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Link Click – Jiang Long, Bi Wenjun, Bu Guanjin

Link Click is a fantasy suspense drama directed by Liu Chang, starring Jiang Long, Bi Wenjun, and Bu Guanjin, with Liu Chang and Jiang Yiru, Xue Jiayi, Fan Lei, and Huang Cancan also in starring.

Adapted from the Donghua of the same name, the story follows Cheng Xiaoshi, Lu Guang, and Qiao Ling as they team up to accept commissions from others. Using their special abilities to enter photographs, they help people uncover the truth and mend their regrets.


Link Click

English Title: Link Click
Chinese Title: 时光代理人
Genre: Fantasy, Suspense
Episodes: 24
Duration: 25 min.
Director: Liu Chang
Released Date: 2024-06-19
Broadcast Website: Bilibili



Since his parents went missing when he was young, Cheng Xiaoshi has been cared for by his neighbor Qiao Ling's family. While running a photo studio, he meets Lu Guang. Cheng Xiaoshi and the very different Lu Guang share a special ability to enter photographs together. When journalist Qiao Ling learns about their abilities, she joins the "Link Click" team. Together, the three embark on a fantastical journey to help others mend their regrets, uncover the truth, and achieve personal growth.


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