama depicting the emotional lives of women. It's directed by Lin Yan, stars Xu Fan and Ma Sichun. Liang Jing and Li Xiaoran are featured in special roles, while Song Chunli, Li Chengru, and Liu Jun make special appearances. The main cast also includes Sun Qian, Wang Tianchen, Song Ningfeng, Chen Jingke, Ding Chuan, Wu Shile, and Zhao Xin, with a guest appearance by Geng Le.

The story revolves around three generations of the Meng family, primarily focusing on the family patriarch Qiao Haiyun, and the three distinct personalities of the Meng sisters - Meng Mingwei, Meng Wanqing, and Meng Yian. The narrative also explores the challenges and perplexities faced by the sisters' daughters in terms of family dynamics, relationships, and various issues. Amidst these challenges, the warm story unfolds as they support each other and undergo individual growth.



English Title: Islands
Chinese Title: 烟火人家
Genre: Drama, Family
Episodes: 40
Duration: 40 min.
Director: Lin Yan
Released Date: 2024-02-13
Broadcast Website:



The formidable family patriarch Qiao Haiyun, known for his strict principles, set a rule that every family member must return home for the Chinese New Year. This tradition had never been broken until the most honest member of the third generation, Li Yijin, unexpectedly broke with tradition and spent the New Year at her boyfriend's house, sparking family conflicts.

Qiao Haiyun has three daughters, with the eldest, Meng Mingwei, not being his biological child. Due to her insecurity about her limp, she hopes for her daughters to excel. Her relationship with her daughter Li Yijin is strained, but they eventually understand each other's struggles, realizing that maintaining a proper distance is key to nurturing their mother-daughter relationship.

The second daughter, Meng Wanqing, and her academically successful daughter, Tao Shuna, seem to have the perfect mother-daughter relationship. However, their openness leads them to accidentally discover each other's secrets, prompting a process of rediscovering themselves and understanding that a perfect mother-daughter relationship involves mutual support rather than concealing flaws.

The third daughter, Meng Yian, resembles Qiao Haiyun the most - strong and independent. She is determined not to become a dominant woman like her mother but coincidentally finds herself on the same path. The challenges of balancing career and family make her gradually understand her mother's struggles. The three generations of women in the Meng family are like distant islands, supporting and coexisting with each other despite their differences.


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