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Wang Yizhou
Wang Yizhou dramas, movies, and TV shows list contains the best TV series, films of Wang Yizhou and the ongoing and upcoming shows. The list will be updated continuously, bookmark this list to get the latest tv shows of Wang Yizhou.

Wang Yizhou Dramas List

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  • Yi Wu Zhi Cheng


    Romance, Drama
    Wallace Chung, Qin Lan
    Renowned international ballet artist Tan Siting, after achieving great success, returned to her home country to teach. Her greatest wish is to impart her ballet skills, allowing more children the opportunity to experience and understand art, while also discovering more talents, helping them step onto the world stage. During this time, Tan Siting unexpectedly met ballet prodigy Zheng...
  • Regeneration


    Crime, Suspense, Thriller
    Jing Boran, Zhou Yiran
    Female journalist He Shan is invited to attend a memorial service for Fei Ke. Alongside her, five other strangers are also invited, each with undisclosed past connections to Fei Ke. However, they soon realize that the Fei Ke they each knew may not be the same person. Who is the real Fei Ke? As they delve into their memories, they gradually uncover the truth about Fei Ke.
  • Wanru's Journey


    Historical, Romance, Wuxia
    Ao Ruipeng, Aaron Deng, Zong Yuanyuan
    The heroine, Xiao Ru, is a young girl who knows only a few martial arts skills, is a quirky, poor, adorable, and weak girl who is deceitful and greedy for money on the surface, but is kind-hearted on the inside. She suddenly becomes a foolish young lady, Murong Shuwan, who is bullied. After meeting the man she loves, Muyong Chong, she is forced to get involved in the conflicts of the...
  • Sweet and Cold


    Urban, Romance, Drama
    Wang Ziwen, Jin Han
    Meng Haotian, who holds several positions, is seen by outsiders as a standard strong and beautiful woman with excellent abilities. However, people rarely know about her painful past, as they only see her entrepreneurial journey from scratch. However, at a wedding farce, she unexpectedly meets the young and talented CTO of Lingzhi Group, Leng Siming. After experiencing a series of misunderstandings...
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