2023 Chinese Drama List

So It's You – Derek Chang, Luo Yutong

So It's You is a youth drama directed by Luo Huide, starring Zhang Xuanrui, Luo Yutong, Liu Kai, Qin Yijia, and Wang Yilan.

The drama is based on the Korean drama "举重妖精金福珠 /역도요정 김복주". It tells the story of Yuan Lai, a judo girl, and Jiang Gu'nan, a swimming talent, who reunite on the university campus after a childhood separation. They grow up together for their sports dreams and finally reap honest love.


So It's You

English Title: So It's You
Chinese Title: 原来是你
Genre: Youth, School, Romance, Sport
Tag: University, Athlete Male Lead, Athlete Female Lead, Strong Female Lead, Student, First Love
Episodes: 26
Duration: 40 min.
Director: Luo Huide
Writer: Lan Baise, Liu Meili
Producer: Du Xianchao
Product Company: MGTV
Released Date: 2022-12-25
Broadcast Website: MGTV



Tangang City Collegiate League was ushering the battle of champions in Judo.

Shenan University's 19-year-old Yuan Lai was the center of attention. She finally returned to school with a freshly minted gold medal.

Meanwhile, Jiang Gu'nan, a talented swimmer in the Australian training center, returned to Shenan University with regrets after repeated losses.

One is a rising star, and the other is a fallen genius, but they meet because of a shocking hot pot incident.

However, instead of a fairy tale romance, their encounter is like a spark that mars hits the earth, they start an unstoppable relationship.

After all, they have been through together, love has made them better versions of themselves.


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