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I May Love You – Miles Wei, Huang Riying

I May Love You is an urban romantic drama, starring Miles Wei and Huang Riying, Yang Shize, Zhang Muxi, Fan Jinwei, He Yuhong, and Han Qiuchi, with a special appearance by Chen Bohao.

The drama is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Mo Yanchuan of Jinjiang Literature, which tells the story of the secret love between the arrogant producer Tang Yu and the new scriptwriter Tang Xin.


I May Love You

English Title: I May Love You
Chinese Title: 对你不止是喜欢
Genre: Urban, Romance, Drama
Tag: CEO Male Lead, Rich Male Lead, Unrequited Love, Female Chases Male First, Boss-Employee Relationship, Love At First Sight
Episodes: 24
Duration: 50 min.
Director: Liu Dong
Writer: Hao Ru, Xin Xiaoyang, Sun Mengjie
Producer: Yan Yusong, Ren Xu, Zhou Jing, Tao Yong, Zhou Dun
Released Date: 2023-11-25
Broadcast Website: MGTV, Viki, MGTV Drama Channel



Tang Xin has always been crushing on her boss, Tang Yu, but unfortunately, his boss has fallen in love with Tang Xin’s best friend by mistake.

After Tang Yu failed to confess his love, Tang Xin took the opportunity to confess to him but was unexpectedly rejected.

After she realizes that she and her boss are not possible, Tang Xin lets go of it. She puts aside her humble unrequited love and quits her job to join the genius director who has been optimistic about her and starts to work hard for her career.

However, Tang Xin’s departure makes Tang Yu feel uncomfortable. After seeing Tang Xin getting closer and closer to other men, Tang Yu finally sorts out his feelings and realizes that the person he really likes is Tang Xin.

In this way, the cool president of Tang Yu starts his long road of chasing after his wife.


The beautiful screenwriter Tang Xin of Time Shadows has secretly admired her handsome and wealthy boss Tang Yu for over four years. In order to win Tang Yu's favor, she has racked her brains and even used unconventional means. Upon learning that Tang Yu has developed feelings for her best friend, she deliberately uses herself as bait to help him pursue her friend. Tang Xin forms an alliance with Tang Yu, all with the aim of creating more opportunities to be with him. She plans to take advantage of her friend's rejection of Tang Yu, causing him emotional distress and presenting an opportunity for her to step in.

However, Tang Xin's idealistic plan takes an unexpected turn. Tang Yu turns out to be more resilient than she imagined, and she fails to seize this hard-earned chance. Tang Yu skillfully resolves a problem related to the relocation of a film and television base, showcasing his exceptional strategic thinking and leadership. Assistant Gao Heng offers some complimentary words, but Tang Yu criticizes him, advising him not to use such insincere flattery in the future. Gao Heng promptly adjusts his attitude.

Time Shadows is currently filming two movies, and one of them is caught in a legal battle due to allegations of copyright infringement. Tang Yu immediately demands a halt to the project, regardless of the previous investment. This is a matter of principle, and although Time Shadows is also a victim, Tang Yu is determined to take responsibility.

Tang Yu, a eligible bachelor, becomes a focal point of discussion among employees, especially with regards to his personal life. Rising star Zhou Jialu in the film industry intentionally creates rumors about a romantic relationship with Tang Yu to boost her own popularity. Tang Xin accurately identifies the issue and advises Tang Yu to have Zhou Jialu issue a statement to avoid any embarrassing situations. While in an elevator, Tang Xin provocatively sniffs around Tang Yu to check for the scent of another woman, making Tang Yu feel uneasy.

In an underground parking garage, Tang Xin falsely claims that her car is undergoing maintenance, and she dismisses Gao Heng. Tang Yu then assigns her the task of driving, surprising Tang Xin who intended to sit in the co-driver's seat but is treated as the chauffeur instead. Tang Yu, noticing Tang Xin's unfamiliarity with the car, leans in to help adjust her seat. The masculine aura emanating from Tang Yu leaves Tang Xin with a fluttering heart. As she drives, Tang Xin notices Gao Heng watching her and quickly changes direction to avoid being seen by Tang Yu, narrowly avoiding a car accident. She refocuses on her role as the driver.

Back at home, Tang Yu's younger sister Tang Dingding informs him that their parents are arguing because he is about to turn thirty and still hasn't found a girlfriend. They suspect his sexual orientation is the issue. Tang Yu convinces his mother by diverting the conversation to company stock matters, urging her not to always bring up his personal life. Meanwhile, Tang Xin is concerned that Gao Heng might reveal her lies to Tang Yu, so she bribes him with breakfast the next morning. However, Tang Yu misunderstands her intentions, thinking Tang Xin is pursuing Gao Heng, including their alliance.

The copyright for Tang Xin's novel, "Dreaming for You," purchased by Time Shadows four years ago, is about to expire. As discussions about renewal and adapting it into a film arise, Tang Xin faces skepticism. Despite the novel's well-written content, it falls into the fantasy romance genre, which is not Tang Yu's preference. Chief editor Chen believes the chances of renewal are slim, but Tang Xin still wants to fight for it, as it is her hard work and she doesn't want it to be buried.

To get closer to Tang Yu, Tang Xin invests in a gym membership and deliberately posts workout photos on her social media. This captures Tang Yu's attention, and they engage in rare interaction. Shortly after, Tang Yu surprises Tang Xin by appearing behind her. Taking advantage of a break, Tang Xin discusses her novel with him, proposing a condition: if she can write a satisfactory script, she wants Tang Yu to be the producer. Her motive is simply to create more opportunities to be with him.

Despite Tang Xin's repeated pleas for Tang Yu to agree to her condition—allowing him to be the producer if she writes a good script—Tang Yu finds this request somewhat strange. He promises to find the best producer for Tang Xin, but she insists on him, mentioning that the movie he produced last year earned over three billion yuan. She believes this is an opportunity for fame, but Tang Yu still does not agree.

Disappointed, Tang Xin reluctantly confides in her best friend. Witnessing Tang Xin's four years of unrequited love, her friend advises her not to fixate on one person and even suggests downplaying Tang Yu to make it easier for Tang Xin to give up. However, Tang Xin is deeply infatuated with Tang Yu and is unwilling to easily turn away. As her friend has to visit a clothing factory to inspect new products, she leaves Tang Xin in charge of the store, promising a generous bonus if she succeeds in sales. Tang Xin shifts her focus to selling merchandise.

Tang Dingding, introduced to the clothing store by Tang Xin's friend, becomes a customer. Tang Xin, upon seeing potential customers, energetically welcomes them. With her eloquence and praise, Tang Dingding falls into the trap. Combined with the well-designed clothes from Tang Xin's friend, Tang Dingding admires every piece and ends up buying them all. During the checkout, Tang Xin explains that the last dress is a bit expensive as it is custom-made for a model and is a unique design. Tang Dingding hesitates but eventually tearfully pays with her credit card.

Upon her friend's return, Tang Xin receives praise for successfully selling out the inventory. Her friend suggests she consider a career in sales, promising the potential for a million-yuan annual salary. Despite the advice and a substantial bonus, Tang Xin's thoughts are still consumed by Tang Yu. On the other side, Huo Chendong, the deputy general manager of Sunshine Film, walks through a bar while Tang Yu sits alone, drinking. Huo Chendong inquires about Tang Yu's situation with Ming Zhu, thinking he is troubled by a romantic relationship. He advises Tang Yu to interact with more women to avoid criticism from his mother.

Indeed, Tang Yu's mother is deeply concerned about her son. When she hears about Ming Zhu from Huo Chendong, she urges Tang Dingding to obtain Ming Zhu's photos. Due to a network issue, Huo Chendong accidentally sends the pictures in the wrong order. Tang Dingding mistakes Tang Xin for Ming Zhu, realizing later that it is the person who sold her the clothes. Running out of pocket money, Tang Dingding playfully asks her brother for money, revealing the misunderstanding.

Tang Xin is troubled by the adaptation of her novel and seeks help from her friend Ming Zhu. Ming Zhu contacts the renowned screenwriter Feng Cheng for Tang Xin. Feng Cheng provides constructive advice during their conversation. Coincidentally, they encounter the famous director Lu Zhixing. Hearing that Tang Xin is the author of the novel "Dreaming for You," Lu Zhixing expresses great enthusiasm, and they exchange contact information, looking forward to future cooperation.

Tang Xin hangs newly printed photos of Tang Yu on the wall. This wall is filled with pictures of Tang Yu, revealing the depth of her affection. However, Tang Yu remains oblivious. During the planning presentation by the scriptwriters, Tang Yu rejects each proposal. When it's Tang Xin's turn to present "Dreaming for You," Tang Yu immediately rejects it. Tang Xin persuades him for just five more minutes, requesting paper and pen to express herself more thoroughly. However, Tang Yu mocks her, stating that she can't even draw her boyfriend's portrait well, let alone express herself in this way.

Indeed, Tang Xin's drawing skills may not be impressive, but the relationships between the characters are clear. Tang Yu agrees to consider it seriously. Tang Xin sees a glimmer of hope, and her mood immediately brightens.

After work, Tang Yu asked Gao Heng about his relationship with Tang Xin in the elevator. Gao Heng, being sensible, quickly denied having any romantic involvement with Tang Xin. Just as he was about to explain the breakfast incident, Tang Xin entered the elevator. Tang Xin wanted to ride in Tang Yu's car again and lied that her car was sent for maintenance. Tang Yu found this reason unreliable, and Gao Heng came to the rescue, stating that last time Tang Xin lied, and her car was actually parked downstairs. Although Tang Xin was genuinely telling the truth this time, Tang Yu was annoyed, and Tang Xin stared at him angrily.

Knowing Tang Xin's intentions, Tang Yu decided to let her ride in his car, allowing her to experience the feeling of being in the boss's car. Tang Xin was greatly satisfied, sitting there with uncontrollable joy. When Tang Yu asked why she was so happy, Tang Xin had to come up with an excuse to deflect the question.

During the journey, Tang Yu noticed Tang Xin's strong business skills and suggested that she share and promote her experience at the company. However, Tang Xin considered this her exclusive secret and believed sharing it would make it less effective. She also inquired about the adaptation of her novel. Although Tang Yu thought her novel was good, the current challenges faced by the studio required a more mature project in terms of content, audience, and production, which could progress quickly. Unfortunately, her novel with many fantasy elements would take longer to produce, requiring more skills and experience in adaptation. These words, though in Tang Yu's mind, were like a bucket of cold water, leaving Tang Xin feeling disheartened.

Back at home, Tang Xin started thinking about how to improve her adaptation skills and capabilities. Working on the set seemed like a shortcut, so she immediately called Chief Editor Chen, volunteering to work on the set since none of the other writers wanted to take on the challenging task. Chief Editor Chen readily agreed.

Upon returning home, Tang Yu discovered a box on his parking spot, inside of which was a small cat. A note requested him to take care of the cat. Tang Yu didn't particularly like such small animals, but seeing the pitiful look of the cat, he brought it home. Tang Xin, upon seeing her brother's schedule, pleaded with him to take her along on his business trip to Malaysia. When she heard the cat meowing, she immediately asked Tang Yu if she could adopt it.

Tang Xin followed Chief Editor Chen to the set of "White Dew as Frost" and started tirelessly working. When Tang Yu visited the set, he found Tang Xin, exhausted, asleep. He kindly covered her with his jacket. When Tang Xin woke up and saw that Tang Yu had visited, she felt extremely satisfied, sensing his warmth on the jacket. Huo Chendong noticed Tang Yu's changes and felt that his attitude toward "Little Tangxin" Tang Xin had become different. Tang Yu accused him of speaking nonsense but harbored different feelings inside.

Lu Zhixing invited Tang Xin for a meeting, expressing interest in adapting her novel. The more positive Lu Zhixing was, the sadder Tang Xin felt, thinking about how good it would be if the person in front of her were Tang Yu. Tang Dingding wanted to pick up the cat but was called by Huo Chendong to play games, resulting in the cat making a mess in Tang Yu's house. While cleaning up, Tang Yu was scratched by the cat. Tang Yu knew Tang Xin had experience raising cats, so he called her for help. Tang Xin immediately left her meeting with Lu Zhixing, came over, took care of the situation, and then took Tang Yu and the cat for vaccinations and a check-up.

Tang Yu was a bit queasy with needles, and Tang Xin intentionally used photography to distract him, which touched Tang Yu. When Tang Xin asked for the cat, Tang Yu readily gave it to her. However, when Tang Dingding came to claim the cat, she found that Tang Xin had taken it. Tang Xin, hearing about Tang Yu's special instructions for renewing the contract of some novels, especially hers, realized that Tang Yu might have developed feelings for her. Not wanting to miss this opportunity, she decided to confess to Tang Yu after dressing up.

When Tang Xin arrived at Tang Yu's office, she heard that he was in a meeting and decided to wait for him. Shortly after, Tang Yu and Gao Heng returned. Tang Yu noticed Tang Xin, who was wearing a red dress and looked quite striking. He speculated on the reason she sought him out. Using her novel as an excuse, Tang Xin asked Tang Yu why he changed his mind about renewing the contract for "To Dream for You." She inquired if it was because of the novel or because of her. Tang Yu remained non-committal, saying it was the same for him in either case. Tang Xin misunderstood his intentions.

Seeing Tang Xin's hesitant demeanor, Tang Yu decided to break the silence and asked if she liked him. This unexpected question surprised Tang Xin, but she quickly composed herself and admitted that she liked him. However, she didn't reveal that she had liked him for over four years, only mentioning that it was a recent development. When asked why she liked him, Tang Xin mentioned that he was good-looking, wealthy, and not a playboy. This answer didn't satisfy Tang Yu, and after thinking for a while, he expressed his refusal, stating that a relationship between them wouldn't work. This response shocked and devastated Tang Xin.

Tang Xin, initially filled with joy, now felt like she had been doused with cold water. She timidly stepped back, and Tang Yu, seeing her expression, felt a twinge of pain. Her tears only added to Tang Yu's discomfort. Disappointed, Tang Xin left Tang Yu's office. Four years of secret admiration and waiting, she had thought that their encounter would lead to a beautiful beginning, heading towards a lifelong commitment. Unexpectedly, before a proper start, it came to an abrupt end. Her distress and sadness were palpable. As she left, she accidentally bumped into Gao Heng, who was coming to deliver documents.

Feeling that leaving in such a way was too embarrassing, Tang Xin, under Gao Heng's puzzled gaze, returned to Tang Yu's office. Without giving Tang Yu a chance to explain, Tang Xin confronted him, accusing him of giving her false hope. She questioned why, out of all the employees in the company, he always sought her out when he had problems. She felt foolish for playing along for so long and called him a scoundrel. Tang Yu and Gao Heng were left bewildered by her words. After lecturing Tang Yu, Tang Xin turned her attention to Gao Heng, then, without further ado, returned to the office. She forcefully kissed Tang Yu, taking him by surprise.

After Tang Xin left gracefully, Tang Yu was left in a gloomy state. Worried that Tang Xin might take it badly, he instructed Gao Heng to keep today's events to himself and immediately call Tang Xin. Tang Xin understood the significance of Gao Heng's call, assuring Tang Yu that she wouldn't take it too hard and that she had already tasted Tang Seng's flesh, so it was just an ordinary experience.

Back at home, Tang Xin cried with her face covered, feeling a mixture of reluctance and helplessness. She tore down the photos of Tang Yu from the wall but couldn't bring herself to throw them away. At this moment, her mother called for a video chat, showing her pictures of a few young men and urging her to consider marriage. Seeing her daughter's swollen and red eyes, the mother suspected she had been crying and questioned her. Tang Xin explained it away as being emotionally involved in a storyline. Although her parents sensed she was lying, they didn't press further, advising her to take care of herself. Meanwhile, Tang Yu spent a sleepless night, regretting his outright rejection and hurting Tang Xin.

Tang Yu went to Malaysia for the opening ceremony of Sunshine Film City. After the banquet, Huo Chendong casually mentioned the situation between him and Tang Xin. Tang Yu, experienced in the ways of the world, analyzed the situation thoroughly, feeling some shame for his attitude towards Tang Xin. He pointed out the key issue: Tang Xin liked Tang Yu as a person, not for his money or looks. After returning to China, Tang Xin's presence kept flashing before Tang Yu's eyes. He intentionally arranged to visit the film set, coinciding with Tang Xin discussing the plot with the director. Tang Xin reminded herself not to be timid and began criticizing Tang Yu through the storyline, leaving him embarrassed and without a chance to defend himself.

Although Tang Xin vented her frustration, she couldn't find joy in it. At this moment, Tang Dingding and her friend came to the store again. Tang Xin prepared to confront Tang Dingding once more, but when Tang Dingding saw the exorbitant bill, she began complaining to Tang Yu. Tang Dingding believed that Tang Xin was intentionally retaliating against her, directly attributing the issue to Tang Yu. Tang Yu, aware that Tang Xin was not Ming Zhu, let his sister handle Tang Xin's extortion since he owed her.

Tang Dingding did not hide anything and directly revealed her identity to Tang Xin. This surprised Tang Xin a bit, as if the knife was cut a bit deep. Her best friend hurriedly came over to break the tension, and even gave Tang Dingding many gifts to avoid making the atmosphere too awkward. After sending Tang Dingding away, Tang Xin realized that Tang Yu must know her identity but willingly accepted being taken advantage of. It indicated that he felt indebted to her, but she didn't like that feeling.

Lu Zhixing invited Tang Xin to discuss the signing of the novel's copyright. After careful consideration, Tang Xin decided to sell the copyright to Lu Zhixing. Excited, Lu Zhixing repeatedly confirmed with Tang Xin to ensure it was true. They then talked about Tang Yu; Lu Zhixing and Tang Yu were college classmates, and Lu Zhixing nicknamed Tang Yu "Sweet and Sour Fish" because he really liked eating sour food. When Lu Zhixing mentioned that Tang Yu could cook Squirrel-shaped Mandarin Fish, Tang Xin suddenly remembered the scene when she saw Tang Yu cooking, realizing he was quite skilled.

Tang Dingding disguised herself to meet Huo Chendong. There was some mutual affection between them, but neither of them expressed it openly. Tang Yu knew Huo Chendong's character well and was worried he might not treat his sister well. After learning that Huo Chendong went out to eat with Tang Dingding, Tang Yu took the opportunity during boxing practice to give Huo Chendong a good scolding in the ring.

Colleagues in the scriptwriting department discussed eagerly. They heard that Tang Yu was going to renew the contract for "Dreaming for You" and volunteered to be the chief scriptwriter. They had no idea that Tang Xin was the author of the novel. After Manager Du made it clear, everyone came over to congratulate Tang Xin. Tang Xin stated that she had decided not to renew with Time anymore and had found a boss to make a movie for her. She didn't want to trouble Mr. Tang anymore. After Gao Heng conveyed these words to Tang Yu, he became very angry.

Tang Xin posted on Weibo that she had decided to let Mr. Lu shoot "Dreaming for You." Tang Xin's fans immediately started searching for a boss surnamed Lu in the film and television industry. Tang Yu asked about the registration for the adaptation of "Starting Point" in a meeting. Seeing Tang Xin not raising her hand, he pointed the finger at her. Tang Xin responded calmly, and Tang Yu couldn't get angry. After the meeting, Tang Yu called Tang Xin to his office, inquiring about her reasons for not signing. He mentioned that if she signed, it would be adapted into a movie. However, Tang Xin had lost patience, stating that she had been signed for four years without a movie being made. Tang Yu looked down on her as a person, and by extension, he wouldn't appreciate her work.

Tang Yu explained that he didn't look down on Tang Xin. "Inappropriate" and "looking down on" are different. He had considered using "Starting Point" to solve the company's problems, but now that it was signed and in production, he considered renewing and adapting "Dreaming for You." But Tang Xin had made up her mind, and any explanation at this point was meaningless. She wanted to sign with whoever she wanted.

Tang Yu asked Gao Heng to find out who Tang Xin sold the copyright to. Gao Heng heard that she sold it to a boss surnamed Lu. While everyone speculated about Mr. Lu's identity, Lu Zhixing stepped forward and admitted it officially. He invited Tang Xin to discuss the details of the contract, hoping she would raise the signing fee, as this novel was once a bestseller. However, Tang Xin didn't care about the money; as long as the fee was the same as Time Entertainment offered, she cared more about bringing the novel to the big screen.

Her father called in a video, worried about his daughter's marriage. He went to the matchmaking corner in the park to find a quality man. Tang Xin reassured him not to worry about her affairs; she couldn't escape what was meant for her. On the other hand, Tang Yu, feeling depressed in his office, recalled every moment spent with Tang Xin. He couldn't help but feel anxious and irritated when employees outside talked about Tang Xin. He walked out with a dark expression on his face.

Tang Yu walked out with a dark face, coincidentally meeting Gao Heng. He asked Gao Heng about the two awkward relationships between men and women. One of Gao Heng's answers happened to touch Tang Yu's sore spot – it involved a best friend and the best friend's husband. It led to the deduction of Gao Heng's overtime pay, which seemed justified.

In the evening, Tang Yu started missing Tang Xin. From an unknown point, longing for Tang Xin became a habit for him. However, his messages to Tang Xin went unanswered. Tang Xin decided to toughen up; since Tang Yu rejected her, she couldn't keep pestering him. Besides work-related communication, she didn't want to engage with Tang Yu. Frustrated by Tang Xin's cold treatment, Tang Yu took it out on the unfortunate Gao Heng the next day, criticizing him. Afterward, Gao Heng pleaded with Tang Yu to spare him, or he would end up working for the company for free for ten years.

Chief Editor Chen praised Tang Xin for her excellent work after joining the team. The directing team praised her multiple times. Tang Xin mentioned that she had learned a lot working with the team. Chief Editor Chen asked her to prepare to lead the team alone. At least, in the next project, she would have the title of co-screenwriter. Tang Xin expressed gratitude but stated her desire to film "Dreaming for You." Chief Editor Chen didn't know she was the author of the novel. Tang Xin's wish seemed challenging since she heard the author of "Dreaming for You" wasn't planning to renew the contract.

Tang Yu brought Tang Xin to ask why she left the project team. Tang Xin claimed she had completed her tasks in the team and left after confirming with the director. It was a normal occurrence. Furthermore, she planned to resign and leave Time, which Tang Yu couldn't accept. Huo Chendong called Tang Yu, reminding him of the alumni meeting. Before Lu Zhixing arrived, Tang Yu was still the focus of attention. Once Lu Zhixing arrived, he seized the central position. Tang Yu didn't mind, but Tang Xin's resignation felt like a fishbone stuck in his throat. The two inevitably engaged in a verbal dispute.

Lu Zhixing sent Tang Xin a sample contract, and seeing the clause about joining the team, Tang Xin was excited. This would give her a chance to fulfill her wish of bringing the novel to the big screen. In the elevator, Tang Xin met Tang Yu and Huo Chendong. Seeing the two not speaking, Huo Chendong took on the role of peacemaker, inviting Tang Xin to dinner. Tang Xin said she came to the company to get something and would leave soon. Huo Chendong, lacking a better topic, jokingly remarked that she couldn't escape once she said she would run. Tang Xin calmly replied that people aim for higher places, nearly leaving Tang Yu, who remained silent, speechless.

In the underground parking lot, Tang Yu stopped Tang Xin, promising to give her the opportunity to be a screenwriter. He even offered to be the producer personally. The condition was that Tang Xin couldn't leave Time. Tang Xin had a surreal feeling. Was Tang Yu softening towards her, and for what reason – appreciation or affection? She couldn't determine at the moment. She told Tang Yu that doing business and creating works were different. She still intended to entrust the drama to someone who liked her work, as Tang Yu hadn't even read her novel. Huo Chendong suggested Tang Yu take a more assertive approach, stating that if the project was approved immediately, they could keep the rights to "Dreaming for You." However, Tang Yu expressed he didn't want Tang Xin to be embarrassed.

After returning home, Tang Yu took out the novel Tang Xin gave him. On the title page, it read, "In the remaining years, I, with fresh clothes and an angry horse, accompany you to watch the blazing sun and blooming flowers." This declaration was very obvious. Tang Yu regretted his slow response, especially when he reached the last page, and Tang Xin wrote, "Tang Yu, welcome to my world."

Tang Dingding became a fan of Tang Xin, buying a thousand copies of her book for a fan giveaway. Tang Xin thanked her for the gesture. Tang Xin decided to resign and brought her resignation letter to Tang Yu. Tang Yu accused her of being irresponsible, claiming she liked him and changed her mind in a few days. Tang Xin said liking him was a momentary thing, and half a month was enough time to forget. Tang Yu held Tang Xin's hand, preventing her from leaving, but he couldn't find a clear reason. In the end, he could only let Tang Xin go, and he lost his spirit like a deflated balloon.

Tang Yu was in a bad mood due to Tang Xin's departure, and even the cleaning aunt felt afraid. Huo Chendong understood Tang Yu's pain and quickly came over to comfort him. He also mentioned the box office of "Tomorrow's Son," trying to divert Tang Yu's attention with work-related matters. This trick worked, and Tang Yu adjusted his mood to focus on work.

Tang Dingding sent books to Tang Xin's fans who won the lottery. She personally wrote addresses, considering it a ritual. Tang Yu asked her why she gave the publishing house fifty thousand yuan, and upon learning it was to support Tang Xin, he silently walked away. At the family banquet, Tang's mother urged Tang Yu to find a girlfriend soon. Tang Yu had to use his sister's relationship with Huo Chendong to dodge the topic, accusing her of not being able to date Huo Chendong. Both Tang's father and Tang's mother supported Tang Yu on this matter, making Tang Dingding annoyed. She then hinted that Tang Yu already had someone he liked, and Tang's mother had seen her photo.

Tang Dingding brought ten books for Tang Xin's signature and, upon seeing Tang Yu's message saying he also wanted one, told Tang Xin to write whatever for him. Huo Chendong noticed Tang Yu's bad mood and tried various ways to stimulate him. Tang Yu took him out for a drink, and Huo Chendong sensitively realized that Tang Yu had developed feelings for Tang Xin and was troubled by it. So, Huo Chendong encouraged Tang Yu to take bold action.

After returning home, Tang Yu was still somewhat absent-minded. Gao Heng called to inquire about the contract signing tomorrow, but Tang Yu didn't pay attention. Inspired by seeing Tang Xin post a red envelope received from her best friend on Moments, Tang Yu decided to use red envelopes to win Tang Xin's joy. However, he sent six red envelopes, and Tang Xin refused to accept any of them.

Tang Dingding brought the signed books for Tang Xin to her brother. Tang Yu saw a pig's head drawn on the title page, so he called Tang Xin to ask why she drew a pig's head. Tang Xin was doing yoga and, irritated by the interruptions, told Tang Yu he was sick. Tang Yu asked her to scold him all at once, comparing her to a hedgehog that needed to prick someone before they could get close. Tang Xin retorted that she had already resigned, and if he wanted someone to prick, he could find an active employee.

Feeling depressed, Tang Yu called Huo Chendong in the middle of the night, and Huo Chendong thought something had happened. Eventually, he realized that Tang Yu wanted to seek advice from him. Huo Chendong told Tang Yu that he thought Tang Yu and Tang Xin were a perfect match, but Tang Yu didn't think so. Unable to find a reason, he could only say he thought Tang Xin was very special. Huo Chendong shared his experience of pursuing girls with Tang Yu, which was to cater to their preferences. Tang Yu remembered that Tang Xin had once made a PPT to help him pursue Ming Zhu. Tang Yu immediately found it, hoping to find a suitable way to pursue Tang Xin. He fantasized about treating Tang Xin extremely well, but the thought of that submissive demeanor made him uncomfortable.

Tang Xin woke up to find the comments section of her Weibo exploding. It turned out that Tang Yu had forwarded Tang Xin's Weibo about adapting the novel into a movie. People speculated that Tang Yu wanted to reclaim the copyright. Lu Zhixing also became uneasy after seeing it and hurriedly called Tang Xin to confirm. Tang Xin assured him that such fickle behavior was not her style. Shortly afterward, Tang Xin went to Lu Zhixing's studio, where the employees warmly welcomed her. Feng Cheng asked her some questions about adapting the original work, and Tang Xin quickly got into the details.

Gao Heng reported the recent market research data for Lu Zhixing's studio to Tang Yu. Because Tang Yu intended to invest in Lu Zhixing's studio, he was worried that Tang Xin's film might face funding issues. Lu Zhixing planned to invite Tang Xin and Feng Cheng for dinner. However, news came from the hospital that the scriptwriter Lao Wan had been diagnosed with stomach cancer, shocking everyone.

Tang Xin is deeply concerned about the future of "Dreaming for You" due to Lao Wan's illness. Her best friend and Tang Dingding console her. You Huan sensibly notices Tang Dingding's low spirits and speculates it's related to the rumored relationship between Huo Chendong and a model. Just then, Huo Chendong arrives with his new girlfriend to shop for clothes. Tang Dingding takes the initiative to assist, and You Huan's clothes are indeed high-end in style and quality. Huo Chendong's girlfriend likes them a lot, but when it's time to pay, she finds the prices quite high. Despite her persuasion, Huo Chendong, not wanting to lose face, reluctantly buys them in front of Tang Dingding and Tang Xin.

Outside, the girlfriend observes Tang Dingding's strange behavior and feels that her relationship with Huo Chendong is unusual. Huo Chendong explains that she is his good friend's sister, and they've been close since childhood. However, the girlfriend implies that Huo Chendong treats Tang Dingding like a sister, but she may not see him as a brother. Tang Dingding takes advantage of the situation, extracting more money from Huo Chendong. She advises Tang Xin to return to Time Film, but Tang Xin insists on handing her work to someone who understands it, and Lu Zhixing is the best choice. She reveals her plan to buy a house near Lu Zhixing's studio, and Tang Xin takes note, promising to help her find property listings.

Tang Yu deliberately brings Tang Xin in, revealing that he knows about Lao Wan's illness. He advises her to bring "Dreaming for You" back, ensuring the investment's security. Faced with this changed Tang Yu, Tang Xin is momentarily stunned, wondering if he is sincere or not. Tang Yu expresses his genuine interest in the novel, the first one he read from start to finish. When he suggests discussing specific chapters, Gao Heng interrupts at an inopportune time. Sensing the timing, Tang Xin politely excuses herself, saying she will arrange a private screening for Time Film colleagues after completing the movie. Tang Yu can only watch her leave.

Lu Zhixing calls Tang Xin and appoints her and Feng Cheng as the main scriptwriters for the drama. Tang Xin is excited and promises to give her best as it's her first film and television work. Lu Zhixing then mentions Time Film's interest in investing, and Tang Xin, though a bit confused, manages to separate personal feelings from company interests. She tells Lu Zhixing not to consider her feelings and to proceed with the negotiation if the conditions are suitable for cooperation.

After Tang Xin leaves Time Film, Tang Yu becomes restless and decides to invest in Lu Zhixing's studio. Tang Xin is puzzled by his behavior, accusing him of not filming for four years but suddenly wanting to invest. Tang Yu offers generous terms to Lu Zhixing, but he hesitates. Feng Cheng suspects that Tang Yu has developed feelings for Tang Xin, but Lu Zhixing denies it, stating that he noticed Tang Xin's reluctance. He doesn't want to make things difficult for her, considering that the film doesn't lack funding.

Back home, Tang Yu, thinking about Tang Xin's coldness and Lu Zhixing's concern for her, becomes agitated. He wonders if he is feeling jealous, and right then, Tang Dingding appears, asking him whose jealousy he's eating. Tang Dingding, having had some drinks, becomes the target of Tang Yu's frustration. He advises her to stop unrealistic thoughts and insists that she reports to Time Film the next day. Tang Dingding agrees, and she reveals Tang Xin's plan to buy a house, prompting Tang Yu to start plotting.

The next day, Tang Xin finds a house that she is very satisfied with. Expecting the price to be within her acceptable range, she is surprised when the real estate agent says it is even lower than her expectation. Tang Xin quickly agrees and completes the property transaction. Since the house is ready to move in, Tang Xin quickly relocates. Tang Yu voluntarily comes to help organize, but Tang Xin doesn't offer him a friendly face, not even a sip of water. Tang Yu takes the initiative to get water and drinks from Tang Xin's glass. When Tang Xin realizes this and tries to stop him, Tang Yu accidentally falls onto the couch, and their positions become somewhat ambiguous, leaving Tang Xin dazed.

Facing Tang Xin's shyness, Tang Yu brings up the incident where Tang Xin forcefully kissed him for at least three minutes. However, she remains concerned even when he takes a sip of water. Tang Xin had strained her wrist while moving, so Tang Yu attentively applies an ice pack for her. Tang Xin's mind starts to wander again, discussing whether the forced kiss lasted for three minutes, neglecting the significance of discussing the incident itself.

Tang Dingding takes on odd jobs at Time Film, feeling a bit overwhelmed by everyone's demands. After work, she notices her brother's car parked there and discovers that Tang Yu has bought a house next to Tang Xin.

Tang Yu bought a house next to Tang Xin's home, and this coincidence raised questions for Tang Xin. Tang Yu had to reveal the truth. Upon hearing that Tang Xin wanted to buy a house, he called his cousin involved in real estate business, requesting two adjacent houses. The cousin, aware of Tang Yu's interest in pursuing a girl, readily agreed. Tang Xin, understanding the situation, hurriedly visited Tang Yu's home. She was convinced that her brother had fallen for Tang Xin, given his decision to give up a villa and become her neighbor. Tang Xin recognized the rarity and high price of such housing, further revealing Tang Yu's intentions.

Tang Xin found it strange but didn't dwell on the matter. Instead, she focused on preparing a meal for her friends. You Huan exposed Tang Xin's secret—some dishes were ordered, but the soup was cooked by Tang Xin. Xiao Xiao informed Tang Xin that Tang Dingding had started working at Time Magazine, resembling Tang Xin's past. Tang Dingding overheard her name and inquired about Tang Xin's frequent visits to her brother's office. Xiao Xiao was shocked to learn Tang Dingding's status as a young lady.

After some drinks, Tang Dingding, having had too much, planned to stay at her brother's house. However, Tang Yu had her sent back. Later, he knocked on Tang Xin's door to have a serious talk. Tang Xin didn't respond, prompting him to call her, asking if he had mistreated her and expressing concern about their strained relationship. Tang Xin remained silent and hung up the phone. They ended up chatting outside her door.

 Tang Xin shared that her father, nicknamed "Bandit," used to handle all her problems. As she grew older, she adopted a bold attitude and earned the nickname "Little Tyrant." Her father appreciated the title, ensuring that nobody dared to bully her. Tang Yu seemed to find an answer and gently wished Tang Xin goodnight before returning home.

The next morning, Tang Yu busied himself preparing breakfast for Tang Xin. He struggled to make perfectly shaped fried eggs and carefully crafted hamburgers. The surplus breakfast was shared with Gao Heng. Tang Yu, peering through the door mirror, noticed Tang Xin hadn't come out. He stealthily approached her door to eavesdrop. Upon hearing some activity inside, he hastily returned home, pretending to casually leave.

In the elevator, Tang Yu forcefully gave the heart-shaped breakfast to Tang Xin, expressing his intention to pursue her. Tang Xin, feeling complicated, stated that if he didn't provoke her, she would soon adjust. However, if he did, she wouldn't be someone who easily let things go. She left the elevator without looking back.

 Tang Xin visited Lu Zhixing's studio, where he informed her that Zhou Jialu's schedule was full. They had to choose from new talents at the film school. Meanwhile, Gao Heng reported to Tang Yu that Zhou Jialu's agent requested to terminate the contract, citing the need for an adjustment. Considering Tang Xin's situation, Tang Yu decided to release Zhou Jialu. The agent conveyed this good news to Zhou Jialu, who hesitated, fearing a negative impression on Tang Yu. The agent reassured her and advised against aspiring to become Mrs. Tang, as Tang Yu remained indifferent to their rumored relationship.

Tang Xin attended a party hosted by Tang Dingding's friend Shen Fei and ended up getting heavily drunk. You Huan called Tang Yu and Huo Chendong to help take Tang Xin and Tang Dingding home. Tang Yu arranged for his sister to be taken home, while he personally assisted Tang Xin. In her intoxicated state, Tang Xin mistook Tang Yu for someone in her dream. Tang Yu affectionately covered her with a blanket. The next morning, Tang Xin woke up from her hangover, hearing Tang Yu knocking on her bedroom door.

The sound of knocking on Tang Yu's door startled Tang Xin. She didn't expect Tang Yu to be in her room. As she recalled the events of last night, she felt a bit embarrassed. She walked out and asked Tang Yu if he had peeked at her home's password. Tang Yu, having prepared breakfast and drinking coffee, was waiting for her with a leisurely demeanor, clearly treating this place as his own. Tang Xin scolded him a bit, but considering that Tang Yu kindly escorted her home, she didn't want to be too harsh.

Tang Yu, having some business to attend to, informed Tang Xin that she should reconsider going back in time and assured her of his support in achieving her wishes. He also suggested changing the door lock password, stating that using her birthday was not secure. Tang Xin frowned, and Tang Yu told her that even his own home's door lock used her birthday.

Lu Zhixing came to the studio and went directly to Feng Cheng. Feng Cheng praised Tang Xin's abilities, considering Lu Zhixing lucky to have found such a talent. Lu Zhixing explained that he valued Tang Xin's unpolished abilities, free from constraints, unlike others like Feng Cheng. Lu Zhixing happily invited Feng Cheng to watch a movie, knowing that Tang Xin would be there too. Although Feng Cheng agreed initially, he later backed out, leaving Lu Zhixing disappointed. The incident was captured and recorded by Ding Ding's friend Shen Fei.

Tang Yu felt uneasy when he didn't receive any news from Tang Xin for a day. He took the initiative to talk to her but received a photo from Ding Ding instead. Seeing Lu Zhixing and Tang Xin behaving intimately in the picture increased the pressure on Tang Yu. The next morning, Ding Ding asked her brother about the company's artist management, concerned about encouraging Huo Chendong's wayward nature. She insisted on going to the film academy to find potential actors.

Tang Xin arrived at Lu Zhixing's studio, where he, along with her and Feng Cheng, planned to select actors from the film academy. During this, Ding Ding's agent called, stating that Ding Ding had a schedule and inquired about the role of the female lead. Lu Zhixing expressed his dislike for actors who breach contracts, a sentiment shared by Tang Xin. On the way to the film academy, Ding Ding sent a message trying to help Tang Yu pursue Tang Xin, listing five advantages of Tang Yu and hoping Tang Xin would become her sister-in-law.

The process of selecting actors with Lu Zhixing and others was not smooth. None of the candidates met their expectations. The last one was somewhat acceptable, but Lu Zhixing rejected them. Disappointed, the three of them walked out, and Lu Zhixing was unexpectedly attracted to a beautiful and clean-looking girl. Tang Xin hurriedly followed, only to discover that the girl was Ding Ding. Lu Zhixing intended to invite Ding Ding to play the female lead, and Tang Xin agreed, though Ding Ding, being inexperienced, hesitated.

After confirming that Ding Ding fit the female lead role, Tang Xin began her persuasion journey. With Lu Zhixing's cooperation, Ding Ding quickly surrendered. After returning home, she started working for Tang Yu. Tang Yu, unable to do anything about it, allowed her to try. Perhaps facing difficulties would change her mind.

Seeing Tang Yu worried about pursuing Tang Xin, Gao Heng offered a plan. Tang Yu pretended to disdain the idea, but later, after drinking three glasses of Western wine at home, he knocked on Tang Xin's door, claiming this place was also his home. Tang Xin wanted him to leave, but Tang Yu insisted that this was his home too. As Tang Xin tried to push him out, Tang Yu's waist hit the doorknob, giving him another reason to stay. Tang Xin helped Tang Yu sit down, wondering why he, who usually had good alcohol tolerance, was in such a state. Finally, she assisted Tang Yu to the sofa, almost falling herself in the process.


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