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Deng Xiaoci
Deng Xiaoci dramas, movies, and TV shows list contains the best TV series, films of Deng Xiaoci and the ongoing and upcoming shows. The list will be updated continuously, bookmark this list to get the latest tv shows of Deng Xiaoci.

Deng Xiaoci Dramas List

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  • The Great Queen


    Historical, Romance, Fantasy
    Jiang Zhenyu, Zhao Yibo, Deng Xiaoci
    The modern girl Xi Yuan accidentally enters the mysterious world and is subsequently drawn into the vortex of internal turmoil in the Huyun Country. She finds herself in various crises, and amidst the recurring dangers, Xi Yuan's true identity gradually surfaces. The phoenix divine power within her is also awakened through a series of fortunate events. Xi Yuan, bearing the safety of...
  • The Legend of Rosy Clouds


    Historical, Romance, Drama
    Li Yitong, Joseph Zeng
    Born into the prestigious "Red" family, Hong Xiuli, despite being the eldest legitimate daughter, lived a life of poverty with her father, Hong Shaokai, and a mysterious man named Zi Jinglan, whom her father had taken in during his early years. Having experienced turmoil and understanding the suffering of the people, she, as a girl, couldn't participate in the imperial examination to...
  • Palace Shadows: between Two Princes


    Historical, Romance
    Xu Zhenzhen, Lin Zehui
    Crown Prince Yu Feichen of Yan Kingdom is betrothed to Yin Nanyao, the daughter of the General of Zhen Kingdom. However, the bride turns out to be an assassin sent to kill him. Just as she enters the palace, the prince suddenly dies, and she is to be buried alongside him. The assassin, Yue Jian, hastily contacts the Second Prince. Unbeknownst to her, the Crown Prince is actually playing...
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