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Book of Death – Jiro Wang, Jia Qing

Book of Death is an adventure treasure-hunting drama directed by Lan Haihan, led by Jiro Wang Dongcheng and Jia Qing, co-starring Dai Zuxiong, Wu Jiani, Liang Jie, Tian Lei, Wu Diwen, Chun Yu Shan Shan, and Chen Dexiu.

The drama follows the adventures of Tang Feng and others as they embark on a headless and endless journey through history in search of the ancient city of Xi Xia.


Book of Death

English Title: Book of Death
Chinese Title: 西夏死书
Genre: Adventure, Thriller, Action, Drama
Episodes: 44
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Lan Haihan
Writer: Chen Yongxu
Product Company: Perfect World Pictures
Released Date: -
Broadcast Website: Youku



Tang Feng, a talented archaeology student at Jinling University, suffers an assassination attempt by an unknown person at an extreme sports challenge organized by his mentor Liang Yunjie.

What he thought was just a competition for fame and fortune, the series of events that follow are unexpectedly related to a huge restoration treasure left behind by the Western Xia Dynasty.

To save his life and to find his mother, Luo Zhongping, the missing archaeologist, Tang Feng sets out on a treasure hunt with Han Jiang, the extreme sports expert, Liang Yuan, the granddaughter of Liang Yunjie, and Song Jinyu, his roommate from the archaeology school who is always at odds with him.

During the journey, Tang Feng and his companions are faced with all kinds of difficulties, and at the same time, Tang Feng discovers that each of them seems to have an unknown purpose.

When they finally win the battle at the last minute, they find themselves being used.

In the end, Tang Feng discovers the secret of the "jade screen", and everyone finally understands the true secret of the treasure.

Tang Feng and his teammates set out again to protect the relics of Western Xia and stop the loss of the national treasure, to have a final battle with the mastermind behind it, and finally win.


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