Wonderful Fate – Zhang Yuenan, Cao Junxiang

“Wonderful Fate” is a costume comedy directed by Zeng Huangwu and Jiang Tianhang, starring Zhang Yuenan and Cao Junxiang, and co-starring Hu Yiyao, Zhang Qing, Wang Yulin, Mingyue, Zhu Lang, Mao Qisheng, Li Yaxi, Han Feng and Hu Yi.

The drama tells the story of Li Fuzhu, a high school student who is at the bottom of her class, who travels to the dynasty in the manga and becomes a heavenly girl.


Wonderful Fate

English Title: Wonderful Fate
Chinese Title: 奇妙的命运呀
Genre: Costume, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Duration: 30 min
Director: Zeng Huangwu, Jiang Tianhang
Product Company: Xing Hai Bai Nian Pictures, Fan Ku Culture, and Dun He Pictures
Broadcasting website: iQIYI
Release date: April 30, 2021


Zhang Yuenan Zhang Yuenan as Li Fuzhu
Cao Junxiang Cao Junxiang as Yun Yi, Zhou Yun


Li Fuzhu, a quirky schoolgirl, accidentally enters the barren Yunlai Kingdom in the comic book world by mistake and is mistaken for a celestial girl from heaven.

With her knowledge, she helps to enrich the kingdom of Yun Lai, but for no apparent reason, she becomes involved in the game between the ambitious minister and the puppet king, Yun Yi, who has no real power.

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