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Mr. Insomnia Waiting for Love Recap, Plot, Synopsis

> Mr. Insomnia Waiting for Love

Mr. Insomnia Waiting for Love Synopsis

Lu Entong, the genius cellist who dominated the music stage, suffered from chronic insomnia, which caused mental confusion.

During a performance competition, she made a mistake and was forced to interrupt her career as a musician.

Song Yanxu, a high-profile CEO who constantly suffers from insomnia, searched globally for a cure but found no solution.

He believed that he would be forever accompanied by insomnia until he unexpectedly encountered his "sleeping code" - Lu Entong.

Song Yanxu finally experienced the taste of a good night's sleep and couldn't get enough of it.

What exactly is the "sleeping code" and what is the place in the secret dreams?

Perhaps the initial encounter with the "sleeping code" was just a coincidence, but they discovered that they were not strangers. Perhaps, from the moment they entered the realm of dreams, everything was already destined.

Mr. Insomnia Waiting for Love Recap

Episode 1 Recap

Lu Entong suffered from insomnia during the audition for the Asia Pacific Orchestra's cello selection. She couldn't finish her performance and left the stage before it ended. The judges were initially satisfied with her performance. Insomnia had been plaguing Lu Entong for a long time, and she didn't want to give up this opportunity. She decided to use the next month to treat her insomnia and participate in the selection after a month. This was her last chance. On her way, she saw a volunteer recruitment advertisement for an insomnia recovery program. Instantly, her spirits lifted, thinking that there was finally hope for her insomnia. She decided to sign up.

Song Yanxu, the CEO of the Cohen Group, also suffered from insomnia. The board of directors had been giving him trouble because of this issue, and if he didn't treat his insomnia soon, he might be kicked out of the team. The Cohen Group was a company specializing in sleep technology research, and it would be a scandal for the CEO to have insomnia. That's why the board members treated him that way.

The quota for the insomnia recovery experiment was already full. After looking at the registration list, Song Yanxu casually discarded Lu Entong's information. Coincidentally, Lu Entong arrived at the Cohen Group building, and a piece of paper fell on her face. When she took a closer look, it turned out to be her registration information. She didn't know why her information appeared there, so she took the information and eagerly walked into the building.

The Cohen Group organized the insomnia recovery program, and Song Yanxu naturally had the power to eliminate anyone. Lu Entong walked to the entrance of the Cohen Group and the signing ceremony for the sleep aid program with her registration information. However, she was stopped by security personnel. It was then that she realized she had been eliminated. Lu Entong learned from the security personnel that the person in charge of the project was about to leave on a private plane from the rooftop. She ran all the way to the rooftop to find Song Yanxu. Song Yanxu advocated for the development of Banana No. 3 capsules, which were still in the trial phase and had unstable effects. But he, in order to sleep, ignored the staff's advice and took the capsule on the rooftop.

Lu Entong saw Song Yanxu standing at the edge of the rooftop and thought he was going to jump off. So she ran over to pull him, but they both accidentally fell on the rooftop. It was a strange turn of events as both of them suddenly felt drowsy. They ended up sleeping on the rooftop for the night. Lu Entong woke up the next day, feeling very happy, thinking that her prayers to the Sleep God had been answered. Lu Entong saw Song Yanxu sleeping beside her and worried that he might have suicidal thoughts again if she left. So she tied him up on the rooftop. Just then, Song Yanxu's assistant called, and Lu Entong answered the phone, informing the caller of Song Yanxu's location. Then she left to meet the doctor she had already scheduled an appointment with.

Chi Zuo, a sleep expert and Lu Entong's friend, helped her make the appointment. Lu Entong overslept and was late, so she couldn't meet the specialist. Chi Zuo had no choice but to help her reschedule. To apologize, Lu Entong wanted to help Chi Zuo with odd jobs at a coffee shop, but Chi Zuo politely declined because Lu Entong had dropped more cups than the café's customers.

Both Lu Entong and Song Yanxu thought their insomnia had been cured, but they found themselves experiencing another sleepless night. Banana No. 3 didn't work, and the Sleep God was no longer effective. Song Yanxu dressed in his assistant's clothes and followed the volunteers of the sleep aid equipment to the resort, as part of the experience. Lu Entong was determined to cure her insomnia. She knew the departure time of the bus, and this time she had to go to the resort to participate in the sleep aid program. Lu Entong bribed the security personnel at the bus door to check her qualification certificate and managed to get on the bus smoothly. Coincidentally, she saw Song Yanxu on the bus. She noticed an injury on his wrist and thought it was the result of a failed suicide attempt. Since they both had insomnia, Lu Entong wanted to console him, but Song Yanxu didn't want to listen to her rambling because he had accidentally scratched himself while knitting last night when he couldn't sleep.

There seemed to be some kind of magnetic field between Lu Entong and Song Yanxu. Whenever they made eye contact and held hands, they would fall asleep. On the bus, they dozed off because of a sudden brake by the driver. They woke up only when the driver reminded them upon arrival at the resort. Lu Entong overheard Song Yanxu on the phone in the resort lobby, talking about when the medicine would take effect. She mistakenly believed that Song Yanxu was still contemplating suicide, so she followed him all the way. They arrived at the pool, and Lu Entong saw the overturned medicine bottle on the table and Song Yanxu entering the pool, confirming her suspicion. She rushed into the pool to save him. Unexpectedly, after they made eye contact again, they felt drowsy. Lu Entong resisted the drowsiness and pulled the sleeping Song Yanxu out of the pool. They both fell asleep once again.

Episode 2 Recap

Lu Entong and Song Yanxu woke up only when it was already dark. Both of them felt a bit awkward. Song Yanxu's phone rang, breaking the silence in the air. It was time for dinner, and Song Yanxu's assistant had already made arrangements. Lu Entong's stomach growled embarrassingly, and she coincidentally joined Song Yanxu for a meal. Lu Entong noticed that whenever they touched each other, they would fall asleep. She wanted to try it again, but Song Yanxu shook off her hand, finding the whole situation inexplicable.

While having dinner, Song Yanxu learned that Lu Entong was the person he had eliminated before. Lu Entong mentioned the times she had seen him, thinking that he wanted to commit suicide, and she wanted to persuade him. Song Yanxu was surprised to discover her kindness. Lu Entong was caught sneaking into the resort and Song Yanxu's assistant, Huang Lin, arranged for security to kick her out. Huang Lin then called Song Yanxu to report, but Song Yanxu changed his mind and asked Huang Lin to return the room to Lu Entong. Following Song Yanxu's instructions, Huang Lin not only returned Lu Entong's room but also upgraded it to a super VIP room. Huang Lin arranged for Lu Entong to be caught in room 8018, while Song Yanxu was given a new room in 8017.

Song Yanxu's phone ran out of battery while he was running in the gym. He missed Huang Lin's call and didn't see her message. He entered room 8018 with the room card. The room was quite spacious, and Song Yanxu missed the fact that Lu Entong had already finished washing up and getting ready for bed. It was only when he was about to go to sleep that Song Yanxu saw Lu Entong lying on the bed. He picked up his recently charged phone and finally saw Huang Lin's message. He realized he had entered the wrong room. Just as he was about to leave, he remembered what Lu Entong had said during dinner about falling asleep when they touched. Curiosity drove him to touch Lu Entong with his finger, and to his surprise, he fell asleep. The next day, when he woke up and saw Lu Entong still sleeping next to him, he jumped in surprise.

Song Yanxu wanted to leave, but Lu Entong grabbed him. In a dazed state, Lu Entong realized there was a man beside her and got startled. She realized that Song Yanxu believed what she had said, so she was there to test it out, and it turned out that she really fell asleep. Song Yanxu didn't admit it; he thought it was just because he was tired, and falling asleep was normal. Huang Lin heard the arguing between the two and opened the door to help Song Yanxu out of the situation. With Huang Lin's assistance, Song Yanxu managed to leave, but accidentally dropped a business card from his coat on the ground, which was noticed by Lu Entong. Since Song Yanxu was wearing Li Che's coat, it was Li Che's business card that fell, but Lu Entong didn't know that and assumed she knew Song Yanxu's identity.

Song Yanxu drove back to the company and happened to be seen by his cousin Song Chen. The two of them were close in age and had a good relationship, so Song Yanxu always called him "Ge Chen." Song Chen was worried about Song Yanxu's chronic insomnia and dangerous driving, so he kindly reminded him. Xu Mansu's family was a major shareholder of Ke Wen Group, and Xu Mansu held a director position in the company. She had a favorable impression of Song Yanxu and always prepared thoughtful gifts for him. Li Che brought a flower prepared by Xu Mansu to Song Yanxu, but he wasn't happy about it. He told Li Che not to casually accept things from others, including Xu Mansu. Li Che thought Song Yanxu was too distant from Xu Mansu, which wasn't good, but Song Yanxu didn't care and told him to take the flower away, so Li Che complied.

Song Yanxu gathered the company's research department for a meeting and asked everyone about the situation where they fell asleep when they touched each other. Everyone thought it was absurd, and even Song Chen wondered if Song Yanxu's chronic insomnia was causing a lack of clarity in his mind. Through the facts, it was proven that Song Yanxu and Lu Entong didn't fall asleep when they touched each other; they couldn't sleep in their respective homes at all.

Lu Entong dialed the phone number on Li Che's business card, leaving him confused. Coincidentally, Li Che was in Song Yanxu's office at that moment, so Song Yanxu put the call on speakerphone to help him deal with the harassment. Unexpectedly, when he heard Lu Entong talking about the resort, he became extremely flustered and quickly hung up the phone, then blocked her number. Lu Entong was furious and found the company, coincidentally running into Song Yanxu. She caught up to him and made a request to "sleep" together, sincerely asking for his help. Song Yanxu softened and let her hug him, but to their surprise, the "magic" didn't work, and neither of them fell asleep when they embraced each other.

Episode 3 Recap

Lu Entong didn't give up. She recalled the times they had touched and discovered a pattern: they would only fall asleep when there was physical contact in a critical situation. So she went to find Song Yanxu. Just as Song Yanxu was leaving the company, Li Che and Song Chen were also present. When Lu Entong shouted Li Che's name, he found it inexplicable. After both parties understood the situation, they realized it was a misunderstanding. Lu Entong was now the only person trusted by Song Yanxu, and the only one who knew about his insomnia. This made Li Che and Song Chen nervous. They brought her into the company, and that's when Lu Entong revealed the situation of them falling asleep when they touched. This was an incredible story, and Song Chen didn't believe it at all.

Li Che was worried that Lu Entong would reveal Song Yanxu's insomnia, so to appease her, he decided to follow her suggestion and hire an assistant. That way, she could be by Song Yanxu's side, and if they had physical contact, they could solve the insomnia problem. The candidates selected by Li Che for the interview were all beautiful women with fair complexions. Xu Mansu, the administrative director, noticed this and had feelings for Song Yanxu. Now that she knew about this situation, the outcome was unpredictable. Xu Mansu insisted on interviewing the candidates together with Song Chen. Song Chen had no reason to refuse, so he reluctantly agreed.

Xu Mansu was very strict and showed no mercy to the girls. Several of them came out of the interview room in tears. Finally, it was Lu Entong's turn and another girl's turn. Xu Mansu asked the other girl to drink white wine, but she was allergic to it. If she didn't drink, she would have to leave immediately. Lu Entong couldn't bear to see it and drank the wine on her behalf. But Xu Mansu asked her to drink another bottle. If she drank it, the company would keep the other girl, and Lu Entong would have to leave. Lu Entong couldn't stand Xu Mansu's domineering attitude, so she drank the bottle of white wine. This scene was witnessed by Song Yanxu, who was standing outside the door.

Lu Entong stumbled out of the interview room and was about to fall when Song Yanxu caught her and hugged her. When she woke up, she found herself on the sofa in the company. Lu Entong realized that she couldn't approach Song Yanxu by becoming his assistant, so she had to think of another way. When Song Yanxu found out that Song Chen was hiring a new assistant, he was angry. Song Chen explained that it was for his own good, to help solve his insomnia. Song Yanxu believed that having another person by his side meant more "danger," and he couldn't let more people know about his insomnia. Song Chen would arrange for the hired assistant to work in the secretary department and not by Song Yanxu's side.

People with chronic insomnia may experience hallucinations, and Lu Entong had one. Late at night, she invited Song Chen and Li Che to meet and shared her perfect plan. The plan was to create the illusion that Song Yanxu was experiencing hallucinations at his home. She would then appear and hug him while he was startled, and both of them would fall asleep. Li Che was worried that if this plan were exposed, his job would be at risk. Song Chen assured them that he would cover for them. So the three of them decided to immediately go to Song Yanxu's home and implement this "perfect" plan. The plan was foiled before it even started when Song Yanxu discovered them. Li Che and Song Chen persuaded Song Yanxu to try Lu Entong's method. If it really worked, it would be good for both of them and contribute to the cause of improving sleep. Finally, Song Yanxu agreed to conduct this experiment for three days. Lu Entong felt that although three days was short, having three days of sleep would be satisfying.

Episode 4 Recap

Song Yanxu was going to a meeting, but his car was rear-ended, and the arranged vehicle couldn't make it in time. Luckily, Lu Entong was riding an electric bike nearby, so she took Song Yanxu to the meeting. It was quite amusing to see the CEO of a large corporation going to a meeting on a small electric bike, but fortunately, there was no traffic jam to delay the meeting. After finishing work, Song Yanxu saw Lu Entong still waiting downstairs and eating. He noticed that her mouth was dirty and took out his handkerchief to clean it for her.

Once Lu Entong confirmed that Song Yanxu didn't have any urgent work, she invited him to watch a movie together. Lu Entong had originally planned to watch a horror film so that the two could sleep in the cinema, but unexpectedly, Lu Entong chose to sit separately. Her plan went down the drain. After the movie, Lu Entong took Song Yanxu to a haunted house where she got scared and ran everywhere, even losing her shoes. It was Song Yanxu who helped her find them.

Song Chen and Xu Mansu were shopping together when they saw Song Yanxu and Lu Entong, but they only saw their backs. Song Chen covered for Song Yanxu and claimed that Xu Mansu had mistaken him for someone else. He said that Song Yanxu should be in a business meeting at that time and couldn't be at the mall. Song Chen told Xu Mansu that he had a new girlfriend and didn't know what gift to give her. Xu Mansu learned that Song Chen's girlfriend was a career-oriented girl and suggested that he give her high heels. Song Chen asked Xu Mansu to help him choose, as he didn't know much about high heels. Without much thought, Xu Mansu accompanied him to buy high heels.

In the evening, Song Yanxu and Lu Entong had dinner together. They drank alcohol and ended up getting a bit drunk. Lu Entong saw an advertisement for a cello competition, and Song Yanxu noticed that she was interested in it. He learned that she loved music but couldn't play properly due to insomnia. Song Yanxu had a bit too much to drink and helped Lu Entong register for the competition, hoping that she could bravely pursue her passion.

With the influence of alcohol, Song Yanxu and Lu Entong continued to have fun at Song Yanxu's messy home. Lu Entong accidentally damaged a painting that he had bought for 800,000 dollars. The next morning, Lu Entong found herself sleeping in the bathtub, while Song Yanxu was on the floor. It seemed that they had physical contact and eye contact the previous night, and being able to sleep well was a good thing for both of them. Lu Entong felt very sorry for damaging the painting and gave Song Yanxu her entire savings of 5,000 yuan, along with her bank card, promising to earn money to compensate him.

Song Chen's senior schoolmate, Dr. Li, was an expert in treating insomnia and had recently returned from abroad. Song Chen wanted to use this opportunity to let Dr. Li treat Song Yanxu's insomnia. When Dr. Li learned about the fact that physical contact with Lu Entong could make Song Yanxu fall asleep, although it sounded unbelievable, she realized that it had actually happened. This might provide new ideas for their future sleep aid techniques.

Chi Zuo met Xu Mansu, and they got along well. Chi Zuo asked Xu Mansu about the development of Banana No.3, but he was also concerned about Song Yanxu's situation. It turned out that Chi Zuo was not just a coffee shop owner; he was also Song Yanxu's good friend. Xu Mansu told Chi Zuo that Song Yanxu had been getting close to a young girl recently, and Chi Zuo speculated that it was probably Lu Entong, whom the CEO had mentioned to him.

Song Yanxu and Li Che went to Lu Entong's home to deliver her employment contract. He told her that she didn't have to pay back the 800,000 dollars, which surprised Lu Entong. She thought Song Yanxu had ulterior motives, but looking at the employment contract, realizing that she didn't have to repay the money and would receive a salary, and having the opportunity to work closely with him, which would allow her to sleep, Lu Entong considered it and signed the employment contract.

Episode 5 Recap

Lu Entong told Chi Zuo about her employment at Ke Wen, and Chi Zuo heard the news without much joy but still expressed his best wishes, hoping for Lu Entong's smooth work. After starting her job, Lu Entong met with Dr. Li as arranged. Dr. Li and Song Chen sincerely invited Lu Entong to join their insomnia treatment plan, and Lu Entong was very happy. She was willing to cooperate fully if it meant curing her insomnia. Dr. Li gave them each a bracelet to monitor their body data and also required them to live together. Lu Entong was surprised but thought that if it could help treat her insomnia, living together wouldn't be a problem since they had already slept together before.

Chi Zuo was a shareholder of Ke Wen Group, and upon learning that Lu Entong had joined the company, he returned to work at the group immediately. Lu Entong was surprised to see Chi Zuo at the company and never expected that he would be friends with the shareholder of Ke Wen Group. Lu Entong moved into Song Yanxu's house, and they ended up sleeping in the same bed. According to the agreement, they had to hold hands while sleeping, and Lu Entong could only let go after Song Yanxu fell asleep, or else she would have to compensate him.

Lu Entong couldn't fall asleep and heard strange noises in the room, so they both got up to investigate. Lu Entong saw a snake and got scared, jumping onto Song Yanxu. The snake turned out to be Song Yanxu's pet, Sweetie, and he put it back in a box. Knowing that Lu Entong was afraid, he decided to temporarily remove Sweetie the next day. According to the data from the bracelets, it showed that Song Yanxu and Lu Entong hadn't slept at all, which made Song Chen very angry as it hindered the progress of the experimental plan.

Chi Zuo sent Song Yanxu an invitation to a cocktail party, and Song Yanxu, who usually didn't attend such events, surprisingly agreed to go, much to Song Chen's surprise. Song Yanxu planned to take Lu Entong with him and arranged for Huang Lin to do her hair and makeup, preparing a dress for her. Lu Entong was puzzled and didn't know what medicine Song Yanxu was selling. It wasn't until they arrived at the venue that she realized the orchestra's judges were present. Song Yanxu wanted to take this opportunity for Lu Entong to meet everyone, but she had no idea that Song Yanxu, who never attended parties, was breaking his own rule for her. Song Yanxu couldn't take his eyes off the beautiful Lu Entong, completely oblivious to others, which made Xu Mansu very angry. She had always liked Song Yanxu, but he remained indifferent to her like an iceberg. Seeing Song Yanxu getting closer to Lu Entong, her jealousy grew, and she began to develop animosity towards Lu Entong.

Unable to control her emotions, Xu Mansu questioned Song Yanxu in public about why he treated her like this and even spilled a drink on Lu Entong. Song Yanxu was very angry and took off his coat to cover Lu Entong before leaving with her. They stopped the car by the roadside to catch some fresh air. Song Yanxu gave Lu Entong a cello, hoping she could continue pursuing her dream. Lu Entong told Song Yanxu that she didn't want to entangle him; she just wanted to cure her insomnia and stand on stage again. Song Yanxu looked at Lu Entong and realized that he might have truly fallen for her. He wanted to kiss her, but unexpectedly, they both fell asleep, and a passing auntie woke them up in the end.

Chi Zuo liked Lu Entong, but he didn't dare to ask her directly about her relationship with Song Yanxu. So, he had been practicing how to ask without scaring Lu Entong too much or revealing his feelings for her. However, while he was practicing, Xu Mansu saw him, and she could tell that he liked Lu Entong.

Episode 6 Recap

Song Yanxu obtained the backstage monitoring data from Dr. Li. Based on the actual situation, she made some changes to the settings. If they were attracted to each other, the pink signal light on the bracelet would light up. This would prove her hypothesis. However, Song Yanxu didn't tell Lu Entong about the actual situation because it would reveal that she had feelings for her last night. Instead, he intentionally diverted the conversation to brain waves.

Chi Zuo hoped that Xu Mansu could keep his secret and not let others know that he liked Lu Entong. Xu Mansu encouraged him to boldly pursue the girl he liked. While they were chatting, an assistant brought a bouquet of flowers to Xu Mansu. The assistant said it was a gift from General Song and also mentioned the restaurant where they would celebrate her birthday. Both Chi Zuo and Xu Mansu thought the flowers were from Song Yanxu, but they were actually from Song Chen.

In preparation for his "date" with Lu Entong, Song Yanxu searched online for exciting plotlines and learned how to make a girl's heart flutter from the male lead in those stories. Xu Mansu dressed up carefully, holding flowers and waiting for Song Yanxu downstairs in the office building. To her surprise, Song Yanxu completely ignored her and drove away with Lu Entong. It was only after contacting Li Che that Xu Mansu found out that Song Yanxu and Lu Entong's outing was not work-related. She saw the card in the bouquet and realized it was actually from Song Chen. She tore off the card, threw away the flowers, and angrily stormed into Song Yanxu's office. She unintentionally saw Song Yanxu's plans on the computer, realizing that he was taking Lu Entong to see a movie and have a candlelit dinner. Coincidentally, Chi Zuo called Xu Mansu, and she decided to go find Song Yanxu together with him.

At the movie theater, Song Yanxu planned to perform some romantic gestures like the biscuit kiss and sharing a cola, but none of them succeeded. Instead, Lu Entong ended up spraying him with cola. Lu Entong kept apologizing and trying to soothe his anger. Next, Song Yanxu took Lu Entong to a restaurant for dinner. Before they started, Xu Mansu arrived with Chi Zuo. Chi Zuo insisted on joining them for dinner, using Xu Mansu's birthday celebration as an excuse. During the meal, Chi Zuo took great care of Lu Entong, constantly serving her food and wiping her mouth. Song Yanxu was extremely angry, while Xu Mansu intentionally added fuel to the fire, suggesting that Lu Entong and Chi Zuo were a good match. Unexpectedly, Lu Entong lashed out at her. Song Yanxu spilled his lemonade on his sleeve and went to the restroom to clean it, with Chi Zuo following closely behind. Chi Zuo knew that Song Yanxu had canceled all his afternoon appointments to take Lu Entong out. He asked Song Yanxu if he liked Lu Entong, and Song Yanxu didn't hesitate at all, directly saying that he liked her. This answer surprised Chi Zuo.

On the other hand, Xu Mansu believed that Lu Entong only got close to Song Yanxu because of her insomnia treatment, but she didn't know the whole story. She hoped Lu Entong would leave Song Yanxu, and she would cover all the expenses for her insomnia treatment. This statement happened to be overheard by Song Yanxu. He told Xu Mansu that Lu Entong did approach him because of her insomnia, but he willingly accepted it. Chi Zuo also returned, and the atmosphere among the four of them became awkward. Chi Zuo wanted to take Lu Entong home, but he couldn't win over Song Yanxu because Lu Entong declined his offer, citing work as the reason. Lu Entong left with Song Yanxu, leaving Chi Zuo and Xu Mansu behind. Both of them found it hard to accept the reality they were in.

Unable to resist any longer, Song Yanxu confessed to Lu Entong on the way home and truthfully told her that the flashing light on their bracelets meant they were both attracted to each other. Now, Song Yanxu's bracelet was constantly flashing, but Lu Entong's wasn't. This made Song Yanxu nervous, unsure if Lu Entong liked him. Lu Entong mentioned what happened in the morning, and her bracelet started flashing. However, she was startled by Huang Lin and dropped her bracelet into the coffee, causing it to stop flashing. Then she put Song Yanxu's bracelet on her own wrist, and the light started flashing again. Song Yanxu smiled because they were mutually attracted to each other. The happiest thing in the world is when I like you and you happen to like me too.

However, a problem arose. Whenever they had physical contact, they would fall asleep. They couldn't hug or kiss, so they looked for ways to stay awake. They discovered that applying menthol oil on their temples could keep them awake. Song Yanxu finally dared to kiss Lu Entong. However, they still fell asleep, and it wasn't until 10:30 a.m. the next day that they woke up. They suddenly remembered that they had an appointment with sleep expert Dr. Zheng to sign a contract at 10:30.

Xu Mansu went to a bar to drink and met Song Chen. Song Chen went to his car to get the birthday gift he prepared for her. By the time he returned, Xu Mansu was already drunk, and he couldn't give her the gift. He also overheard Xu Mansu calling out Song Yanxu's name.

Episode 7 Recap

Lu Entong and Song Yanxu arrived at Dr. Zheng's house, but nobody answered the doorbell even after pressing it for a while. They assumed that Dr. Zheng was angry, and since they had a board meeting to attend, Song Yanxu decided to apologize to Dr. Zheng when they had the chance. After they left, Dr. Zheng, wearing pajamas, came out of the house. He had just woken up because he had stayed up late, and the doorbell at his place had been broken for a long time. Even if someone pressed it, he wouldn't hear it inside the house. Dr. Zheng expressed his regret, as it seemed that this collaboration was not meant to be.

Song Yanxu had previously promised in front of the shareholders that if they couldn't reach an agreement with Dr. Zheng, they would stop the development of Banana No. 3. This project had consumed a significant amount of resources and manpower but hadn't shown any results yet. It was only reasonable that the shareholders wanted to make money. Fortunately, Song Yanxu managed to secure a five-day extension. As long as they could reach an agreement with Dr. Zheng within that time, they could continue with the development of Banana No. 3. Lu Entong decided to cooperate with Song Yanxu and visit Dr. Zheng again.

Dr. Zheng, knowing that they were late and taking advantage of the situation, didn't admit that he had overslept. He gave Song Yanxu a challenge: a square dance competition in three days. If Song Yanxu won the competition, Dr. Zheng would agree to sign the contract. Song Yanxu didn't want to lose face by participating in a square dance competition, and he didn't want to agree to Dr. Zheng's request. However, seeing Dr. Zheng's unwavering attitude, Song Yanxu reluctantly agreed. Lu Entong informed Huang Lin and Li Che about this, and although they sympathized with Song Yanxu, they were also looking forward to seeing him dance in the competition.

Dr. Li analyzed the data from Lu Entong and Song Yanxu's bracelets. At the current rate, it was clear that they wouldn't suffer from insomnia anymore, but they would instead become excessively sleepy. Song Yanxu contacted Dr. Li and learned that Dr. Zheng was Dr. Li's mentor, and Dr. Li had consulted Dr. Zheng using their data and information. Song Yanxu initially wanted Dr. Li to help persuade Dr. Zheng, but Dr. Li couldn't influence Dr. Zheng's decisions. Song Yanxu had no choice but to practice square dancing with the aunties.

Lu Entong accompanied Dr. Zheng to watch Song Yanxu's square dance competition, but it turned out to be a misunderstanding. Dr. Zheng had mistakenly taken the wrong form. The registration form for the square dance competition belonged to his wife, which explained why she couldn't find it. However, since they were already there, Lu Entong dragged Dr. Zheng to watch Song Yanxu's performance. After his performance, Dr. Zheng took Song Yanxu and Lu Entong back home and informed them that he wanted to compete in a mobile game. However, since they hadn't registered, they couldn't participate in the competition, and the square dance competition wouldn't count. In order to resolve things with Dr. Zheng, Lu Entong decided to challenge him to a game, where one round would determine the winner. Lu Entong was determined to win, and she defeated Dr. Zheng. As promised, Dr. Zheng signed the cooperation agreement with Song Yanxu, and the development of Banana No. 3 could proceed smoothly.

To celebrate, Xu Mansu arranged flowers in Song Yanxu's office. When Song Yanxu saw her, he was very unhappy and directly expressed his dislike for having flowers in the office. He told Xu Mansu to inform others that no one was allowed to enter the office when he wasn't there. Xu Mansu couldn't believe that she, who had grown up with Song Yanxu, couldn't compare to a girl he had just met. She went to a bar to drink and ease her pain, where she met Chi Zuo. Xu Mansu, who had never lost before, couldn't accept it. She asked Chi Zuo to pursue Lu Entong, but Chi Zuo didn't know how to comfort Xu Mansu.

Episode 8 Recap

Song Yanxu and Lu Entong had a sweet relationship. When they were together, they not only had plenty of sleep time, but Song Yanxu also took care of Lu Entong meticulously. He prepared breakfast for her and created romantic experiences. Xu Mansu learned from Li Che that Song Yanxu was sleeping with someone, although Li Che didn't mention who it was, Xu Mansu guessed that it was most likely Lu Entong. She became crazy with love and arranged for her assistant, Jiang Yu, to keep an eye on Song Yanxu. Jiang Yu had to report every move of Song Yanxu to Xu Mansu.

After knowing each other for 100 days, Song Yanxu wanted to celebrate an anniversary with Lu Entong. He had previously asked Huang Lin for advice on what Lu Entong considered romantic. This time, he gave Lu Entong what she wanted. The two of them shared an umbrella and took pictures of colorful bubbles in the sky. Lu Entong was very happy. Jiang Yu captured the scene of them embracing each other and started treating Lu Entong oddly in the company. However, Lu Entong didn't pay any attention to her and ignored her completely.

Chi Zuo knew that Lu Entong liked Annie, so he bought tickets to Annie's performance and took Lu Entong to see it. When they arrived at the venue, Song Yanxu was also there. Song Yanxu introduced Lu Entong to Annie, and Chi Zuo didn't object. As the competition approached, both Chi Zuo and Song Yanxu were present to support Lu Entong. Unexpectedly, Xu Mansu also showed up. This time, Song Yanxu openly admitted that Lu Entong was his girlfriend, which left Chi Zuo and Xu Mansu speechless.

Before the competition started, someone took Lu Entong to meet Annie, but it turned out to be a trap. She was locked in a cold storeroom. Xu Mansu was behind this arrangement. Lu Entong was extremely anxious and kept pulling the door, hurting her hand. When it was her turn to perform, Song Yanxu couldn't find her, and the host announced that the participant had forfeited. Song Yanxu couldn't contact Lu Entong and suspected that something had happened to her. He and Chi Zuo hurriedly went to look for her. Finally, Song Yanxu found Lu Entong unconscious in the storage room.

Song Yanxu blamed himself, thinking that he hadn't protected Lu Entong well. Lu Entong felt disappointed, as the competition meant a lot to her. However, she didn't want Song Yanxu to worry and pretended to be strong. After all, she had Song Yanxu by her side, and they would face difficulties together.

Song Yanxu assigned Li Che to investigate the incident of Lu Entong being trapped. Based on the surveillance footage, Li Che discovered a connection between the person who locked Lu Entong and Jiang Yu. He believed that it was not a coincidence. Song Yanxu knew that Jiang Yu must have been instructed by Xu Mansu, so he confronted her. He warned her not to harm Lu Entong anymore, and Xu Mansu was taken aback by Song Yanxu's ruthlessness. He not only called her malicious but also regretted knowing her. Xu Mansu had no choice but to go to her father and cry about the situation. Xu's father wanted to support his beloved daughter and told her that her marriage with Song Yanxu had been arranged since they were young and wouldn't be changed. Xu's father intentionally approached Song Yanxu's father and told him about the injustice suffered by his daughter. However, when Song Yanxu's father heard this, he immediately called Song Yanxu, but to his surprise, Song Yanxu hung up the phone. Song Yanxu's relationship with his father wasn't harmonious. When he was young, his mother passed away. When Song Yanxu saw him drawing to remember his mother, his father threw away the drawing and forbade him from drawing again.

Jiang Yu received a termination email from the company. She angrily went to find Xu Mansu, who criticized her for being ineffective and causing trouble for herself, stating that termination was already a dignified way to handle the situation. Jiang Yu was not willing to accept it and left with a fierce warning, vowing to make them pay the price. Xu Mansu didn't care about her threats.

Episode 9 Recap

Song Yanxu and Lu Entong being together not only hurt Xu Mansu but also Chi Zuo. Chi Zuo had fallen in love with Lu Entong at first sight, but he always thought she was too young and wanted to take it slow. Unexpectedly, the girl he loved had fallen for someone else. Xu Mansu didn't want to give up so easily. She also hoped that Chi Zuo wouldn't give up. Moreover, seeing that Song Chen had watched her grow up, she believed that he would support her. This statement awakened Chi Zuo, realizing that this matter could be resolved through their parents.

Song Yanxu went home to see his father and lied that he hung up the phone because of a meeting. The reason Song Yanxu returned home was that it was his mother's memorial day. However, as soon as he arrived home, his father reminded him not to offend the Xu family and to maintain good relationships within the company. He told Song Yanxu that he had a smooth career in the company at such a young age because of the support of the second largest shareholder, the Xu family. Song Yanxu was disappointed that his father didn't even mention his mother and left feeling let down. In reality, Song Yanxu's father also missed his wife. He didn't keep her photo at home because he disliked Song Yanxu dwelling on the past events and was afraid it would upset him. Now, it seemed that Song Yanxu didn't remember how his mother had passed away all those years ago, which was a good outcome.

Lu Entong was cleaning the house and accidentally opened a box. Inside was a half-finished red scarf. When Song Yanxu returned home and saw that Lu Entong had touched his things, he scolded her, leaving Lu Entong feeling bewildered. Lu Entong received a call from her mother, asking her to come home for dinner. Lu Entong didn't expect her parents to choose a large restaurant. Later, she learned that it was a blind date arranged by her parents. All the delicious dishes on the table were prepared by Chi Zuo. Lu Entong was taken aback.

Lu Entong found it even more confusing to see Chi Zuo trying to please her parents. While they were all eating together, Jiang Yu took a photo of Lu Entong and Chi Zuo and sent it to Li Che. Li Che and Song Yanxu were working in the office when they heard the news, causing Song Yanxu to explode. He immediately went to find Lu Entong. He happened to witness Chi Zuo confessing his feelings to Lu Entong. Song Yanxu ran over and told Chi Zuo that Lu Entong was already in a relationship with him, and Chi Zuo had no chance. Then he grabbed Lu Entong's hand and left. Lu Entong didn't expect Song Yanxu to scold her twice. Out of anger, she thought her parents were right and that she should find a boyfriend who was gentle and considerate. She intentionally provoked Song Yanxu, saying that there were very few boys who were both gentle and good at cooking. Song Yanxu, feeling indignant, found Lu Entong's angry expression quite cute and no longer felt upset. Lu Entong and Chi Zuo had known each other for many years, and she had no other intentions towards him. She hoped Song Yanxu could trust her. After taking her parents home, Lu Entong had dinner with Song Yanxu. Unexpectedly, Lu Entong's father also arrived. When Song Yanxu heard his uncle say he was hungry, he quickly asked the restaurant owner to prepare an extra set of tableware. Lu Entong didn't hide anything and introduced Song Yanxu as her boyfriend. Lu Entong's father believed that a person's character could be seen through their drinking capacity and immediately ordered a bottle of white wine. Lu Entong knew that Song Yanxu couldn't handle alcohol, so she helped him drink throughout the night. In the end, Song Yanxu got drunk, and Lu Entong asked Li Che to come and pick them up. After returning home, Li Che left, but Jiang Yu had been watching them from outside.

Lu Entong and Song Yanxu fell asleep on the sofa. Jiang Yu took a photo of them and posted it online. The next day, the news spread like wildfire, with rumors about female assistants advancing in their careers dominating the headlines. This incident affected the company, and the board members suggested immediately dismissing Lu Entong. Song Chen helped Song Yanxu withstand the pressure, but now Song Chen couldn't contact the two of them, and he was very worried. Li Che went to their house and finally woke them up. Song Yanxu went to the company for a meeting with Li Che. Upon arriving at the company, they saw Dr. Li, and Lu Entong's colleague Ye Zi rushed in to inform Song Yanxu that something had happened to Lu Entong. They were talking on the phone when Lu Entong heard a knocking sound at the door, and then Ye Zi couldn't reach Lu Entong anymore. Song Yanxu and Li Che hurried back home, only to find the front door open and Lu Entong's phone lying at the doorstep. The house was empty.

Episode 10 Recap

Lu Entong contacted Song Yanxu using Chi Zuo's phone. When Song Yanxu learned that she was currently safe, he felt relieved and asked Li Che to take him to find her. When Lu Entong opened the door, she saw a crowd of reporters outside. Fortunately, Chi Zuo arrived in time and took her away. Otherwise, Lu Entong didn't know how to face such a situation. Chi Zuo made a custom coffee for Lu Entong called "Tongxin." Lu Entong knew Chi Zuo's feelings for her, so she took this opportunity to be direct and told him that she didn't want to go against her own feelings. She also didn't want their friendship to end because of this. Chi Zuo understood Lu Entong's intentions and said he wouldn't disturb her anymore. When Song Yanxu came to pick her up, Lu Entong went with him.

The incident of Lu Entong and Song Yanxu being photographed continued to escalate. Song Yanxu asked Li Che to continue investigating and find the person who took the photos. Song Yanxu and Lu Entong went to Dr. Li's office for an examination. Dr. Li told Song Yanxu that they had transitioned from insomnia to a state of excessive sleepiness. If things continued like this, one of them would fall into a perpetual sleep, never to wake up again. Based on the current situation, it seemed that Lu Entong would be the one who would never wake up. Song Yanxu decided not to tell Lu Entong about this for now. There was no good solution at the moment, so he would reduce their contact and think of a strategy to deal with it. Li Che found out that Jiang Yu was the one who took the photos and posted them online. Song Yanxu immediately arranged to sue Jiang Yu.

Xu Mansu secretly investigated Lu Entong and discovered a childhood photo of Lu Entong and Song Yanxu together at a music academy. Xu Mansu found it strange that the two of them had known each other since childhood. She couldn't understand how they had a connection. Xu Mansu took the photo and went to find Song Chen. Song Chen had grown up with Song Yanxu since childhood and might know something, but unfortunately, Song Chen was not aware of this matter. Song Chen hoped that Xu Mansu would stop meddling in Song Yanxu's affairs, but Xu Mansu persisted. She wouldn't let anything related to Song Yanxu go unchecked.

Xu Mansu went to find Chi Zuo to gather information. Chi Zuo was also surprised to learn that Lu Entong and Song Yanxu had known each other since childhood. Unable to provide any valuable information, Chi Zuo watched as Xu Mansu left without even drinking her coffee. These past few days, Song Yanxu had been avoiding Lu Entong, claiming to be busy with work and not returning home for several days. He even asked Li Che to take photos of him working to let Lu Entong know that he was truly at the company.

Lu Entong felt sorry for the hardworking Song Yanxu and specially cooked a meal to bring to the company. At the entrance of the office, she overheard the conversation between Li Che and Song Yanxu. She didn't expect that the reason for their cold war was because Song Yanxu no longer had feelings for her. She left the lunchbox at the door and walked away. Song Yanxu heard the sound and came out to see what happened. He realized that Lu Entong had misunderstood and chased after her. Lu Entong returned to her own place, and Song Yanxu followed, seeing her sad expression. He felt guilty and finally revealed the truth. Lu Entong remained optimistic and believed that they should solve the problem together, and she would get better.

Song Yanxu planned to propose to Lu Entong as soon as possible and meet her parents. He accompanied Lu Entong back to her parents' home and reminded her to discuss the timing with her parents. He wanted to bring Lu Entong to meet his father as soon as possible. However, Lu Entong thought it was a bit sudden. Song Yanxu believed that a beauty like Lu Entong would definitely be liked by his father, which made Lu Entong feel shy, so she turned and ran back home.

Song Yanxu went directly to his father and told him that he was going to get married. An angry Song father went to find Song Chen. Song Chen guessed that it might be Lu Entong and, at his brother's request, brought out Lu Entong's information. Inadvertently, he also brought out the "sleeping together" treatment agreement between Song Yanxu and Lu Entong. Song father was speechless to see such an agreement and had no favorable impression of Lu Entong. He didn't expect that Song Chen, as an uncle, would also follow the kids and make a fuss.

Episode 11 Recap

Song Yanxu and Lu Entong arranged for their parents to meet. Lu Entong's parents were quite satisfied with Song Yanxu, but this time Song's father didn't show up. Not only did he stand them up, but he also arranged for someone to inform them that he went on vacation himself. This made Lu Entong's parents very angry. Lu's father felt that the Song family looked down on them and he took Lu Entong and left without listening to Song Yanxu's explanation. Song Yanxu went to confront his father and they argued. Song's father would not agree to let this woman, who was only interested in their family's money, enter their home.

Lu Entong followed her parents back home and tried to persuade them. She spoke up for Song Yanxu and argued that she insisted on being with him. Her parents didn't agree to their relationship and thought that their daughter had gone crazy when she said that Song Yanxu was her cure. They found it unreasonable. Song Yanxu went to Lu Entong's home and explained to her why his father stood them up. Only then did Lu Entong find out about the agreement, which could easily lead to misunderstandings that she was with Song Yanxu for money. She wasn't angry and even proposed to go with Song Yanxu to explain things to his father. Song Yanxu promised that once this matter was resolved, he would immediately marry her.

In order to make her parents agree to her relationship with Song Yanxu, Lu Entong decided to go on a hunger strike. Her parents were concerned about her, and as parents, they didn't want to interfere too much in young people's affairs. Lu's mother invited Song Yanxu to come to their home for a meal, and the next day Lu Entong called him to come to her house.

Just as Song Yanxu arrived at Lu Entong's home, Lu's father received a delivery package. It was the agreement for the "sleeping together" treatment between Lu Entong and Song Yanxu. The misunderstanding became even greater this time. They didn't have dinner, and Lu's father kicked Song Yanxu out of the house. After Song Yanxu left, Lu Entong earnestly explained to her parents, but they simply didn't believe her. They thought her reasons were absurd and locked her up, not allowing her to see Song Yanxu again. Song Yanxu contacted Lu Entong and promised to find a way to clear up the misunderstanding. He suggested that Dr. Li explain the situation to both sets of parents.

Lu Entong planned to secretly sneak out to find Dr. Li. This was pre-arranged with Dr. Li, but unfortunately, Lu Entong's parents were keeping a close watch on her, so she couldn't leave the house. Song Yanxu went to find Dr. Li himself and informed him that recently, Lu Entong experienced dizziness when they were in contact, which was not a good sign. Lu's father went to Kewin Group to find Song Yanxu, but without an appointment, he couldn't meet him. Luckily, Li Che saw him and recognized him as Lu Entong's father, so he brought him to Song Yanxu's office to wait until the meeting was over.

Unexpectedly, Xu Mansu came to the office to find Song Yanxu. When she saw Lu Entong's father, she deliberately sent Li Che away and introduced herself to Lu's father, specifically mentioning that she was Song Yanxu's fiancée. When Li Che returned to the office, Xu Mansu had already left. Lu's father took out a bank card worth two million and asked Li Che to tell Song Yanxu that he would find a way to repay the remaining debt as soon as possible, hoping that he would no longer entangle Lu Entong. Li Che began to feel sorry for Song Yanxu. From the beginning, he faced rejection from his future father-in-law, and it seemed that his future wouldn't be easy. After learning about Song Yanxu's childhood sweetheart and fiancée, Lu's father made the decision to cut off contact between his daughter and Song Yanxu. He confiscated Lu Entong's phone when they returned home and locked her in her room. That night, both Lu Entong and Song Yanxu couldn't sleep. When they finally fell asleep, they had the same nightmare.

Episode 12 Recap

Song Yanxu's physical condition is getting worse and worse. In a moment of desperation, he decides to take Banana No. 3. Fortunately, he is stopped in time by Chi Zuo. After Song Yanxu stabilizes, he tells Chi Zuo about himself and Lu Entong. Chi Zuo is unable to accept the absurdity of what he said at first, but he remembers Lu Entong holding him and touching his fingers, claiming it was an experiment. He is somewhat skeptical yet half-believing of this matter.

Lu Entong is still suffering from insomnia at home. She secretly drinks alcohol at night, and her mother discovers it. Lu's mother is concerned and notices that her daughter is not well, but she is unsure of the reason. Chi Zuo agrees to help Song Yanxu find a way to bring Lu Entong out, especially since Lu Entong's parents now like Chi Zuo. As expected, Lu Entong's parents agree, and Lu's father insists that Chi Zuo must accompany their daughter home at night. Lu's mother believes that if her daughter goes out and relaxes a bit, she might be able to sleep better. Chi Zuo informs Lu Entong's parents about her year-long insomnia, and they recall her explanation from earlier, realizing that it's highly likely that she can fall asleep just by being with Song Yanxu. Chi Zuo takes Lu Entong to the designated location to meet Song Yanxu, and after completing the task, he leaves, intending to take Lu Entong home in the evening.

Lu Entong brings Song Yanxu to her rented house, but to her surprise, her father shows up. Lu Entong quickly hides Song Yanxu and he pretends to be Lu Entong's roommate, Tang Yao, who is sick and resting in bed wearing pajamas and a headband. However, Lu's father sees through the ruse immediately. He greets "Tang Yao" and notices that he referred to himself as an uncle, which seems odd. He quickly calls out Song Yanxu's name, and without thinking, Song Yanxu responds, exposing the situation. This gives Song Yanxu an opportunity to explain to his uncle about his relationship with Lu Entong. He clarifies that they were living together primarily to treat insomnia, but after developing feelings for each other, they started dating and never did anything inappropriate. The rumors about Lu Entong being with him for money are all misunderstandings. After understanding the situation, Lu's father decides to witness firsthand how they fall asleep after physical contact. To his surprise, he becomes the first audience and sees both of them fall asleep after making eye contact. Lu's father covers his daughter with a blanket, believing their words. He only hopes that Song Yanxu will treat Lu Entong well because he won't easily let him go. Lu's father watches as Song Yanxu tightly holds onto Lu Entong's hand before leaving.

Dr. Li, from the backstage, notices that the recent data of Lu Entong and Song Yanxu is extremely chaotic. He quickly contacts Song Yanxu but can't reach him, feeling worried. After Lu Entong and Song Yanxu wake up in the evening, Song Yanxu sees multiple missed calls from Dr. Li and immediately returns the call, only to be scolded by Dr. Li. Dr. Li advises them not to have any contact at the moment, but they don't listen. The two of them go to find Dr. Li, who decides to come up with a new treatment plan for them.

Dr. Li hypnotizes both of them, and they enter the same dream where they mention being by the water. Lu Entong says she has had a similar dream before, but this time it feels more real. Dr. Li believes that this treatment method is feasible for the two of them.

Xu Mansu discovers that Song Yanxu's mother was Lu Entong's cello teacher when she was young. She goes to find Chi Zuo, who can't understand why Xu Mansu is so persistent in investigating this matter. Xu Mansu wants to prove that Lu Entong has ulterior motives for being in contact with Song Yanxu, but Chi Zuo can't reveal the insomnia issue to her and doesn't have enough reason to organize her investigation.

Episode 13 Recap

Song Yanxu and Lu Entong's bodies resisted, so Dr. Li had to pause the hypnosis. Although both of them mentioned being by the water during the hypnosis, neither of them remembered anything specific that happened by the water. In order to trigger some memories, Song Yanxu decides to take Lu Entong to a place he has always wanted to bring her, which happens to be by the water. Lu Entong agrees to go with him, but they need to get permission from her parents first.

Lu Entong discusses the matter with her parents when she returns home, but her father firmly refuses. He believes that their current physical conditions are not good, and it's inappropriate for an unmarried man and woman to go out together. Fortunately, Lu's mother supports her daughter, and she agrees to let Lu Entong go while handling her husband's objections.

In fact, Lu's mother has her own plan. She wants to secretly follow Lu Entong and Song Yanxu together with her husband. Lu Entong finds it suspicious that her parents easily agreed to let her go out with Song Yanxu, so she decides to test them. She has a video call with her father, who appears to be lying in bed just waking up. This reassures Lu Entong, thinking that she was overthinking. However, it was actually a setup prepared by her parents. They had discussed that Lu Entong might become suspicious and check on them, but unexpectedly, they successfully deceived her.

On the way, Song Yanxu's car encounters a problem, but luckily Lu's parents are following them and notice the issue. They quickly catch up and inspect the car. Lu's father asks Song Yanxu to call for a tow truck while he takes the two of them to their destination.

Song Yanxu was not aware that Lu's parents would accompany them, so he only booked a luxury double room. Due to the peak tourist season, the hotel rooms are fully booked. Lu's mother suggests that she and Lu Entong share one room, while Lu's father and Song Yanxu share another. The room is large enough to accommodate 4-8 people. Lu Entong is unaware that her father snores, and she even tells Song Yanxu that her father sleeps quietly. It's not until she chats with her mother at night that she realizes her father snores. Song Yanxu already has insomnia, and having someone snoring next to him makes it even more difficult to fall asleep.

The next day, Lu's parents go out for a stroll without following Song Yanxu and Lu Entong. Since the two of them are willingly together, and Song Yanxu has proven to be a reliable person during their interaction, Lu's parents believe that they should give the young couple some space and time to be together.

Song Yanxu brings Lu Entong to a wishing tree. He stands under the tree and recalls the time when he made wishes with his mother during his childhood, becoming lost in thought. The method of making a wish involves throwing a round container tied with a red string, containing the wishes, onto the tree. If it hangs on the tree, the wish will come true. After Lu Entong throws it, she realizes that it didn't successfully hang on the tree, and they leave. They then go to the water's edge, where there is a boat-riding activity. The staff asks if they want to experience it, but both Song Yanxu and Lu Entong refuse without knowing the reason. They simply feel uncomfortable sitting on a boat, and Lu Entong believes that they both might get seasick.

In the evening, Song Yanxu takes Lu Entong camping and prepares fireworks. He is dressed in a neat suit and has a ring ready to propose to her. Song Yanxu is very nervous and trembles throughout the proposal. Lu Entong thinks he is trembling because of the cold. Lu Entong notices the cheat sheet that Song Yanxu prepared, and she didn't expect him to plan all this. However, at such an important moment, she didn't dress up carefully. Song Yanxu tells her that no matter how she looks, she is the most beautiful in his eyes. Finally, Lu Entong accepts his proposal, but as they try to put on the ring, both of them enter a sleeping state, and the ring falls to the ground.

Episode 14 Recap

Lu Entong and Song Yanxu had been sleeping for a long time. When they woke up, two days had already passed. It was Lu Entong's parents who discovered their absence and sought help from the hotel. The hotel staff found them just as they had woken up. Lu Entong and Song Yanxu realized that something was wrong as they had slept for over thirty hours. Song Yanxu received a call from Dr. Li, who urged them to return quickly and maintain distance on the way. They had been missing for over thirty hours, and both Song Chen and Lu Entong's parents were extremely worried. They called separately to inquire about the situation, but due to their concern and inability to control their emotions, they ended up shouting on the phone. Lu Entong and Song Yanxu felt somewhat helpless.

Lu Entong's parents were extremely worried, but fortunately, their daughter was safe. Lu Entong comforted her parents and informed them that Dr. Li had found a treatment method and that she was actively cooperating. She believed they would recover soon. Song Yanxu returned home, and coincidentally, Song Chen was there too. He officially informed his father that he wanted to marry Lu Entong. Song's father flew into a rage and even wanted to physically harm his wayward son. Luckily, Song Chen intervened and stopped him. Song Yanxu and his father had a heated argument. The anger caused Song's father to have a sudden heart attack, but fortunately, someone at home promptly took him to the hospital. Upon learning the news, Lu Entong rushed to the hospital and was relieved to know that his uncle was fine. Lu Entong was very sensible; she knew that Song Yanxu was probably arguing with his father because of her. She hoped Song Yanxu could wait a little longer and find an opportunity for them to explain to Song's uncle together.

As a caregiver, Lu Entong stayed with Song's father at the hospital. She did not reveal her identity and simply stated that she was his caregiver. Lu Entong was very skilled at taking care of people, and she attended to Song's father's needs meticulously. Even the nurses praised her for being competent. After careful consideration, Song's father felt that this girl was different from other caregivers and guessed that she might be the girl Song Yanxu wanted to marry.

Lu Entong stayed with Song's father at the hospital all the time, and her mouth never stopped. She kept talking to Song's father and even performed storytelling. Song's father hoped she could be quieter, so Lu Entong sat by the bed and asked if he was hungry or wanted to chat. Song's father advised her to learn more skills at her young age and not expect to gain something for nothing. Lu Entong then began to talk about her outstanding academic achievements since childhood. Song's father knew she played Go, so he asked her to play chess with him outside. Lu Entong didn't expect it to be Chinese chess, but she nervously played against Song's father and, as expected, quickly lost. As Song's father played chess, he recalled Song Yanxu's childhood when he liked Chinese chess. Song Yanxu used to teach him how to play, but he preferred Go. At that time, his wife was still alive, and as a mother, she believed they should cultivate the child according to his interests. Lu Entong brought Song's father's thoughts back, and they continued playing chess.

Song Yanxu learned from Li Che that Lu Entong was taking care of his father at the hospital and became worried that something might happen. He left a meeting halfway and went to the hospital. Upon arriving, he didn't find anyone and asked the nurses. He immediately went to the garden to search when he saw his father and Lu Entong playing chess and chatting happily from a distance. He decided not to disturb them and turned back to the ward, asking the nurse about his father's condition in recent days. The nurse informed him that the patient was recovering well and would be discharged in a few days. Thanks to the caregiver's diligent and responsible work, the patient's mood improved, leading to a faster recovery. Upon hearing the nurse's words, Song Yanxu felt extremely delighted.

Episode 15 Recap

Dr. Li contacted Song Yanxu, and Song Yanxu hurriedly went to Dr. Li's studio. Based on their data, Dr. Li provided a targeted treatment plan, which stated that they would not enter a sleeping state even with physical contact in a low-temperature environment. The duration would be limited, but it made Song Yanxu very happy. Lu Entong accompanied Song's father back to the ward, and his father directly mentioned Lu Entong's name. In fact, he knew about this girl the first time he met her, and after getting along, he felt that this girl was not bad. He realized that he was getting old and no longer wanted to meddle in young people's affairs. He hoped that Lu Entong could be more considerate of Song Yanxu. As a father, he understood his son's temperament. Lu Entong caught the key point of this statement and realized that Song's father agreed to their relationship. Lu Entong was overjoyed and went to prepare a meal for Song's father.

Due to the previous failed proposal, Song Yanxu decided to propose again. He arranged for Li Che to handle the matter and specifically instructed that the colder, the better. Li Che was confused but had no choice but to follow the boss's orders without asking too many questions. Song Yanxu went to the hospital to accompany his father and apologized to him. His father understood and even suggested that Song Yanxu arrange a meal with Lu Entong's parents at some point. It seemed that his father truly approved of their relationship.

Xu Mansu visited the hospital to see Song's father. Song's father took the opportunity to tell Xu Mansu that Song Yanxu had grown up, had his own thoughts, and he, being much older, didn't want to interfere in many things anymore. Xu Mansu was feeling down, but she didn't want to lose her composure in front of the elders, as she needed to maintain her good image. Lu Entong went to find Song Yanxu at a time and place when they usually got along well, but she waited for a long time and couldn't find him. Eventually, she was led by a puppet to a very cold place. Just as she called out Song Yanxu's name, artificial snow started falling from the sky, and Song Yanxu appeared. He personally put a ring on her finger, and in such a romantic setting, Song Yanxu finally fulfilled his wish to kiss the girl he loved. They didn't fall asleep and happily embraced each other.

Song Yanxu and his father met Lu Entong's parents, but unexpectedly, both sides became very unpleasant as soon as they met. The expressions on their faces indicated that they had a past history. Lu Entong's parents didn't say a word and took Lu Entong away. Song's father asked Song Yanxu to break up with Lu Entong. Song Yanxu couldn't understand why his father suddenly changed his mind. Song's father directly revealed that Lu Entong was the reason for his mother's death.

Lu Entong returned home with her parents, and her father became so angry that he felt some discomfort in his heart. Lu Entong was very worried and couldn't understand why her father was so agitated today. Both her parents asked her to break up with Song Yanxu this time. The reasons behind it couldn't be explained in a few words, but they would slowly tell her in the future.

Lu Entong called Song Yanxu, but for the first time since they started dating, Song Yanxu didn't answer her call. Song's father told Song Yanxu about what happened back then. It was Lu Entong who took Song Yanxu to row a boat, and the boat overturned. Song Yanxu's mother died while trying to save them. At that time, Song Yanxu had a high fever for a few days and when he woke up, he didn't remember anything. The doctor said it was selective amnesia. To prevent him from being traumatized, Song's father had concealed the truth about his mother's death for these years. Song Yanxu began to have severe headaches, and fragments from his childhood appeared in his mind.

Episode 16 Recap

Song Yanxu didn't believe his father's words and went to find Song Chen to learn the truth about what happened when they were young. Song Chen knew that he couldn't hide it anymore and told him about the incident. At that time, Song Chen was 10 years old, and Song Yanxu was 7. During the summer, they went to Song Yanxu's mother's music school for summer vacation and met Lu Entong there. Lu Entong took Song Yanxu to row a boat, and they accidentally fell into the water. Song's mother died trying to save them. If it weren't for Lu Entong insisting on rowing the boat, Song's mother wouldn't have had the accident. Song Yanxu finally understood why their parents had such animosity when they first met.

Lu Entong couldn't contact Song Yanxu and kept looking for him. Song Yanxu was hiding at home, drinking alone. Chi Zuo learned that Lu Entong was looking for Song Yanxu and was very worried about him, so he helped her in the search. Chi Zuo and Xu Mansu went to Song Yanxu's house and learned from Xu Mansu that Lu Entong was Song Yanxu's mother's person, which was why Song Yanxu chose not to face her. Xu Mansu took out a newspaper she bought at a high price from a private detective, and the newspaper reported the incident from back then. Song Yanxu didn't want to hear about it again and drove them away.

Chi Zuo wanted to understand the situation from back then, so he went to Lu Entong's house to ask her parents. Lu Entong's father told Chi Zuo that Song Chen insisted that it was Lu Entong's idea to take Song Yanxu rowing, but as a father, he knew that his child was well-behaved and wouldn't have asked to go rowing. However, when Lu Entong woke up, no matter how they asked her, she just cried and couldn't speak. Later, they found out that Lu Entong developed amnesia after waking up with a fever. Although she lost that memory, she would have nightmares at night. It took a long time of psychological treatment for her to gradually recover. Lu's father hoped that Chi Zuo wouldn't tell Lu Entong about this incident, as he didn't want her to recall that terrible experience.

Lu's mother went to Song Yanxu's house, but she didn't say much. She just hoped that he would break up with Lu Entong. After Chi Zuo left Lu Entong's house, he met Lu Entong, who was still looking for Song Yanxu. Then Chi Zuo received a call from Song Yanxu, who wanted to break up with Lu Entong and asked Chi Zuo to take care of her. Chi Zuo didn't know how to tell Lu Entong about this, so he used the excuse of being hungry and asked her to accompany him for a meal. Lu Entong didn't think much of it and went with him.

In fact, Song Yanxu didn't want to break up with Lu Entong. He just needed some time to digest this situation. Lu's mother took out the recovery records of Lu Entong after the incident. As a mother, she didn't want her daughter to go through the same pain as before, so she hoped that Song Yanxu could give up this relationship. Song Yanxu deeply loved Lu Entong, but he could only decide to break up.

Lu Entong saw the hot search news that Song Yanxu was dating another girl and booked a hotel room. Lu Entong wasn't angry; she believed that Song Yanxu did it under his father's coercion and that Song's father probably said many harsh words, and it was just an act. In the photo, Song Yanxu had his arm around the girl's shoulder, but he was wearing the couple ring that belonged to him and Lu Entong. Lu Entong believed that Song Yanxu would explain it to her, and Chi Zuo smiled without saying much.

Both Song Yanxu and Lu Entong had nightmares at night. Lu Entong felt that the little boy in her dream looked familiar but couldn't remember who he was. The next day, Lu Entong went to Song Yanxu's house to find him, but he ignored her, giving her a cold attitude. Lu Entong felt very wronged and didn't know if she had done something wrong or if there was a misunderstanding between them.

Episode 17 Recap

Song Yanxu said a lot of hurtful things to Lu Entong, explaining that he and the rich heiress were not just fooling around, and that he and Lu Entong were originally together for treatment. Now that the treatment is almost complete, they no longer have any value to each other. As the CEO, he naturally wants to find a girl who matches his status to be his wife. Lu Entong didn't expect Song Yanxu to be this kind of person. She realized that she had misunderstood him. Song Yanxu watched Lu Entong turn around and leave, unable to hold back his tears. Chi Zuo came out of the house and thought that Song Yanxu didn't need to be so decisive with his words. Since Song Yanxu had decided to break up, he should do it quickly. It would be best if he could make Lu Entong hate him so that she could move on from this relationship.

Lu Entong confided in her best friend and received a message from Dr. Li, who had come up with a new treatment plan. He wanted to meet Lu Entong. After thinking it over, Lu Entong decided to meet Dr. Li. Dr. Li looked at her red eyes and could tell that she had been crying, and he had also seen the hot search news. Dr. Li opened his computer and showed the "Heartbeat Index" between them, and the value had never changed, indicating that Song Yanxu still loved her. Dr. Li's treatment plan was to conduct a deep hypnosis session for both of them to awaken those memories, perhaps leading to new discoveries.

Lu Entong went to the company to find Song Yanxu for the treatment, but she was refused entry. Fortunately, Ye Zi was there and took her upstairs. Song Yanxu had a meeting that was about to start. Before that, Xu Mansu saw Lu Entong and brought her into her office and gave her the newspaper. After leaving Xu Mansu's office, Lu Entong was seen by Chi Zuo and Song Yanxu. They saw the file folder in Lu Entong's hand and knew what was going on. Lu Entong went back home to find her parents and learn the truth about the incident. Her parents had privately gone to see Song Yanxu and were very angry. Lu Entong was already in a lot of pain, and after speaking, she ran out of the house.

Chi Zuo reprimanded Xu Mansu, but Xu Mansu believed that Chi Zuo should thank her. Now is the best time for him to pursue Lu Entong. Chi Zuo couldn't understand and told Xu Mansu that if you truly like someone, you wouldn't hurt them or the person they like. Lu Entong ran to the seaside, and Song Yanxu chased after her. Lu Entong knew that Song Yanxu wouldn't blame her. If Song Yanxu could hate her and resent her, it would be easier for her. Xu Mansu was right. Lu Entong made Song Yanxu's life miserable. He lost his mother at a young age and had a difficult relationship with his father. So Lu Entong decided to break up with Song Yanxu and took off the ring, throwing it into the sea.

After Lu Entong left, Song Yanxu continued to search for the ring. Xu Mansu drove over to find Song Yanxu and had never seen him so frantic. Lu Entong was also very sad. She didn't want to separate, but there was no other way. Lu Entong's mother also decided not to hide the truth about what happened back then and told Lu Entong everything that happened. That night, Lu Entong and Song Yanxu tossed and turned in bed, unable to sleep. Since their breakup, their condition had been extremely poor. Lu Entong felt like she had lost her soul and even had hallucinations, seeing popcorn sellers who resembled Song Yanxu. Song Yanxu used face wash as toothpaste, and the shoes he wore to work were mismatched—one leather shoe and one sports shoe. Song Chen thought he had changed his style.

Episode 18 Recap

The development of Banana No.3 has been completed. Song Yanxu attended a work meeting and mistook the narrator for Lu Entong. He couldn't help but laugh, leaving the staff members present puzzled. Fortunately, Li Che promptly reminded him, and Song Yanxu snapped out of his hallucination. Chi Zuo, who was watching from the side, found it all very strange. He showed Song Yanxu a video sent by Lu Entong's friend, where Lu Entong mistook a popcorn seller for Song Yanxu. Chi Zuo thought Song Yanxu was experiencing the same symptoms of heartbreak as Lu Entong.

In the evening, Chi Zuo went to find Song Yanxu and invited him for a drink. He showed Song Yanxu the video on his phone, knowing that both of them couldn't let go of each other. There was no need to torment each other like this. Song Yanxu had never hated Lu Entong; he hated himself. If only he could have stopped Lu Entong back then, they wouldn't have ended up in that situation. And if he had stayed by Lu Entong's side, she would have remembered the past, which would only bring her more pain.

Chi Zuo thought Song Yanxu was being foolish. He had already lost someone who loved him, and now he was willingly giving up on another person who loved him. While talking, Chi Zuo was on a call with Lu Entong. Although he loved Lu Entong too, he wanted her to be happy. Song Yanxu drove to find Lu Entong and suddenly had a headache on the way. He narrowly avoided hitting a lady riding an electric bike. It reminded him of when Lu Entong used to ride a bike with him, so he exchanged his Bentley for the lady's electric bike. However, before he reached Lu Entong's home, he got into an accident. He was promptly taken to the hospital, and when he woke up the next day, he found Xu Mansu by his side. Even in a coma, he had sensed Lu Entong's presence.

Indeed, Lu Entong had been taking care of him during these days. Her sincerity had even touched Xu Mansu, who no longer held any animosity towards Lu Entong. Xu Mansu also remembered Chi Zuo's words about being caught in between two people in love and realizing that she couldn't win. She knew that Song Yanxu was about to wake up and hoped that Lu Entong would stay. However, Lu Entong didn't want Song Yanxu to see her, so she instructed Xu Mansu not to mention her presence to him. But Xu Mansu didn't follow Lu Entong's wishes and decided to let go. She directly told Song Yanxu that Lu Entong had been taking care of him. Before leaving the hospital, Xu Mansu handed Song Yanxu his phone, making it easier for him to contact Lu Entong.

Song Yanxu messaged Lu Entong but realized that she had already deleted him. His heart sank. Lu Entong was practicing the piano while crying. Suddenly, a string broke. She put down the piano and grabbed her phone, deleting one picture after another, the pictures of her and Song Yanxu. Song Chen didn't want Song Yanxu to continue the treatment with Lu Entong. He believed that Lu Entong would only bring harm to Song Yanxu. But Song Yanxu didn't listen to Song Chen and stated that he would never give up on Lu Entong, no matter what.

During Song Yanxu's hospital stay, Song Chen acted as the acting CEO and dealt with company matters. Director Zhang submitted a project that Song Chen found very promising and beneficial to the company. He would present it to the board of directors. When Song Yanxu looked through the documents that needed to be signed, he came across a purchase proposal for sleep aid devices submitted by Dr. Li. The reason why Song Chen didn't want Song Yanxu and Lu Entong to cooperate with Dr. Li's treatment was because he was afraid they would remember their childhood memories.

Episode 19 Recap

Lu Entong arranged to meet with Dr. Li and proposed the idea of separating treatment from Song Yanxu. From a professional perspective, Dr. Li rejected her request. Based on the current situation, their mutual influence and shared experiences are important conditions for auxiliary treatment. Dr. Li hoped that Lu Entong would temporarily set aside what happened between them and cooperate with the treatment. They both carry more than just their own lives.

Originally, Dr. Li planned to conduct deep hypnosis on Song Yanxu and Lu Entong. However, the equipment imported from Germany for this purpose was somehow held up at customs. She asked Song Chen to help coordinate. During the time before the equipment arrived, Dr. Li suggested that they revisit familiar places and use environmental stimuli to trigger those memories. Lu Entong and Song Yanxu came across a familiar boat. As soon as they touched it, they felt uncomfortable reactions. Fortunately, a patrol officer came over to remind them, and they snapped out of it. At that moment, Song Chen appeared in the corner, staring at Lu Entong and Song Yanxu with an angry expression. It seemed that he deliberately didn't want Lu Entong and Song Yanxu to recall those memories from the past.

In the evening, Song Chen had a nightmare in which his past actions were discovered by Song Yanxu and Lu Entong, and they sought revenge against him. After waking up from the nightmare, Song Chen apologized to his deceased sister-in-law's portrait, silently muttering that if they were to discover the truth, he would be completely finished. That's why he prevented Song Yanxu from receiving insomnia treatment. Director Zhang discovered confidential data from the Ke Wen Group on the dark web trading market. A board meeting was called, and he believed that Dr. Li was the one leaking the data. During the meeting, Song Chen defended Dr. Li, but in reality, he was the mastermind behind the incident. His goal was to find a way to drive Dr. Li out of the company, preventing her from continuing to treat Song Yanxu and Lu Entong.

Coincidentally, Dr. Li has now gone missing. Currently, she has ceased all work and is under investigation by the company. Song Yanxu, Lu Entong, and Chi Zuo all don't believe that Dr. Li would be involved in such actions, but since they couldn't contact her, they didn't know how to help. Song Yanxu assigned Li Che to continue searching for Dr. Li and investigate the matter. Based on the database records, only Dr. Li's ID was accessed, and there were no traces of hacker attacks. It seemed that Dr. Li was indeed unable to extricate herself from the situation. Director Zhang couldn't hold back anymore. If Dr. Li didn't appear soon, the company would press charges against her for industrial espionage.

Song Yanxu asked Li Che to keep searching for people and also inquired about what Song Chen has been doing recently. Song Chen, worried that Song Yanxu would be implicated, has been negotiating with the board of directors. Song Yanxu felt that something was off about Song Chen. Dr. Li sent a letter and two voice recorders to Lu Entong. The voice recorders contained the conversations of Lu Entong and Song Yanxu during their hypnosis sessions.

Lu Entong found Song Yanxu and they drove to a place to listen to the recordings. From the content of the recordings, it can be deduced that there were other people on the boat at that time, and someone was shaking the boat. Song Yanxu and Lu Entong shouted, "Stop shaking the boat and let me get off!" There may be hidden secrets behind what happened back then. Song Chen has been monitoring Song Yanxu and Lu Entong through his arrangements. He had people take photos of Lu Entong and Song Yanxu when they met, and Song Chen felt that something was wrong. Why did the two of them meet, and why did Lu Entong seem so anxious?

Episode 20 Recap

Song Yanxu returned home and asked his father where Uncle Song Chen was when their mother had the accident years ago. His father evaded the question and only mentioned that Uncle Song Chen was also a 10-year-old child at that time and was scared by what happened. After the incident, he locked himself in his bedroom for several days until Song Yanxu regained consciousness and he slowly recovered. Song Yanxu's father urged him not to investigate the past anymore and hoped he wouldn't immerse himself in pain. However, Song Yanxu felt that his father might know the truth and deliberately kept it hidden. He told his father that feeling kept in the dark was the most painful.

After leaving home, Song Yanxu contacted Li Che and asked him to arrange an absolutely secretive private space, not to be disclosed to anyone, including Song Chen. Song Yanxu had Dr. Li brought in, and she also brought all the equipment. She vaguely sensed someone obstructing her from treating Song Yanxu and Lu Entong, so she wanted to awaken their memories as soon as possible. However, the equipment imported from Europe was inexplicably held by customs, and the company started investigating it. They all had a rough idea of who was behind the obstruction. Dr. Li believed that everything at present was speculation, and the only way to prove the truth was for them to truly remember.

With the assistance of Dr. Li and Li Che, Song Yanxu and Lu Entong underwent deep hypnosis. Before starting, Dr. Li informed them of precautions and what might happen. Song Yanxu and Lu Entong recalled the entire process of what happened back then. It was Uncle Song Chen who instigated them to go boating. The first time, the administrator caught them and stopped them, but Song Chen was not satisfied. Taking advantage of the administrator's distraction, he took them onto the boat. Song Chen mocked them for being cowards when he saw them afraid, and then he started shaking the boat, causing it to capsize. Song Chen could swim, and he had previously promised to protect Lu Entong and Song Yanxu, but when the accident actually happened, Song Chen escaped alone. It was only when Song Yanxu's mother arrived and saw the two children in the water that she exchanged her life for their lives.

The misunderstanding between Song Yanxu and Lu Entong was also resolved. Lu Entong had no involvement in what happened back then. Song Yanxu had Li Che bring in the former administrator, who had vivid memories of the incident since it was the only accident to occur at the lake over the years. The administrator's account matched exactly with what Lu Entong and Song Yanxu remembered. Song Chen overheard the administrator's words at the office door and hurriedly washed his face in the restroom, unsure of what to do. He tried to convince himself that they were all family, and he had done a lot for Song Yanxu in the company, always helping him. Song Yanxu wouldn't do anything to harm him.

Song Chen returned to Song Yanxu's office door once again, coincidentally after the administrator had left. Lu Entong asked Song Yanxu if he resented Song Chen. Song Yanxu not only resented him for causing the accident back then but also for deceiving him. Upon hearing this, Song Chen couldn't bear it and turned away. In fact, Song Yanxu had only uttered a few angry words. Song Chen was his biological uncle and had been very good to him, willingly giving up many things, including the position of CEO at the Ke Wen Group, for him. Thinking about these things, Song Yanxu eased the resentment in his heart.

Song Chen became consumed by darkness. He felt that his efforts for Song Yanxu were not worth mentioning to him. He could forgive Lu Entong but couldn't forgive his own nephew. He couldn't have nothing, so he made a phone call and instructed the other party to spread the news. The next day, Song Chen and Song Yanxu encountered each other in the company lobby, and Song Yanxu told Song Chen that he had remembered what happened 15 years ago. Song Chen didn't listen and directly informed him that he was no longer competent to be the CEO of Ke Wen. At the same time, reporters were gathered outside the building.

Episode 21 Recap

Song Chen announced Song Yanxu's severe insomnia to the public. Faced with reporters' interviews, he also revealed the things he had been helping to conceal over the years. Before that, Song Chen had made arrangements with the board members of the board of directors and informed them that Ke Wen's stock would plummet the next day. He told them that as long as he became the CEO of Ke Wen, their interests would not be compromised. Xu Mansu's father and Song Yanxu's father were riding horses at the racecourse when Xu Mansu hurriedly arrived and asked them to help Song Yanxu. Xu's father and Song's father exchanged glances and shared a knowing smile, thinking that young people couldn't remain calm. It seemed that Xu's father had already informed Song's father of Song Chen's intentions.

After Chi Zuo saw the news, he rushed to the company to question Song Chen about why he did such a thing. Song Yanxu was his family, how could he do such a thing? Song Chen didn't say much, only expressing that he couldn't lose any more. Chi Zuo thought he had gone mad, but Song Yanxu couldn't be easily manipulated by him either.

In fact, Song's father had known the truth about what happened back then long ago. After all, Song Chen was a child, and it was difficult for children to hide lies from adults. After the incident, he tortured himself and always apologized to Song Yanxu's mother in his dreams. At that time, Song's father had already guessed it. He pretended not to know for the sake of the family. Song's father had warned Song Yanxu that Song Chen was a very scheming person and hoped that Song Yanxu would be careful. Unexpectedly, things happened so quickly. Song's father had no intention of intervening. He let Song Yanxu handle it himself, and Song Yanxu was confident that he could handle the matter well.

To help Song Yanxu keep his position as CEO, Chi Zuo privately approached three directors, hoping they would stand on Song Yanxu's side. Song Yanxu's insomnia was not severe, and he was already undergoing active treatment. However, the other three felt that this matter would have a negative impact on the company, with a significant drop in stock prices affecting everyone's interests. They didn't think Ke Wen was there for Song Yanxu to practice on.

At the shareholders' meeting, Chairman Zhang proposed to remove Song Yanxu from the position of CEO. According to the board's regulations, a vote in favor by more than half was considered valid. The number of votes in favor of removing the CEO was far from reaching a majority, and the second-largest shareholders, Director Xu and Chi Zuo, also disagreed. This surprised Song Chen, but Chi Zuo's disagreement was expected. However, when they were dining together, it seemed that Chi Zuo was on his side. Director Xu didn't give Song Chen any face at all. He was a veteran figure in the company and had seen all kinds of storms. How could he not distinguish right from wrong?

Song Yanxu spoke about his insomnia in front of everyone. Because of this, he was able to deeply understand the suffering of insomnia patients. He believed that this matter was also an opportunity for Ke Wen Group. Before Song Chen could even finish his retort, he coldly ridiculed Song Yanxu, finding him ridiculous. He thought it was impossible for someone to turn adversity into opportunity just by talking. However, Song Yanxu unexpectedly presented a comprehensive plan. He had already reached a cooperation intention with a top European hotel group and had secured a hundred billion yuan funding intention from a professional medical investment institution. The board members were all satisfied, while Song Chen remained skeptical. He didn't believe that such a massive project could be implemented in a short period of time. Unfortunately, his words had no effect, as the board members were pleased with Song Yanxu's actions, and the project passed unanimously.

Song Chen was packing up his things in the office, planning to leave. When Song Yanxu learned about the situation, he immediately rushed over and stopped Song Chen. He had never intended for Song Chen to leave. The past was already in the past, and the two embraced each other. Song Chen returned home and knelt down to apologize to his older brother. Song's father didn't blame him either. He helped him up and invited him to have dinner together.

Episode 22 Recap

Song Yanxu took Lu Entong to visit her mother's grave. Over the years, Lu Entong had never visited her savior, and she was deeply grateful for the life-saving favor her teacher had bestowed upon her. She was still working hard to pursue her childhood dreams and aimed to become a person like her teacher. Song Yanxu wanted to reconcile with Lu Entong, but she wasn't ready to reconcile easily. After all, their breakup had left her heartbroken and in tears for a long time. Song Yanxu truly loved Lu Entong, but this time, she avoided his hand and made an excuse to leave. Song Yanxu wasn't willing to give up easily; he secretly swore to win Lu Entong back.

Facing the reporters, Song Yanxu responded positively to his insomnia and firmly believed that the company would overcome this difficult situation. Song Yanxu worried about how to win back Lu Entong. After understanding the situation, Li Che began to help him, suggesting a series of seemingly ordinary ideas. Song Yanxu planned to send him to Africa, which shocked Li Che. He quickly became serious and reminded Song Yanxu that they still had an ace up their sleeve, the co-sleeping agreement.

Lu Entong told her best friend about Song Yanxu's desire to reconcile, and her friend began advising her. Lu Entong now appeared as if she was completely under Song Yanxu's control, and even when they were together, Song Yanxu had never officially pursued her. It was necessary to make Song Yanxu truly pursue her once so that he could learn to cherish her. The next day, Song Yanxu made an appointment to meet Lu Entong and discussed the co-sleeping agreement. Since Lu Entong hadn't fulfilled the agreement, there naturally had to be compensation. Lu Entong was taken aback by Song Yanxu's behavior and stood up from her chair in anger. Coincidentally, Dr. Li was also present, and Song Yanxu quickly invited her to join them.

Dr. Li inquired about their sleep conditions, and Lu Entong honestly shared her improved sleep condition. She felt that it was getting better, but before she could finish, she saw the look in Song Yanxu's eyes and understood what he meant. Dr. Li told Lu Entong that there was still a little way to go and pretended to hiccup, attributing it to overeating at lunchtime when, in fact, she was lying and hiccuping intentionally. Dr. Li suggested that their sleep conditions were still not stable enough and that they should continue sleeping together.

In the end, Lu Entong decided to go to Song Yanxu's house to fulfill the agreement, considering it was also for their own well-being. Dr. Li was brought in as a backup plan by Song Yanxu. If they followed Li Che's advice and discussed compensation with Lu Entong, it would likely worsen their relationship. Song Yanxu prepared a dinner of pan-fried steak at home to welcome Lu Entong's arrival. He even wore a suit specifically for the occasion, ready to have dinner with her in the evening. However, it got late, and Lu Entong hadn't arrived yet, so Song Yanxu drove to find her. Unexpectedly, Lu Entong's parents had come to visit her and had prepared a sumptuous dinner for her. Song Yanxu arrived at the perfect moment and was pulled in to join them for the meal. Lu's mother was tactful and didn't want to disturb the young couple, so she took Lu's father and left.

Lu Entong started to play hard to get and refused to go home with Song Yanxu. Song Yanxu had no intention of leaving either, and Lu Entong didn't chase him away. Instead, she gave him an adorable pajama to sleep in the living room. In the middle of the night, Lu Entong became worried that Song Yanxu might be cold, so she brought him a blanket. However, she startled Song Yanxu, and when she handed him the blanket, she accidentally stumbled and ended up kissing his cheek. Embarrassed, she quickly ran back to her room, scolding herself for being so helpless while unable to hide her smile.

Episode 23 Recap

Annie called Lu Entong and invited her to join the Asian Symphony Orchestra, asking if she was interested. Lu Entong was extremely excited and immediately got out of bed, expressing her strong interest. The two agreed on a time and place to meet. Song Yanxu had already prepared himself and watched as Lu Entong rushed out. He asked her directly where he could drop her off. They ended up stuck in traffic on the way, and realizing they might be late, Song Yanxu decided to take a small electric car to Anne's studio with Lu Entong. Lu Entong was a bit worried sitting in the back, concerned that Song Yanxu might fall again, and kept reminding him to be careful.

After arriving at their destination, Song Yanxu looked at Lu Entong's figure and smiled happily. In fact, it was Song Yanxu who had asked Anne for help. He discovered the Asian Symphony Orchestra competition notice in the pajamas Lu Entong had given him. So he personally contacted Anne, hoping she could assist Lu Entong. To celebrate Lu Entong joining the Asian Symphony Orchestra, Lu Entong, Song Yanxu, Chi Zuo, and Xu Mansu had a meal together. Everyone was happy that she had achieved her dream.

Lu Entong and Song Yanxu left first, while Xu Mansu went to the restroom. Chi Zuo noticed a drunken person following her and felt that something was wrong. Fortunately, he arrived in time and prevented Xu Mansu from being assaulted. Although he helped Xu Mansu out of the situation, he ended up getting punched himself. Xu Mansu saw blood at the corner of his mouth and went outside to help him treat the wound. Chi Zuo looked at Xu Mansu suddenly and felt a bit moved. Xu Mansu sensed his gaze and felt a little shy, telling him to take care of it himself before leaving.

Song Yanxu made great efforts to stay at Lu Entong's place. He intentionally drank coffee before bed and applied menthol balm to create the illusion that he still had insomnia. Otherwise, he might be kicked out by Lu Entong. Lu Entong had actually noticed these little actions of his a long time ago but deliberately didn't say anything, just to see how long he could pretend. Song Yanxu eventually fell asleep. When he woke up and saw that Lu Entong was gone, he became extremely anxious and quickly contacted her. Lu Entong took a break from rehearsal to meet him. Song Yanxu took the initiative to admit his mistake and explained that he had been able to sleep, but he deceived her because he wanted to stay by her side. Lu Entong had long known that he had involved Dr. Li in their act to pretend to have insomnia and appreciated his efforts. Lu Entong didn't want to separate from him either, but Song Yanxu was just too clueless when it came to pursuing a girl, so she had to take the initiative. Lu Entong kissed Song Yanxu on the cheek, and after feeling shy and trying to dodge, she was pulled back by Song Yanxu, who kissed her on the lips.

Lu Entong knitted a red scarf for Song Yanxu. Although her craftsmanship couldn't compare to his mother's, she hoped to protect Song Yanxu herself. Song Yanxu happily wore the scarf and hoped that Lu Entong could accompany him to meet his family. Lu Entong agreed. When they arrived at Song Yanxu's home, they found nobody there. Lu Entong received a call from her mother and learned that her father had run away from home. After comforting her mother, Lu Entong immediately thought of a way to find him. Lu Entong noticed a camera on the table and watched the footage inside, which was filmed by her father when she was a child. She took Song Yanxu with her to find her father.

Song Yanxu saw Lu's father and knew he was concerned about his daughter. After all, Lu Entong had suffered a lot during this time because of him. He swore in front of Lu's father that he would take good care of Lu Entong. Lu's father also appreciated Song Yanxu and saw his sincere feelings for his daughter, so he no longer opposed their relationship.

Episode 24 (Ending) Recap

Xu Mansu thanked Chi Zuo for coming to her rescue and invited him to have a drink and chat. During their conversation, she discovered that back in middle school, the person who had helped her fend off the bullies was actually Chi Zuo, not Song Yanxu as she had always thought. At that time, Song Yanxu couldn't participate in the basketball game, so Chi Zuo wore his jersey and played in his place. Moreover, he also returned her wallet to her desk. Chi Zuo had mistakenly believed that Xu Mansu still had feelings for Song Yanxu, but after going through so much, Xu Mansu had long realized that she had misunderstood her own feelings for him. It was just an illusion. After getting drunk, the two of them spent a passionate night together in a hotel.

Later, Xu Mansu didn't know how to face Chi Zuo, so she intentionally avoided him. Chi Zuo spotted Xu Mansu at a café and ran out to catch up with her. Chi Zuo expressed his desire for her to be his girlfriend, and Xu Mansu didn't want him to take responsibility for that one night. However, she didn't dislike Chi Zuo at all. She agreed to be his girlfriend but made a pact that if either of them wanted to end the relationship, they would separate immediately, without any lingering attachments. Chi Zuo readily agreed to the terms.

Song Yanxu took Lu Entong to try on wedding dresses. As he watched Lu Entong walking towards him in a wedding gown, his eyes were filled with amazement, and he didn't want to look away from her even for a moment. By this time, both sets of parents were already at the restaurant. Upon receiving a call, they hurried to the venue and heard a commotion inside. When they pushed open the door, they discovered that the two fathers were arguing about whether they were having a son or a daughter. It was the first time the two families sat together at one table for a meal. Both fathers were a little tipsy, embracing each other and laughing, praising each other's children for their excellence. After dinner, Song Yanxu arranged for Li Che to safely escort both sets of families back home.

Lu Entong and Song Yanxu were taking a stroll on the street when suddenly it started pouring rain. They hurriedly ran back home. After going through so many ups and downs, they could finally be together openly and without any worries. They had already obtained their marriage certificate, and their wedding ceremony was approaching. Chi Zuo and Xu Mansu came together to attend Lu Entong and Song Yanxu's wedding. Li Che, who was on the sidelines, was somewhat shocked. He had thought they would be hiding somewhere, feeling sad and heartbroken at this time. He didn't expect to see any hint of sorrow; instead, they appeared genuinely happy.

The wedding ceremony began, and Lu Entong and Song Yanxu, the newlyweds, made their entrance. With the blessings of their family and friends, they walked up to the altar. While reading their vows, they held back their tears. Two people in love were finally becoming one, and everyone was overjoyed, willing to be witnesses to their journey towards a happy future. Lu Entong and Song Yanxu exchanged rings, and from that moment on, they became each other's partners.

When Lu Entong threw her bouquet, Chi Zuo caught it and intended to give it to Xu Mansu. However, Xu Mansu felt embarrassed to take it, so they kept pushing it back and forth. Li Che teased them, suggesting that they should kiss. Xu Mansu jokingly adopted an executive director demeanor, stating that the company should implement a rule prohibiting office romances. Chi Zuo became nervous, wondering what they would do then. However, he was willing to support any decision Xu Mansu made. If necessary, he would just return to the café, and Xu Mansu would take care of him from then on. Xu Mansu finally accepted the bouquet amidst the cheers and teasing from everyone.

Song Chen presented Lu Entong and Song Yanxu with a painting he had made when Song Yanxu was a child. The painting also featured Lu Entong, which deeply moved both of them. Finally, everyone gathered for a group photo. Everything had passed, and everything was moving towards a beautiful direction.

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