2022 Chinese Drama List

Love The Way You Are – Derek Chang, Judy Qi

Love The Way You Are is a youth healing and inspirational romantic drama directed by Xu Peishan, starring Derek Chang (Zhang Xuanrui) and Judy Qi Yandi.

The drama is adapted from Zhang Haochen’s popular novel “Wo Yu Shi Jie Zhi Cha Yi Ge Ni” and tells the romantic story of Zhen Yuanyuan, a fat girl who becomes supermodel Eva after she slims down successfully and meets her Mr. Charming Ruan Dongsheng again.


Love The Way You Are

English Title: Love The Way You Are
Chinese Title: 身为一个胖子
Genre: Romance, Youth
Episodes: 24
Duration: 40 min.
Director: Xu Peishan
Writer: Xing Yiran, Mi Yuting
Broadcasting Website: MGTV
Released Date: December 18, 2019


Judy Qi Judy Qi as Zhen Yuanyuan
Derek Chang Derek Chang as Ruan Dongsheng
Ma Mengwei Ma Mengwei as Luo Yiren
Qiu Bohao Qiu Bohao as Xiao Lan
Zhang Haoyue Zhang Haoyue as Rui Beika
Xiao Ran Xiao Ran as Ni Hao


EVA, a rising star in the supermodel industry, has a devilish figure and is a very successful model in everyone’s heart.

However, people don’t know that she has a very special physique, she cannot eat more than 1,000 calories a day.

Because of excessive weight loss before, as long as she eats more than a thousand calories, she will become fat.

But after Eva met her schoolboy Ruan Dongsheng, who she once had a crush on, she found that she would not get fat when she ate the food Ruan Dongsheng cooked.

For the food and good figure, EVA stayed with Ruan Dongsheng’s side, but she did not know that Ruan Dongsheng always liked her (the fat Zhen Yuanyuan before).

Finally, they went through all kinds of trials and tribulations. During the period, they gradually developed an affection for each other and started a sweet and youthful love.

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