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Hello My Girl – Ao Ziyi, Huang Cancan

Hello, My Girlfriend is a youth light comedy starring Ao Ziyi, Huang Cancan, Hong Jiantao, Liang Dandi, Cai Xinyang, Lin Junyi and Zhao Yiji.

The drama renders a warm, sweet, and amusing youthful love story after a Shanghai teenager meets a girl in Northeast China.


Hello My Girl

English Title: Hello My Girl
Chinese Title: 侬好,我的东北女友
Genre: Romance, Youth, Urban, Comedy
Tag: Slow Burn Romance, Student, University, Age Gap, Countryside Setting
Episodes: 24
Duration: 26 min.
Director: Xia Jun
Producer: Li Ming
Released Date: 2022-05-10
Broadcast Website: iQIYI, KUKAN, Viki



Yang Yishan, a young man from Shanghai, to pursue an independent life, he studies in northeast China with full of enthusiasm and meets Zhao DuoDuo, a girl from the northeast.

Meanwhile, his aunt, who brought up Yishan, worried about her nephew and coming to accompany him. Zhao Duoduo's father, Zhao Jiefang, becomes her landlord. Duoduo is bent on fixing the two elders up, so she leads Yishan to stand on the same "front".

Under the push of them, the lonely heart of Yang Yishan's aunt for many years was melted by the kind and sincere Zhao Jiefang, and Yang Yishan and Zhao Duoduo also went from dislike to being attracted to each other, becoming happy lovers.


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