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24 Hours – Li Hongyi, Pan Shuangshuang, Li Haonan

24 Hours is a light science fiction romantic comedy adapted from a manga, directed by Peng Ke and Li Yan, starring Li Hongyi, Pan Shuangshuang, Li Haonan, Ruan Yubai, and Shen Tai.

It tells the story of a series of strange, funny, and dangerous events caused by the superpower of "touching things to become human".


24 Hours

English Title: 24 Hours
Chinese Title: 限定24小时
Genre: Sci-fi, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
Tag: Love Triangle, Adapted from a Manhua, Supernatural Power
Episodes: 12
Duration: 42 min.
Director: Peng Ke, Li Yan
Writer: Meng Zeguang, Wang Shifu, Tian Fang
Released Date: 2018-07-25
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频



Li Xin and An Ding are a pair of love-hate friends.

A drunken hangover triggers the superpower of "touching things and turning them into human beings", which turns the objects in An Ding's house into living beings, but these eccentric "materialized people" can only appear for 24 hours at a time.

Li Xin and An Ding are caught up in a series of strange and funny events, but with a hidden crisis.

They accidentally fall in love with the handkerchief girl Sa Bu Er and have to compete with each other in a ludicrous race to win her affection.

And behind the scenes, inexplicable darkness is coming to the fore...


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