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Mr. Cat in the Bungalow – Hu Yixuan, Ma Wenyuan

Mr. Cat in the Bungalow is a romantic drama directed by Lin Qingzhen, led by Hu Yixuan and Ma Wenyuan, co-starring Zhang Fan, Shang Xinyue, Jiang Yunlin, He Xinlin, and Chen Bige, with Lin Youwei and Denny Huang in a special appearance.

Adapted from Ying Yang's novel of the same name, the drama tells the heartwarming story of Qi Cheng, a gifted cartoonist, and Chi Zhihan, a popular food blogger, who meet and support each other in their contractual love.


Mr. Cat in the Bungalow

English Title: Mr. Cat in the Bungalow
Chinese Title: 洋房里的猫先生
Other Titles: 嗨,你的锅铲
Genre: Urban, Romance, Drama, Comedy
Episodes: 30
Duration: -
Director: Lin Qingzhen
Writer: Yang Yang
Producer: Zhou Tian, Song Qinghe
Product Company: YOUKU
Released Date: -
Broadcast Website: Youku



The comic artist Qi Cheng, who suffers from a social anxiety disorder, is like a solitary cat living in a mansion—delicate and sensitive. He longs for human contact but is afraid of getting close.

Qi Cheng's older brother and sister, in an effort to help him overcome his illness, following the advice of a psychologist, encourage him to create an inspirational food comic. To provide him with creative inspiration, they bring in a private chef named Chi Zhihan, who bears a striking resemblance to the girl Qi Cheng had a crush on in his youth.

As Qi Cheng's private chef, Chi Zhihan's care gradually melts his heart and leads him to step out of the house. However, Qi Cheng discovers that this girl, who always exudes a sunny and radiant smile, also harbors a dark and sorrowful side.

Qi Cheng and Chi Zhihan fall in love, but Qi Ning, who has always protected his younger brother, disapproves of their relationship, fearing that Chi Zhihan's unstable emotions will affect Qi Cheng. Despite this, Qi Cheng and Chi Zhihan join hands to prove that their love is no different from that of ordinary people.

They attend a book signing event for their food comic "The Path of the Cooking God," where Qi Cheng expresses gratitude to everyone for their support and encourages others who, like him and Chi Zhihan, need help to bravely face themselves, believing that with love, they can heal each other.


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