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Caught in the Heartbeat – Jiao Junyan, Wei Daxun

Caught in the Heartbeat is a youth drama directed by Ruan Weixin, led by Jiao Junyan and Wei Daxun, co-starring Wei Tianhao, Wang Zixuan, Yang Tingdong, Li Peiming, and Shi Dao.

The drama tells the story of the "youth detective team" consisting of Gu Jing, Tang Yixiu, Wang Zicheng, A Zi, and Ke Jiaming, who are led by their captain Zhang Zongyi to fight against criminals.


Caught in the Heartbeat

English Title: Caught in the Heartbeat
Chinese Title: 青春警事
Genre: Youth, Suspense, Thriller, Drama
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Ruan Weixin
Writer: Guo Boya
Producer: Fang Fang, Zhou Dan
Product Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures
Released Date: 2018-07-02
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频



Tang Yixiu, a post-90s youth, aspires to become a police officer to uphold justice.

In the course of a mission, he accidentally meets a post-90s girl, Gu Jing, in a hospital.

Gu Jing was born in a police family and also has the same dream of becoming a police officer, but she had an accident overseas and fell into a deep coma.

Due to Tang Yixiu's mistake, Gu Jing finally wakes up and recovers from the accident.

However, Gu Jing cannot remember anything related to the accident, only that a wounded man appears in her mind from time to time.

With the encouragement of Chief Li, Gu Jing regains her dream and passes a number of exams, and becomes a police officer.

For a new case, Tang Yixiu and Gu Jing meet again. They support each other to uncover the truth of the case.

In addition, Gu Jing has had an excellent memory since she was a child, and her ability to analyze details is matched by Tang Yixiu's practical experience, and they become more and more compatible with each other as partners.

In the process, Tang Yixiu realizes that Gu Jing is troubled by her past and agrees to help her retrieve her memories.

In the process of solving the case, they work together with the leaders and partners of the criminal investigation team and become excellent post-90s people's police officers.


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