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Your Highness – Kenny Kwan, Sun Xuening

Your Highness is a historical fantasy wuxia comedy directed by Ren Haitao and Guo Huizhong, starring Kenny Kwan, Sun Xuening, Darren Hsu, Li Nuo, Liu Qi, Itami Ally, and Zheng Wensen.

Adapted from the online game "Xin Tian Long Ba Bu", the drama tells the story of game players Qin Zhan and Yu Chen who accidentally travel to the game world of "Xin Tian Long Ba Bu", which leads to some stories about Jianghu, martial arts, righteousness, and relationships.


Your Highness

English Title: Your Highness
Chinese Title: 拜见宫主大人
Genre: Historical, Romance, Comedy, Wuxia
Tag: Gaming, Crossworlds Traveler, Game World, Martial Arts, Song Dynasty, Slight Romance
Episodes: 20
Duration: 38 min.
Director: Ren Haitao, Guo Huizhong
Writer: Tian Chuan, Huo Wenda
Product Company: tv.shohu.com, Changyou, YIQI ENTERTAINMENT
Released Date: 2017-11-09
Broadcast Website: MQ Media USA, MZTV Exclusive



Veteran game player Qin Zhan accidentally traveled to the game world of “Xin Tian Long Ba Bu”, which he had played for 10 years, and from then on he had invincible and powerful power.

However, he became a public enemy of the martial arts world due to a misunderstanding at the beginning of the journey.

Subsequently, a series of sieges and conspiracies came, in the face of enormous pressure to survive, Qin Zhan felt that he had finally found a long-lost sense of crisis and blood-boiling feeling.

In the end, Qin Zhan, together with four of his followers with strong skills and loyalty, overcame difficult problems one after another.

In the process, Qin Zhan also met his apprentice Li Qingxue, as well as his enemy and friend Yu Chen and other people, gaining a long-lost friendship and love!


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