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Wow! Your Little Temper – Cao Junxiang, Gao Maner

Wow! Your Little Temper is a youth drama directed by Wu Qiang and Jiao Lili, led by Cao Junxiang and Gao Maner, co-starring Liu Yinjun, Yu Cong, Dai Gaozheng, Jiang Xiaohan, and Lin Chenyi, with special appearances by Shao Feng, He He, Hou Dong, Ye Hangcheng and Pan Yiyi.


Wow! Your Little Temper

English Title: Wow! Your Little Temper
Chinese Title: 瞧!你这小脾气
Genre: Youth, Romance
Episodes: 24
Duration: 40 min.
Director: Wu Qiang
Producer: Hu Lei
Released Date: 2023-04-11
Broadcast Website: 森宇热播剧场



Su Xiaoxiao entered the prestigious Zhenyun University with her swimming skills to find her lifesaver.

On the first day of school, Su Xiaoxiao and the cold school boy Shen Xiling met and became friends after being forced into various campus troubles.

Shen Xiling was gradually convinced by Su Xiaoxiao’s inexhaustible energy and was attracted by this helpful silly girl.

However, Su Xiaoxiao was immersed in the world of finding her lifesaver and prince charming.

Su Xiaoxiao mistakenly thought that Fei Tian, the captain of the basketball team wearing jersey number 7, was her lifesaver. When Su Xiaoxiao decided to confess her love, Fei Tian denied it, which made Su Xiaoxiao very disappointed.

At the same time, Shen Xiling confirmed that Su Xiaoxiao was the person his brother Ye Qiu saved when he fell off a cliff years ago.

Under Ye Qiu’s matchmaking, they gradually realized their feelings for each other and finally opened their hearts and fall in love.


Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Xiling took a bus together. When the driver made an emergency stop, Su Xiaoxiao fell forward from behind and faced Shen Xiling. She intended to help him up, but Shen Xiling thought she was troublesome and took a step back. So Su Xiaoxiao decided to grab his pants, but Shen Xiling sidestepped. As a result, Su Xiaoxiao grabbed Shen Xiling’s backpack strap and fell in the car compartment, causing Shen Xiling’s things to fall all over the floor.

Su Xiaoxiao was eager to go to school for registration and was about to get off the bus. There happened to be an aunt’s wallet stolen on the bus, and she stopped anyone from getting off. Seeing this, Shen Xiling asked Su Xiaoxiao to cooperate. So everyone’s eyes were all on Su Xiaoxiao, thinking she was the thief. Shen Xiling determined that the thief was the man wearing a duckbill cap by observing everyone’s expressions and directly pointed at him.

The thief saw that the situation was not good and pushed away from the crowd and jumped off the bus to escape. Su Xiaoxiao saw this and chased after him without hesitation. After chasing the thief for a long time, he had no strength to run anymore, so he pushed Su Xiaoxiao into the lake when she was not paying attention.

The thief was about to escape again, but Shen Xiling stopped him with the police. At this time, the thief was exhausted and chose to follow the police obediently. The police wanted to write a commendation letter for Shen Xiling, but he refused. This made Su Xiaoxiao who had been chasing the thief for a long time feel unbalanced and didn’t know what she was. Shen Xiling bluntly said that Su Xiaoxiao was troublesome.

Su Xiaoxiao pushed her luggage to register at school with wet clothes. Ou Mei, a sophomore student, enthusiastically led Su Xiaoxiao. When she heard Su Xiaoxiao ask how to get to the gymnasium and saw that she had no sports figure at all, she concluded that she wanted to hook up with a male student in the sports department.

After hearing Shen Xiling’s analysis, the classmates instantly felt that Su Xiaoxiao had a bad smell and avoided her one after another. Su Xiaoxiao was so angry that she bit her silver teeth. Fortunately, Ou Mei helped her fill out the registration form, so Su Xiaoxiao pushed her luggage and hurried back to the dormitory.

Shen Xiling found that his admission notice was missing. He immediately weighed the pros and cons of reissuing and finding Su Xiaoxiao to get it. After looking at Su Xiaoxiao’s registration form, he called the phone number on it. But Su Xiaoxiao thought he was looking for trouble and hung up quickly.

Jing Xi is Su Xiaoxiao’s roommate. When she heard Su Xiaoxiao calling Shen Xiling a disaster star, she was very interested in their affairs. When Shen Xiling chased to the downstairs of the dormitory, she couldn’t help but look out curiously, but Shen Xiling had already left at this time.

When Su Xiaoxiao went to register, she happened to see Shen Xiling filling out forms. She couldn’t help but complain in her heart that Shen Xiling was a disaster star. But she accidentally fell again. This time Shen Xiling still didn’t help her and used professional knowledge to explain why he didn’t help her on the bus because he couldn’t stand that force. Now he didn’t help her because she fell into the lake, which is a gathering place for human feces.

After hearing Shen Xiling’s analysis, the classmates instantly felt that Su Xiaoxiao had a bad smell and avoided her one after another. Su Xiaoxiao was so angry that she bit her silver teeth. Fortunately, Ou Mei helped her fill out the registration form, so Su Xiaoxiao pushed her luggage and hurried back to the dormitory.

Shen Xiling found that his admission notice was missing. He immediately weighed the pros and cons of reissuing and finding Su Xiaoxiao to get it. After looking at Su Xiaoxiao’s registration form, he called the phone number on it. But Su Xiaoxiao thought he was looking for trouble and hung up quickly.

Jing Xi is Su Xiaoxiao’s roommate. When she heard Su Xiaoxiao calling Shen Xiling a disaster star, she was very interested in their affairs. When Shen Xiling chased to the downstairs of the dormitory, she couldn’t help but look out curiously, but Shen Xiling had already left at this time.

It turned out that Shen Xiling knew that Su Xiaoxiao was in the school swimming team and decided to wait for her at the swimming pool. Unexpectedly, Su Xiaoxiao went to the basketball team just to find the boy in the No. 7 jersey. But when they were training, everyone didn’t wear uniforms, and Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t recognize him at all.

Fei Tian is a male god in the hearts of many girls. He plays basketball very well, and many girls come to watch. Su Xiaoxiao hit the basket at once and caught Fei Tian’s attention. He invited her to join the basketball club, but the coach of the swimming team happened to call Su Xiaoxiao. Su Xiaoxiao didn’t care about anything else and ran towards the swimming team with her feet up. She was scolded by the coach.

Shen Xiling also chased to the swimming team for his admission notice and was accidentally swept into the swimming pool by a male student with stairs. Shen Xiling was afraid of water. Even if the water was not deep, he would drown. Su Xiaoxiao’s actions were faster than her brain. She found that Shen Xiling was not right and immediately jumped into the water to save him. Since then, Shen Xiling’s eyes on Su Xiaoxiao are no longer annoying but have a smile.

At night, Su Xiaoxiao sneaked into the basketball gym secretly to find out who was No. 7. She opened the locker and checked them one by one, but she didn’t find the No. 7 jersey. So she suspected that Fei Tian was No. 7.

Shen Xiling also followed Su Xiaoxiao to the basketball gym and stopped Su Xiaoxiao from making a sound when she was almost discovered by the security guard. He was bitten by Su Xiaoxiao. After the security guard left, he locked the door because he couldn’t climb up the window and had to ask Su Xiaoxiao for help.

Su Xiaoxiao looked at her horoscope and learned that her true love would appear. But recently, everyone she met was Shen Xiling, whom she called a disaster star. She had a headache. Su Xiaoxiao found that Shen Xiling’s admission notice was really with her and planned to return it to him, but Shen Xiling didn’t want it anymore.

Fei Tian’s jersey was stolen, and a picture exactly like the clothes Su Xiaoxiao wore that day was posted online. Her roommates thought that Su Xiaoxiao was the thief and believed that she was too bold. So except for Jingxi, the other two roommates avoided Su Xiaoxiao.

Su Xiaoxiao learned that someone had posted a picture and believed that Shen Xiling had done it. She decided to find him to settle accounts. When Su Xiaoxiao appeared in the classroom, her classmates were discussing the theft of Fei Tian’s jersey. This made Su Xiaoxiao angry and embarrassed.

As soon as Shen Xiling appeared outside the classroom window, Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t control her temper and rushed out directly, snatched the broom from the cleaner’s hand, and swept it at Shen Xiling. Shen Xiling instinctively dodged, but his counselor behind him wasn’t so lucky. His wig was swept off by Su Xiaoxiao and there was a thick awkwardness in the air.

Su Xiaoxiao knew she had caused trouble and returned the broom to the cleaner. But the cleaner was afraid of implicating herself and didn’t dare to take it back. Instead, she stuffed it into Su Xiaoxiao’s hand and asked her to take care of it. The counselor was a good-tempered man and called Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Xiling to his office for a chat. He learned that Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Xiling went to the basketball gym at midnight yesterday and automatically assumed that they were in love. Su Xiaoxiao explained anxiously when she saw that the counselor had misunderstood, but things only got worse. Shen Xiling saw this and simply followed along with what the counselor said, which got him off the hook.

Su Xiaoxiao was unhappy that Shen Xiling didn’t explain their relationship clearly, so she called him to the rooftop to clarify things. As a result, they quarreled more and more fiercely with each other, and Shen Xiling turned around and left in anger.

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t want to be blamed for something she didn’t do, so after eating dinner, she went to the basketball gym to find Fei Tian to clear things up. Unexpectedly, Fei Tian’s tolerance made the girls jealous of her, and they all regarded her as a thorn in their eyes and kept an eye on her all the time. Su Xiaoxiao accidentally learned that Fei Tian was No. 7 and believed that he was the person who saved her on Lin Yunshan, which made her very happy.

Su Xiaoxiao knew that the photo wasn’t posted by Shen Xiling, so she decided to find the jersey. She saw someone post online that they were going to check the dormitory to find Fei Tian’s jersey and judged that the person who stole the jersey must be nervous and would discard it at night. So she squatted beside the garbage dump. Su Xiaoxiao saw a girl throwing away garbage and immediately rushed over to snatch the garbage bag from her hand. But when she opened it, it was just ordinary garbage. To ease her embarrassment, Su Xiaoxiao had to say that she was an environmental student and came to see if the garbage was sorted properly.

Shen Xiling and Fei Tian caught a fat girl who sent the jersey back in the locker room. The girl felt that she was too ugly to be Fei Tian’s fan and secretly did something for him, such as washing his jersey. But she admitted that she didn’t post that picture, so Shen Xiling judged that there was another person involved. But Fei Tian didn’t want to make a big deal out of his private affairs again, so he decided not to pursue it anymore. As for Su Xiaoxiao being falsely accused, he would also find a way to clear things up for her.

To suppress the theft of the jersey, Fei Tian claimed that his jersey wasn’t stolen but taken by his girlfriend to wash. This made Yang Xinyi, who had a good impression of him, feel sour in her heart. Yang Xinyi learned from her classmates’ conversations that Su Xiaoxiao was the one who took the jersey and couldn’t help but pay close attention to her.

On this day, Su Xiaoxiao was distracted while doing a chemistry experiment. The teacher reminded her that she needed to add zeolite. She picked it up and was about to put it in when Shen Xiling next to her quickly grabbed her hand. The teacher found out and was very angry, thinking that Su Xiaoxiao was too careless and did not remember that she needed to wait for the solution to cool before adding zeolite. Otherwise, it would cause an explosion. So he warned Su Xiaoxiao that if she continued like this, she would fail the course.

Today when Su Xiaoxiao was getting food, she only got vegetarian food and looked very depressed. This made Jing Xi very curious. She learned that if Su Xiaoxiao failed the course, her mother would not let her swim. This is when she realized how serious the situation was.

Shen Xiling heard Su Xiaoxiao’s conversation with Jing Xi and thought of helping her after seeing how Su Xiaoxiao looked while swimming. The counselor always thought that Shen Xiling, the top student in the chemistry department, was dating Su Xiaoxiao and hoped that he could help Su Xiaoxiao improve her grades besides dating.

Shen Xiling helped Su Xiaoxiao with chemistry and found out that her level was very poor. She even got middle school questions wrong. He couldn’t help but feel speechless. He was also trying to grab a Tai Chi class but got his computer wet by Su Xiaoxiao’s spray and failed to get into Tai Chi class. He had to sign up for a swimming class instead. However, the swimming coach was very serious and had no mercy regardless of skill level. The assessment standards were the same for everyone which made Shen Xiling feel helpless.

Su Xiaoxiao saw Shen Xiling coming to swimming class with a swimming ring. Knowing that he was not good at swimming, she suggested that she could tutor him in swimming so that both of them could win. But Shen Xiling thought that with Su Xiaoxiao’s chemistry level, it would be difficult for both of them to win. So he refused to agree. Su Xiaoxiao then asked for Fei Tian’s phone number instead. Unexpectedly, Shen Xiling became even angrier and left. Su Xiaoxiao felt confused.

Su Xiaoxiao went to the basketball court to find Fei Tian’s phone number. However, before she could enter, she was stopped by Fei Tian’s crazy fans at the door and was too scared to go in.

In the cafeteria, Su Xiaoxiao just glanced in Fei Tian’s direction and was met with the death stares of his crazy fans. She had to retract her neck and complain to Jing Xi that if this continued, she would never be able to talk to Fei Tian.

Jing Xi suggested that Su Xiaoxiao should check out Fei Tian’s public classes and then go find him in class so that those fans couldn’t follow her. Su Xiaoxiao suddenly realized and immediately took action. When she finally arrived at the public class with glasses on, she found out that her deskmate was Shen Xiling.

Su Xiaoxiao found out that Fei Tian was right in front of her. Her mind went blank and she immediately stood up. The teacher then asked her to write a law on the board, but she didn’t know anything and had to sit down awkwardly. She fell asleep without realizing it. Shen Xiling helped her block the sun with his notebook so that she could sleep better. When Su Xiaoxiao woke up, everyone had already left. She took her things and left without caring about Shen Xiling’s notebook.

Jing Xi wanted to join a club. She liked writing detective dramas, but all the clubs related to this were already full. She was very disappointed and walked around the campus. She happened to meet Oumei who was recruiting members for the “Dropout Society”. Jing Xi handed over her manuscript to Oumei and asked him to throw it away for her. Oumei read the manuscript and found that Jing Xi was exactly the talent he was looking for, but Jing Xi had already disappeared and he couldn’t find her anywhere.

Su Xiaoxiao happened to pass by and Oumei liked her Conan physique, so he successfully convinced Su Xiaoxiao to join the club. For this reason, he was willing to help Su Xiaoxiao solve any difficulties, including talking to Fei Tian.

Shen Xiling had searched through the basketball club to find Ye Qiu’s file but found nothing. Just as he was about to leave, the lights in the basketball court came on and it turned out that Oumei and Fei Tian had come in. Shen Xiling said he was just passing by, but Oumei didn’t believe him. Suddenly looking at Shen Xiling’s eyes seriously, he asked him if he was really just passing by? But soon he returned to his usual casual self.

Oumei took advantage of the basketball club’s outing to invite Su Xiaoxiao, who in turn brought Jing Xi along. Oumei was very happy to see Jing Xi and took the opportunity to talk to her. After some communication, he absorbed Jing Xi into the “Dropout Society”. When Jing Xi learned that the “Dropout Society” was a guarantee club, she immediately regretted it, but Oumei didn’t let her quit.

Su Xiaoxiao told Jing Xi about how she was saved by someone on Lin Yun Mountain. At that time, she was in a very bad state and thought she would be stuck there forever. But she was saved by someone wearing a No. 7 jersey. So she suspected that Fei Tian was her savior, but Fei Tian didn’t seem to know her at all.

Encouraged by Jing Xi, Su Xiaoxiao went to find Fei Tian to ask him directly. But just as she started talking to him, she heard someone shouting for help in the water. So she jumped into the water without hesitation to save them.

Shen Xiling saw that Su Xiaoxiao was all wet and threw her a towel. Fei Tian kindly helped Su Xiaoxiao dry her hair. Someone took a picture of them and their classmates became even more suspicious that Su Xiaoxiao was Fei Tian’s girlfriend.

Yang Xinyi was jealous of Su Xiaoxiao and arranged for her to clean up the flower beds when it was time for cleaning up the area. Su Xiaoxiao had swimming class at night which conflicted with this time so she asked someone to switch areas with her. But either they were unwilling or their situation was similar to hers except for Shen Xiling who agreed to switch areas with her.

When Yang Xinyi checked the hygiene situation, she was surprised to see that Shen Xiling was sweeping the flower bed. So she asked Shen Xiling to sweep a little cleaner and then leave. Su Xiaoxiao was cleaning the warehouse while regretting changing places with Shen Xiling. At this time, she saw someone passing by outside the door and chased out to see, but found nothing. Instead, she found a can of paint spilled on the floor and quickly cleaned it up.

At the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Zhenyun University, a red paint stain appeared on the plaque, which surprised Su Xiaoxiao.

The impact of the school name being destroyed is too bad. This made the school leaders very angry. They smelled a smell of aqua regia on the plaque and initially locked the suspect in the chemistry department.

The counselor called Su Xiaoxiao to the office and asked her if she had any dissatisfaction with the school. But Su Xiaoxiao had no dissatisfaction. Although she was cleaning the warehouse that day, she found that someone had entered the warehouse, but she didn’t see the person’s appearance. The counselor looked at the red paint on Su Xiaoxiao’s shoes and suspected that she had done it, but when he saw Su Xiaoxiao’s sincere eyes, he was not sure.

Ou Mei claimed to be a detective. After analyzing it, all the evidence pointed to Su Xiaoxiao. This made Jing Xi very dissatisfied. She pulled Su Xiaoxiao and wanted to leave. Ou Mei saw this and quickly proposed to find someone who could speak for Su Xiaoxiao with a school letter of recommendation. Su Xiaoxiao thought of Fei Tian, so Ou Mei went to pass on the message and left a note for Fat Brother to give to Fei Tian. Unexpectedly, Fat Brother who was addicted to games gave the note to Shen Xiling.

Su Xiaoxiao was eating wildly on the food street. When she saw Shen Xiling coming, she was surprised. She learned that Ou Mei had made an appointment for her. She secretly scolded Ou Mei for being unreliable. While Shen Xiling was queuing up to buy stinky tofu for her, she quickly called Ou Mei.

Su Xiaoxiao wanted to tell Shen Xiling the truth, but she was afraid that he would be angry with her, so she had to endure it. After receiving Ou Mei’s message, Fei Tian rushed to the food street and saw something on Su Xiaoxiao’s mouth. He took out a tissue to wipe it for her but was blocked by Shen Xiling who came back with bubble tea.

Su Xiaoxiao felt embarrassed when she saw two men there and ran away without even taking the freshly grilled iron plate squid. The boss took the initiative to give a discount and asked Fei Tian and Shen Xiling who Su Xiaoxiao’s boyfriend was and asked them to help pay. As a result, both of them took out their mobile phones to pay and looked at each other with hostility.

That day, Su Xiaoxiao sneaked into the classroom again. The principal directly broadcasted that Shen Xiling and Su Xiaoxiao should go to the office to learn more about the situation. Su Xiaoxiao repeatedly emphasized that she really didn’t do it, but now all the evidence points to her. The school even received a report saying that a girl carrying a swimming team bag entered the chemistry lab that day.

The principal reminded Su Xiaoxiao that if this matter is confirmed to be her doing, she will be expelled from school. For this reason, the school also invited Su Xiaoxiao’s mother to explain the pros and cons to her. Su Xiaoxiao’s mother felt that Su Xiaoxiao was bullied when she came to school. She believed that Su Xiaoxiao did not have the courage to do such a thing, so she hoped that the school would investigate the truth and give Su Xiaoxiao a clear conscience.

When Su Xiaoxiao and her mother parted ways, her mother stuffed the money she had earned for others into Su Xiaoxiao’s hands, telling her not to treat herself harshly and not to let others bully her. Su Xiaoxiao sent her mother off with red eyes. Shen Xiling saw this scene and became more determined to clear Su Xiaoxiao’s suspicion.

Fei Tian tried his best to find the principal and read the report. He firmly believed that this matter was not done by Su Xiaoxiao. He made the principal think he was suspicious of the school but insisted on reading the report and found nothing special.

After Shen Xiling learned about the contents of the report, he focused his attention on the swimming bag and found that the bag was not special at all. It just had a swimming team logo on the zipper. This made Su Xiaoxiao think that she could clear her suspicion with just this point. She was excited but was soon poured cold water by Shen Xiling, who asked her to think carefully about what she saw and heard in the warehouse that day.

Fei Tian was meditating alone. The handwriting of the report kept appearing in his mind. He thought about it and rushed into the warehouse, took a picture of the paint bucket, and went to confirm with the chemistry teacher. The paint in the warehouse was fast-drying paint, but it was not from their school. This can prove that what was on Su Xiaoxiao’s shoes was different from what was on their school’s name. It is inferred that Su Xiaoxiao did not do it.

The chemistry teacher also felt that Su Xiaoxiao did not do it. After all, he knew that Su Xiaoxiao was unlikely to make aqua regia, so he agreed to talk to the principal.

Shen Xiling inferred that someone had planned to frame Su Xiaoxiao a long time ago. Therefore, when arranging the sanitation area, they would make a fuss. However, that person did not expect that he would change his plan and use red paint to frame Su Xiaoxiao after he and Su Xiaoxiao changed areas. Therefore, there must be evidence in the flower bed. So everyone dug it up and found the school name.

The security guard happened to patrol here. Several people immediately covered up the school name and scattered around. Su Xiaoxiao was wall-slammed by Shen Xiling and her heart was beating wildly. After returning to the school dropout society, she didn’t dare to sit with Shen Xiling at all. Shen Xiling had already inferred who framed Su Xiaoxiao based on the evidence.

The school broadcast came and called Su Xiaoxiao to the principal’s office. Jingxi listened and couldn’t help but worry that she would be expelled.

In the principal’s office, Director Zhang excluded Su Xiaoxiao’s suspicion of polluting the school name based on the paint clues provided by Fei Tian. This made Su Xiaoxiao very excited and specially thanked Fei Tian for doing these things for herself.

Su Xiaoxiao returned to the school dropout society and learned that she had not yet cleared the suspicion of damaging the school name. She agreed to join Shen Xiling’s plan, and she was the important person.

Fei Tian went to the basketball hall and found Yang Xinyi who was cleaning up basketballs. He asked her what her relationship with Su Xiaoxiao was like? This made Yang Xinyi, who was full of joy, suddenly changed her face. When she heard Fei Tian hinting that he already knew who had damaged the school name, she became even more angry. She blamed Fei Tian for looking good to everyone but actually hurting everyone. This made Fei Tian fall into self-reflection.

Oumei was digging out the school name with a shovel. The fat and thin security guard jumped out and caught him in the act. Oumei took out his mobile phone and took a picture when the security guard dug out the school name. Just as he was about to run away, he was held by two security guards and treated as a bad guy.

In the principal’s office, Oumei had already found an opportunity to ask Shen Xiling for help and let him save himself. But Shen Xiling asked him to hold on. So for Oumei who wanted to solve the case, he forcibly pulled the principal to chat. He not only talked irrelevantly but also had no focus, which made the principal very headache.

Fei Tian already knew that Yang Xinyi had damaged the school name and framed Su Xiaoxiao. He found Su Xiaoxiao and pleaded for Yang Xinyi. Su Xiaoxiao read that Fei Tian had saved herself before, although she was unhappy in her heart, she still promised Fei Tian that as long as Yang Xinyi apologized to the principal today and apologized to herself, she would forgive her.

Shen Xiling has launched an action to find the real culprit. Su Xiaoxiao was worried that he would really catch Yang Xinyi, so she hurriedly called to stop him. Shen Xiling sensitively sensed that something was wrong from the “we” mentioned by Su Xiaoxiao. So before Su Xiaoxiao returned to the school dropout society, he rushed to the principal’s office and wanted to explain clearly. Unexpectedly, Su Xiaoxiao arrived before he said his name. Without saying a word, she pulled him out and asked him not to pursue it anymore.

Shen Xiling asked Su Xiaoxiao to think clearly about who framed her. But how could he allow such evil deeds that would expel her from school? So regardless of Su Xiaoxiao’s obstruction, he went to the principal to explain.

Shen Xiling started with Yang Xinyi’s allocation of the health area and perfectly deduced Yang Xinyi’s modus operandi, as well as because he temporarily changed the area with Su Xiaoxiao, Yang Xinyi had to change her plan and falsely accused Su Xiaoxiao with red paint. However, she did not expect that the paint was quick-drying paint.

Yang Xinyi was called to the principal’s office. She took a deep breath before entering. Facing Shen Xiling’s various reasoning, she denied everything and said it was a false accusation. Shen Xiling asked Yang Xinyi to write a few words to prove that the report letter was not written by her. Yang Xinyi knew that Shen Xiling would find an expert to compare the traces, so she refused to write and instead said that even if the report letter was written by herself, it could not prove that she had damaged the school name.

Shen Xiling arranged Jingxi to find evidence, but he had not appeared at this time. Several people who knew the inside story couldn’t help but sweat. Shen Xiling called Jingxi, but no one answered, which made several people’s hearts sink.

Jingxi finally arrived at the principal’s office at a critical moment and took out Yang Xinyi’s clothes that were contaminated with paint. Yang Xinyi blamed Jingxi for stealing her clothes when she saw it. Then she explained to the principal that she accidentally rubbed against it in the school’s decoration area. But the principal no longer believed Yang Xinyi. So after sending away other people, he left Yang Xinyi alone.

It turned out that Jingxi entered Yang Xinyi’s dormitory under the pretext of promoting courses. She found that Yang Xinyi was washing clothes and took the initiative to help her wash them. Yang Xinyi blocked her nervously, which made Jingxi more certain that Yang Xinyi was the suspect.

Due to the risk of being disbanded because of dissatisfaction with only four people, Oumei not only had to coax Su Xiaoxiao and Jingxi who wanted to quit the club but also had to find ways to bring Shen Xiling into the club in order to keep the club going.

One day, Oumei went to the girls’ dormitory to find Jingxi. In order to make it easier for the dormitory aunt to do her a favor, Oumei helped her massage her shoulders. When Jingxi finally came down, Oumei took out the script that Jingxi had asked him to throw away and told Jingxi that not only had it been modified but the actors had also been found. This made Jingxi very moved.

Su Xiaoxiao bet with Oumei that Shen Xiling would not join the club. Unexpectedly, a miracle happened and Shen Xiling actually joined the club.

When Su Xiaoxiao was cleaning up the experimental equipment, she accidentally caused it to shatter. Although Shen Xiling protected her in time, her neck was still cut by glass and a little blood came out. Shen Xiling fainted and was afraid that Su Xiaoxiao would find out, so he could only help Su Xiaoxiao apply medicine without looking at the wound. The result was that he either had to apply it to his face or his chest. Su Xiaoxiao was angry and scolded him for doing it on purpose. Shen Xiling quickly threw down the cotton swab and ran away.

One day, Su Xiaoxiao was exercising in the gym. She found that Fei Tian was very unhappy since Yang Xinyi was expelled. Considering that he had saved her before, Su Xiaoxiao decided to make him happy.

Su Xiaoxiao told Fei Tian that eating chocolate would make people happy and suggested that he eat her chocolate. But Fei Tian didn’t like chocolate, so Su Xiaoxiao suggested that he run instead, which would also improve his mood. Unexpectedly, she adjusted the speed of the treadmill too fast and couldn’t keep up with it at all. Fortunately, Fei Tian stopped it in time.

Fei Tian remembered what Yang Xinyi said when she left school. She wanted to be good to only one person. He looked at Su Xiaoxiao’s smile and felt that she could lead him towards the sun. So he asked Su Xiaoxiao to exercise together in the future.

One day, Ou Mei hosted a team building event. Unexpectedly, Su Xiaoxiao didn’t come. Jing Xi also said that Su Xiaoxiao had applied a face mask yesterday, which made Shen Xiling suspicious. He also saw Su Xiaoxiao with Fei Tian, which immediately killed his appetite and he went back to school directly.

Shen Xiling tried to read a book but couldn’t concentrate at all. So he sent a message to Su Xiaoxiao asking her to come for remedial classes. Su Xiaoxiao saw the message sent by Shen Xiling and remembered that she had forgotten about the remedial classes. But now that she was with Fei Tian, she didn’t want to deal with it.

After making Fei Tian laugh, Su Xiaoxiao took out the chain that she had been collecting for a long time and asked Fei Tian if he recognized it. Fei Tian received a call saying that someone in the basketball club was injured and he had to rush back to deal with it. Su Xiaoxiao watched Fei Tian leave and couldn’t help but sigh. It’s so hard to ask about something clearly.

Ou Mei felt that the school’s dropout club lacked publicity and no one knew about it. So she arranged for Su Xiaoxiao to distribute flyers. Unexpectedly, Jing Xi brought back a few girls and said that they wanted to report a case.

In Dai Wei’s dormitory, five pieces of underwear belonging to several people were stolen. They hoped that Jing Xi and Su Xiaoxiao, who were also women, could help them find the real culprit. So Su Xiaoxiao took out her notebook and asked them for an alibi for the day. Liang Xiaoxia took a day off that day, but she looked a little panicked and said that she hadn’t returned to the dormitory. Her roommate also felt that since Liang Xiaoxia had lost her underwear too, the thief couldn’t be her.

Su Xiaoxiao and Jing Xi went to check the situation in person. Based on the door lock and height judgment of the dormitory, the person who broke in should have entered from the front door, but there was no trace of damage, which left them puzzled.

Today, Dai Wei’s suitor gave her a bag of grass jelly. Dai Wei generously shared it and took out some snacks from her hometown for Su Xiaoxiao to take back and eat. This left a good impression on Xiaoxiao.

Ou Mei learned that someone had stolen underwear from the girls’ dormitory. The gossip fire was burning fiercely, so several people went downstairs to check the situation. Su Xiaoxiao was responsible for trying to climb the wall, but she fell down directly onto Shen Xiling’s face because she was unstable. It was a large-scale social death scene.

After ruling out the possibility of the thief climbing in, it could only be someone who sneaked into the girls’ dormitory. To verify this possibility, Su Xiaoxiao pretended to have a stomachache and held up the dormitory manager. Ou Mei and Shen Xiling disguised themselves as girls and sneaked in. Before they could get in, they were discovered by someone who shouted “pervert”. The dormitory manager immediately came forward and lifted the wigs off Shen Xiling and Ou Mei’s heads, asking them to confess or else they would be sent to the security office.

Shen Xiling sweetly called the dormitory manager “sister”, which made her very happy. So she picked them up high and put them down gently, letting them go this time.

Su Xiaoxiao used the funds given by Ou Mei to buy a lot of underwear in her own size. She planned to follow the plan and catch the underwear thief. If she wasn’t stolen from, she would just keep them for herself. Su Xiaoxiao looked at the new underwear and liked it more and more. She was about to try it on when Shen Xiling came in. When he saw this scene, he immediately retreated and closed the door. Su Xiaoxiao was so embarrassed that she couldn’t face anyone, and Shen Xiling didn’t dare to come in either. Later, Ou Mei pulled him in.

Shen Xiling learned that Liang Xiaoxia didn’t go to the library that day at all, so she was the most suspected of committing the crime. But Su Xiaoxiao didn’t believe it. After all, everyone in Liang Xiaoxia’s dormitory seemed to have a good relationship.

Liang Xiaoxia said that on the day she went to the library, it was actually closed. Just when everyone was suspicious of her, Liang Xiaoxia said that she had made a mistake that day and actually went to the milk tea shop at the school gate. She even posted on Weibo about it. The owner of the milk tea shop remembered that Liang Xiaoxia looked very unwell that day, so he specially poured her a cup of hot water. She stayed there until the afternoon before leaving.

Dai Wei's accomplice saw that the situation was not good, so she quickly confessed and said that she had secretly put the underwear in Liang Xiaoxia's wardrobe, but they had told her to do it. In this way, Dai Wei and the others became the suspects. However, Shen Xiling felt that everything was too coincidental and the timing was too precise. He suspected that Liang Xiaoxia had a problem, but Su Xiaoxiao disagreed and argued with Shen Xiling.

In the dormitory, Fat Brother was watching a football match and complaining that the players' skills were too low, and they couldn't even score a goal like that. Shen Xiling remembered the photo that Liang Xiaoxia posted on Weibo, and the background was the team's match, so he asked Fat Brother which teams had played against each other last week.

When Su Xiaoxiao was helping Fei Tian exercise, she accidentally sprained her hand. Fei Tian was helping her relax when Shen Xiling arrived. Upon seeing this scene, he immediately took Su Xiaoxiao's hand, which Fei Tian didn't understand. However, Su Xiaoxiao learned of new developments in Liang Xiaoxia's case and immediately grabbed her backpack to follow Shen Xiling, leaving Fei Tian alone and feeling melancholy.

Shen Xiling said that the breakthrough point was at the milk tea shop, which made Su Xiaoxiao very happy as she loved milk tea. However, Shen Xiling suddenly reminded her not to drink someone else's milk tea, as she wouldn't even know if she indirectly kissed them.

Su Xiaoxiao immediately recalled the scene of drinking milk tea that day, but she couldn't remember whose milk tea she drank. When she thought it might be Ou Mei's, she couldn't help but feel disgusted. So she chased after Shen Xiling for the answer, but he refused to tell her.

At the milk tea shop, Shen Xiling saw that the owner was watching a soccer game and knew he would be paying attention. So he took out the photo and asked the owner which game it was from. The owner was very certain that it was from last Tuesday's game because he was a die-hard fan of one of the players in that game.

Liang Xiaoxia said that she went to the milk tea shop on Wednesday, but in fact it was on Tuesday. This definitely shows that she has a problem. So Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Xiling went to find Dai Wei. When Dai Wei saw the two of them, she felt bored and suspected that this matter could not be resolved. After all, they had already been criticized by the school and did not want to entangle with this matter. But Shen Xiling told her that there was a new discovery, so she wanted to prove her innocence and re-explained what happened.

After Liang Xiaoxia stole the underwear, she asked Aladdin to help dispose of it. Aladdin discovered the truth of the matter and took on this charge. Therefore, news of a perverted thief stealing underwear quickly appeared on the school forum.

Liang Xiaoxia claimed that she went to the milk tea shop on Wednesday, but in fact it was on Tuesday. This definitely indicated that she had a problem, so Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Xiling went to find Dai Wei. When Dai Wei saw the two of them, she felt annoyed and wondered if this matter could not be resolved. After all, they had already been criticized by the school and did not want to be entangled in this matter. However, Shen Xiling told her that there was a new discovery, so she wanted to prove her innocence and recounted the incident again.

After Liang Xiaoxia stole the underwear, she asked Alading to help dispose of it. Alading discovered the truth and took the blame, so news quickly spread on the school forum that a pervert who stole underwear had been caught.

Ou Mei and Shen Xiling knew that Alading was not responsible for this matter, so they went to find him specifically. However, Alading chose to temporarily leave the school to defend Liang Xiaoxia at the time. Su Xiaoxiao went to find Liang Xiaoxia and hoped that she would admit her mistake, but Liang Xiaoxia thought that her family background was not good, and she was finally able to come to Zhenyun University after so much difficulty. She was framed and bullied by her roommate, so she fought back and didn't think she was wrong, so she refused to stand up.

Liang Xiaoxia saw the letter that Alading left for her and knew that Alading liked her. She also saw her unknown, loving side and suddenly realized her mistake. She took the initiative to admit her mistake to the school.

Su Xiaoxiao was worried that Liang Xiaoxia would be expelled, but fortunately, Ou Mei and Shen Xiling had already pleaded with Huoyan Zhang. Huoyan Zhang reported the specific situation to the school, so Liang Xiaoxia only received a major punishment and was not expelled. Moreover, if she performs well, the punishment can be cancelled and she can graduate smoothly.

Shen Xiling gave a bottle of nail polish to Su Xiaoxiao, which made her very excited. She couldn't help but run happily on the playground, and Shen Xiling also chased Su Xiaoxiao around the playground after learning that there would be a reward for catching up with her.

Su Xiaoxiao took out a strip of cloth that her lifesaver had used to bandage her two years ago. Jing Xi, who learned about Su Xiaoxiao's story, suspected that she mistook Fei Tian for her lifesaver, so she subtly urged Su Xiaoxiao to confirm it, as Fei Tian could also not be her lifesaver.

Fei Tian indeed told Su Xiaoxiao that he was not the person who saved her on Lin Yun Mountain, but he still wanted to be good friends with her, and Su Xiaoxiao agreed.

Zhenyun University is going to hold a cultural festival, and the clubs that get a good ranking can not only earn credits but also exempt from taking two elective courses. This made the Dropout Club very excited, and they immediately agreed to sign up.

Jing Xi and Ou Mei went to see what other clubs were preparing for the campus cultural festival in order to stand out. They found that everyone was either singing or dancing, without much creativity. They immediately had an idea, but Shen Xiling might not be able to participate as he was part of the chemistry experiment group.

During the chemistry class, Su Xiaoxiao secretly invited Shen Xiling to participate in the club activity. If they ranked in the top five, they would receive an additional five credits and would be exempted from taking two elective courses.

Shen Xiling is not interested in club activities and has many things to do, so he refused Su Xiaoxiao. Jing Xi knew about it and came up with a plan to let Su Xiaoxiao cooperate with her acting. On this day, Su Xiaoxiao and Jing Xi specially waited in the cafeteria where Shen Xiling would come to eat. They deliberately sat next to Shen Xiling and then talked about the program. Jing Xi said that he wanted to stage the drama “Romeo and Juliet”. Although it is a tragedy, it is classic enough. However, there are only Europeans and Americans in the group now, and it is not possible for him to perform. The tragedy will become a comedy. Moreover, this play also has a kissing scene, so he thinks he can invite Fei Tian as an external aid.

Shen Xiling was so angry when he heard this that he said he had eaten enough and picked up his plate and left. This made the dull Su Xiaoxiao feel very strange, but Jing Xi had already determined that Shen Xiling was jealous.

In the evening, Ou Mei and Jing Xi agreed on a time and knocked on Shen Xiling’s dormitory door. Shen Xiling opened the door and was surprised to find that Ou Mei had come to find Fei Tian to discuss the program. At this time, Jing Xi called and held Fei Tian back, so Shen Xiling immediately went outside with Ou Mei to talk. He quickly agreed to participate in the club’s program arrangement, which made Ou Mei feel that he had agreed too quickly.

In the dormitory, Su Xiaoxiao watched horror movies with her roommates. When everyone was scared, she secretly used a pillow to scare them. Several people screamed in horror. After they came back to their senses, they all reached out to Su Xiaoxiao and scratched her until she begged for mercy.

Shen Xiling returned to the club and everyone wanted to set the play. Ou Mei has always opposed the play “Romeo and Juliet”, thinking it is too old. He first recommended a suspense drama, but Jing Xi felt that it was not suitable for performance at the campus cultural festival because many people died in it. Shen Xiling knew of a story that had both plot and love and ended with comedy, so he recommended it to Jing Xi.

Jing Xi wrote the script overnight just to have more time for rehearsal. Ou Mei knew that Jing Xi was too busy to eat and specially bought a box of salad, claiming it was his own supper. In fact, Jing Xi knew that he never ate these.

Ou Mei was very tired, but he saw that Jing Xi was still working overtime and insisted on staying with her. Jing Xi saw Ou Mei sleeping on the table because he had come to accompany her and couldn’t help but smile knowingly.

The next day, Jing Xi called Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Xiling early in the morning for rehearsal. The two of them spoke their lines stiffly and without any emotion, making Ou Mei and Jing Xi unable to watch. So they personally went on stage to give them a demonstration. Jing Xi’s voice and expression were full of emotion, which made Ou Mei even more attracted to her. Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Xiling also admired Jing Xi very much - after all, Jing Xi was able to keep a straight face while looking at Ou Mei’s face, which was really amazing.

Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Xiling have never been in love before. In order to make them more compatible, Jing Xi asked them to play the role of lovers for a week. Shen Xiling unexpectedly agreed, and Su Xiaoxiao had to agree as well.

Fei Tian went to the gym to train and the coach asked about Su Xiaoxiao, so he sent her a message saying that the coach missed her and so did he.

Shen Xiling saw the message that Fei Tian sent to Su Xiaoxiao’s phone and immediately helped her put the phone in her bag as her current boyfriend. He helped her leave while supporting her. Su Xiaoxiao felt that this was not good, so she asked Shen Xiling to let go. Unexpectedly, she almost fell, so Shen Xiling hugged her waist tightly and supported her. This was seen by Fei Tian who was playing basketball on the court next to them, which made him even more sad.

Jing Xi was exhausted from preparing for the cultural festival and fell asleep on the sofa in the club. Ou Mei felt very distressed when she saw her and quickly covered her with a blanket. Ou Mei looked at Jing Xi’s sleeping face and felt her heart beating faster, so she quickly turned her head away. Su Xiaoxiao accidentally learned that Shen Xiling had a blood-stained jersey with either seven or nine on it, but she was not sure. She suspected that Shen Xiling was her savior and asked about his lucky number, which turned out to be one.

Liang Xiaoxia and A Lading are now a couple and they are showing off their love everywhere. They also taught Su Xiaoxiao and Shen Xiling how to do it.


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