Your Sensibility My Destiny – Bu Guanjin, Wang Xingyue

Your Sensibility My Destiny is an ancient fantasy romantic comedy directed by Li Yang, starring Bu Guanjin and Wang Xing Yue, co-starring Nie Zihao, Liu Yitong, Zhan Yu, and Zhang Xuehan.

The drama is adapted from the novel of the same title by Wei He Zong Zi, which tells the story of a quirky chivalrous girl who meets a lonely master, and their perceptions are swapped by mistake to start a wonderful love story.



Your Sensibility My Destiny

English Title: Your Sensibility My Destiny
Chinese Title: 公子倾城
Genre: Ancient, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 24
Director: Li Yang
Writer: Yang Shiye
Producer: Li Liying, Huang Yuyang, He Mai, He Xiaonan
Product Company: iQIYI
Broadcasting Website: iQIYI
Released Date: September 16, 2021


Bu Guanjin Bu Guanjin as Lin Chi
Wang Xingyue Wang Xingyue as Mo Qingchen
Nie Zihao Nie Zihao as Ji Dingyue
Liu Yitong Liu Yitong as Ling Yan
Zhan Yu Zhan Yu as Ji Dingluan
Zhang Xuehan Zhang Xuehan as Qiu Wan
Li Jiulin Li Jiulin as Du Ruo


Lin Chi, a Jianghu girl who has a poor sense of direction, is mistakenly getting into the carriage of Mo Qingchen when she was captured.

The unintentional touch of the two people let the naturally senseless Mo Qingchen accidentally have the “key” to perceive the world.

With such a unique perceptual bond, they become mutually warm destined lovers, with their feelings growing, they eventually joining hands to fight against the difficulties of fate.

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