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Butterfly Shadow – Feng Yue, Wei Daxun, He Ziming

Butterfly Shadow is a spy drama directed by Wang Lixing, starring Feng Yue, Wei Daxun, and He Ziming.

The drama tells the story of Lin Qiuyan, a young girl from the occupied area who joined the Communist Party to sabotage the Japanese army’s “fake currency” plan and grew into a proletarian revolutionary fighter.


Butterfly Shadow

English Title: Butterfly Shadow
Chinese Title: 蝶影, 密战1945, 灰雁
Genre: War, Drama, Suspense, Thriller
Tag: Chinese Republican Era, Investigation, Historical Fiction, Spy Male Lead, Espionage
Episodes: 40
Duration: 40 min.
Director: Wang Lixing, Zhang Jian
Writer: Zhang Jian, Chen Jianyun, Liu Xiaomei, Zhang Yang, Song Fuju
Producer: Zhang Jian
Released Date: 2023-03-21
Boradcast Website: iQIYI



During the resistance against Japan, military intelligence agent Lin Qiuyan was tasked with destroying the Japanese “Scorpion Beauty Plan” in Shanghai. In the list of puppet government officials she was to assassinate, she discovered the name of her former lover Zhang Zimo. Her feelings towards her superior Zhou Tianhao also changed during each mission.

One was an old love in enemy territory, the other was a comrade-in-arms who risked their lives. In the vortex of national hatred and family enmity, Lin Qiuyan was also facing her own choices in love. Through repeated emotional choices, Lin Qiuyan gradually grew up…

Episode Plot

In 1938 Shanghai, patriotic Xu Feifan was being chased by Japanese spies after assassinating a high-ranking Japanese official. He was severely injured and encountered Lin Qiuyan who was out at the time. Lin Qiuyan saved him and they hid in the sewer to avoid being discovered by the Japanese. Lin Qiuyan helped stop Xu Feifan’s bleeding and took care of him. Xu Feifan was deeply moved and asked about Lin Qiuyan’s identity. He admired her courage as a female student who risked her life to save him. Lin Qiuyan also had a good impression of Xu Feifan as a righteous man. With Lin Qiuyan’s help, Xu Feifan cleverly evaded the search. Back at their residence, Xu Feifan’s brother Liang Xilong bandaged his wounds and advised him to live a peaceful life. Xu Feifan said he couldn’t let the Japanese live in peace. He laughed and told Liang Xilong that the little girl who saved him was like a little fairy who helped him escape. Liang Xilong also wanted to join Xu Feifan in his actions, but Xu Feifan didn’t give a definite answer. Lin Qiuyan and Zhang Zimo were childhood sweethearts who were both studying in Shanghai.

At the same time, Song Yikun sent Lin Zi to find Lin Qiuyan, but she had already left Shanghai. Lin Zi reported to Song Yikun that he couldn’t find Lin Qiuyan and that she had left. Song Yikun immediately decided that he couldn’t wait any longer and sent someone to transfer Lin Yixiang’s family to Nanjing. He was worried that there would be trouble, especially since Lin Qixuan was a well-known archaeologist and a national talent. The Japanese would not let him go easily. Song Yikun reminded them again that if they found any Japanese people watching around Lin Qixuan’s house, they should not take action and immediately discuss a rescue plan with their comrades in Nanjing. Lin Zi didn’t understand why they couldn’t take action. Song Yikun replied that it would only accelerate the Japanese’s use of force against the Lin family, and the consequences would be unimaginable. Lin Zi agreed. Japanese spy Makisai was familiar with Lin Qixuan and came to persuade him to hand over the “Zhuoqin Tu”. However, Lin Qixuan had already seen through the true nature of the Japanese, especially after the Nanjing Massacre, which made him hate the Japanese even more.

Zhang Zimo wrote a letter to his sister Lin Qiuyan, revealing that he wants to join the army. Zhang’s sister brought him chicken soup and urged him to find someone to settle down with. Zhang insisted that he is grown up and doesn’t need her help. He left the letter next to his sleeping sister and left with his luggage.

Lin Qiuyan has not been in touch, causing Song Yikun to lose sleep. The organization has not yet told Lin Yixiang about the situation at home, fearing that it will affect his work. Lin Qiuyan asked Zhou Zhitao to find the killer of her parents, otherwise she will not cooperate to go to Wuhan. After Zhou Zhitao heard Lin Qiuyan’s analysis that Mu Zhai was the killer, he believed that Lin Qiuyan had the potential to be a spy. Lin Qiuyan wanted to join the military intelligence special agent, and Zhou Zhitao agreed.

Song Yikun remembered that Lin Yixiang had mentioned Lin Qiuyan before, saying that she had a strong personality like a boy and was very intelligent. Lin Zi thought about it and wondered if there was a possibility that she could join the military intelligence. Song Yikun was deeply troubled.

Lin Qiuyan entered the dance hall in disguise to assassinate Fu Chengbo. However, as it was her first mission, despite her excellent performance in training, she still had many flaws. Lin Qiuyan pointed her gun at Fu Chengbo, but when he pretended to mention his daughter and begged for mercy, Lin Qiuyan hesitated and did not notice that Fu Chengbo had secretly pulled out his gun. Fu Chengbo took advantage of Lin Qiuyan’s carelessness and tried to kill her, but was shot dead by Zhou Zhitao on the other side. Zhou Zhitao quickly evacuated with Lin Qiuyan and criticized her for not showing mercy on the battlefield, planning to send her to Chongqing. However, Lin Qiuyan did not want to go and cleverly avoided it. She could not forget the tragic scene of her parents’ death and was filled with hatred. She wanted to stay in the special training class and learn skills to avenge her parents. Song Lianqing reported on the situation of the research institute and gave the construction diagram to Song Yikun. When Song Yikun immediately analyzed and deployed the action plan, Lin Zi brought an urgent telegram.

As for Wang Yuan, Zhou Zhitao asked him to put down his young master’s attitude and always remember that he is a military intelligence agent. Zhou also mentioned that Wang Yuan likes Lin Qiuyan and warned him to bear the consequences of a romantic relationship between them. Wang Yuan said he understood.

Lin Qiuyan finally finished her training and her thoughts drifted to the past days she spent with Zhang Zimo. She didn’t know his current situation or what her future held, so she kept all her worries to herself. When Zhou Zhitao saw Lin Qiuyan, he returned the pocket watch that belonged to Lin Qixuan when he was killed and advised her to live well.

The Wang puppet government was established, and the general manager of the Shanghai Dahe Trading Company, Gui Tian Ci Lang, ordered the Scorpion Beauty Plan to be launched. The plan aimed to destroy the Nationalist government’s economy by counterfeiting currency and to establish the East Asian Reserve Bank. Qing Mu Yi Lang and Qiao Benhong, the manager of Dahua Trading Company, had dinner together, and Qing accidentally revealed the details of the Scorpion Beauty Plan, making Qiao suspicious.

Lin Qiuyan and Wang Yuan came to find Si Duo Ye Mei. For safety reasons, they did not contact Si Duo Ye Mei immediately. Instead, they stayed in an inn across from their residence to observe the situation and decided to meet Si Duo Ye Mei at night. Xiao Wan Zi and two others closely observed Lin Qiuyan and Wang Yuan as they checked into the inn. At night, they saw Lin Qiuyan and Wang Yuan go to Si Duo Ye Mei’s residence and followed them. Lin Qiuyan and Wang Yuan sneaked into the villa only to find that Si Duo Ye Mei had already been killed. They were also surrounded by Du Bian Tai Lang and his men. It turned out that the Japanese had already infiltrated Si Duo Ye Mei’s residence, killed Si Duo Ye Mei, and set a trap to capture those who were meeting with Si Duo Ye Mei. Lin Qiuyan relied on her intuition to avoid the Japanese’s knives but was accidentally injured. After Lin Qiuyan and Wang Yuan fought their way out of the encirclement, Wang Yuan fired a gun to distract the enemy and allow Lin Qiuyan to escape safely. All of this was witnessed by Xiao Wan Zi, Shou Hou, and Pang Zi.

Zhou Zhitao decided to call Chongqing to request to go to Shanghai, and asked Shao Zhiwei to call Lin Qiuyan to inform her of the general speculation of the Scorpion Beauty Plan and to tell Lin Qiuyan and others not to act without authorization. Lin Qiuyan went to the Stoughton Bookstore to meet A Shan and sent a secret message that Zhou Zhitao had returned safely. Lin Qiuyan and Wang Yuan speculated that the Four Wild Berries died due to internal problems, and estimated that there was a traitor, otherwise the Four Wild Berries would not have been discovered so easily by the Japanese. Through Zhou Zhitao, the two also learned some information about the Scorpion Beauty Plan. Lin Qiuyan decided to buy some food first before making a decision, and Wang Yuan warned her to be careful. Xiao Wan Zi, Pang Zi, and Shou Hou went to a restaurant with the counterfeit money they picked up from the Four Wild Berries, and were discovered by Lin Qiuyan who came to buy things. Xiao Wan Zi showed off the counterfeit money to the shopkeeper, but the shopkeeper recognized it as fake and refused to accept it. Xiao Wan Zi was confused and thought that Shanghai no longer used legal tender, and left in frustration and anger.

Chen Fuming realized that this young man had extraordinary insights. When they talked about finance, Zhang Zimo’s unique insights on the economy greatly impressed Chen Fuming. In front of everyone, Chen Fuming praised Zhang Zimo and even said he would recommend him to the mayor. Zhang Zimo was very happy. Chen Fuming asked about Zhang Zimo’s education and found out that he graduated from Fudan University and then studied in Munich, which made Chen Fuming like him even more. Lin Zi told Song Yikun that Zhang Zimo performed well at the party and there should be no problem entering the next stage of the Scorpion Beauty Plan. Song Yikun was happy. Lin Zi reported that someone had reported that they found a woman on the wanted list in the concession area a few days ago, but they did not catch her. Song Yikun believed that if Lin Qiuyan was trained, she should not be so easy to catch. But that also made it harder to find her. Xiao Wan Zi followed and monitored Qing Mu Yi Lang, Jing Shang, Qiao Benhong, and others and found that they went to a Japanese restaurant to drink. Lin Qiuyan went to the warehouse to find Xiao Wan Zi and the other three, but found that they were not there, so she left.

Lin Qiuyan used torture on Jing Shang, and Xiao Wan Zi and two others outside listened in fear. Jing Shang fainted, and Xiao Wan Zi and the others looked at his miserable appearance, feeling even more in awe of Lin Qiuyan. Lin Qiuyan asked the three to take care of Jing Shang and returned alone to report the situation to Zhou Zhitao at the liaison office. At Zhou Zhitao’s base, everyone was waiting anxiously. Wang Yuan couldn’t hold back his worry for Lin Qiuyan, but Shao Zhiwei told him to calm down. Just then, Lin Qiuyan returned and Zhou Zhitao asked her about the situation. Lin Qiuyan told Zhou Zhitao that she had already captured Jing Shang. Zhang Zimo left Dahe Foreign Company, and Mu Zhai asked Qiao Benhong to drive Zhang Zimo. Qiao Benhong deliberately revealed to Zhang Zimo that Mu Zhai was a Japanese general, in order to observe Zhang Zimo’s reaction. Zhang Zimo responded cleverly. Lin Qiuyan reported to Zhou Zhitao about the kidnapping of Jing Shang. Zhou Zhitao thought that Lin Qiuyan’s actions were very reckless. Lin Qiuyan had only requested to contact Jing Shang, not to kidnap him. This would only alert the enemy. Lin Qiuyan listened to Zhou Zhitao’s advice.

Lin Qiuyan and Zhou Zhitao analyzed the current situation. Lin Qiuyan was troubled by the secret code incident and asked Zhou Zhitao for time to think. Qiao Benhong has been targeted by Japanese agents and his movements are being monitored. Lin Qiuyan suggested to Zhou Zhitao to contact Qiao Benhong and find out the details of the Scorpion Beauty Plan. Zhou Zhitao did not give a clear response and instructed Lin Qiuyan to keep an eye on Xiao Wan Zi and others and wait for further orders. Jing Shang was kidnapped and Song Yikun believed that only the Military Intelligence Bureau would have the capability and motive to do so. Lin Zi thought that Lin Qiuyan might be a member of a special group in the Military Intelligence Bureau in Shanghai. Lin Zi was worried about how to approach her given their different political affiliations. Song Yikun remembered that Lin Qiuyan had been observed and tested in the past and had a clear stance. If it weren’t for her family’s troubles, she would have been our comrade like Zhang Zimo a long time ago.

Zhang Zimo knew that this was a Japanese person sent to monitor him and could not refuse. He could only ask about Zhou Tianhao’s resume, and Zhou Tianhao explained it one by one. Zhang Zimo wanted to test Zhou Tianhao, so he deliberately knocked over the vase on the table, and Zhou Tianhao quickly caught it. Lin Qiuyan and others discussed how to get rid of Sun Ruhai and Liu Dongcai, but they couldn’t find them, so they couldn’t take action. Unfortunately, the time given by the superiors was short, leaving everyone at a loss. Lin Qiuyan once again proposed to contact Qiao Benhong, but was rejected by Zhou Zhitao. Lin Qiuyan said that since there is no way to directly contact Qiao Benhong, they should find a way to let Qiao Benhong know about Shao Zhiwei’s existence, which would facilitate further communication. Zhou Zhitao finally agreed. Tang Ershisan’s subordinate, A Bian, found Sun Ruhai and took Tang Ershisan to verify, but Liu Dongcai had not been found yet. Tang Ershisan instructed A Bian to find him as soon as possible, and A Bian promised. Zhang Zimo asked Zhou Tianhao to go to the transportation department to ask about the chaotic situation of the cash transport vehicle, and Zhou Tianhao went to find the relevant person in charge.

Zhou Zhitao knocked out A Kuan, who was delivering food to Liu Dongcai, and put on A Kuan’s clothes to pretend to deliver food to Liu Dongcai. The special agents at the door didn’t suspect anything and let Zhou Zhitao in. Zhou Zhitao followed the nanny and, at the appointed time, found Liu Dongcai’s room. Zhou Zhitao pulled out his gun and killed the special agent guarding the door. Liu Dongcai tried to resist but was also killed by Zhou Zhitao. Zhou Zhitao successfully withdrew.

On the other side, Wang Yuan cooperated with Lin Qiuyan’s operation. The two of them divided their work, with Wang Yuan responsible for disrupting the guards at Sun Ruhai’s residence, while Lin Qiuyan was responsible for the assassination. Wang Yuan threw a Molotov cocktail into Sun Ruhai’s house, causing chaos. The special agents were led away by Wang Yuan, and Sun Ruhai knew that someone was coming to assassinate him. He quietly observed by the window and saw the reflection of a sniper scope in the distance. However, after waiting for a long time, he did not see any action from the other side. What he didn’t know was that because the guard was weak, Lin Qiuyan had already entered Sun Ruhai’s residence and killed the guard before killing Sun Ruhai. Lin Qiuyan left a note.

Ma Wentao had no choice but to give up his plan to capture Lin Qiuyan. Wei Dahong and Lin Zi led their team to follow the Japanese bank’s money transport vehicle. They saw the vehicle enter a courtyard in the county town, which they learned was a Japanese contact station. Wei Dahong decided to take action there and they attacked the Japanese contact point and destroyed the counterfeit money.

At Dahe Trading, Mu Zhai asked Ding Liye about the progress of finding Lin Qiuyan and the others, but Ding Liye had no progress to report. Mu Zhai was angry, and Ding Liye could only repeatedly promise to catch Lin Qiuyan. Mu Zhai then let him go. Ding Liye left Dahe Trading and met Qiao Benhong. Qiao Benhong saw Ding Liye and thought he might be able to get some information from him, so he invited Ding Liye to dinner, and Ding Liye agreed. During the meal, they talked about Sun Ruhai and Liu Dongcai, and Ding Liye was very sad. One of his subordinates came to report that they had found the person who revealed Sun Ruhai and Liu Dongcai’s hiding place, and Ding Liye decided to take action immediately.

Meanwhile, Song Yikun told Zhang Zimo about the news of dismantling the Japanese counterfeit currency transportation contact point. Zhang Zimo finally understood why he was being closely monitored. Song Yikun asked him and Li Yun to retreat immediately, but Zhang Zimo refused. He said he would find a way to eliminate the threat to Li Yun from the Japanese.

The spy who was tracking Zhang Zimo’s car arrived at the stationery store, but was surprised to find that the person who got out of the car was Zhou Tong. The two spies realized they had followed the wrong person and were afraid of being pursued by Qing Mu Yi Lang, so they decided not to report the incident. Zhang Zimo bought an invitation card from the store and gave it to Zhou Tianhao, who thanked him.

At the same time, Ding Liye, following Mu Zhai’s instructions, infiltrated the concession and carried out assassinations on staff of the Nationalist Government’s Shanghai Bank office, causing panic among the people.

Zhang Zimo went to deliver an invitation card to Jing Shang, inviting him to the Xin Ya Restaurant that night. Zhang Zimo said he would treat him, and Jing Shang asked if there was any good news. Zhang Zimo replied.

Wang Yuan was very worried about Lin Qiuyan. He quietly came down from upstairs and prepared to go out to find Qiuyan, but was seen by Zhou Zhitao. Zhou Zhitao asked Wang Yuan where he was going, and Wang Yuan lied and said he was checking if the door was closed. Zhou Zhitao didn’t expose him, but just told him not to lock the door.

Lin Qiuyan walked quietly on the street and unconsciously came to the door of a dance hall. Seeing this dance hall, Lin Qiuyan remembered the situation when she and Zhang Zimo scared Huang Sande with firecrackers. Unfortunately, things had changed. While Lin Qiuyan was lost in thought, she saw a person coming out of the dance hall. She recognized him as Wang Yuan’s assassination target, Li Jinkun. Lin Qiuyan killed Li Jinkun on the spot.

Lin Qiuyan returned to the second floor, and her movements woke up Wang Yuan. In the living room, Zhou Zhitao was waiting for her. Zhou Zhitao asked Lin Qiuyan if she had seen Zhang Zimo, but Lin Qiuyan didn’t answer. Wang Yuan was also eavesdropping on their conversation in the hallway, but was discovered by Lin Qiuyan. Lin Qiuyan told Wang Yuan to choose another target for assassination, because she had already killed Li Jinkun.

Zhang Zimo brought Lin Qiuyan to a small alley and asked her to kill him so he could escape. Lin Qiuyan asked if Zhang Zimo was trying to gain her sympathy, but Zhang Zimo denied being a traitor. They argued, and just then, the special agents protecting Zhang Zimo arrived. Lin Qiuyan killed one of them, but the other shot her. Zhang Zimo protected her by taking the bullet in his shoulder. He then killed the remaining agent. Lin Qiuyan was heartbroken to see Zhang Zimo injured, but he urged her to leave before more Japanese agents arrived. She reluctantly left him behind.

The news of Zhang Zimo’s attack shocked Mu Zhai. He asked about Zhang Zimo’s condition, and Qing Mu Yi Lang said he was okay. Mu Zhai ordered Qing Mu Yi Lang to visit Zhang Zimo in the hospital and asked about the assassin. In the hospital room, Zhou Tong came to visit Zhang Zimo, and they talked.

Shao Zhiwei came back and informed Zhou Zhitao of the meeting time agreed upon with Qiao Benhong. Zhou Zhitao went to meet Qiao Benhong and Zhou Tong. After introducing themselves, they talked about the Scorpion Beauty Plan. Zhou Zhitao mentioned that Zhang Zimo had agreed to work for the Military Statistics Bureau. Qiao Benhong and Zhou Tong were both very happy to hear this. Qiao Benhong suggested that when the time was right, Zhou Tong could reveal Zhang Zimo’s identity. Zhou Zhitao agreed and also hoped that Qiao Benhong could get news about the Scorpion Beauty Plan as soon as possible. However, Qiao Benhong was suspected by the Japanese, making things difficult. Qiao Benhong said that he would reveal some flaws at the appropriate time to quickly obtain clues about the counterfeit money and asked Zhou Zhitao to keep in touch with Zhou Tong.

Mu Zhai hosted a banquet for Zuo Teng Xiu Zhong. Zuo Teng Xiu Zhong tried to inquire about the core content of the Scorpion Beauty Plan from Mu Zhai. Mu Zhai trusted him since Zuo Teng Xiu Zhong was also from the South Manchuria Railway Company. Mu Zhai revealed all the details of the Scorpion Beauty Plan to Zuo Teng Xiu Zhong, who finally understood. Zhou Zhitao returned to the contact office.

Zhang Zimo found a beggar to deliver a note to Boss Sun’s house, asking him and his family to leave Shanghai quickly. Boss Sun was initially stunned when he saw the note, but he didn’t believe that the fake Wang government would really dare to do anything. Lin Qiuyan also knew about Zhang Zimo’s plan to buy gold and felt very conflicted. Wang Yuan saw that the light in Lin Qiuyan’s room was still on and came to find her. They talked about the Boss Sun who refused to cooperate as reported in the newspaper. Wang Yuan felt that he might be in danger, so Lin Qiuyan decided to go find Boss Sun and persuade him to leave Shanghai. Wang Yuan wanted to go with her, but was refused by Lin Qiuyan. At this moment, Qing Mu Yi Lang had already arranged for the assassin to take action against Boss Sun’s family. Lin Qiuyan found Boss Sun and identified herself, asking him to leave Shanghai. Boss Sun initially refused, but when Lin Qiuyan mentioned the Japanese, he became alert and agreed to pack up and leave with his family the next day. Lin Qiuyan then said goodbye and left.

Zhang Zimo and Song Yikun met and were very puzzled about Mu Zhai’s arrangement. They analyzed that Mu Zhai could not transport the gold in such a way, which was not in line with his character. The robbers seemed to act in a hurry, and the Japanese seemed to know that someone was going to rob the gold. Although there were still many unclear things, Song Yikun still decided to rob the gold and asked Zhang Zimo to closely monitor Mu Zhai’s movements. Lin Qiuyan and her team were also analyzing the situation. Wang Yuan ridiculed the stupidity of the robbers, but Lin Qiuyan analyzed the Japanese’s intentions. Perhaps they had two purposes: one was to transport the gold to a secret place, and the other was to deliver it to the central bank step by step. She decided to go to Zhang Zimo to find out more. Zhang Zimo asked Zhou Tong about the news of the gold, and Zhou Tong told him that the gold was to be transported to Dongchu Bank, and Jing Shang was in charge. Zhang Zimo decided to inform Li Yun.

At Dahe Trading, Qing Mu Yi Lang received a mysterious phone call. Song Yikun called Mu Zhai and informed him about the missing goods. Mu Zhai asked what Song Yikun knew, and he said that the goods would be transported tonight, but he didn’t say where. He only said that someone would contact them at 7 pm tonight at the entrance of the Jintai Hotel. Qing Mu Yi Lang asked for Mu Zhai’s opinion, and he said that they couldn’t give up any clues, so they had to go to the Jintai Hotel. He asked Qing Mu Yi Lang to tell Ding Liye to take the people from No. 76 to the hotel to investigate and for Qing Mu Yi Lang to bring people to hide around the hotel without alerting the enemy.

After Song Yikun hung up the phone, Wei Dahong asked Mu Zhai if he could trust him. Song Yikun was confident that they would go, and this would give Lin Zi and the others a chance. Their plan was to lure the enemy’s main force into a trap, allowing Lin Zi and the others to transport the gold to safety.

The contact office, Wang Yuan, Xiao Wan Zi, and others also saw the news in the newspaper. Xiao Wan Zi felt that Zhang Zimo had let down Lin Qiuyan, while Wang Yuan said that Zhang Zimo was not worthy of Qiuyan. Wang Yuan liked Lin Qiuyan, so he said that. Xiao Wan Zi was angry and stepped on the newspaper to vent her anger for Lin Qiuyan. Unexpectedly, when Lin Qiuyan came back, everyone dared not say a word, and Lin Qiuyan did not say much either, and went upstairs alone. Xiao Wan Zi ran to Lin Qiuyan’s room and persuaded her to teach Zhang Zimo a lesson, but Lin Qiuyan rejected her.

Lin Qiuyan and Zhang Zimo met in the woods. Lin Qiuyan asked about Li Yun’s situation, and Zhang Zimo answered one by one, but he could not tell Lin Qiuyan the truth. Lin Qiuyan wished Zhang Zimo and Li Yun well and asked Zhang Zimo to treat Li Yun well before leaving.

Zhou Zhitao returned to Shanghai and convened a meeting with Lin Qiuyan and others. He talked about the situation in Nanjing. The counterfeit money base in Nanjing was well hidden, and Zhou Zhitao returned without success. He hoped to use the intelligence in Shanghai to find the counterfeit money in Nanjing.

Realizing it was a trap, Zhou Zhitao asked for everyone’s opinions, but Lin Qiuyan believed that it was precisely because of this trap that there was time to cover the evacuation of the intellectuals. Zhou Zhitao decided to revise the action plan and asked Wang Yuan for his thoughts, but Wang Yuan only agreed with Lin Qiuyan’s opinion, which upset Zhou Zhitao. Lin Qiuyan clarified the situation for Wang Yuan, saying that the original plan did not need to be changed, and only needed to add a plan to confuse the enemy by discreetly spreading a false action route they designed. However, it required Qiao Benhong’s cooperation. Zhou Zhitao asked Shao Zhiwei if there was any way to contact Zhou Tong immediately, and Shao Zhiwei said there was. Zhou Zhitao asked Shao Zhiwei to take the plan to see Zhou Tong. Shao Zhiwei found Zhou Tong and asked if he could see Qiao Benhong, but was rejected. Zhou Tong talked about Qiao’s decision, which impressed Shao Zhiwei. Zhou Tong also admired the determination of the action team to carry out the mission, but this time it was a matter of life and death and their emotions were being used by the enemy’s plan.

Lin Qiuyan has been caught by Japanese agents! In order to cover the retreat of Zhou Zhitao and the guerrilla team, Lin Qiuyan persisted until the end and unfortunately got arrested. Zhang Zimo returned to the office and Zhou Tong came to report. Unexpectedly, Zhou Tong said the secret contact code, and they talked about protecting the retreat of intellectuals. Zhang Zimo said there were no casualties when he evacuated. The intellectuals on the list were sent away by Zhou Zhitao and his team, and they were very grateful to them. Mu Zhai and Qiao Benhong were talking when Qing Mu Yi Lang came to report the situation. Qing Mu Yi Lang informed them that they were attacked by three forces and managed to escape, but they caught Lin Qixuan’s daughter Lin Qiuyan. Mu Zhai went with Qing Mu Yi Lang and Qiao Benhong to see Lin Qiuyan. Mu Zhai went to the prison to see Lin Qiuyan, who hated him very much. Mu Zhai was also very curious about her. Lin Qiuyan took advantage of Mu Zhai’s carelessness and choked him with handcuffs. Qiao Benhong and Qing Mu Yi Lang quickly pulled her away.

The injection did not succeed, and the doctor said they need to wait for more than ten hours before the second attempt. Helpless, Mu Zhai had someone take Lin Qiuyan downstairs. Zhou Tong and Wang Yuan met and Wang Yuan was asked to bring something to Zhou Zhitao. It was Qiao Benhong’s plan to rescue Lin Qiuyan. At the same time, they received a call from the agency, asking Zhou Zhitao to meet him at the Rose Coffee Shop. Zhang Zimo contacted Li Yun and asked her to tell Song Yikun about his rescue plan. Li Yun agreed. Qiao Benhong sent a report to the agency, saying that they would take Lin Qiuyan out of prison at 10 a.m. tomorrow and that the Shanghai Station and Special Operations Team should be ready to evacuate three kilometers from Qingpu Chengguan in the direction of Shanghai. The agency replied to Qiao Benhong and sent another message to Zhou Zhitao and others using a different password. Mu Zhai intercepted the telegram communication between the agency and Qiao Benhong and deciphered the contents. He decided to give Qiao Benhong a chance to catch all those people in one fell swoop. What he didn’t know was that all of this was arranged by Qiao Benhong.

Lin Qiuyan told Zhou Zhitao that assassinating Mu Zhai now is the best opportunity. Mu Zhai will definitely suspect her, but he won’t expect it to happen at this time, so the success rate is very high. However, Zhou Zhitao still disagrees. He thinks Lin Qiuyan hasn’t fully understood herself or the enemy, so she shouldn’t let hatred affect her thinking. Lin Qiuyan agrees with Zhou Zhitao but believes that once the assassination is successful, the Scorpion Beauty Plan will also be suspended, which will have many benefits. Zhou Zhitao reluctantly allows Lin Qiuyan to prepare the assassination plan first.

Mu Zhai’s birthday is coming soon, and he first affirmed that Lin Qiuyan’s escape had nothing to do with her subordinates. He also said that Lin Qiuyan would definitely come to assassinate him, so he asked everyone to prepare and strengthen precautions, and then allocated tasks.

Zhou Zhitao saw Lin Qiuyan and thought she had already prepared the assassination plan, but Lin Qiuyan told Zhou Zhitao that she decided to give up the assassination.

Zhang Zimo told Jing Shang that if they wanted to solve the current time squeeze, they needed Jing Shang’s cooperation and to follow their arrangements, and Jing Shang agreed. Zhang Zimo and Zhou Tong talked about the people who went to check the counterfeit money together, and Zhou Tong said that he didn’t let those people see the counterfeit money. Zhang Zimo was surprised and said that those people should still be useful. Zuo Teng Xiu Zhong remembered what Xiao Lin Duo Er had told him and began to look up information. He saw a document that said the latest research on an unknown pathogen by the Nanjing Central Epidemic Prevention and Water Supply Department in China showed that the pathogen reproduced at an alarming rate and was capable of controlling the central nervous system in a short period of time, causing loss of consciousness, and ultimately death due to respiratory paralysis. One major characteristic of this pathogen is that its activity decreases generation by generation and ends completely within 72 hours, so it won’t harm people who come into contact with it three days later. He understood that this might be the target that Xiao Lin Duo Er wanted to escort. He called Song Yikun.

Xiao Lin Duo Er was shocked to see his team being ambushed. He felt that he couldn’t escape, so he wanted to open the bacterial weapon and die with the New Fourth Army soldiers who came. But before he could succeed, he was killed. Wei Dahong didn’t feel sorry at all. It was entirely Xiao Lin’s own fault.

Song Yikun found Zuo Teng Xiu Zhong and told him that he had intercepted the bacterial bomb, but Xiao Lin had died. Zuo Teng Xiu Zhong understood and said that Xiao Lin was another victim of imperialism. Song Yikun talked about the next plan, which was to destroy the production capacity of the 1644 unit. Zuo Teng Xiu Zhong said he was already doing it, and Song Yikun said he would fully cooperate with him.

Jing Shang invited Zhang Zimo and Zhou Tianhao to dinner. On the one hand, he was grateful to Zhang Zimo for calming down the crowd, and on the other hand, he was celebrating Zhang Zimo’s promotion in advance. Zhang Zimo thanked Jing Shang and said he was willing to work for him. The three of them also talked about the crowd incident, and Zhang Zimo said that the matter hadn’t been completely resolved.

Lin Qiuyan brought the special action team to Nanjing and found a place to stay temporarily. Lin Qiuyan went to contact Nanjing Station and agreed on a secret contact code with Wang Yuan and others in case of emergencies. Zhang Zimo received a notice from Qing Mu Yi Lang that he had been promoted to the director of the Economic Bureau. He congratulated Zhang Zimo, who humbly replied that it was all thanks to Mu Zhai’s guidance and Qing Mu Yi Lang’s kind words. Unfortunately, Mu Zhai had passed away. Qing Mu Yi Lang mentioned the investigation of the assassination case and confirmed that it was done by the Military Statistics Bureau. He also revealed that Shan Ben Qing Nan had taken over Mu Zhai’s position. Lin Qiuyan contacted the people at Nanjing Station, and the contact person was Guo Jiangtao. Guo Jiangtao handed over the keys to the arranged safe house and a note with possible counterfeit money bases to Lin Qiuyan. They agreed on a meeting place. Shan Ben Qing Nan took over Mu Zhai’s work and asked about the assassination. When he found out that Zhang Zimo had invited Mu Zhai out, he suspected Zhang Zimo. However, Qing Mu Yi Lang thought otherwise.

Lin Qiuyan is preparing for the operation against the counterfeit warehouse, but the warehouse has tight security, so they need to come up with a more detailed plan. However, Xiao Wan Zi said there is a small road that leads to the warehouse. Xiao Wan Zi had a dream about going to Lin Qiuyan’s house and seeing the gate, which gave her a feeling. In the dream, she saw herself as a child at Lin’s house, as well as Lin Qiuyan when she was young. These dreams made Xiao Wan Zi wake up feeling unsure if they were real.

Lin Qiuyan and Wang Yuan were chatting, and they talked about Xiao Wan Zi’s recent abnormal behavior. Lin Qiuyan thought that Xiao Wan Zi might have been to Nanjing, but Wang Yuan said that Xiao Wan Zi had no reason to lie. However, if the small road that Xiao Wan Zi mentioned really exists, how should they explain it? Lin Qiuyan said that Xiao Wan Zi reminded her of her lost sister, Lin Qiuyue, who had the same habit of eating Tai Shi Bing as Xiao Wan Zi. As she recalled the scene of Xiao Wan Zi eating Tai Shi Bing, Lin Qiuyan became more and more convinced, but also hesitant.

Lin Qiuyan saw that the lights were on inside the old house, and Japanese agents were walking around from time to time, as well as people wearing doctors’ clothes. It seems that this place has been regarded by the Japanese as a site or warehouse for the development of bacterial weapons. Lin Qiuyan quietly sneaked in, knocked out a guard, and dragged the guard into the house. On the other side, Lin Yixiang also disguised himself as a laboratory technician and entered the facility. When another Japanese laboratory technician was taking something, he stunned the technician. However, there was still a commotion. The special agents guarding the door heard the commotion and entered the room with guns. Lin Yixiang quickly hid, but he could see Lin Qiuyan on the other side from where he was hiding. Lin Qiuyan aimed her gun at him, and Lin Yixiang quickly signaled that special agents had arrived, hoping that the two would cooperate. Lin Qiuyan understood, so she launched an attack as soon as the two special agents came in. She and Lin Yixiang knocked down the special agents together. Lin Qiuyan asked Lin Yixiang who he was, but Lin Yixiang had no time to explain and could only say to leave first. Hearing the gunfire, Xiao Wan Zi and two others were alarmed.

Lin Qiuyan and the others were trapped and couldn’t break free. The deaths of Shouhou and Pangzi left Xiao Wanzi grieving, and even Lin Qiuyan blamed herself. They were about to sacrifice themselves when Zhang Zimo and Song Yikun arrived with a group of people. They opened fire on the ambush of the Japanese army and rescued Lin Qiuyan and the others. Lin Qiuyan quickly joined up with Zhang Zimo and the others when she saw the rescue team. Qing Mu Yi Lang was excited to see so many people and thought he could capture them all. The battle was intense, and Zhang Zimo and the others were retreating while fighting to protect Lin Qiuyan. Unfortunately, Zhang Zimo was shot, but he didn’t tell Lin Qiuyan until they were in a safe place. When Lin Qiuyan supported Zhang Zimo, she realized he was seriously injured. She couldn’t believe it when she saw the blood on his hands. She didn’t want Zhang Zimo to leave her side, but it was her impulsiveness that caused the situation. Zhang Zimo asked Lin Qiuyan not to cry.

Ding Liye told Qing Mu Yi Lang that Zhou Tong has been reliable and he hasn’t contacted anyone. Moreover, he is meticulous and skilled, and Ding Liye values him highly. However, Qing Mu Yi Lang scoffed at this, stating that Zhang Zimo is the spy, and Zhou Tong hasn’t discovered anything. This points to a big problem. Ding Liye defended his statement, saying that Zhang Zimo is very hidden, and even Mu Zhai and others didn’t see through him, let alone Zhou Tong. Qing Mu Yi Lang agreed with him, but insisted that they cannot take Zhou Tong lightly, even if it means killing the wrong person.

Lin Qiuyan returned to the contact point, and Xiao Wan Zi was happy to see her. Lin Qiuyan mentioned Zhou Tong, and they almost forgot about him. He is currently in a dangerous situation. Xiao Wan Zi was curious as to why Zhou Tong hasn’t contacted them. Lin Qiuyan analyzed that either Zhou Tong doesn’t want to evacuate, or Shan Ben Qing Nan and others haven’t found concrete evidence, or they are using Zhou Tong as bait. Lin Qiuyan decided to immediately go see Zhou Tong and get him to evacuate.

Wang Yuan was waiting outside the door for Lin Qiuyan.

Qing Mu informed Zhou Tong and sent him to find Lin Qiuyan. Qing Mu watched Zhou Tong leave and went back to report to Shan Ben. He told Shan Ben that everything was arranged and the equipment at the base had been debugged. Qing Mu was worried that Lin Qiuyan wouldn’t come, but Shan Ben believed that she would come because of her deep feelings for Zhang Zimo. As for Zhou Tong, if he could lead Lin Qiuyan to them, it would prove that he was one of them. Shan Ben asked Qing Mu to pick up Teng Yuan Ji Zi. Qing Mu picked up Teng Yuan Ji Zi and came to Daiwa Trading Co., Ltd. Teng Yuan Ji Zi met Shan Ben and he asked her to help him catch Lin Qiuyan. Teng Yuan Ji Zi was happy to help, but she was worried that something might go wrong. Shan Ben insisted that if they didn’t get rid of Lin Qiuyan, something worse would happen. Zhou Tong met Lin Qiuyan and told her about Teng Yuan Ji Zi’s early arrival. He also told her that Shan Ben would hold a banquet for Teng Yuan Ji Zi at the Hua Du Hotel. Lin Qiuyan asked Zhou Tong how he got the information.

Zhang Zimo’s grave now has four tombs. Not only Zhang Zimo, but Xiao Wan Zi and Shou Hou Pang Zi are also buried here. Lin Qiuyan is mourning them. Lin Qiuyan said a lot of words, she was lonely talking to the tombstone, behind her, Zhou Tong, Wang Yuan, and Shao Zhiwei also looked at everything sadly. Lin Qiuyan asked them to go back first, she wanted to stay alone for a while. Wang Yuan and the other two left. Lin Qiuyan said she knew Song Yikun was there and asked him to come out. Song Yikun wiped away the tears and appeared. Lin Qiuyan asked if Song Yikun agreed to her joining the party. Song Yikun said he would agree and asked Lin Qiuyan to stop all retaliatory actions. Lin Qiuyan told Song Yikun about the water sample results, which came from Da Tong Textile Factory. Song Yikun asked how to cooperate and needed to know the action plan. Lin Qiuyan said she would tell him and the action would be carried out within three days. Lin Qiuyan will contact them at that time. Xu Feifan and Liang Xilong also talked about Lin Qiuyan and how she killed Teng Yuan Ji Zi.

Teng Yuan Ji Zi firmly believed that Lin Qiuyan had found their counterfeit money base, and Lin Qiuyan’s plan was to destroy their money transport vehicle! Lin Qiuyan realized that once they attacked, it would be a dead end, so she would not be fooled. Teng Yuan Ji Zi ordered the money transport vehicle to depart half an hour later. Zhou Tong, along with Wang Yuan and Shao Zhiwei, ambushed the money transport vehicle on the way, but Zhou Tong determined that the first car was empty and was a tactic used by Teng Yuan Ji Zi to mislead everyone. By using an empty car, they could confirm if the Military Statistics Bureau had found their counterfeit money base without any losses. The real money transport vehicle would arrive in an hour. Shao Zhiwei and Wang Yuan were both very impressed with Zhou Tong. However, Zhou Tong said they could not take action against the money transport vehicle here because Teng Yuan Ji Zi was not completely certain that they had discovered their counterfeit money base. By not taking action here, they could better mislead them for a while. Zhou Tong thought the best place to take action was at the Dongchu Bank!

Song Yikun understood Lin Yixiang’s meaning and was full of admiration for her. He arranged for Lin Yixiang to meet Zuo Teng Xiu Zhong tomorrow. Wang Yuan and Zhou Tong returned to the contact point and reported Gu Wensheng’s situation to Lin Qiuyan. Zhou Tong meant that Teng Yuan Ji Zi must have asked Gu Wensheng to authenticate something left by Mu Zhai. Lin Qiuyan immediately realized that Teng Yuan Ji Zi’s goal was the Zhuo Qin picture of her father. Shao Zhiwei explained the origin of the Zhuo Qin picture and explained to Zhou Tong the misfortunes that the Lin family had encountered. Zhou Tong felt deeply sorry for this. Lin Qiuyan remembered the tragedies caused by various reasons and felt very sad. She talked about why she changed her mind several times to prevent tragedies like the Lin family and Zhang Zimo from happening again. Lin Qiuyan bore too much pressure and responsibility. Talking about why they stopped the action today, Lin Qiuyan believed that if they went to attack the money transport truck, the result would only be to make them pay a higher price to destroy their printing base.

The intense battle is still ongoing, and Lin Qiuyan, Shao Zhiwei, Wang Yuan, and Zhou Tong have gathered together. They fight while retreating, and at this moment, Liang Xilong appears with his brothers. He lets Lin Qiuyan and the others get into the car. Wang Yuan asks who he is, and Lin Qiuyan says he’s a trusted person. They all quickly leave.

Lin Qiuyan is very grateful to Liang Xilong and asks why he appeared. Liang Xilong says Xu Feifan has been sending people to protect her. Lin Qiuyan admits that she was careless. Wang Yuan says it must be a problem with A Shan, but Zhou Tong says even if A Shan didn’t have a problem, they would be in trouble sooner or later. Liang Xilong arranges for them to hide in the countryside temporarily.

Qing Mu Yi Lang’s death makes Teng Yuan Ji Zi particularly angry, and even more angry that Ding Liye let everyone escape. Ding Liye explains that someone helped Lin Qiuyan, and the person at the Sinan Bookstore was shot dead for resisting. Teng Yuan Ji Zi is helpless and threatens to give Lin Qiuyan a few more days to live.

In the countryside yard, Lin Qiuyan decides to continue attacking the cash transport truck tomorrow.

At Datong Textile Factory, Tian Zhong Qian Ye waited in the office for Lin Qiuyan to take the bait. Lin Qiuyan was assigning tasks, and she thought that Teng Yuan Ji Zi was unlikely to continue arranging the counterfeit base in the factory building! Therefore, she requested that everyone take samples of any building with space, in addition to sampling the drainage of the factory building! Everyone agreed.

Zhou Zhitao arrived in Nanjing and met with Guo Jiangtao first. Zhou Zhitao and Guo Jiangtao talked about the mission that Lin Qiuyan was carrying out, which was very dangerous and worrying. Although Zhou Zhitao was confident in Lin Qiuyan’s ability to complete the mission, he didn’t know what kind of price she would have to pay.

Wang Yuan and Shao Zhiwei searched separately for a new counterfeit base. Wang Yuan found a new clue – a suspicious office building that was discharging a large amount of wastewater. Lin Qiuyan instantly understood that Teng Yuan Ji Zi’s new base was this office building. She asked Wang Yuan to describe the surrounding environment in detail.

Zhou Tong followed Ding Liye and went to observe the surroundings of a Japanese-style courtyard.

After attending a dinner with navy friends, Zuo Teng Xiu Zhong revealed to Song Yikun a major piece of information: the Japanese navy plans to launch an attack against the US military in the Pacific region in early December. Song Yikun was shocked by the news. He told Zuo Teng Xiu Zhong that he could leave, but Zuo Teng still didn’t want to abandon the network he had worked so hard to establish. Song Yikun said he would seek permission from his superiors and Zuo Teng’s decision to leave would ultimately depend on their orders.

Lin Qiuyan and Zhou Tong, among others, went to a Japanese-style courtyard to assassinate Teng Yuan Ji Zi. Lin Qiuyan entered the courtyard but couldn’t find Teng Yuan Ji Zi at first. Then, Teng Yuan Ji Zi’s voice came from the back yard, inviting Lin Qiuyan to enter. As Lin Qiuyan stepped into the snow-covered yard, Teng Yuan Ji Zi expressed admiration for her courage. Lin Qiuyan then taunted Teng Yuan Ji Zi, calling him a bandit.

Zuo Teng Xiu Zhong has been taken away by the Japanese army. Song Yikun and Lin Yixiang are discussing how to bring Lin Qiuyan back to the team when a team member comes to report that Zuo Teng Xiu Zhong has been captured. Song Yikun and Lin Yixiang are surprised. They quickly discuss how to rescue Zuo Teng Xiu Zhong. According to intelligence, Tian Zhong Qian Ye will transport Zuo Teng Xiu Zhong to Nanjing in the afternoon. Lin Yixiang looks at the transport route and feels that this route has been carefully designed, and the source of the information may not be reliable, but this is the only opportunity to rescue Zuo Teng Xiu Zhong and cannot be given up. Lin Yixiang thinks about the preliminary rescue plan and discusses with Song Yikun. He asks Song Yikun to find Lin Qiuyan and ask for her assistance, while Lin Yixiang himself goes to find Su Manhong for intelligence. Tian Zhong Qian Ye has already anticipated everything, and this transport is also designed by her to trap the enemy. Lin Qiuyan meets Song Yikun at the café, and Song Yikun informs her of the situation and asks for her help.

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