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Nice To Meet You Again – Jin Dong, Li Xiaoran

Nice To Meet You Again is an urban romantic light comedy directed by Zang Xichuan, starring Jin Dong, Li Xiaoran, Yue Yang, Huang Jiajing, Niu Li, Zhang Yao, Xu Baihui, Wang Ziquan, and Cao Lei.

The drama focuses on the love life of urban men and women and tells the story of Lin Shaotao, who steadfastly pursues his ideal in life, and Jian Ai, who is gentle and sober to realize her independent value, reuniting in the workplace after divorce, getting to know each other again, appreciating each other, and returning to the road of love in mutual support.



Nice To Meet You Again

English Title: Nice To Meet You Again
Chinese Title: 林深见鹿
Genre: Urban, Romance, Comedy
Tag: Divorce, Divorced Male Lead, Divorced Female Lead, Second Chance Romance
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Zang Xichuan
Writer: Ren Zengchao
Producer: Shao Liang
Released Date: 2022-06-07
Broadcast Website: WeTV, TencentVideo



Lin Shaotao and Jian Ai is a happy couple, but unexpectedly went to a divorce when they entered middle age.

This change makes Lin Shaotao's best friends, Zhou Yiming and Jia Kuan, unable to accept it.

After the breakup, Lin Shaotao returns to the workplace to continue to his career, but meets with Jian Ai who comes to work for VG again.

Jian Ai solves a series of work problems brilliantly. She and Lin Shaotao work against each other but also support each other.

The encounter in the workplace also allows Lin Shaotao and Jian Ai to get to know again and appreciate each other.

During this period, Yan Shuai, who once pursued Jian Ai, comes to work as a senior executive, and he targeted Lin Shaotao at every turn and pursues Jian Ai again.

Jian Ai finally choose to understand and believe in Lin Shaotao's ideas about the development of the company, and join forces with Lin Shaotao to overcome difficulties.

In the end, Lin Shaotao leaves VG and rethinks his relationship with Jian Ai. They try to return to the path of love.



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