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The Happy Seven in Chang’an – Ma Tianyu, Bu Guanjin

The Happy Seven in Chang'an is a historical comedy directed by Wu Yuze, starring Ma Tianyu and Bu Guanjin in leading roles, with Zhang Yiduo, Cheng Guo, Li Yinwei, and Ren Zihui in supporting roles. 

The series tells the story of a dilapidated mansion burdened by heavy debts, where three struggling young women from different hometowns and four distinctly different stepbrothers embark on an ordinary yet shining life journey filled with laughter, anger, and camaraderie.


The Happy Seven in Chang'an

English Title: The Happy Seven in Chang'an
Chinese Title: 喜卷常乐城
Genre: Historical, Comedy, Romance
Tag: Multiple Mains, Breaking the Fourth Wall, Debt, Slow Burn Romance, Slapstick, Slight Romance
Episodes: 24
Duration: 41 min.
Director: Wu Yuze
Writer: Lou Chen
Producer: Liu Mingli, Huang Yuyang
Product Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, LEBEI MEDIA
Released Date: 2024-01-30
Broadcast Website: WeTV, TencentVideo, Viki



Xie Quanjia, a countryside girl, who came to Changle City in search of her father, overnight becomes the only daughter of the wealthy Li Tiandi in Changle. However, she unexpectedly inherits not a fortune but tens of millions in debt. In a desperate situation, three young men arrive at the Li residence: the wealthy young master Shangguan Guchuan, the scholar Fan Zhongju seeking accommodation for his exams in the capital, and the young hero Liu Lang who comes to repay a debt to Li Tiandi.

With her father gone, debts unpaid, and creditors pressing hard, Xie Quanjia accommodates everyone in the mansion while renting out vacant rooms to a fleeing Western princess and her two servants, as well as the innkeeper Guo Dongli from a local tavern, in order to alleviate the financial burden.

From then on, living together in the mansion, each of them focuses all their energy on building a career in Changle. As they chase their dreams amidst chaos, they also handle various visitors coming to the mansion, leading to a tumultuous yet joyful life.


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