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Fu Yushu
Fu Yushu dramas, movies, and TV shows list contains the best TV series, films of Fu Yushu and the ongoing and upcoming shows. The list will be updated continuously, bookmark this list to get the latest tv shows of Fu Yushu.

Fu Yushu Dramas List

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  • My Powerful Girl


    Historical, Romance, Drama
    Min Xinghan, Fu Yushu
    The leader of the Thirteen fastness, Shi Xianxian, disguises herself as someone selling herself to bury her father. She intercepts Wen Ming, the son of a general, with the intention of using a plot to offer herself to him and thereby infiltrate the general's mansion to steal the rumored treasure. However, when Wen Ming is attacked, Shi Xianxian unexpectedly intervenes to save him. She...
  • Princess, Make Way


    Historical, Romance
    Wang Luqing, Qiu Dingjie
    Feng Ningwan possesses the "Thousand-Faced Linglong Skill," which allows her to freely change her appearance. She is ordered to disguise herself as a princess and marry the Prime Minister Chen Yu. Chen Yu feigns illness for many years to protect himself, but in reality, he has profound martial arts skills. After marriage, Feng Ningwan narrowly avoids several dangerous situations caused...
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