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Mommy’s Counterattack – Zhao Yibo, Li Boyang

Mommy's Counterattack is a romantic drama directed by Chen Yuejin, starring Zhao Yibo and Li Boyang.


Mommy's Counterattack

English Title: Mommy's Counterattack
Chinese Title: 妈咪的反攻
Genre: Urban, Romance, Drama, Family
Tag: Revenge, Infidelity, Model Female Lead, Fashion Designer Female Lead
Episodes: 16
Duration: 12 min.
Director: Chen Yuejin
Released Date: 2023-02-24
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



Five years ago, Yun Qingqing suffered a double blow when her husband cheated on her and their child passed away, leading her to run away in despair.

Five years later, having become a top model and renowned fashion designer, she returned for revenge. She infiltrated the Jiang family as a nanny, searching for a "key" that held the truth and would help her exact her revenge. This opened up a double life for her, as both a model and a nanny.

As a model, she sought revenge on her step-sister Yun Miaomiao. As a nanny, she resolved every challenge that was thrown at her by Jiang Ling.

Behind all of this, her cute and helpful baby An An played a crucial role in creating opportunities for Yun to get closer to Jiang Ling, ultimately leading to their reconciling.

In the end, the feuding couple realized that everything five years ago was a carefully crafted misunderstanding and that there was more than one person behind the scenes.


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