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Miss Lucky Go! – Liu Te, Lin Qiyu

Miss Lucky Go! is a youth school romantic drama directed by Lin Yutang, led by Liu Te and Lin Qiyu, co-starring Zhang Jiongmin, Xu Muchan, and Gu Lechen.

The drama is adapted from Tang Xintian's popular novel "Zhong Ci Yi Ren - Jin Li Shi Ge Ji Shu Huo", which tells the story of Chen Miren, who aspires to be a hand puppet designer, but is transferred to the business administration department, where she is also in the same class with her high school ex-boyfriend Zhong Wei, and encounters the "torturous revenge" of Zhong Wei.


Miss Lucky Go!

English Title: Miss Lucky Go!
Chinese Title: 锦鲤是个技术活
Other Titles: 钟此一人——锦鲤是个技术活
Genre: Youth, School, Romance, Drama
Tag: Chasing a Dream, University, Adapted From A Novel
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Lin Yutang, Guo Zhenyu
Writer: Bao Zhengqi, Guo Zhenyu
Producer: Han Xudan
Released Date: 2023-09-13
Broadcast Website: iQIYI, WeTV, SENTV English, 森宇热播剧场



Chen Miren, as the "runaway" girlfriend of the school heartthrob, endured three difficult years in high school to escape the heavy burden of this "stolen love." She was determined to become a figurine designer and applied to the design department, thinking that university would bring a fresh start. However, fate took a twist, and she was accidentally switched to a different major. To make matters worse, she would be classmates with her ex-boyfriend who had been heartlessly dumped by her years ago!

Zhong Wei relentlessly pursued her, using various methods to seek revenge in hopes of winning back his old love. However, Chen Miren was unable to admit that it all started because Zhong Weiqiong had mistaken her identity initially, leaving her in a state of confusion. But little did they know that their love for each other would ultimately bring them back together. They rekindled their romance until the unexpected appearance of the "real main character" turned their world upside down...


  • 2023-09-16 08:40:53

    Miss Lucky Go! - Lin Qiyu is a big surprise

    "Miss Lucky Go!" is set in the idealized environment of a university campus. The character relationships are simple, and the ambiguous interactions between the two genders become the focal point of the plot, rather than the so-called "career." This floating narrative technique aligns perfectly with the needs of a sweet romance drama.

    The female lead, Lin Qiyu, comes from a talent show background. Surprisingly, her acting skills are quite good, and very natural, and it seems like she's using her own voice.

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