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The Long Season – Fan Wei, Qin Hao, Chen Minghao

The Long Season is a life suspense drama directed by Xin Shuang, led by Fan Wei, Qin Hao, and Chen Minghao, with special appearances by Li Gengxi, Liu Yitie, Jiang Qiming, Liu Lin and Shi Pengyuan, co-starring Hou Yansong, Lin Xiaojie, Wang Jiajia, Yang Yiwei, Tang Zeng and Zhang Fan.

The drama tells a series of unexpected stories about several families in a small northern town spanning nearly 20 years of history.


The Long Season

English Title: The Long Season
Chinese Title: 漫长的季节
Genre: Family, Suspense, Thriller, Life, Crime, Drama
Tag: Investigation
Episodes: 12
Duration: 60 min.
Director: Xin Shuang
Writer: Yu Xiaoqian, Pan Yiran, Chen Ji
Producer: Zhang Na, Bo Bing, Lu Jing
Product Company: TencentVideo
Released Date: 2023-04-22
Broadcast Website: WeTV, 腾讯视频



In the small town of Hualin, taxi driver Wang Xiang never dreamt that he would have the chance to meet the person he both most wanted to see and feared the most in his lifetime. Was it an enemy or a friend from the past? Whatever it was, he knew he needed to face it and give an explanation to himself and his son.

In the past, when Wang Xiang was a train driver, he felt invincible, but he can't manage his small family. The factory was on the brink of collapse, with crises looming everywhere. However, the discovery of a bag of unidentified body parts thrown into a river like a stone shattered the tranquility of Hualin and Wang Xiang's life, haunting him for the next twenty years without rest.

A lost father, a dead lover, and a reunion with an old friend were all trapped in three different time periods due to an unresolved mystery. Wang Xiang sought to uncover the truth that spanned the past, present, and future. When the mystery was finally unraveled, time and space merged into one, and only the requiem of fate remained in the long seasons.


Wang Xiang spent his entire life dealing with cars, driving trains for half of his youth and later taking up driving taxis in his old age. Although it may seem like a bit of a waste to switch from trains to taxis, he still drove carefully and professionally, without any sloppiness. One day, it was Gong Biao's turn to take over the shift, and he excitedly called Wang Xiang to come and see his new car.

Last night, Gong Biao bought a new taxi from a stranger he met at a bar. At the time, he was tempted by the low price and saw competition from other buyers, so he couldn't wait to buy it without telling anyone beforehand. He only showed it to Wang Xiang after transferring ownership, but Wang Xiang quickly noticed several issues with the car, including water in the engine and some minor problems with the brakes. Hearing Wang Xiang's words was like pouring a bucket of water on Gong Biao's head. He had not yet familiarized himself with the car when he received a call from the police that afternoon.

Based on surveillance video from a traffic accident, the police found that the license plate number of the offending vehicle was exactly the same as Gong Biao's. Now he was in trouble, and his car was impounded by the police until the case was investigated. It was obviously a case of license plate fraud. In the morning, Wang Xiang and Gong Biao went out for a test drive together, and there were witnesses and physical evidence, but now the newly purchased car was seized by the police because of the case.

Gong Biao quickly went to the hospital to check on the victim's condition, but to his surprise, the victim had already been discharged and the phone number left behind was also invalid. Gong Biao had to post notices everywhere, hoping that someone with information would call him to provide clues.

He spent 150,000 yuan to buy a taxi, but it was impounded by the police before he could even warm it up. Gong Biao was furious, he hadn't told his wife when he bought the car, and he didn't dare to say anything when he got home. His wife had been thinking about opening a beauty salon lately and they needed the money. Finally, after a few days, they received a clue about the car with a fake license plate, and Gong Biao hurriedly went with Wang Xiang to investigate.

The stolen vehicle was left at a repair shop. Wang Xiang was cautious and had Gong Biao block the entrance while he went alone to ask the mechanic. In less than two minutes, someone sensed something was amiss and drove the car out. Wang Xiang stood in front of a taxi parked by the side of the road, but the car that was fleeing collided with it, causing damage. In order to prevent the thief from escaping, Wang Xiang immediately leapt into the damaged car and followed the car that was fleeing.

Although Gong Biao was blocking the entrance, he was scared when the car charged towards him. But when he saw the car that Wang Xiang was driving behind, he felt relieved. Wang Xiang had driven a train before, so the thief couldn't escape. The car followed the thief to a cornfield, and the thief first ran into the cornfield. Gong Biao followed him and went to catch him, but the thief was agile and doubled back into the car to escape.

Twenty years ago, during the time when Wang Xiang was still an excellent train driver, he had a son and a wife. His son, Wang Yang, was seen by Wang Xiang as someone who was idle all day and not doing any proper work. During breakfast, his wife discussed the poor performance of the factory they worked at and feared that people would be laid off. Wang Xiang comforted his wife, saying that she worried too much because even if the factory went bankrupt, her salary wouldn't be affected.

On that day, a dismemberment case was discovered in the factory. An old lady went to the garbage bin early in the morning to look for garbage, but she found a bag of bloody meat. She thought of taking it back to feed her dog with some meat. When she opened the bag at home, she found out that it was actually fragments of human bones! The police arrived quickly, and Wang Xiang originally had nothing to do with it. However, his wife heard the police siren and became nervous, so she asked him to go and see what was going on. And because the security officer Jing Jianchun fainted, he asked Wang Xiang to go and check the scene.

Wang Xiang and Xing Jianchun only shook hands. When Wang Xiang heard Xing Jianchun say that he had just touched the bones of a corpse, he began to have stomach spasms and started vomiting uncontrollably. It seems that the corpse abandonment case from that year was related to his son, because many years later, Wang Xiang woke up from a dream and saw his son's photo hanging on the wall in black and white.

Years ago, Wang Xiang kept vomiting due to dizziness and was eventually sent to the hospital. Gong Biao was called by Jing Jianchun to take Wang Xiang to the hospital, and they met each other because of this incident. Gong Biao fell in love at first sight with a nurse who came with the ambulance to rescue Wang Xiang. When he learned that the nurse was Wang Xiang's sister-in-law, he immediately showed his enthusiasm and visited Wang Xiang in the hospital every few days.

One day, Wang Xiang was not at ease staying in the hospital because the medical expenses for his wife had not been reimbursed by the factory for several years. Now that he was lying in the hospital, he was worried that the factory would not reimburse the medical expenses. So he asked his sister-in-law to check how much money had been spent, so that he could check out of the hospital as soon as possible.

The leaders of the factory heard that Wang Xiang was hospitalized, and specially invited media reporters to visit him in person, publicly commending Wang Xiang's selfless spirit and taking a group photo. Wang Xiang appeared in the newspaper for the first time. When he came out of the hospital, he specially framed these newspapers that commended him.

Wang Yang's wife was talking about how their son had gone to bed early these past few days, which was strange because he usually didn't sleep so early. At this moment, their son was lying on the bed with sweat on his forehead, feeling restless. His classmate downstairs called him out and told him that Shen Mo hadn't been back to school for several days, and a police car was parked downstairs in the dormitory building. His classmates were wondering if the police were investigating something. Wang Yang's face changed when he heard this.

When Gong Biao was young, he had a quick mind and was very capable in his work at the factory. He often impressed his leaders by being attentive and considerate, even by serving them tea and water. One day, his leader Song Yukun left a document on the table, and after he left, Gong Biao saw a list of laid-off workers, on which was written the name of Wang Xiang.

A few days ago, the leader visited him in the hospital to commend Wang Xiang for his admirable spirit. However, now he, a "May Day labor model," has been laid off, which makes him very upset. He asked Gong Biao why he came to reveal this news to him today, and Gong Biao told him the truth. The reason why he risked passing on the news to Wang Xiang was to ask him to introduce him to Huang Liru.

Twenty years later, Wang Xiang saw the person driving the taxi with the same license plate as the one involved in the murder of Shen Mo. Although he didn't catch the person, he was certain that this person was the killer who had once killed Shen Mo. When his son was wrongfully executed many years ago, the killer remained at large, and Wang Xiang dreamed of catching him. Gong Biao was good friends with Xiao Lu, who ran a pharmacy. One day, Xiao Lu told him that a person with an injured leg had bought two boxes of medicine from her store. Because the person needed one more type of medicine, they left their phone number and asked her to contact them when it arrived.

Wang Xiang was worried about not being able to find the murderer, but when he heard that there was a way to contact him, he immediately asked Xiao Lu to call the person once the goods arrived. Gong Biao and Wang Xiang were both present at the time. After Xiao Lu contacted the person and found out the location, Wang Xiang and Gong Biao followed quietly. Suddenly, they lost sight of Xiao Lu. When they finally found her, they discovered that she was lying motionless on the ground.

The two of them took the unconscious Xiao Lu to the hospital. The doctor asked them to pay a deposit. Xiao Lu's injury was caused by a high voltage electric shock. Wang Xiang was puzzled because how could an electric shock accident occur? After settling Xiao Lu in the hospital, Wang Xiang went to the scene of the incident the next day to investigate. He saw an iron wrench not far from where Xiao Lu had fainted.

Huang Liru wanted to open a beauty salon. When she paid the rent and deposit, she found that her bankbook was missing 150,000 yuan. She was angry and asked Gong Biao about it. She found out that Gong Biao had used the money to buy a car, and it had happened several days ago. The couple had an argument that day. Huang Liru was angry and threatened to divorce and run away from home.

Wang Xiang went around looking for Gong Biao. He heard from a colleague that Gong Biao was at the arcade, so he went to look for him there. He had just been standing on the side watching for a while when the police came to arrest everyone on the scene. Whenever he saw Wang Xiang, Gong Biao always seemed to have bad luck. This time, he had been playing for a long time and was about to win when the police suddenly showed up, causing all the money he had invested to go to waste. Gong Biao couldn't help but ask Wang Xiang if it was because their zodiac signs were naturally incompatible.

Gong Biao was feeling upset, and Wang Xiang knew it. He told Gong Biao about the wrench he had found at the scene of the crime. This matter still needed further investigation. Earlier, Xiaolu was injured, which was definitely not just an accident. Gong Biao's car was also confiscated by the police. In order to get the car back as soon as possible, he had to follow Wang Xiang to retrieve it.

Now Wang Xiang reminds him that they can't catch the killer on their own, they need another expert. The two of them went to the elderly club to find someone, and the so-called expert in Wang Xiang's mouth is Ma Desheng, who dances old-age dance. When they saw Ma Desheng, he was wearing a sexy dance costume and dancing. After twenty years, Ma De has become a favorite of elderly women from a young man who was eager to try.

The time goes back to 20 years ago when there was a restaurant near the factory. One day, the restaurant's sewer was blocked, and the owner asked someone to clear it. They found a bag of bloody body parts that had been crushed and blocked the sewer. The owner was terrified and saw the crushed body for the first time. Even the person who cleared the sewer was frightened. Ma Desheng saw the two's scared faces and found it interesting. He went upstairs to the restaurant and found that the factory where Wang Xiang was located was just opposite. The body might have flowed from the river there.

The police came back to the factory to investigate the situation. Wang Xiang wanted to make a contribution and receive a reward, hoping to be removed from the list of laid-off workers. This time, he heard that the police's spare tire was stolen, so he took the initiative to find the person and found the missing tire. The police thought he was capable and brought him to the police station to learn more about the situation. He even helped subdue a habitual criminal. Ma Desheng told him that the two bags of body parts were found near the Huaigang area, which was likely related to the factory.

Shen Mo was a female college student who went to a entertainment club to play the piano as part of her work-study program. On the first day of her interview, the manager felt that she was dressed too conservatively and suggested she wear a chiffon skirt. Wang Yang had a crush on Shen Mo at the time and also found a way to work at the club as a waiter. On the day he applied, he happened to see Shen Mo being bullied by a wealthy man who insisted that she play "The Love of the Water Carrier" on the piano. When Shen Mo weakly said that the piano didn't have that piece, the boss became very angry and threw money in her face while scolding her for a long time.

Wang Yang really disliked the boss and originally wanted to do something bad when the boss left. However, he happened to see someone beating up the boss. At first, a young man accidentally brushed against the boss's car and after being scolded, his friend used an iron object to knock out the boss's teeth. Wang Yang happened to see this scene and after the group of people left, he walked up and kicked the boss hard.

Wang Yang began to launch a love offensive against Shen Mo. During military training, when it rained, he personally held an umbrella for Shen Mo, causing many classmates to discuss it. Since then, Wang Yang has been working at that club and rides a motorcycle to take Shen Mo back to school after work. Those days, he was especially happy, as if life was full of sunshine.

Wang Xiang brought clothes to Ma Desheng and explained his motive. He hoped that Ma Desheng could let him participate in solving the case, as long as he could leave his name after the case was solved. This was entirely for the purpose of achieving merit and not being laid off.

After returning home, Wang Xiang's neighbor, an old lady, was airing her quilts. She was scared by the sight of the bones before, and Gong Biao comforted her, telling her not to bring random things into her home in the future. The old lady retorted, asking him to care more about his own son.

Gong Biao heard that his wife had invited "Da Xian" to their home during the day. He mentioned that their son Wang Yang had been restless for several days and didn't know why. Just as they were speaking, they smelled something burning from the kitchen. It turned out that Wang Yang had forgotten to turn off the stove while frying eggs, and it had burnt. Wang Xiang touched his son's forehead and found no fever, but his son had not been acting normally in the past few days.

After a while, Wang Yang asked his father about the progress of the investigation into the case. Wang Xiang only said that it had been determined that the suspect was a woman, but the specifics were still unclear. Wang Yang said that if he were not in his hometown someday, his parents would get used to it. Wang Xiang patted his forehead and reminded him not to think too much. The moonlight still shines in their hometown, so he should stay at home peacefully.

Wang Xiang and Gong Biao brought in Ma Desheng, and now they are preparing to start with the fake license plate business. Ma Desheng brought in a patrol officer, who is familiar with the people in this area. He saw the license plate and guessed the situation, so he gave Wang Xiang the phone number of the middleman who handles fake license plates. Wang Xiang called the number and found out that the seller of the fake license plates is Xing Jianchun, who used to work in the factory's security department and had a history of neglecting his duty. Although he is retired now, he still engages in illegal activities. Xing Jianchun refused to admit to the fake license plate business, so Wang Xiang had no choice but to continue the surveillance with Ma Desheng and Gong Biao. They took turns watching all night, and finally someone took the bait the next day. Ma Desheng used to work as a criminal investigator and has a lot of experience catching thieves. He persevered through the night until dawn, while the young people couldn't keep up with him.

This time, Wang Xiang invited the seller of fake license plates to the restaurant. Originally, they only needed to wait until the other party received the money to get a clear understanding. Wang Xiang was very decisive in finding people, and finally caught Xing Jianchun red-handed. Gong Biao saw that the person was only holding something around his waist and thought there would be some major clues or treasure, but he was surprised to find out that it was just a urine bag!

Xing Jianchun started crying and rolling on the ground. Gong Biao shouted at him to confess or else he would send him to the police station. They used to be colleagues from the same factory, but now he was older and making a living while wearing a urine bag. Wang Xiang didn't want to make things too difficult and when he found out that Xing Jianchun didn't know who he had sold the fake license plate to, it seemed like he really couldn't remember. Wang Xiang didn't press the matter any further and just returned the plates to their original owner.

At night, Wang Xiang returned home and when he pushed the door, he seemed to see his wife and son, both of whom were excitedly calling him to come and eat. Wang Xiang was moved to tears by the heartwarming scene, which he hadn't seen in twenty years. Excitedly washing his hands and going out, the living room was empty, and it was just an illusion. Wang Xiang was trapped in painful memories, as if he were on a deserted island. Until his son's grievances were cleared, the burden on his shoulders would remain.

Wang Xiang accidentally discovered that his colleague Liu Quanli secretly used the company's train to transport goods. This matter not only involved Liu Quanli but also the workshop director. Xing Jianchun from the security department quietly called Wang Xiang and gave him two cigarettes. Wang Xiang, who had been a veteran driver for decades, knew that once he got involved in something shady, it would be hard to get out. So he secretly tampered with a part on the train, and the next day, the train broke down halfway. When the repair team went to fix the machine, they discovered the equipment being used for unauthorized transportation.

At that time, Wang Xiang's monthly salary was only a small amount. His wife earned some extra money by knitting a big sweater for less than forty yuan. Wang Xiang even returned the two hard Chinese cigarettes because he wanted to be an honest person. However, he unintentionally disrupted the interests of some people's chains.

At that time, Wang Yang worked as a waiter in an entertainment club. He went out early and came back late every day, and his mother didn't know what he was busy with. Wang Xiang wanted his son to repeat a year of school, but he didn't agree and wanted to work as a laborer in his father's factory. Wang Yang went to work every day and whenever there was good food at home, he would bring some to Shen Mo. The two became friends, and Wang Yang even invited Shen Mo to see his father's factory, which many people had never seen the inside of the locomotive because his father was a conductor and had that privilege.

Shen Mo and Wang Yang went to see the train together, walking along the quiet train track. Wang Yang talked about his father's life and felt that his father was too conservative and had always lived a conventional life. His own aspirations were different from his father's. Wang Yang wanted to be a poet, which Shen Mo found interesting. Wang Yang then read a poem he had just written to Shen Mo. As she listened to Wang Yang's romantic and pure poem, Shen Mo couldn't help but be plunged into the shadows of her own memories.

Shen Mo's uncle and aunt came to visit. This uncle didn't look like a decent person, but Wang Xiang grew up in his house when he was young, so he was polite to them. As it got late, Wang Xiang found a hotel for them to stay in. The uncle deliberately sent his wife away, then closed the door and made inappropriate advances towards Shen Mo. Shen Mo tried to suppress her anger and not provoke the uncle.

At night, Wang Xiang's wife could always hear knocking on the door without interruption. When Wang Xiang opened the door, he found a mouse tied to their door, struggling to escape, causing the iron door to make noise. Wang Xiang knew it had to do with what happened with Liu Quanli and someone was causing trouble behind the scenes. He had a sense of foreboding and asked his wife if she knew where their son went to work.

Wang Yang gave Shen Mo a movie ticket to Titanic while at work. Shen Mo was a bit hesitant, but Wang Yang handed her the ticket and left. Shen Mo's uncle came to the school looking for her and noticed it was already ten o'clock but she hadn't returned yet. The uncle even asked Shen Mo's dorm friends if she had a boyfriend. This uncle had a strange attitude, and Shen Mo's classmates weren't sure about his situation and didn't tell him clearly.

It was Shen Mo's birthday that day, and her friend from the orphanage, Fu Jun, bought her a BP machine as a birthday present. Wang Xiang was very happy, and she made a wish that they could all live a long and healthy life, and then blew out the candles.

In the morning, as soon as Wang Xiang finished class, he hurried to the hotel. He heard from his dormitory friend that her grandfather was looking for her. The grandfather claimed to have bought her new clothes as a birthday present and asked her to try them on immediately. Shen Mo was very unhappy. The auntie had been sleeping on the bed the whole time, and the uncle ordered her like a commander, not allowing any objections. Wang Xiang had no choice but to go to the bathroom to change clothes. The whole process was very awkward. The grandfather saw her wearing the new dress, and even helped to adjust the collar. He got very close to Shen Mo and reminded her not to work anymore to avoid meeting bad people.

Finally, Wang Xiang found his son who worked as a waiter outside the club. He was so conservative that when he saw his son wearing a waiter's uniform and bowing to everyone, he immediately called Wang Yang back home. That night was the day they had planned to watch a movie together. Shen Mo watched Titanic alone and walked out of the theater. She saw her grandfather waiting outside, and his tall shadow cast over her head. Shen Mo looked at him as if she had seen a wild beast and could not run away.

Wang Xiang went to have dinner with his son, and they had instant noodles together. His son noticed that he had been absent-minded these past few days and asked him what had happened, wondering if he should not go to Beijing himself. Wang Xiang urged him to cherish the opportunity, saying that Beijing is the cultural center and living there would have a better future.

The next day, Wang Yang went to work and saw Shen Mo's uncle helping her to quit her job. Wang Yang didn't know what had happened, and when Shen Mo's uncle left, he immediately chased after him to ask what had happened. The uncle had a sinister look on his face, circled around Wang Yang, and asked if he wanted to date Shen Mo, bluntly saying that he was not worthy.

After not seeing Shen Mo for a day or two, Wang Yang finally called her dormitory and she said she couldn't go to the bar to play the piano. Wang Yang then invited her to watch a movie again. The last time they met was on a bridge, and Shen Mo told Wang Yang that their living environments were different and asked him not to look for her anymore. She even said she had four lines on her palm, which meant she was tough by nature. Wang Yang didn't believe it and encouraged her that fate was not in her hands but in her own hands. He even jumped into the river to prove his true feelings for her. Shen Mo heard a splash, and the water under the bridge was rapid. She was so scared that she ran to the riverbank and shouted Wang Yang's name. She even ran into the river to find him, but Wang Yang emerged from the water and quickly urged her to get ashore.

Wang Xiang had long wanted to arrange for his son to work in his factory. He worried when he saw his son come home late every day. His wife took out some hidden liquor and asked him to deliver it to the factory manager, Song Yukun. Although Wang Xiang was usually thin-skinned, he didn't want his son to wander outside. So he took the liquor and waited for Song Yukun outside the factory. He waited until it was dark, but he didn't see Song Yukun come down from the building. He eventually ran upstairs, intending to have a chat with him, but he saw Song Yukun fooling around with a woman.

When Song Yukun heard the noise and looked up, Wang Xiang was terrified and ran downstairs. Song Yukun followed him, his pants belt still loose. He warned Wang Xiang to keep it a secret, and Wang Xiang knew the seriousness of the matter and immediately nodded, saying he didn't see anything.

Shen Mo was called to a hotel by her uncle again. There were only the two of them in the room. Shen Mo knew her uncle had ulterior motives. This time, she mustered up the courage to tell him that she was already an adult and would handle her own affairs in the future. She asked her uncle to calculate how much money he owed her, and promised to make good compensation. However, her uncle did not agree. He pulled out his belt and fiercely whipped Shen Mo. During the process, Shen Mo's aunt heard the noise and knocked on the door. But under the threat of her uncle, she was forcibly pushed out of the room. Shen Mo's hands were tied behind her back, and she was severely beaten.

Going back 20 years, Wang Xiang had just discovered that the factory director was having an affair with another woman. One day, Wang Yang was delivering food to Wang Xiang when he met Jing Jianchun. Jing Jianchun said his father was collecting his salary in the finance department. Wang Yang had always called Jing Jianchun uncle, so he believed him without hesitation and went to the finance department. When he arrived at the room, he found that the safe was wide open and stacks of cash were exposed. Wang Yang felt something was wrong and quickly left, but he found that the door was locked from the outside. Soon, a group of people came and shouted that they caught a thief. They tied up Wang Yang and yelled through a loudspeaker, ready to send him to the police station.

Upon hearing the news, Wang Xiang rushed over. He knew his son was falsely accused, so he quickly pulled Jing Jianchun aside and said that he would participate in the cargo transportation from now on, turning a blind eye to certain things. Jing Jianchun achieved his goal and released Wang Yang.

Twenty years later, Jing Jianchun came to see Wang Xiang again, this time offering clues on his own initiative. He was only a middleman in the fake license plate business and had only met the person who could really make license plates once. Wang Xiang called on Wang Bei to draw a picture of the suspect according to Jing Jianchun's description.

Jing Jianchun had done many bad things when he was young, but in his old age, he suffered from uremia and had to live with a urinary catheter hanging from his body. He received dialysis twice a week, which was considered retribution. When Jing Jianchun left, Wang Xiang even tried to give him some money, but he refused to accept it.

Wang Bei sensed that his father might be looking for the killer who murdered his brother. Wang Xiang did not deny it. He frankly admitted that he did not want Wang Bei to be affected and asked him to prepare well for his exams. He would personally send Wang Bei to the train station tomorrow.

Wang Xiang and Gong Biao finally found the person using fake license plates. With the evidence, Gong Biao could now drive the car he bought. Originally, Ma Desheng was also tasked to investigate the case with them. Although they have a lead on the taxi, they still haven't found the person responsible for the hit-and-run. Ma Desheng asked if the person who used the fake license plates knew who hit the victim. Based on his instinct as an investigator, Ma Desheng felt that things were not that simple and asked Wang Xiang if there was anything else hidden.

Wang Xiang took out a cherished photo from his phone and showed it to Ma Desheng. It turned out that Wang Xiang was still looking for the killer of his son, Wang Yang. This also became a thorn in Ma Desheng's heart. Twenty years ago, he saw the scene where Wang Yang died and concluded that he had committed suicide. However, Wang Xiang insisted that his son was framed and he knew his son's personality best. Wang Yang could not have committed suicide. The two men argued and even trembled with anger. Wang Xiang insisted that Fu Weijun was the one who killed his son, but Ma Desheng reminded him that Fu Weijun was already in jail and could not have killed anyone in the middle of his sentence.

Liru had her double eyelids cut without permission, and as a result, one of her eyes became very swollen. When the person who did it found her, they kept talking and demanded 150,000 yuan in compensation. Gong Biao felt sorry for Liru and wrote an IOU for 100,000 yuan to cover up the incident. They thought they could still live happily together as a couple, but Liru unexpectedly asked for a divorce that day. Gong Biao was forced to move in with Wang Xiang for a few days. On this stormy night, Ma Desheng also came and told Wang Xiang that Fu Weijun had died in prison two months ago.

Twenty years ago, Shen Mo's uncle hit her, and Fu Weijun quickly found out about it. He went to Shen Hui's school and deliberately found an excuse to break Shen Hui's arm. As a result, Shen Mo's uncle had to go home to take care of his son.

When Shen Mo heard that her uncle was leaving, she went to help him pack his things. Her uncle knew that his son's injury was related to Shen Mo, and he stared at her viciously and said that she would die in his hands sooner or later.

Finally, Uncle has left. To make up for Wang Yang's regret of not watching Titanic, Shen Mo rented a DVD and invited Wang Yang to watch the movie at Fu Weijun's rental house. This was the first time Wang Yang met Fu Weijun. Fu Weijun's eyes were full of disdain, even hostility. Perhaps he realized that Wang Yang was pursuing Shen Mo.

Twenty years ago, Gong Biao started pursuing Li Ru and invited her to watch a movie. Gong Biao exaggerated his strengths several times and even said he was originally suited to be an actor, but unfortunately he went into academia. Li Ru was not interested in literature and was even less interested in Gong Biao's empty promises. After the movie, she left. Gong Biao was determined to pursue Li Ru and returned to the factory to find Wang Xiang that same night. He knew that Li Ru was Wang Xiang's sister-in-law, so the strategy of surrounding Wei to save Zhao should work.

Wang Xiang agreed to help Gong Biao talk to Li Ru nicely, with the condition that Gong Biao help him investigate the case. Gong Biao agreed readily. The next morning, the two of them went to the factory's sewer and found a large bag of clothing. Just as Wang Xiang was about to open the plastic bag to carefully examine it, someone rushed in to say that Wang Yang had been taken away by the police.

Ma Desheng led a team to investigate the situation at Shen Mo's school. The homeroom teacher showed them a stack of photos, which were naked pictures of Shen Mo. She told the police in sadness that someone had posted her nude photos on the school bulletin board before her death and claimed that she was a bar hostess and had an inappropriate private life. The whole school knew about it, and the principal was afraid of affecting the school's reputation, so he suppressed the matter and did not report it to the police. Wang Yang had previously visited the school to look for Shen Mo, so he became a suspect naturally.

Wang Xiang rushed to the police station in a panic, while Wang Yang was preparing to leave after being questioned by the police. Wang Xiang ran into his son on the way back, but his son ran away. Ma Desheng deliberately kept his distance from Wang Xiang at the police station, which made him very suspicious. He tossed and turned and suddenly remembered that he had seen a steel factory shirt under his son's bed not long ago, but he didn't pay much attention to it at the time. Wang Xiang immediately went to look for the shirt and was frightened to see many bloodstains on it. He sat on the ground in shock.

Wang Xiang was terrified when he saw the bloody clothes under his son's bed and sat on the chair in a daze for a long time. Suddenly, he heard someone outside the window shouting his son's name. It turned out to be his son's friend Qu Bo. At first, Qu Bo didn't tell Wang Xiang where his son often went, but later, unable to resist Wang Xiang's earnest request, he finally told him.

In the middle of the night, Wang Xiang took Qu Bo to the video hall where they really found Wang Yang. Wang Yang didn't want to go home and even hit Qu Bo after finding out he had informed Wang Xiang. Wang Xiang had never seen his son hit anyone before. There was another person standing in the video hall, a typical little hooligan whom Wang Xiang had seen at the police station before. The police had arrested him and put him in detention, but he was still not honest. When Wang Xiang saw him trying to run, he even tripped him, making a deep impression on him.

Wang Xiang finally managed to bring Wang Yang back home. He tried to talk to his son calmly and asked about the blood on his clothes. Wang Yang seemed to have something difficult to say and begged his father for two more days, saying that he had some things to do. Wang Xiang found a note from Fu Weijun in his son's pocket, asking Wang Yang to take a certain car on a certain day to meet him.

Seeing that his son was uncooperative and might do something drastic, Wang Xiang immediately tied him up with his wife's help and locked him in the house. As long as the child was under their watch, they could ensure safety. Wang Xiang asked his son if he had killed anyone, and Wang Yang said he had not. Wang Xiang's wife heard this and knew for sure that their child had not killed anyone. Normally, their child did not even dare to kill a chicken.

Keeping their son at home all day was not a solution. They needed to find him something to do as soon as possible. So Wang Xiang nervously went to see the factory director, hoping that he could hire Wang Yang. However, the director not only refused to hire Wang Yang but also emphasized that he had stolen from the finance department. The factory would never allow such a scumbag to work there. The director even claimed to have a public security officer as a witness. Wang Xiang had just discovered the director's affair, and now his son was being set up. He knew exactly what was going on and was very frank with the director. He admitted that he did not see anything that night and did not know who the director was with, so there was no need for the director to be wary of him. The director, however, was hypocritical and accused Wang Xiang of slandering him. In the end, Wang Xiang warned him not to go after Wang Yang and not to do anything too extreme. They did not know who would leave the factory first.

Lu, who often bribes Director Xing, took notice of Shen Mo, who played the piano while entertaining guests at Victoria's restaurant. Lu gave her a generous tip of 300 yuan and asked Victoria's manager to have her accompany him. Shen Mo declined and only smiled politely in response. When the manager asked her to persuade Lu to drink more, Shen Mo threatened to quit. Seeing her determination, the manager relented.

That night, Yin Hong, a hostess at Victoria's, drank too much and vomited on a bus. The passengers kicked her off the bus in disgust, but Shen Mo followed her and gave her tissues. Yin Hong was too drunk to walk, so Shen Mo took her to a video hall and let her sleep there for the night.

Fu Weijun took a liking to Yin Hong at first sight and gave her a flower. Yin Hong could tell that he was interested, but unfortunately, he was mute and could not provide the life she wanted. At Victoria's, Yin Hong met Lu, who gave her a glass of wine, sweet-talked her, and easily carried her to bed.

Yin Hong naively believed that Mr. Lu had taken a liking to her. But when she saw that her colleague's desk also had the exact same perfume that Mr. Lu had given her, she realized she was wrong. Soon, Mr. Lu made her an offer: he would give her a large sum of money if she could help him win over Shen Mo. At first, Yin Hong refused, but later she changed her mind and invited Shen Mo out to dinner in exchange for the money.

That day, nude photos of Shen Mo were posted on the school bulletin board along with a false report accusing her of engaging in illegal activities. The whole school, including the police, was investigating Wang Xiang's case, even though he had never engaged in any illegal activities. It was unclear who was behind these attacks. Shen Mo was feeling down when Yin Hong invited her out to eat. After drinking a few glasses of alcohol, Shen Mo went to the bathroom, and in that moment, Yin Hong poured a powdered drug into her glass.

Ma Desheng returned to the police station, wanting to ask about the appearance of the person that the fake taxi, Shen Hui, had hit. It was puzzling that the person who was hit did not report it to the police but instead went straight to the hospital and left. Ma Desheng happened to see Shen Dongliang, the uncle of Shen Mo, at the police station and learned that Shen Hui was his son. He had a vague feeling that there was something fishy going on.

To re-examine the clues, Ma Desheng specifically sought out his disciple, who used to work under him and had now become the police chief. To see the case file, they had to ask for someone's help. Ma Desheng invited the police chief out for barbecue, but the guy, who was now in a position of power, didn't take him seriously and the case file was not obtained.

Now they had to ask Fu Weijun, but he had passed away two months ago. Ma Desheng, along with Wang Xiang and Gong Biao, went to the funeral home and heard that Fu Weijun's ashes had been taken by someone named Shen Dongliang. Wang Xiang decided to go and find Shen Dongliang to learn more about the situation.

The three of them found the residential area where Shen Dongliang lived. The gate was closed, and despite knocking on the door, there was no response. Wang Xiang pretended that they were from property management and asked the neighbor to open the door. The neighbor mistook them for property management staff who had been called to fix a leak in the drainage pipe and insisted that they go and fix it. Since they had already lied, Wang Xiang was forced to go and fix the drainage pipe.

Three people exerted all their efforts to roughly repair the drain pipe. Just as they finished, the real property maintenance workers arrived. The two sides stared at each other, and the property workers accused them of impersonating property personnel and behaving improperly. At that time, Wang Xiang went upstairs to turn off the main valve of the water pipe. Gong Biao and Ma Desheng were taken away by two property workers. Wang Xiang still wanted to go to Shen Dongliang's house to take a look. He leaned on the door, and unexpectedly, the door opened. Wang Xiang walked into the room and found that the room was filled with thick smoke. Shen Dongliang's wife, who was paralyzed in bed, had her oxygen mask removed, while Shen Dongliang was stabbed several times and died a horrible death.

Wang Xiang immediately called the police. As a result, the three of them were taken to the police station. Gong Biao felt it was too coincidental that Shen Dongliang went to pick up Fu Weijun's ashes and was then killed. The chief talked to Ma Desheng privately, with disrespectful words and asking them not to cause trouble. Nowadays, Ma Desheng has been laid off and naturally has no value to use. His former apprentice didn't regard him as important.

The police found some of Fu Weijun's letters at Shen Dongliang's home, many of which were sent from Heilongjiang and addressed to Yin Hong. The chief asked to coordinate with the Heilongjiang police for further investigation.

Twenty years ago, on this day, a group of troublemakers came to the video hall. Fu Weijun had previously stolen someone's motorcycle, and that person had arranged a group of people carrying iron bars to almost beat Fu Weijun and his partner Sui Dong to death.

Wang Yang was confined at home for several days and not allowed to go out. When he was finally able to leave, he went to the bar but couldn't find Shen Mo. He accidentally heard that Shen Mo had been slept with by Lu Wenzhong and had already resigned and no longer worked there. He was so angry that he wanted to beat up Lu Wenzhong, but he was no match for him.

Shen Mo suffered so much grievance, and Wang Yang would not let it go. He went to the video hall to look for Fu Weijun and Sui Dong for help, but he saw the room in a mess. Fu Weijun was covered in blood, and Shen Mo was wiping his wounds with disinfectant cotton balls. She told Wang Yang that Sui Dong had already been sent to the hospital. The electricity in the video hall had been cut off, and Wang Yang bitterly asked if they were the most unfortunate people in the world. Shen Mo stood up with a fiery gaze and calmly corrected Wang Yang, saying that the most unfortunate people were them.

After going through so many twists and turns, and being pushed to a dead end, Shen Mo took the initiative to contact Lu Wenzhong. Lu Wenzhong was overjoyed, thinking that Shen Mo had developed feelings for him, and immediately drove to the agreed location.

Shen Mo claimed that she had forgotten two books in the video room, so Lu Wenzhong personally drove her to retrieve them. When they arrived at the video room, Wang Yang, Fu Weijun, and Shen Mo tied up Lu Wenzhong. Wang Yang was doing this for the first time and originally intended to teach Lu Wenzhong a lesson, but seeing the tactics of Fu Weijun and Shen Mo, he became afraid. Lu Wenzhong claimed to have a promissory note worth 700,000 yuan and begged them to release him, offering it as compensation.

At first, Shen Mo decided to cash the promissory note and permanently leave Huali, with Wang Yang responsible for going to the bank to withdraw the money. However, Wang Yang only found out at the bank that the promissory note could only be cashed at a fixed time and was almost detained by the bank staff. Wang Yang returned to the video hall in anger, only to see Lu Wenzhong lying motionless on the ground in a pool of blood, and Shen Mo was panic-stricken.

They didn't get the money, and now they were murderers. Wang Yang was scared and sympathized with Shen Mo's situation. He also helped dispose of Lu Wenzhong's body, wearing his father's work clothes and pushing the body into the smelting furnace of the Huagang Steel Plant overnight.

Yin Hong hadn't seen Lu Wenzhong for the past few days. The night Lu Wenzhong received a call from Shen Mo, he mentioned "Miss Shen," so Yin Hong inferred that Lu Wenzhong might have gone to find Shen Mo. She went to the video hall without permission. Shen Mo had kindly brought Yin Hong, who was drunk and unconscious, to rest in the video hall before. She did not expect that her goodwill that day had saved a wolf in sheep's clothing.

After Lu Wenzhong's body was disposed of, Shen Mo began to pack her luggage and prepare to leave Hualin. Fu Weijun went to buy train tickets for that night, but he didn't expect Yin Hong to come. Yin Hong asked if Lu Wenzhong was planning to take her to Hong Kong and how much he had promised her. Shen Mo hated Yin Hong, who she had once pitied and helped as a friend, but had been betrayed by her most trusted person with drugged drinks.

Shen Mo intentionally said she had given Yin Hong 800,000 yuan. Yin Hong's greedy face appeared, thinking that she deserved credit for so much money, and demanded more. Shen Mo was disgusted by Yin Hong's shamelessness and had already decided to drive her away. Yin Hong then threatened Shen Mo, insinuating that she would tell Wang Yang about her relationship with Lu Wenzhong if she didn't give her money, and that she would make her life difficult. Knowing that Yin Hong would not give up easily, Shen Mo took a desperate move and killed her while she wasn't paying attention. Because she had studied medicine, she quietly dismembered Yin Hong's body.

When Fu Weijun returned, he saw several bloody packages on the ground and couldn't help but shed tears. He asked Shen Mo why she did this. Shen Mo, covered in blood and tears, told him that Yin Hong was gone and that she had become Yin Hong from now on. She asked Fu Weijun not to go find Wang Yang again and to let Wang Yang live well. That night, Shen Mo cut off her own little finger and put it in the body parts. Fu Weijun carried several bloody body parts to dispose of them. He threw a few packages into the river behind the steel mill and a few more in the sewer. He intentionally left one package in the garbage can near Wang Yang's house, perhaps to make Wang Yang give up hope. However, a middle-aged woman picking up garbage took it home. Wang Yang had been locked up at home by his father for the past few days and knew nothing about Yin Hong's disappearance until one day when he heard his father say that one of the body parts had a little finger with four lines on it. He felt uneasy and didn't know what was going on.


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