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Dragon Day, You’re Dead Season 2 – Anson Qiu, Hou Peishan, Miles Wei

Dragon Day, You're Dead Season 2 is a romantic comedy directed by Li Yaobo, starring Anson Qiu Henan, Hou Peishan, Miles Wei, Shi Xuejing, Zhang Keyuan, and Jaster.


Dragon Day, You're Dead Season 2

English Title: Dragon Day, You're Dead Season 2
Chinese Title: 龙日一,你死定了第二季
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Youth
Tag: Rich Man/Poor Woman, Love/Hate Relationship, Love Triangle, First Love, Riches to Rags, Sibling Rivalry
Episodes: 20
Duration: 24 min.
Director: Li Yaobo
Writer: Zhang Ning
Released Date: 2018-01-11
Broadcast Website: WeTV



Zhang Jingmei was heartbroken because of the incident of the Long brothers and left the sad place.

After Long Riyi woke up from his coma, he would rather give up his status as the heir of the Long family to face the hard times together with Jingmei.

But the life of ordinary people is not as simple as the Long Riyi imagined.

After returning from the experience of disaster, Long Haiyi officially declared war on Long Riyi and began to compete for the status of the family heir.

A quirky fan girl, Luo Yangyang appeared by his side. The life of several people once again “set off waves”.


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