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Good Guy Good Luck – Fan Wei, Yu Nan

Good Guy Good Luck is a northeastern suspense comedy directed and written by Zha Muchun, led by Fan Wei and Yu Nan, co-starring Pan Binlong, Zhong Danni, Yuan Jing, Han Yanbo, Liu Guancheng, and Luo Ji.

It tells the story of a small city of 20,000 people in the northeast of China, Shuangyuhe, in 1990, where a series of vicious incidents occur and a group of vicious power "enter the game" in search of gold.


Good Guy Good Luck

English Title: Good Guy Good Luck
Chinese Title: 立功·东北旧事
Genre: Suspense, Comedy, Drama
Tag: Village Setting, Black Comedy, Violence, Investigation
Episodes: 12
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Zha Muchun
Writer: Zha Muchun
Producer: Zhao Yi, Zheng Hao
Product Company: HUASHI, Alibaba
Released Date: 2023-02-10
Broadcast Website: Youku, youku.tv



In 1990, a small city of 20,000 people in the northeast, Shuangyuhe, is plagued by vicious incidents, and the clues to these cases are all inextricably linked to Shang Quanliang, an employee of the security section of the Thermos Flask Factory.

As the legend of gold in the Laoyao mountain emerges, the vicious forces have been "entering the game" in search of gold, and the conflict is escalating.

When greed gradually takes over, what kind of life will be revealed in the deep of human nature?


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