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Love from Divorce – Xu Kaixin, Fan Luoqi

Love from Divorce is a romantic drama directed by Tao Zhiqiang, starring Xu Kaixin, Fan Luoqi, and Ma Chenxi.


Love from Divorce

English Title: Love from Divorce
Chinese Title: 从离婚开始的爱情
Genre: Romance, Drama
Tag: Cold Female Lead, Smart Female Lead, CEO Male Lead, Love Triangle, Revenge, Going Through a Divorce
Episodes: 22
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Tao Zhiqiang
Writer: Qi Xing Screen Writer Studio / Xiong Fang
Released Date: 2023-08-10
Broadcast Website: Idol & Romance, 腾讯视频



An accident caused Wen Lan to lose her memory. Introduced by her family, she married Mu Bai. However, their feelings grew cold after marriage, and conflicts arose.

When the unexpected happened again, Wen Lan regained her past memories. She decisively chose to divorce Mu Bai and pursue her own path in scientific research. Surprisingly, as Mu Bai faced a completely different Wen Lan, he began to feel a subtle reluctance and unconsciously delayed the divorce process.

It wasn't until Wen Lan moved out of Mu Bai's home, focusing on her work in pharmaceutical research, that the two finally divorced.

It was at this point that Mu Bai realized his love for Wen Lan and began a persistent pursuit to win her back.


Mu Bai returned from out of town, and his assistant Li Mingxuan went to pick him up, asking if he wanted to go back and see his wife, Wen Lan. Mu Bai said that if he hears Li Mingxuan speak like that again, he will make Li Mingxuan disappear from this world.

Mu Bai arrived at the banquet, and Lin Yan was waiting for him there, but Mu Bai completely ignored her. Wen Lan's stepmother told her not to divorce Mu Bai, or their family would be finished.

Several shareholders at the banquet came to find Mu Bai, saying that it was he who initiated the research and development of the hereditary disease project, and they had already spent six billion. Mu Bai thought that a little more investment would be enough, and he had already found a professor, so they didn't need to worry.

Mu Bai came out, and Wen Lan also approached, saying she was here to take him home. Mu Bai said he wouldn't go back and asked Wen Lan to quickly sign the divorce agreement. Li Mingxuan also approached, saying that if it weren't for Wen Lan's tricks back then, Mu Bai wouldn't have married her, and asked her not to stay here anymore. Wen Lan tried to hold onto Mu Bai, but he pushed her away, and she hit the wall.

Wen Lan in the hospital remembered what happened before. Her father had achieved his current position with the help of her mother, but he caused her mother's death, and then he came with his mistress and her daughter, tricking her into being betrothed to Mu Bai. That's why Wen Lan has been on Mu Bai's side for these three years.

Wen Lan said she agreed to the divorce and asked Mu Bai to quickly sign the papers. Shi Chu came to the hospital to see Wen Lan, who now remembered what happened before. Wen Lan realized that her father had tricked her into signing many documents while she had amnesia, all to transfer the property left by her mother. Now that she had returned, she wanted to reclaim these things.

Mu Bai came to the hospital to see Wen Lan, but unexpectedly found Wen Lan and Shi Chu being intimate, which made him very frustrated. Mu Bai felt that he shouldn't sign the papers now, even if they were going to divorce, it should be his decision. Wen Lan packed her things to leave, but Mu Bai stopped her, asking if she was trying to play hard to get, trying to get his attention. Wen Lan said Mu Bai was overthinking, and she urged him to sign the papers quickly. Mu Bai kissed Wen Lan, and she slapped him.

Wen Lan's father, Zhuang Wen Cheng, invited Mu Bai and Wen Lan to come home for a meal. Mu Bai originally didn't want to go, but upon hearing that Wen Lan would be there, he decided to go. When Wen Lan returned home, her stepmother greeted her, saying that if it weren't for her, her own mother would have died long ago. Wen Lan asked Zhuang Rou to step aside, as that was her position, but Zhuang Rou refused, saying she was the eldest daughter of the Zhuang family.

Wen Lan stated that Zhuang Rou was just a burden brought by her mother and questioned if she was Zhuang Wen Cheng's illegitimate daughter. Wen Lan's stepmother quickly asked her daughter to move aside.

Wen Lan stated that she's coming back to inherit her mother's inheritance and told those outsiders to pack their things and leave. Her father, Wen Cheng, got angry and raised a cup to hit Wen Lan, but Mu Bai, who rushed over, stopped him, saying that even if Zhuang Wen Hua is Wen Lan's father, Mu Bai is also her husband, and Wen Lan can't be arbitrarily hit.

Mu Bai pulled Wen Lan outside, and Wen Lan said there's no one around, so Mu Bai doesn't need to keep pretending. She asked Mu Bai to sign the divorce agreement for her sooner. Mu Bai said he didn't want to divorce now, and Wen Lan said she has ten thousand ways to make Mu Bai sign. Wen Lan went out for drinks with Shi Chu, saying she now wants to join the Jinghua Research Institute. It's something her mother left behind, and she must protect it and not let Zhuang Wen Hua take it away.

Shi Chu took Wen Lan out, and Mu Bai came over, taking Wen Lan away, saying as long as they're not divorced, he'll be Wen Lan's husband. The next day, when Wen Lan woke up, she asked Mu Bai if he had changed her clothes. Mu Bai said it was Wen Lan who did it herself. It turns out that Wen Lan got drunk yesterday and insisted on wearing Mu Bai's clothes.

Mu Bai's assistant called him, saying the newly appointed CEO of the Shi Tai Group, Shi Xun, is going to announce a cooperation with Dr. Lan. Mu Bai rushed over quickly. Mu Bai learned that Dr. Lan is at the Jinghua Research Institute and needs to find him early.

Wen Lan came to see her uncle, who is currently lying in the hospital bed. She stated that she will definitely reclaim everything that belongs to him. Wen Lan arrived at the Jinghua Research Institute and found Director Huo, expressing her desire to come back because it's her mother's effort, and she must protect it. Director Huo said it's their family matter, and Wen Lan mentioned that after working with Zhuang Wen Hua for so many years, he should know his character. If the institute falls into his hands, it would be ruined. Director Huo promised to support Wen Lan if she could complete the genetic research.

Wen Lan came to the team, and Zhuang Rou led by taunting her, saying she was parachuted in and her mother is the founder of this institute, implying she used connections. Wen Lan asked Zhuang Rou how she got into the lab, suggesting she also had connections. Others quickly intervened, saying that Wen Lan was sent by Director Huo, so she must have the ability. Wen Lan looked at the experiment they were doing, pointed out their problems, and smoothly carried out the experiment.

Zhuang Rou deliberately placed an alcohol lamp next to Wen Lan to make her make a mistake. Mu Bai and Shi Xun heard about Dr. Lan being at the Jinghua Research Institute and rushed over. Both of them want to collaborate with Dr. Lan, and when they met outside, they were confrontational, not giving in to each other.

Mu Bai pulled Wen Lan away. Zhuang Rou taunted Wen Lan for making a mistake with the alcohol lamp, saying even such a basic mistake was made. Mu Bai said he saw Zhuang Rou bringing the alcohol lamp over. Shi Xun revealed that Wen Lan is Dr. Lan, and he hopes she can cooperate with their company. Everyone was very surprised to find out that Wen Lan is the famous Dr. Lan.

Shi Xun called Wen Lan out, expressing the hope that she could cooperate with their company. Wen Lan said she would consider it. Mu Bai and his assistant eavesdropped nearby. The assistant felt that Wen Lan doesn't like Mu Bai, so this cooperation is probably going to fail. Mu Bai accidentally fell, catching the attention of Wen Lan and Shi Xun. He quickly said he was just exercising.

Shi Xun left first, and Mu Bai asked Wen Lan why she didn't tell him about this matter. Wen Lan said it's none of his business. Lin Yan came over, behaving very intimately with Mu Bai. Zhuang Wen Hua received the news and was shocked to find out that Wen Lan is Dr. Lan. Shi Xun arranged for someone to promote the collaboration between Mu Si Group and Dr. Nan, thinking it would further enhance the relationship between Mu Bai and Wen Lan.

Wen Lan saw the news online about their collaboration and angrily scolded Mu Bai. Lin Yan came to find Mu Bai, deliberately showing off in front of Wen Lan. When she saw Mu Bai approaching, Lin Yan even deliberately fell to the ground, saying it was Wen Lan who pushed her.

Mu Bai came over and asked Lin Yan if everything was okay. Lin Yan said it wasn't Wen Lan's intention, asking Mu Bai not to blame her. Mu Bai told Lin Yan to leave if she's okay, so Lin Yan had to leave first. Wen Lan showed Mu Bai the news and asked him what's going on with his family. Mu Bai said he was unaware of this matter but would investigate and give Wen Lan an explanation.

Wen Lan said that this matter could be dealt with, but regarding the divorce, Mu Bai must sign quickly. She gave Mu Bai three days to sign. Mu Bai asked who spread the news to the others, and Lin Yan's father said it was him. He claimed that with the company's stock rising, it's obviously a beneficial event for the company, and he wanted to know why Mu Bai didn't reveal this. Mu Bai stated that no one should use Wen Lan's situation for publicity; otherwise, they shouldn't expect him to be polite.

Wen Lan received a call from Zhuang Wen Hua, saying he's willing to return the house to her. Wen Lan returned home and heard her stepmother and Zhuang Rou singing in harmony, saying how pitiful they were, thinking they were acting well. Zhuang Wen Hua said they were willing to move out and asked Wen Lan what she wanted. Wen Lan stated that it was originally hers, and with a stepmother, there's a stepfather. Everything he has is given by her mother. Zhuang Wen Hua got very angry upon hearing this and wanted to hit Wen Lan.

Mu Bai rushed over and stopped Zhuang Wen Hua, stating that Wen Lan is his wife and not someone Zhuang Wen Hua can casually hit. Zhuang Wen Hua claimed that Wen Lan was being aggressive, but Mu Bai mentioned hearing rumors recently, suggesting that Zhuang Wen Hua was involved in some activities using Mu Si Company. Zhuang Wen Hua quickly asked Mu Bai to stop speaking and said they would move out. Mu Bai pulled Wen Lan out, and she asked how he came here. Mu Bai said he followed her out of the lab and saw her coming here, so he followed.

Wen Lan urged Mu Bai to quickly sign the divorce agreement. Mu Bai said he had just helped her, and she turned hostile right away. Wen Lan said she no longer wants Mu Bai now, and she won't revolve around him just because he helped her, as it was in the past.

Mu Bai went back to drink, not understanding why Wen Lan dislikes him so much. His assistant wondered if Mu Bai had previously thought that Wen Lan was helping the Zhuang family launder money, leading to some misunderstanding. Mu Bai asked his assistant to check right away. The next day, Zhuang Rou released a video in which she appeared very vulnerable, while Wen Lan seemed aggressive, insisting they must move out.

Everyone who watched the video felt great sympathy for Zhuang Rou, thinking Wen Lan went too far. Zhuang Rou maintained a pitiable appearance, suggesting that Wen Lan's mother died too early, so she didn't receive proper upbringing. Wen Lan slapped Zhuang Rou in the face.

The situation escalated to Director Huo's office, where everyone demanded that Wen Lan be fired, believing that even if she's capable, her character is unacceptable. Director Huo saw the commotion and announced the decision to dismiss Wen Lan. Wen Lan disagreed with this decision, and Director Huo felt the need to provide an explanation to everyone.

Mu Bai said he had something to show them and played a recording. It was a conversation between Zhuang Wen Hua and Zhuang Rou, where they discussed acting weak and ensuring that Wen Lan would react physically, allowing them to use public opinion to bring her down. Everyone was surprised upon hearing this, not expecting such a revelation.

Zhuang Rou claimed the recording was fabricated, but Wen Lan said they could verify it, as there were no signs of editing. Zhuang Rou argued that it's illegal for Wen Lan to place a recording device at home, but Wen Lan stated it's her home, and she can do as she pleases. The assistant checked and told Mu Bai that Wen Lan had suffered from amnesia before.

Zhuang Wen Hua learned that the drug Wen Lan was researching was about to enter clinical trials and felt that if Wen Xiu Yuan woke up, they would be in big trouble.

Director Huo called Wen Lan and expressed concerns about the research, delaying its entry into clinical trials. He also mentioned that Zhuang Wen Hua's share had exceeded forty percent, and they could convene a shareholders' meeting to dismiss Wen Lan at any time. Shi Xun came to talk to Wen Lan, hoping they could cooperate.

Mu Bai and Wen Lan went to the Civil Affairs Bureau for a divorce, but even if they sign the papers now, they can't get divorced immediately. Wen Lan is also feeling frustrated. If Mu Bai regrets within these 30 days, she still won't be able to get a divorce. There is a divorced couple outside the Civil Affairs Bureau's entrance. The man is grumbling and accidentally bumps into Wen Lan. Mu Bai stops him and makes him apologize to Wen Lan. Seeing that Mu Bai is not someone to mess with, the man apologizes. The woman runs over and asks Mu Bai and Wen Lan if they just got their marriage certificate, thinking they are a good match. Mu Bai doesn't deny it, and when Wen Lan asks him why he lied, Mu Bai says he wants to give women a little more hope for future love.

Lin Yan learns that Mu Bai and Wen Lan are divorced and feels very happy. Mu Bai finds out that the company has canceled its cooperation with Jinghua Research Institute and is very angry. He scolds the shareholders and states that even if he and Wen Lan are not in a marital relationship, this cooperation is still very much worth investing in. Wen Lan is also frustrated upon learning about this, feeling that Mu Bai just doesn't believe in her abilities.

Mu Bai and Lin Yan come together to apologize at Jinghua Research Institute, but Wen Lan says it's not necessary as they have already decided to cooperate with Shi Tai. Lin Yan quickly states that they've come to apologize sincerely and genuinely want to continue the cooperation. She even feels that Wen Lan's relationship with Shi Xun is unclear. Wen Lan says that Lin Yan is better suited for her ex-husband's misleading actions.

Mu Bai gathered his assistants and asked them to come up with ways to earn Wen Lan's forgiveness on their own. The assistants came up with various methods, suggesting things like giving her a ring, a black card, or even kneeling in the rain. They believed these actions would surely soften Wen Lan's heart.

Wen Lan held a press conference to announce the cooperation with Shi Tai Group, stating that they would progress swiftly. When asked by a reporter if her collaboration with Shi Tai Group meant divorcing Mu Bai, Mu Bai suddenly appeared. He admitted that they had some disagreements before and came to seek forgiveness. Mu Bai presented a diamond ring and a black card, leaving Wen Lan speechless. She pulled Mu Bai aside.

Wen Lan forgave Mu Bai, urging him to stop these actions. Mu Bai went back and had everyone continue brainstorming. The assistants stayed up all night and devised a plan to win Wen Lan over.

Zhuang Wenhua approached someone from the research institute, mentioning that if Wen Lan found out about their actions, they would be in trouble. He revealed that he now owned 40% of the institute's shares and planned to convene a shareholders' meeting. The person agreed and pledged support for Zhuang Wenhua. Zhuang Wenhua also asked him to find out where Wen Xiu Yuan was, considering it an important matter.

Wen Lan believed that what they most wanted to know now was the whereabouts of her uncle. She suggested using a strategy to lure the snake out of its hole.


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