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Call Me by Ur Girl – Zheng Nanxi, Li Mingyuan

Call Me by Ur Girl is an urban romantic drama directed by Lu Lei, starring Zheng Nanxi, Li Mingyuan, Wu Yalu, and Zhe Ye.


Call Me by Ur Girl

English Title: Call Me by Ur Girl
Chinese Title: 请叫我乌雅氏
Genre: Urban, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes: 20
Duration: 6 min.
Director: Lu Lei
Released Date: 2023-04-25
Broadcast Website: YoYo Television Series Exclusive, YoYo English Channel



The protagonist, Wuya Yezhi, was originally a female lead in the script, but every time the story progressed to a certain point, she would be instead by the same person who would steal her male lead, leaving her to become a supporting character for years.

This time, it's her last chance to be the main character in the script. However, what she doesn't know is that a marginalized supporting character, Du Qin, has been guarding her from beginning to end and gradually upgraded from an unimportant NPC to becoming the host of the system. He ultimately saves Wuya Yezhi during a critical moment.

She finally realizes that her life should not be designed for her to follow. This time, she wants to take control of her own destiny and save her beloved.


Wuya Yezi is a character in the virtual world who participates in script performances. The system army of the virtual world informs the host Wuya Yezi that she will face the last chance to get rid of the supporting role and become the female lead. If she misses it, she will disappear without a trace. The female lead in each script is set to be Wuya Yezi, but she always becomes a forgotten supporting actress due to her arch-enemy repeatedly snatching away her man during the story's development. She is facing the danger of disappearing, and the system cannot inform Wuya Yezi where she will go.

In order to seize the last opportunity and avoid disappearing, the system brings out the next script. This time, Wuya Yezi is still the female lead and serves as the group's chief planner. After browsing through the script, she thinks she is about to enter the wedding hall with her fiancé, the group's CEO Luo Jinsheng. Without listening to the system's complete story, she anxiously enters the script.

When she discovers that it is not her getting married, but Luo Jinsheng and his current deputy general manager Gao Jiling, she decides to fight for her lead role and cannot become a supporting actress again. Faced with this couple, after a heated argument, Yezi slaps the male lead three times and throws water at Gao Jiling. The three of them start fighting, and the two women pull each other's hair, and the situation becomes even more out of control. At this time, Du Qin shouts to stop and pulls Wuya Yezi away from the scene.

Du Qin took Wuya Yezi away and arranged for her to stay in a place he arranged. Yezi received a summons from the system and returned to the base, where she learned from the system that her fiancé in the script and her friend were only together for their own interests and had no real feelings for each other.

The system reminded Yezi that as long as she retrieved the female lead's script, she still had a chance to complete the task. Yezi requested compensation from the trouble-causing system, but the system adhered to the principle of not interfering with the development of the story plot and helped Yezi understand the relationships and backgrounds of the characters in the script.

Gao Jiling planned to use his resources to help male lead Luo Jinsheng realize his ambitions and persuade him to abandon Yezi in order to marry her instead. When the video was leaked, everyone learned about the true face of the scheming Gao Jiling. It turned out that Yezi's childhood sweetheart Du Qin had replaced the wedding VCR video. Gao Jiling retaliated by pretending to be weak in front of Luo Jinsheng and proposed that they could not let Yezi appear and ruin their future and feelings. Now, what Wuya Yezi needs to do is to stay in the company, otherwise the mission will be considered a failure.


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