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Make a Wish Miss Xianqi – Emma Wu, Liu Zhiyang

Make a Wish Miss Xianqi is an urban romantic fantasy comedy directed by Derek Wu and starring Emma Wu, Liu Zhiyang, Darren Chiu Kaiwei, Zhao Xiaosu, Lamu Yangzi, and Peng Gaochang.


Make a Wish Miss Xianqi

English Title: Make a Wish Miss Xianqi
Chinese Title: 仙琦小姐许愿吧
Genre: Urban, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Family
Episodes: 33
Duration: 46 min.
Director: Derek Wu
Writer: Derek Wu, Xia Rui, Wei Shenme, He Yuhong
Producer: Li Chunhai
Product Company: PERFECT WORLD
Released Date: 2022-04-07
Broadcast Website: 爱奇艺, 腾讯视频



Chen Xianqi, a young editor of a fashion magazine, accidentally lost a diamond borrowed from the magazine. She mistakenly thought that Xiao Jiayou, a young lawyer intern, had found it and appropriated it.

Chen Xianqi followed Xiao Jiayou, but not only did she fail to get back the diamond, she also lost her job and was left with a huge debt.

When Chen Xianqi was desperate, she accidentally inherited a mysterious bracelet, which she discovered seemed to contain some mysterious power.

Xiao Jiayou accidentally became Chen Xianqi's roommate and shared a two-bedroom apartment with her, which forced them to start a "cohabitation" life.

They used the power of the bracelet to help a lot of people, and experienced a lot of things, the two hearts were slowly coming together.


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