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Su Ji – Landy Li, Zhu Zhengting

Su Ji is a historical romantic drama directed by Gao Yijun, led by Li Landi and Zhu Zhengting, co-starring Ma Wenyuan, Xu Muchan, He Peng, and Li Mengmeng.

The drama is based on Qing Yao's novel "Tian Zi Mou / 天子谋", which tells the story of Su Lili, a young girl from Su Ji's coffin shop, and Qi Fengxiang, the second son of the Qi family, who develop a mutual affection for each other amidst family feuds and power struggles.


Su Ji

English Title: Su Ji
Chinese Title: 苏记
Genre: Historical, Romance
Episodes: 30
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Gao Yijun
Writer: Qing Yao
Producer: Zhang Xinyu
Product Company: YOUKU
Released Date: -
Broadcast Website: Youku



In the early morning of a spring day in the capital city, Su Lili, the owner of Suji Coffin Shop, happened to rescue a young man named Mutou.

However, no one knew that she was the daughter of a former prime minister from the previous dynasty, and he was the son of the current lord Linjiang. They fall in love with each other and live a peaceful life. However, Mutou, who carried a hidden identity, suddenly went missing.

In this chaotic and wandering world, Su Lili's true identity was discovered by Qi Fengxiang. He was cunning and ruthless, determined to vie for power, and tried to keep her by his side, but his path of a king is destined to be lonely.

Can he provide her a peaceful life, and can she give him boundless freedom? And what about Mutou, who once said, "If I can fly away, I will fly back"? Where did he ultimately "fly" to, and can he "fly" back?


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