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Like a Flowing River Season 3 – Wang Kai, Yang Shuo

Like a Flowing River Season 3 is a contemporary drama directed by Kong Sheng, Sun Molong, and Liu Hongyuan, led by Wang Kai, Yang Shuo, Dong Zijian, and Yang Caiyu, co-starring Huang Jue, Fang Zibin, Liu Dan, Liang Chao, Liu Tong, and Zuo Lingfeng.

It tells the story of a generation's struggle to write the colorful music of the times, and 30 years of non-stop efforts will eventually converge into a symphony of a nation's progress.


Like a Flowing River Season 3

English Title: Like a Flowing River Season 3
Chinese Title: 大江大河之岁月如歌
Other Titles: 大江大河3, 大江大河最终章, Like a Flowing River 3, 大江东去3
Genre: Drama, Life
Episodes: 33
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Kong Sheng, Sun Molong, Liu Hongyuan
Writer: Tang Yao, Ma Chengyi,
Producer: Hou Hongliang, Fang Hui
Released Date: 2024-01-08
Broadcast Website: iQIYI, 中剧独播



In June 1993, the multinational cooperation between Donghai Chemical and Luoda Corporation was progressing vigorously. The key figure facilitating the joint venture for Donghai, Song Yunfei, was leading the workers at the Pengyang Pesticide Factory, which fell short in various aspects compared to Donghai, in implementing process reforms. Despite the significant disparity from Donghai to Pengyang, Song Yunfei remained true to his original aspirations and continued to strive.

Lei Dongbao led the merger of Dengfeng Electric Wire Factory with smaller factories, establishing the Thunder Cable Group. He set rules, participated in bidding, engaged in foreign trade, attracted investment, and experienced the ups and downs of human relationships. Nevertheless, he consistently prioritized the collective and the interests of the villagers. Yang Xiaomei cooperated with Liang Sishen to build a commercial complex. Liang Sishen made efforts to balance the interests of Loda and Donghai in the joint venture, ultimately ensuring the safe resumption of production in Donghai through her own withdrawal.

From the initial cautiousness to gradually opening their hearts, Song Yunfei and Liang Sishen communicated and cooperated, facing future challenges hand in hand. Amidst the fluctuations and changes, what remained unchanged was the practical work and efforts of the dream pursuers who courageously moved forward.


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