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My Lovely Wife – Li Pei'en, Zheng Nanxi

My Lovely Wife is a romantic drama directed by Wang Meng, starring Li Pei'en, Zheng Nanxi, Hu Yaqi, Wang Lei, Ren Zhong, and Zhang Haocheng.


My Lovely Wife

English Title: My Lovely Wife
Chinese Title: 站住!小哑妻
Genre: Urban, Romance, Family, Drama
Tag: Contract Marriage, Contract Relationship, Fake to Real Lovers, Revenge, Rich Male Lead, Marriage of Convenience
Episodes: 22
Duration: 11 min.
Director: Wang Meng
Writer: Dan Ya, Wang Yaning
Released Date: 2023-10-11
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



Witnessing the death of her mother, Xu Nian developed PTSD and became mute. Deprived of her mother's care, her father brought a new lover into the family, along with a stepdaughter close in age to Xu Nian. From then on, Xu Nian faced her father's indifference, as well as the mistreatment and bullying from her stepmother Jiang Wanli and her daughter Xu Yao.

However, Xu Nian always believed that there was more to her mother's death and, in order to uncover the truth, had to disguise herself as a weak and innocent mute girl. In reality, she was a kind-hearted yet highly intelligent "black lotus."

The stern and domineering Gu Mingyan, with a childhood marked by paranoia due to past experiences, suspected a conspiracy involving the collusion between the Xu family and Gu Hongyu in the death of his father, Gu Tao.

Upon discovering Xu Nian's true identity, Gu Mingyan decided to use her to uncover the truth. He craftily initiated a marriage contract with Xu Nian, officially cohabiting, unaware that he was the prey in Xu Nian's hunting game. The two engaged in a battle of wits, transitioning from mutual deception to genuine emotions on their journey of love.


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