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Healing Love – Wallace Chung, Wang Xiaochen

Healing Love is an urban romantic drama directed by Zhang Boyu, starring Wallace Chung, Qiao Zhenyu, Wang Xiaochen, Chen Ran, and Tian Rui.

The drama tells the story of Fang Haosheng, a musical genius who falls into his life bottom due to his suffering from a "hearing impairment". He eventually harvests a perfect life after he returns to China to develop his career.


Healing Love

English Title: Healing Love
Chinese Title: 幸福的理由
Genre: Urban, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 55
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Zhang Boyu
Writer: Zhang Yuling, Zhao Chao
Producer: Liang Zhenhua
Product Company: Hairun Movies & TV Production Co.,Ltd
Released Date: -
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



The musical genius Fang Haosheng suddenly falls into the low point of his life with hearing impairment.

He breaks up with his girlfriend, Chen Yu, and bears the pain of his dashed musical dreams alone. He decides to return to teach in China.

In the midst of his confusion, Fang meets Han Han, a language therapist, who heals Fang Haosheng with warmth and care. Then they fall in love with each other.

However, their relationship is strongly opposed by Fang's father. At the time, Fang's father is forced to retire from the presidency by his business partner, and the Fang family is in danger.

After several twists and turns, Fang Haosheng and his father finally reconcile and save the family business. He and Han Han are also approved by his father.

However, in order to regain the lost love, Chen Yu keeps pursuing Fang Haosheng and even uses his ear disease as a bargaining chip to destroy his career, forcing Fang and Han Han to break up. Han Han leaves in dismay.

Fang Haosheng finally realizes that Han Han is the girl he cannot miss. He takes the initiative to reveal the secret of his ear disease and bravely faces his life to find his true love.


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