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The Lonely Warrior – Qin Hao, Li Naiwen

The Lonely Warrior is a mystery drama written and directed by Xing Jianjun, led by Qin Hao, Li Naiwen, Chen Minghao, and Ma Yinyin, co-starring Tong Liya, Ren Min, Fan Lei, Lin Jiachuan, Li Xiaochuan, Liu Yitie, and Yin Zhixuan, and with special appearances by Yang Xinming, Hu Yajie, Wang Jiajia, He Zhengjun, Liu Tianzuo, and Zhao Da.

The drama is based on author Shen Lan's work "Qing Zhuan Gao Ju Zhang, San Da Dui Ren Wu Wan Cheng/ 请转告局长,三大队任务完成", which tells the story of Cheng Bing and other members of the three brigades who, after a change of fate, insisted on thirteen years of investigating the truth as an ordinary person. In the end, they live out a story of the flame in their hearts and a spirit that never gives up.


The Lonely Warrior

English Title: The Lonely Warrior
Chinese Title: 三大队
Other Titles: 三大队剧版, 请转告局长,三大队任务完成了, Man Hunt
Genre: Suspense, Crime, Thriller, Action, Drama
Tag: Wrongfully Accused, Based on True Story, Inspired by Real Events, Army Captain Male Lead, Adapted From A Novel
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Xing Jianjun
Writer: Xing Jianjun
Producer: Dai Ying
Product Company: iQIYI
Released Date: 2023-12-21
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



In an unexpected turn during an interrogation, Detective Cheng Bing of the Third Squad is imprisoned, and his teammates, implicated, either resign or are demoted, leading to the dissolution of the once-unified Third Squad.

After ten years behind bars, Cheng Bing regains freedom, but his faith crumbles, his passion turns to silence, and he loses everything. Meanwhile, the prime suspect, Wang Dayong, in the case remains at large. Wearing a police uniform for just one day means a lifetime of justice.

The Third Squad must make amends, unwilling to fade away in persistence. The blade unsheathes once more, and Cheng Bing, along with his brothers from the Third Squad, reunites to embark on the path of hunting down the perpetrator. In the lonely and arduous journey, they cooperate with the police to pursue the fugitive over thousands of miles, rediscovering the coordinates of life and the meaning of existence in this monk-like pilgrimage.


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