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Please Be My Family – Jade Cheng, Xie Binbin

Please Be My Family is an urban romantic drama directed by Song Di and Li Jie, starring Jade Cheng, Xie Binbin, Zhu Yuanbing, Sheng Huizi, Jin Chong, and Yang Xueer, with special appearances by Jie Bing, Mi Mi, Zhang Yanbo, Huang Bosi, and Gou Zhongbin.


Please Be My Family

English Title: Please Be My Family
Chinese Title: 请成为我的家人
Genre: Urban, Romance, Drama
Tag: Contract Marriage, Single Mother Female Lead, Single Father Male Lead, Birth Secret, CEO Male Lead, Rich Man/Poor Woman
Episodes: 30
Duration: 30 min.
Director: Song Di, Li Jie
Writer: Tong Xin, Xi Hui
Producer: Tang Fan, Xu Bingbing, Dai Ling, Wu Xuan, Niu Weiqiao
Product Company: MGTV
Released Date: 2023-05-25
Broadcast Website: MGTV, Viki, MangoTV Drama



Qi Sile needs to secure the Maolin planning project order in order to cover the surgery expenses for his daughter Xuanxuan's brain tumor. She relentlessly pursues Maolin's boss, Song Haoyu.

Meanwhile, when Song Haoyu is helping his son Chencheng choose a birthday gift, he notices that Qi Sile is wearing a brooch identical to the one Chencheng has.

Following the clue of the brooch, Song Haoyu gradually confirms the relationship between Xuanxuan and Chencheng.

In order to provide a complete family for the two children, Song Haoyu proposes to Qi Sile, and the two of them embark on a marriage with an uncertain future.


Qi Sile works as a planner in an advertising company. She often faces unreasonable demands from her superiors and nitpicking from clients. Fortunately, she is good at comforting herself, and she has her daughter, Qi Zixuan, to accompany her in life, which gives her a lot of motivation. One day, Qi Sile was busy with work and missed the time to pick up her daughter, Qi Zixuan. After finally getting free, she had to wait for half an hour for a taxi. Qi Sile decided to change into sneakers and rode a bicycle to pick up Qi Zixuan. When the mother and daughter finally met, they were very happy, but the teacher whose after-work time they had delayed was not so happy.

Song Xingchen didn't want to go to kindergarten, so Song Haoyu brought him to Mao Lin Company to work as a secretary. Seeing how determined Song Xingchen was about going to work, Song Haoyu assigned him to do some photocopying. Song Xingchen confidently took the documents and went out, but he came back crying because he couldn't even find the photocopy room. Naturally, he couldn't fulfill the role of a secretary, so Song Haoyu fired him and had to agree to let him go back to school. However, today was Song Xingchen's birthday, and Song Haoyu was unusually kind. Not only did he allow Song Xingchen to skip school today, but he also put on the brooch left by Song Xingchen's mother for him.

Qi Sile took Qi Zixuan to buy a birthday gift. Qi Zixuan immediately set her eyes on an expensive toy. Qi Sile agreed readily, but after seeing the price, she felt a bit reluctant since her financial situation was not comfortable at the moment. Qi Zixuan noticed the changes in her mother's expression and couldn't help feeling disappointed. Qi Sile realized her daughter's concern and quickly changed the topic, expressing worry that Qi Zixuan might become too attached to the toy and neglect herself. Qi Zixuan cheered up again, and they went to the checkout together.

Song Haoyu happened to bring Song Xingchen to buy a birthday gift as well. However, he didn't buy what Song Xingchen wanted. Instead, he found it childish and directly picked up another item, ready to proceed to the checkout. This made Song Xingchen pout in frustration. When Song Xingchen saw the brooch on Qi Sile's chest, he thought it was his own and asked Qi Sile to give it back. Song Haoyu noticed that the brooch was indeed missing from Song Xingchen's clothes and saw that Qi Sile had an identical one. He concluded that Qi Sile had found it and demanded that she return it. This infuriated Qi Sile, and she was about to call the police, but considering that it was Qi Zixuan's birthday, she restrained herself. Song Haoyu was determined to ask the store staff to check the surveillance footage, but to his surprise, Song Xingchen quickly picked up the brooch and when he looked around to find Qi Sile, she had already left with Qi Zixuan.

Qi Sile enrolled Qi Zixuan in Siqiao Kindergarten. The tuition fee for the kindergarten was high, but they provided individual meals for sick children. Despite not being wealthy, Qi Sile still sent her child to Siqiao Kindergarten. Li Xin was a teacher at Siqiao Kindergarten. On the day of registration, she rode a motorcycle to work. Hao Jun was captivated by Li Xin at first sight. He shamelessly accompanied Zhu Xingchen to enter the kindergarten, hoping to have more interactions with Li Xin. He was worried that Li Xin might misunderstand Zhu Xingchen as his own son, so he emphasized it again.

Today, Qi Sile also brought Qi Zixuan to the kindergarten. She thought it was the first time coming here, so she dressed a bit formally. However, Li Xin teased her, saying she looked like she was going to a meeting. So Qi Sile quickly went to change her clothes. While she was touching up her makeup, she happened to face Song Haoyu's car window. When Song Haoyu rolled down the window, she was startled and accidentally smeared the car door with the contents of her bag. This gave Song Haoyu, who had an interest in getting to know her, a reason to ask for her contact information.

The first parent-child activity at the kindergarten had love and warmth as its theme. Parents were encouraged to create a painting with their children. Qi Sile respected Qi Zixuan's ideas and together they painted a picture full of love. They received praise from the teacher, and Qi Zixuan happily wore a small red flower. Song Xingchen looked at them with envy, wishing he had a mother like Qi Sile. Song Haoyu's painting stood out among the pile of paintings. Wanting coordination and uniformity, he painted the entire picture in gray, which was quite contrasting amid the bright colors. Qi Sile couldn't help but remind Song Haoyu that five-year-old children need cognitive colors, and his approach didn't make him a qualified father.

Grandfather had always been concerned about Song Haoyu's future. He introduced him to many girls, but Song Haoyu didn't like any of them. Faced with grandfather's repeated concerns, Song Haoyu finally listed his conditions. So grandfather went to arrange blind dates on his behalf, but he was mistaken for a fraudster. Qi Sile happened to pass by and helped resolve the misunderstanding for grandfather. By chance, grandfather discovered that Qi Sile met the conditions and became interested in matchmaking between her and Song Haoyu.

Grandpa arranged for He Qing to pick up Qi Sile and attend the banquet, hoping to create an opportunity for Song Haoyu. Qi Sile brought Qi Zixuan along because she had no one to take care of the child. He Qing reluctantly told Qi Sile that children were not allowed at the banquet and arranged for Qi Zixuan to stay at the nearby amusement park. He Qing knew that Qi Sile would worry about the child, so he repeatedly assured her that the security measures were excellent.

He Qing brought Qi Sile into the banquet hall and went to report to Song Haoyu. However, Song Haoyu did not know that it was Qi Sile who had come, and considering it was Grandpa's arrangement, he deliberately delayed the time. Tong Luoqi had long been interested in Song Haoyu, but unfortunately, he did not like her. Although Song Xingchen temporarily formed an alliance with her, it had no effect. There were many women interested in Song Haoyu, and they all tried to show their goodwill to the single Song Xingchen. Tong Luoqi exposed their intentions, and the group had no choice but to leave. Tong Siqi didn't have time to revel in her victory but learned from Song Xingchen that his mother was coming back. This made Tong Luoqi feel a sense of crisis, so she quickly went to look for Song Haoyu and deliberately showed closeness in front of everyone.

As soon as Song Haoyu learned that there were two brooches, he sent someone to investigate and received reliable information confirming that Song Xingchen's brooch was indeed made in duplicate. He became more concerned about Qi Sile and sought advice on how to win her heart. The other person advised him to be straightforward, but he felt it was too sudden.

Tong Luoqi knew that Qi Sile was brought by Grandpa to meet Song Haoyu, which made her feel sour. So she went to find Qi Sile with a glass of wine and accidentally spilled it on Qi Sile. He Qing saw the situation and took Qi Sile to clean up. Unexpectedly, Song Haoyu was in the bathroom of that room, and when he finished his call and opened the door, he saw the scene of Qi Sile's half-exposed fragrant shoulder. Both of them instinctively exclaimed, and in the confusion, Song Haoyu pinned Qi Sile beneath him. He Qing, who had heard the noise and just opened the door, quickly retreated. Qi Sile regained her composure and quickly asked Song Haoyu to get up and continue the conversation. When Song Haoyu learned that Qi Sile was the one who signed the contract with General Manager Wang, who was fired for taking multiple deposits for one project, he believed that her character was problematic and did not want to talk to her further.

The Maolin project was very important to Qi Sile, and she tried to talk to Song Haoyu again. However, Song Haoyu was busy and quickly went to attend to other matters. Song Xingchen coincidentally encountered Qi Zixuan in the amusement park, and he took her back to the banquet hall to eat cake. However, Qi Zixuan remembered the rule that she couldn't eat cake without taking her medicine, so she just watched. When Song Xingchen went to find Song Haoyu, he didn't notice the out-of-control food cart and was about to be hit. Qi Sile, disregarding her own safety, saved him. This incident made Song Haoyu change his opinion and gave Qi Sile a chance to explain herself. He personally escorted Qi Sile and her daughter back home.

Song Haoyu couldn't help but ask Qi Sile if she was single on the way, and when he learned that she was raising a child alone, his heart couldn't help but rejoice. He tentatively asked Qi Sile if she would be much happier and freer without her child, which made Qi Sile unhappy because she had never thought that way. After a brief acquaintance, Song Haoyu had a better impression of Qi Sile. When they got off the car, he covered the sleeping Qi Zixuan with his own clothes.

That night, Grandpa asked Song Haoyu about his impression of Qi Sile. Seeing that Song Haoyu had no dissatisfaction, Grandpa knew there was hope. Unexpectedly, Song Haoyu directly invited Qi Sile and her daughter to his house for dinner. Grandpa happily called Du Shen to arrange the menu for the next day and insisted on personally going to buy groceries. Qi Sile received a call from Grandpa himself, which made her feel that the Song family was peculiar, but in order to cover Qi Zixuan's medical expenses, she decided to take on the project and agreed to the appointment.

Song Xingchen overheard the conversation about Grandpa arranging a dinner and thought that Grandpa was looking for a stepmother for him, so he revealed the news to Tong Luoqi. The next day, just as Qi Sile and Qi Zixuan entered the house, Tong Luoqi also arrived. She couldn't believe that Song Haoyu would actually like someone like Qi Sile and directly expressed her unwillingness to give up. But Grandpa and Song Haoyu's actions clearly told her that they favored Qi Sile.

During the meal, Song Xingchen called Qi Sile "Mom," which made Qi Sile feel embarrassed, so she explained that she was an aunt, not his mother. Unexpectedly, Song Xingchen burst into tears. Tong Luoqi was reported by Song Xingchen for pinching herself and couldn't stay any longer, so she had to leave.

After dinner, Song Haoyu led Qi Sile to the garden to water the flowers. Qi Sile thought they were going to talk about work, but unexpectedly, Song Haoyu surprised her by proposing to go and register their marriage.

Song Haoyu's sudden marriage proposal startled Qi Sile. She doubted if she had misheard and asked Song Haoyu again. To her surprise, Song Haoyu confirmed his intention to marry her, citing Song Xingchen's fondness for her and his need for a mother figure. He believed that he could provide a better life for Qi Sile and Qi Zixuan, considering her current low income. He thought it would be a complementary arrangement and advised Qi Sile to consider it carefully. Qi Sile was furious and drenched Song Haoyu with a water gun, emphasizing that their relationship was strictly professional and there would be no other connection.

Just as Qi Sile was about to leave, her grandfather, who had been secretly watching, suddenly fainted. Qi Sile realized that her grandfather had the same condition as Qi Zixuan, so she didn't want to upset him. When Song Haoyu brought up the marriage proposal again, she reluctantly let him hold her hand, but when no one was looking, she repeatedly wiped that hand. Upon hearing that Song Haoyu intended to marry Qi Sile, her grandfather became energized and even started planning the wedding.

Before Qi Sile left with Song Haoyu, she thanked him for his cooperation earlier. Qi Sile advised him to confess the truth to her grandfather sooner to avoid further heartbreak. However, Song Haoyu reiterated that his proposal was serious and asked Qi Sile to reconsider. Hao Jun was shocked to learn that Song Haoyu proposed to Qi Sile, whom he had just met a couple of days ago. When he found out it was because of Song Xingchen's desire for a mother, he advised Song Haoyu to think about whether Qi Sile was suitable for him. Li Xin also thought Song Haoyu's thought process was abnormal and suspected him of being a fraud. She reminded Qi Sile to evaluate Song Haoyu as a person. Qi Sile believed the project was going to fail but was surprised to receive a sudden invitation for a meeting, which improved her impression of Song Haoyu.

Qi Zixuan and Song Xingchen were chatting at the kindergarten. Song Xingchen wanted a mother, so he suggested that Song Haoyu become Qi Zixuan's father and have Qi Sile be their mother. Qi Zixuan immediately burst into tears upon hearing this, alarming Qi Sile and Song Haoyu. Both of them comforted their crying children separately. Song Xingchen still wanted Qi Sile to be his mother, which hurt Song Haoyu's feelings. Qi Sile, after discussing with Qi Zixuan, agreed to let Song Xingchen call her "Mom" and convinced him to acknowledge his love for Song Haoyu, thus reconciling Song Haoyu and Song Xingchen.

When Qi Sile went to Maolin for contract negotiations, she expected to meet Song Haoyu but was surprised to find herself dealing with He Qing. She was relieved but couldn't help asking if Song Haoyu was busy. Upon learning that he was indeed very busy, she coincidentally met Song Haoyu downstairs. He invited her to join him in picking up the children. Qi Sile wanted to refuse, but Song Haoyu mentioned that Song Xingchen wanted to see her, leaving her with no choice. So they went to the kindergarten together.

After picking up the children, Song Haoyu suggested having a meal together. Song Xingchen invited Qi Zixuan into the car, and Qi Sile couldn't refuse. To her surprise, Song Haoyu had prepared a large bouquet of roses for her. While the flowers were beautiful, Qi Sile happened to be allergic to roses and immediately sneezed after receiving them, developing a rash on her body. Seeing this, Song Haoyu quickly threw away the flowers and took Qi Sile to see a doctor. The doctor reprimanded Song Haoyu for not knowing about his girlfriend's allergy. Without giving Qi Sile a chance to explain, Song Haoyu admitted his mistake. As the doctor had an urgent matter to attend to while applying medicine to Qi Sile, he asked Song Haoyu, who was mistakenly assumed to be Qi Sile's boyfriend, to help apply the ointment. Qi Sile felt embarrassed and asked Song Haoyu to apply the ointment for her. As Song Haoyu peeked through the curtain, he saw Qi Sile's faint figure and couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed, turning his head away. Qi Sile couldn't reach her own back, which was the severely affected area of her allergy. Seeing Qi Sile's discomfort from the itching, Song Haoyu voluntarily offered to help through the curtain. When his fingertips touched Qi Sile's skin, both of them felt a surge of electricity. After finally applying the ointment, Song Haoyu noticed a red mark on Qi Sile's chin and directly applied medicine to it.

He Qing highly approved of Qi Sile's proposal, but Qi Sile's company, which was involved in the event promotion, did not have the capability to take on the project. Therefore, He Qing suggested that Song Haoyu should not cooperate with Qi Sile's company. Thinking about the time he applied medicine to Qi Sile, his apology, and Qi Sile's request for collaboration through the proposal, Song Haoyu decided to meet with Qi Sile. Tong Luoqi had someone investigate Qi Sile and learned that she would be going to Maolin Company tomorrow for a discussion on the event planning. She intentionally arranged to go to Maolin as well to discuss potential collaboration.

Li Xin bought a lot of delicious food today to visit Qi Sile. Seeing the allergy medicine on the table, she knew that Qi Sile had another allergic reaction. When she asked about it, Qi Sile reacted strongly, making Li Xin suspect that Song Haoyu was the one who applied the medicine to Qi Sile. However, Qi Sile refused to admit it. Li Xin's mother arranged for her to go on a blind date tomorrow, so Li Xin asked for Qi Sile's help to deal with it. After all, Qi Sile had more experience. But since Qi Sile had to go to Maolin for collaboration, Li Xin decided to arrange the blind date near Maolin.

Qi Sile replaced Li Xin on the blind date. As soon as she sat down, she started eating non-stop and spoke in a strong local accent. Unexpectedly, the man she was meeting was also substituting for someone else. After they revealed their true identities, Qi Sile dropped the pretense, and it turned out they were both from the same place. They clicked as they talked more and more. Song Haoyu happened to arrive downstairs and recognized Qi Sile. He sat behind her and listened to her talking about her requirements for a partner. When the man wanted to stay in touch with Qi Sile, Song Haoyu couldn't sit still anymore. He stood up and reprimanded Qi Sile for not picking up the children yet, hinting that she was pregnant. The man got a little angry, as he couldn't believe Qi Sile, who already had a husband, was going on a blind date. Song Haoyu pulled Qi Sile away, and she was dissatisfied with his behavior. She wanted to leave, but Song Haoyu insisted on taking her out for a meal. Qi Sile intentionally took Song Haoyu to a small alley to eat stinky tofu and snails. Song Haoyu couldn't bring himself to eat such food, but under Qi Sile's eager gaze, he couldn't refuse and reluctantly took a bite. Seeing Qi Sile's blissful expression, Song Haoyu quickly found a chance to secretly spit out the stinky tofu. Qi Sile felt that she and Song Haoyu were from two different worlds, just like this street food. She enjoyed it, but Song Haoyu didn't. To prove his commitment to Qi Sile, Song Haoyu started eating the food on the table that he didn't like, which touched Qi Sile. She quickly stopped him.

Song Haoyu had to return to the company to deal with business matters and invited Qi Sile to discuss the event collaboration. When Qi Sile and Song Haoyu got out of the car together, Tong Luoqi, who had been waiting in the garage, felt sour. She had already prepared and deliberately recommended an advertising client to Song Haoyu today. In order to meet the client, Song Haoyu arranged for He Qing to attend to Qi Sile. Thinking that her proposal would be accepted, Qi Sile was surprised to receive a notice terminating the collaboration. Upset, she went to the restroom to calm down, only to be provoked by Tong Luoqi, who had been waiting there. Tong Luoqi laughed at Qi Sile, saying she was overestimating herself. Qi Sile thought she could admit defeat if her skills were lacking, but to her surprise, she heard from Tong Luoqi that Song Haoyu never intended to give her a chance. She remembered that she had always been the one fighting for it herself and couldn't help but believe Tong Luoqi's words. She left feeling disappointed. Qi Sile became more and more angry as she thought about it alone. She felt that Song Haoyu had been lying when he praised her proposal, so she went to confront him. After venting her emotions, she didn't wait for Song Haoyu to explain and left, throwing down the proposal and running away. Song Haoyu wanted to chase after her, but the shareholders were waiting for him to attend the meeting, so he had to go back. Qi Sile had no idea that although Song Haoyu terminated the collaboration with the company, he still intended to sign a contract with her personally.

Li Xin discovered that she had lost her motorcycle key and was feeling frustrated. Then she heard a voice on the radio saying that her hotel room key had been returned and she could go pick it up. This shattered Li Xin's image, but Hao Jun, the culprit, didn't seem to realize it. He even brought up the incident and infuriated Li Xin, making her want to shut him up. However, Hao Jun found Li Xin particularly intriguing and became even more interested in her.

To find a new partner for collaboration, Qi Sile had to attend a banquet. There was a persistent flirty man at the banquet who kept making advances towards her and urging her to drink. If Qi Sile didn't drink, it would show a lack of sincerity. Qi Sile had no choice but to drink until she vomited. Song Haoyu received guidance from Hao Jun and called Qi Sile. When he learned that she was at a social event, he hurried over. Just as the flirty man was about to force himself on Qi Sile, Song Haoyu saved her.

Song Haoyu reproached Qi Sile for coming out so late to the Zhao banquet, warning her that she would fall into the trap of an older man. While Qi Sile thanked Song Haoyu for saving her, she realized that he had no idea how important this project was to her. Song Haoyu explained that if Qi Sile hadn't acted impulsively, they could have immediately signed a contract with Megalith as individuals. However, Qi Sile didn't believe him and thought he was playing her. Song Haoyu explained that Randy Corporation had no ability to complete Megalith's project. Just as he finished speaking, Qi Sile received a call from a colleague informing her that her salary hadn't been paid and the boss had disappeared, urging her to quickly return to the company to salvage some losses.

Qi Sile rushed back to the company in a state of urgency, but it was empty, with everything in a mess and nothing valuable left. Qi Sile knew she had lost her job, and now she had no money, especially since she still needed to pay for Qi Zixuan's medical treatment. Sadness overwhelmed her, and tears were about to well up in her eyes. After packing up her things and leaving the company, Qi Sile found Song Haoyu waiting for her. He offered to accompany her home, but with her mind in chaos and unsure of her future, Qi Sile wanted to take a walk. Seeing this, Song Haoyu took the things from Qi Sile's hands and walked with her.

Song Haoyu wanted to help Qi Sile find a job opportunity, but she believed her education was not enough and politely declined his offer. Seeing that Qi Sile was deeply affected, Song Haoyu emphasized that she could sign a contract with Megalith as an individual, not out of charity but because her abilities were recognized. Finally, Qi Sile felt some happiness. Suddenly, it started to rain heavily, and Song Haoyu and Qi Sile took shelter under the roof of a convenience store. Learning that Qi Sile had a mountain in her heart that she couldn't overcome, Song Haoyu suggested she find a partner to climb it together, like himself. Qi Sile was intrigued but dared not look into Song Haoyu's eyes. Without answering, the rain stopped, so Song Haoyu escorted Qi Sile to the entrance of her home and then left. Song Haoyu could clearly sense a change in Qi Sile's feelings and couldn't help but feel delighted.

The next day, Qi Sile woke up early to make breakfast for Qi Zixuan and coax her to get up for school. Today, Qi Zixuan was particularly clingy, wanting Qi Sile to carry her shortly after they started walking. But soon, she complained of dizziness and fainted in Qi Sile's arms. Qi Sile was frantic and quickly rushed Qi Zixuan to the hospital, coincidentally where her grandfather was also admitted, brought by Song Haoyu. Qi Zixuan's condition had become severe, and conservative treatment was ineffective. She needed surgery as soon as possible, but the best surgeon's schedule was fully booked, with the earliest availability being six months later. However, Qi Zixuan couldn't wait that long. Overwhelmed, Qi Sile couldn't help but cry in despair. Suddenly, Song Haoyu appeared by her side. Seeing Qi Sile's sadness, she needed a shoulder to lean on, so she leaned on Song Haoyu's embrace and wept. Qi Zixuan's grandfather witnessed this scene and, upon learning about her condition, decided to give up his own spot for Qi Zixuan. Qi Sile believed it was inappropriate, but her grandfather, who had long seen through the complexities of life, insisted. Despite knowing that he wouldn't live long even if he underwent surgery, he persuaded Qi Sile and Song Haoyu to give the opportunity to Qi Zixuan.

The hospital expenses for Qi Zixuan overwhelmed Qi Sile, and she had to make phone calls everywhere to raise money. However, Qi Zixuan had been ill for years, and Qi Sile had already accumulated considerable debts trying to treat her condition. Now, she couldn't find anyone to borrow from. Helpless, Qi Sile called her parents and unexpectedly learned that her father had been hospitalized for high blood pressure a few days ago, making it impossible for her to ask for money. When Qi Sile was at a loss, a loan shark called offering a high-interest loan but with immediate availability of funds. Qi Sile was about to accept the loan when Song Haoyu heard the conversation. He snatched the phone from her and ended the call, paying the fees on her behalf. Qi Sile didn't like being indebted to others, but she promised to repay the money. However, Song Haoyu told her to consider it as an advance payment for the contract and told her to feel at ease.

The relationship between Song Haoyu and Qi Zixuan quickly improved. He promised to help her fight the little monsters, and Qi Zixuan really liked him. Seeing the harmonious interaction between the two, Qi Sile decided to try accepting Song Haoyu.

After asking Song Haoyu to help put Qi Zixuan to sleep, Qi Sile arranged to meet him in the corridor downstairs. Seeing Qi Sile wearing a veil and holding flowers, Song Haoyu, even after learning that Qi Zixuan wasn't a healthy child, still willingly accepted her, gaining Qi Sile's genuine affection. Qi Sile took the initiative to propose to Song Haoyu, and he agreed.

Song Haoyu and Qi Sile quickly went to obtain their marriage certificate. During the photo shoot, Qi Sile appeared somewhat unnatural. Before she could react, the two of them had already successfully obtained the certificate. Grandfather, looking at the freshly issued marriage certificate, couldn't help but feel delighted. However, he also had concerns. He worried that Song Haoyu's feelings for Qi Sile were genuine, while Qi Sile was marrying him for the sake of Qi Zixuan. Qi Sile was honest and admitted that initially there was a sense of gratitude involved, but now her feelings for Song Haoyu were the same as his feelings for her. After hearing this, grandfather felt greatly relieved and arranged to meet Qi Sile's parents. However, Qi Sile postponed the meeting, citing their busy work schedules. Now that they were married, grandfather requested that Qi Sile and Qi Zixuan move into the Song family's home.

Qi Sile entered the Song family's home with her luggage, finally accepting the reality that she was married. Although Qi Zixuan liked Song Haoyu, she wasn't yet prepared to call him "dad." Song Haoyu displayed great patience, willing to wait. Song Xingchen was overjoyed because his beloved mother, Qi Sile, had finally become a real mother. Song Haoyu promised Qi Zixuan that he would love her, Qi Sile, and Song Xingchen. From now on, they would be a loving family.

Song Xingchen was a precocious child. He knew that Qi Zixuan was used to having Qi Sile accompany her to sleep, so he told her stories to persuade her and offered to accompany her at night. Grandfather specially decorated the bridal chamber with flashing red lights and tacky color schemes, which both Song Haoyu and Qi Zixuan couldn't accept. However, it was grandfather's goodwill, and they couldn't refuse. Grandfather specifically reminded Song Haoyu that if he couldn't sleep at night, he could look at the newspaper by the bedside. Qi Sile also heard this and, feeling awkward and unsure where to put her hands, inexplicably picked up the newspaper. To her surprise, the headline was about the three-child policy, which scared her, and she quickly hid the newspaper behind her. As Song Haoyu approached Qi Sile while unbuttoning his shirt, she became even more nervous. Subconsciously, she picked up the pink pajamas from the sofa and handed them to Song Haoyu. Unintentionally, it was her own set of pink pajamas, which made her even more embarrassed.

Seeing Qi Sile's nervousness, Song Haoyu realized that he was also uncertain. He made an excuse to go see Song Xingchen but unexpectedly got kicked out of the room by the precocious child, who reminded him not to miss the opportunity. Qi Sile was left alone in the room, contemplating how to get through their wedding night. She took out her phone and searched for ways to avoid the awkwardness of the wedding night. The more she read, the more embarrassed she felt. She decided to pretend she didn't know and planned to go tell stories to the child, then sleep in their room. Unfortunately, Qi Zixuan had already been persuaded by Song Xingchen and ruthlessly rejected Qi Sile, leaving her without a way out.

Qi Sile wanted to take a bath first and then pretend to be asleep. Unexpectedly, Song Haoyu also came in to take a shower. When the door opened, both of them exclaimed in surprise. Song Haoyu looked at Qi Sile and was certain that he had developed feelings for her. Qi Sile leaned against the door, conveniently blocking the doorknob. Song Haoyu wanted to leave but could only reach out and touch Qi Sile's waist to do so. This made Qi Sile even more nervous, but when she realized that Song Haoyu only wanted to open the door and leave, she felt even more embarrassed.

After Qi Sile and Song Haoyu finally finished bathing, they had to face their wedding night. Qi Sile didn't want things to progress too quickly, but Song Haoyu, whether for himself or for his grandfather, wanted Qi Sile to show more affection towards him in front of others. So he tried to hold Qi Sile's hand, embrace her, and make her comfortable with his touch. Qi Sile noticed that her heart was beating fast and suddenly sat up. Song Haoyu became nervous and pressed Qi Sile down, accidentally pressing on her hair. Qi Sile cried out in pain and, feeling embarrassed, remembered that she accidentally hit an important part of Song Haoyu's body, causing him to grunt in pain. Grandfather heard the commotion from outside the door and thought that the two of them had consummated their marriage, which made him very happy.

In the days after their marriage, with the assistance of Qi Zixuan and Song Xingchen, Qi Sile and Song Haoyu's relationship grew closer. The children were also happy, and it seemed like a harmonious and joyful family. One day, Qi Sile met with Li Xin and told her that she had married Song Haoyu. Li Xin strongly disagreed because she didn't believe that Song Haoyu, after such a short time of knowing each other, would give up everything and spend the rest of his life with Qi Sile solely out of love. She insisted on meeting Song Haoyu. When Hao Jun learned that Song Haoyu was already married, he was also shocked. But when he found out that Qi Sile was Li Xin's best friend, he shamelessly tagged along with Song Haoyu to meet Li Xin.

Li Xin asked Song Haoyu what he liked about Qi Sile. Song Haoyu expressed that he was drawn to Qi Sile's inner strength and hoped to be the person who could make her let down her guard and trust wholeheartedly. Although Li Xin didn't believe in love, she was evidently satisfied with Song Haoyu's answer. She respected Qi Sile's choice and then inquired about whether Qi Sile's parents knew about this matter and if there were any conflicts. Qi Sile vaguely agreed with Li Xin, pretending that she had already informed her parents about it, but in reality, she hadn't. However, she had considered taking the initiative to get closer to Song Haoyu to reciprocate his feelings.

As a long-time friend of Song Haoyu, Hao Jun was familiar with some of Song Haoyu's subtle gestures. For example, when Song Haoyu faced Li Xin's questions earlier, he tapped the table with two fingers, which was his habitual action when contemplating, indicating that his previous answer was a well-thought-out result. Hao Jun had seen what it looked like when Song Haoyu truly loved someone, so he didn't believe that Song Haoyu genuinely liked Qi Sile. He believed there must be an ulterior motive behind marrying her. Song Haoyu didn't let Hao Jun continue and stated that he knew his own affairs and asked Hao Jun not to interfere.

In the evening, Qi Sile gathered her courage to have a frank conversation with her parents. Unfortunately, when her mother answered the phone, she wanted to call her father to listen in, but her father didn't want to talk to her at all. This made Qi Sile feel frustrated and lose the desire to confide, so she hastily ended the call. Hearing the joyful laughter of the children, Qi Sile glimpsed through the door crack that Song Haoyu treated Qi Zixuan very well and promised to accompany her as she grew up. This deeply touched Qi Sile, and even if it was a fairy tale, she wanted to believe in it. So she turned around and went to ask Aunt Du about Song Haoyu's preferences. She learned that he usually spent his time at home with his grandfather and Song Xingchen as long as he wasn't working. This made her think even more that Song Haoyu was a good man.

In the basement of the Song family's house, there was a billiard table. Qi Sile thought that Song Haoyu might enjoy playing pool, so she went there alone to practice. She imagined that when Song Haoyu saw her efforts, he would teach her how to play. However, in reality, Song Haoyu had a cold expression and scolded her for entering his private space. He told her not to come again in the future. Qi Sile became angry when she heard this. Then Song Haoyu said that their marriage was just a play, and as long as they played their roles well, it would be fine. So Qi Sile proposed three rules to Song Haoyu: their futures should not interfere with each other, their feelings should not interfere either, and Song Haoyu added that they shouldn't inquire about each other's pasts.

Song Xingchen noticed that Qi Sile's eyes were red, so he went to find Song Haoyu and blamed him for making Qi Sile sad. In a fit of anger, he threw the books from Song Haoyu's hands and left in a huff. In the evening, Qi Sile, who was originally feeling down, was warmed by Song Xingchen's protective words. She instantly felt that having a son was also nice and couldn't help but smile.

Qi Sile had a treasure box, and Song Xingchen was curious about its contents. Finally, with Qi Sile's permission, he was allowed to take a look. When he discovered that it contained hair accessories and such for girls, he couldn't help but lose interest, thinking that there were no Transformers to play with. Although Song Xingchen's Transformers were broken, he didn't feel upset at all because Great-grandfather Tai and Song Haoyu would buy him new ones soon. Qi Sile realized that this perspective was incorrect and decided to teach Song Xingchen the right values. So she took Song Xingchen and Qi Zixuan to set up a stall and sell the little things she made.

At the market, Qi Sile found a good spot for her stall, and Qi Zixuan started promoting the beautiful hair accessories. The girls liked the hair accessories and took them without paying, which made Qi Zixuan very sad. Qi Sile quickly comforted her and said they could consider it as giving the hair accessories to them as gifts. Song Xingchen immediately understood and started shouting about the hair accessories. During this time, he spotted a passerby holding a Transformers toy and got immediately attracted, following that person. When Qi Sile turned around, she realized that Song Xingchen was gone, causing her to panic and frantically search while calling Song Haoyu. Fortunately, a kind-hearted person soon brought Song Xingchen back, relieving her worries.

In the evening, Qi Sile apologized to Song Haoyu, saying she shouldn't have almost lost Song Xingchen. However, Song Haoyu believed that Qi Sile shouldn't have taken Song Xingchen to set up the stall in the first place. They argued over their different parenting approaches, leaving Qi Sile angry. She felt that they were just acting in the first place and suggested that from that day on, she would sleep on the sofa and avoid any further interaction with Song Haoyu.

Song Xingchen sat on the stairs at the entrance, knowing that he caused the argument between Song Haoyu and Qi Sile, feeling unhappy about it. Meanwhile, after learning about Qi Sile's sincere efforts to instill the right values in Song Xingchen from Qi Zixuan, Song Haoyu began to reflect on himself.

After the children fell asleep, Qi Sile took out the jewelry she designed and cherished the most. She looked at the ring that had once won an award, wearing it on her hand for a moment before taking it off and putting it aside. She then looked at the drawings on the computer and continued to contemplate. Suddenly, Song Haoyu barged into the study and reminded Qi Sile to go to bed early. However, Qi Sile considered this to be her personal life and deliberately confronted Song Haoyu, telling him not to interfere. Song Haoyu had no choice but to bring up the promotion meeting. Seeing this, Qi Sile immediately got up and went to adjust the plan.

From Qi Zixuan, Song Haoyu learned that besides the box of handmade hairpins, Qi Sile had other jewelry and certificates that she kept separately. Those were Qi Sile's true treasures. Song Haoyu looked at the drawings on the computer and then at the design awards Qi Sile had received. Only then did he understand that Qi Sile did have dreams, but she had been working hard and striving for money all this time for the sake of Qi Zixuan's illness and life. He felt even more guilty and decided to apologize formally to Qi Sile after the promotion meeting.

Early in the morning, Song Haoyu dressed neatly and entered the bedroom holding a box. Qi Sile was sound asleep at that time. Song Haoyu sat opposite her and asked her to hand over her phone. Qi Sile was immediately startled and sat up straight, thinking that her phone was a private matter and refused to give it to him. Unexpectedly, Song Haoyu had only bought GPS watches for the children and needed to install a tracking app on Qi Sile's phone. Qi Sile realized that she had overthought the situation and handed over her phone. Then she noticed the box and learned from Song Haoyu that it contained a dress prepared for her, as today was the promotion meeting in Maolin.

Qi Sile had put a lot of effort into planning this promotion meeting and naturally wanted to see it in person. She put on the dress specially chosen by Song Haoyu, wore high heels, and went out with him. They entered the company's elevator together, and Song Haoyu gestured for Qi Sile to hold his hand, pretending it was for the sake of realism. Qi Sile inwardly complained but complied and held his hand. Unexpectedly, Tong Luoqi happened to see this scene at the elevator entrance and ridiculed Qi Sile, pointing out that even though her company had been rejected, she shamelessly clung to Song Haoyu. Qi Sile told Tong Luoqi that she was the one who planned this promotion meeting and that Song Haoyu was still her husband. After saying all that, Qi Sile grabbed Song Haoyu's tie and took the initiative to kiss him. Seeing that Song Haoyu didn't deny it and witnessed Qi Sile kissing her beloved, Tong Luoqi couldn't believe her eyes and lacked the courage to ride the elevator with them. The elevator door finally closed. Song Haoyu actually enjoyed the kiss but pretended to criticize Qi Sile for overacting. Qi Sile's lipstick was smudged, which made her feel a bit embarrassed and disappointed.

At the promotion meeting, Song Haoyu, as the head of Maolin, took the opportunity to introduce everyone to Qi Sile as not only the planner of the promotion meeting but also his wife. The sudden news of their marriage surprised everyone. Tong Luoqi was especially unhappy and followed Qi Sile when she went to touch up her makeup. She mocked Qi Sile, saying that even though she had married Song Haoyu, she was nothing more than a nanny. The relationship between Qi Sile and Song Haoyu was already delicate, and being exposed by Tong Luoqi made her feel a bit overwhelmed. Fortunately, Song Haoyu had anticipated that Tong Luoqi was not to be underestimated and hinted for Hao Jun to step in. So, with his sharp tongue, Hao Jun called Tong Luoqi an opportunist, which angered her and made her leave in a huff.

Hao Jun was quite fond of Li Xin, but she had two sides, making it hard for him to gauge her true nature. He took this opportunity to inquire about the situation from Qi Sile. Qi Sile was unwilling to say much but gave Hao Jun a hint that Li Xin was a woman with a story. As a result, Hao Jun returned the favor by telling Qi Sile that Song Haoyu had no feelings for Tong Luoqi. Tong Luoqi, who had a high opinion of herself, believed that only Song Haoyu was worthy of her and had been persistently clinging to him.

After the promotion meeting, Song Haoyu and Qi Zixuan together arranged the backup booth and went out to sell goods as a family. Qi Sile noticed that Song Haoyu was once again giving her clothes and accompanying her to the booth, which made her wonder why he was adding drama to the situation. Just as Song Haoyu mustered the courage to apologize, Song Xingchen and Qi Zixuan clung to them, wanting to be carried. As a result, the words of apology remained unspoken.

Upon hearing that Qi Sile had actually gotten married, her parents hurriedly came from their hometown. When they saw Song Haoyu, they were somewhat satisfied. However, when Song Xingchen came out and called Qi Sile "mom," Qi Sile's father immediately expressed his disapproval of the marriage.

Qi Sile's father saw Song Xingchen and assumed that Song Haoyu was married, so he disagreed with the marriage. Unexpectedly, Song Xingchen revealed that her mother was Qi Sile, her only mother, and affectionately called Qi Sile's father "grandfather." This finally made Qi Sile's stubborn father agree to the marriage, but he had a condition: they had to follow the customs of their hometown and have a betrothal ceremony first. Afterwards, Song Haoyu was very relieved, finally passing this test. Qi Sile couldn't help but laugh at how convincingly he acted and almost believed him. She encouraged him to keep going.

Song Haoyu couldn't express his frustration. He spoke from the bottom of his heart, but because of the harm he had caused Qi Sile before, everything he did now felt like acting. Qi Sile hadn't talked to her mother for a long time, so they sat on the rooftop for a while. Her mother felt sorry for Qi Sile, who had been considering everything for Qi Zixuan all these years, which was unfair to Qi Sile. Qi Sile interrupted her mother and told her that Qi Zixuan would soon be able to have the surgery, and it was her grandfather who made this opportunity available. Qi Sile's mother felt that this family truly accepted Qi Zixuan and was happy for Qi Sile, but she reminded her to keep her eyes wide open before marriage and close one eye after marriage. She advised Qi Sile to focus on the positive aspects of everything in order to go far.

The relationship between Qi Sile and her father had been strained for a long time, and her mother hoped that she could reconcile with him. Qi Sile also knew it wasn't good to continue like this, and tears welled up in her eyes. Song Haoyu was called by Qi Sile's father to drink. According to the rules of the Qi family, the father-in-law had to drink one glass, while the son-in-law had to drink three glasses. Song Haoyu didn't dare to refuse, so he accompanied Qi Sile's father and drank heavily. Qi Sile's father asked Song Haoyu about Qi Sile's shortcomings. Song Haoyu said that Qi Sile was short and stubborn, but she still took on everything for Qi Zixuan and was capable of anything, which made people feel sorry for her. These words touched Qi Sile's father, so they changed it to both of them drinking two glasses each.

Li Xin was waiting for someone at the bar. She was a bit drunk and her eyes were a bit blurry. When she heard the familiar piano music, she thought her significant other had returned, so she walked up and hugged the person from behind. Unexpectedly, when the person turned around, it was Haoyun. Li Xin immediately pushed Haoyun away. Haoyun was here today because of Li Xin's invitation. He came to pick up the pair of shoes left at Li Xin's doorstep, the shoes that let people know she had a man protecting her. He had heard this song from Li Xin's circle of friends before and had a hunch that Li Xin would like it, so he specifically asked his teacher to practice it. He didn't expect Li Xin not only to be ungrateful but also to scold him, asking him to delete the video and never contact her again. Haoyun originally thought that Li Xin just had a bad temper, but he didn't expect her to be so difficult. She even poured wine on him. He was angry and deleted the video, swearing not to see Li Xin again.

Song Haoyu got drunk with Qi Sile's father, and Qi Sile felt very distressed. She couldn't help but blame her father for his recklessness and helped Song Haoyu back to the room. Song Haoyu, under the influence of alcohol, apologized to Qi Sile and told her that ever since she moved into the Song family, his heart had been full, and he hoped that they could continue like this. As he looked at Qi Sile's lips, he was about to kiss her, but he fell asleep just before kissing her. Qi Sile hoped that what Song Haoyu said today was all true, even if only for a moment.

Song Haoyu went to Qi Sile's hometown to prepare for the wedding. Early in the morning, he was woken up by Qi Sile's eldest aunt. When he opened the door, he was greeted by a circle of aunts and uncles who had come to see the novelty. They even commanded Song Haoyu to carry things. Seeing Song Haoyu trembling, they made fun of him for having a bad back. This made Song Haoyu unable to bear it, so he forced himself to show his strength.

Song Haoyu only had Haojun as his best friend, and Qi Sile only had Li Xin as her best girlfriend. They were chosen as the maid of honor and best man for the wedding. However, when the two of them met, they immediately found fault with each other and mocked each other, saying that they would never have any contact with each other. However, they appeared here. They turned their heads away, showing their mutual disdain.

The wedding was approaching. Qi Sile's father looked at Song Haoyu, who treated Qi Zixuan so well and promised to love Qi Sile in the future. He felt that Qi Sile hadn't married the wrong person. However, there were some things he couldn't say to Qi Sile face-to-face, so he wrote them all in a letter and entrusted Song Haoyu to deliver it. When Qi Sile saw the letter, she finally understood her father's love for her and couldn't help but burst into tears. When she said goodbye to her parents and saw her father's tears, she couldn't hold back her own tears. The stone that Song Haoyu had to move in the morning, pulled by Qi Sile's aunts and uncles, had now become a bumpy road to their departure. Qi Sile knew that her parents wanted to see her being cared for by Song Haoyu, so she asked him to carry her through that rocky path.

The wedding reached the vow ceremony. Qi Sile recited the vows, expressing her willingness to love Song Haoyu unconditionally, through sickness and poverty. However, Song Haoyu had doubts in his heart. He remembered Hao Jun accusing him of marrying Qi Sile for ulterior motives, saying that this was not how true love should be. He couldn't bring himself to utter the vows. Qi Sile noticed Song Haoyu's hesitation but with the guests watching, she had to remind him. Song Haoyu couldn't say the words of love, but he solemnly promised Qi Sile's parents that he would care for and support Qi Sile throughout their journey together.

The next part was the exchange of wedding rings. Qi Sile was completely unprepared and started to feel anxious. Fortunately, Song Haoyu had already customized the ring according to Qi Sile's design, which pleasantly surprised her. Li Xin and Hao Jun teased them to kiss, so Song Haoyu kissed Qi Sile. In that moment, Qi Sile felt truly happy. She thought that she and Song Haoyu were in a loving relationship now.

After the wedding, Qi Sile noticed that Song Haoyu seemed tired and hungry, so she went to the kitchen to make noodles for him. Li Xin, who had drunk too much, didn't want her best friend to become someone else's wife and felt reluctant to let go. But she also felt happy for her friend, knowing that she would have a happy family. So she suppressed her sadness and attended the wedding. Hao Jun carried Li Xin on his back, intending to take her back to the room. Li Xin didn't want to go back and buried herself in Hao Jun's embrace. She praised Hao Jun for being a man who made her feel secure, recalling how he had protected her by placing shoes at her doorstep. This revealed Hao Jun's true nature and his desire to be loved. Hao Jun was surprised that Li Xin saw through him and mustered up the courage to kiss her. However, the lights suddenly turned on, extinguishing his courage. Worried about being captivated by Li Xin again, he quickly escorted her back to the room.

Meanwhile, Qi Sile was happily busy in the kitchen. When she carried the noodles to find Song Haoyu, she overheard a conversation between Song Haoyu and Hao Jun at the door. She realized that in Song Haoyu's eyes, this wedding was just a show. Feeling miserable, she walked away without looking back, carrying the noodles. She found a secluded spot, where she cried and ate. After wiping away her tears, Qi Sile made up her mind to take control of her own heart.

The next day, Song Haoyu noticed that Qi Sile was visibly upset, which made him feel uneasy. He didn't know how to express himself and could only awkwardly ask Qi Sile to act well with him. However, this made Qi Sile even more resistant, and she treated him with a cold attitude. After bidding farewell to Qi Sile's parents, they returned to the Song family. Qi Sile deliberately distanced herself from Song Haoyu. But when she met her grandfather, she pretended to be deeply in love with her husband, feeling exhausted by the act.

The date for Qi Zixuan's surgery was set three days later. Qi Sile had been looking forward to this day, but when it finally arrived, she became extremely nervous. Seeing Qi Sile's anxiety, Song Haoyu held her and gave her strength. Qi Sile subconsciously thought that her grandfather had come, and Song Haoyu went along with this reason to hold her. However, her grandfather didn't actually come. It was just Song Haoyu deceiving himself. Song Haoyu wanted to accompany Qi Zixuan during the surgery, but unfortunately, an important project at the company required his involvement. It was a crucial opportunity for Maolin, and the timing conflicted with Qi Zixuan's surgery. Song Haoyu decided to go to the project, but before leaving, he went to see Qi Zixuan. Unexpectedly, Qi Zixuan woke up, and they agreed that Song Haoyu would accompany her during the surgery.

When Qi Sile woke up, she saw a message from Song Haoyu about his business trip. So she took Qi Zixuan to the hospital alone. When it was time for the preoperative preparation, Qi Zixuan refused to go with the doctor. Seeing other children with their fathers, she couldn't help but envy them. Qi Sile noticed this and went with the doctor to sign the consent form. Originally, the doctor wanted both husband and wife to listen to the surgical risks, but since Song Haoyu wasn't there, Qi Sile had to do it alone. This made Qi Sile even more nervous and worried. Just as she was feeling anxious, Song Haoyu appeared at the hospital and took the pen from Qi Sile's hand. He signed the consent form as Qi Zixuan's father. Knowing Qi Sile's worries and fears, he hugged her, providing her with comfort and assurance that everything would be fine.

The renowned jewelry merchant, upon learning that his olive branch to Maolin was ignored without anyone attending the meeting, became extremely curious. He walked along the street where Qi Sile had her stall and instructed his subordinates to assess the situation. He then asked the stall owner about the girl who often sold jewelry there and inquired if she would come today.



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