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I Know l Love You – Zhang Wanyi, Sun Yi

l Know I Love You is a romantic drama directed by Lu Yulai, starring Zhang Wanyi and Sun Yi.


I Know l Love You

English Title: I Know l Love You
Chinese Title: 我知道我爱你
Other Titles: 中国版春夜
Genre: Urban, Romance, Drama, Life
Tag: Brother-Sister Relationship, Florist Female Lead, Veterinarian Male Lead, Jealousy, Break up, Secondary Couple
Episodes: 30
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Lu Yulai
Writer: Gao Mingqian / Lu Yulai
Product Company: TencentVideo
Released Date: 2023-12-25
Broadcast Website: Viki, 剧盒—独播剧场 Drama Box Exclusive



Xu Nuo and Zhao Jin, two older youths, are also forced by their parents to get married, advised by friends and relatives, and urged by matchmakers to get married. The misunderstandings of their friends and the obstruction of their parents have made their love face all kinds of bumps in the road.

Zhao Jin's meticulous care for Xu Nuo makes Xu Nuo feel the warmth and firmness she has not felt for a long time, regaining her confidence and desire for love, integrating this love into her floral creations, and becoming a famous florist.

Xu Nuo's appearance also gradually soothed Zhao Jin's years of love wounds, so that Zhao Jin felt a long-lost happiness.

Through their true love for each other, the two overcame many difficulties and obstacles, knew each other, loved each other, grew up together, and walked into the hall of marriage hand in hand.


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