2023 Chinese Drama List

Hello Beautiful Life – Mao Xiaotong, Zhang Li

Hello Beautiful Life is an urban romantic drama directed by Liu Yizhi, led by Mao Xiaotong, Zhang Li, Li Zefeng, and Wang Ziyi, with Zhang Kaili and Sun Song in special appearances, co-starring Jin Jia, Yu Jinze, Ning Xin, and Peng Bo.

Set in contemporary Beijing, the drama tells the story of Sun Xin and Sun Xiang, two sisters with very different personalities, who stay true to their hearts and pursue a better life.


Hello Beautiful Life

English Title: Hello Beautiful Life
Chinese Title: 心想事成
Genre: Urban, Family, Life, Romance, Drama
Tag: Food, Blogger Female Lead, Love Triangle, Independent Female Lead, Warm Female Lead, Strict Mother
Episodes: 36
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Liu Yizhi
Writer: Su Peng
Producer: Xia Xiaohui, Liang Zhenhua, Liu Xiaofeng, Gao Hansong, He Mai
Released Date: 2023-03-09
Boradcast Website: iQIYI



Sun Xin and Sun Xiang are two sisters with very different personalities. Sun Xin is bold and adventurous, while Sun Xiang is gentle and kind-hearted. Sun Xin is beautiful and pursues freedom, and she is not afraid to take risks. Sun Xiang is simple and loves to smile and talk.

Their vastly different personalities have led them down very different paths in life. Sun Xin has had great success in the tech industry and has experienced many ups and downs, while Sun Xiang has discovered her passion for cooking and has become a popular food blogger, leading a peaceful and fulfilling life.

From 2012 to 2020, their lives have continued to improve, despite facing many challenges along the way. They remain confident in the future.

Episode Plot

At the breakfast table, Sun Xiang held her phone and couldn’t stop scrolling. Her mother, Li Huilan, was very angry and scolded her for not contributing to the household expenses. Sun Xiang stuttered and couldn’t come up with the money, but her sister Sun Xin generously handed over her own share. Amid their mother’s nagging, the two sisters left for work together. As they were leaving, their mother reminded Sun Xin that it was Sun Xiang’s birthday and to come back early. Sun Xiang rode her bike with her sister through the alleyways, greeting the neighbors as they passed by. By now, public accounts had become popular, and Sun Xin advised her sister that they could earn a lot of money if they became popular on social media. However, Sun Xiang didn’t care about the money and preferred to share her experiences with her followers. She expressed to her sister that she wanted to change her phone because the camera wasn’t working well, and Sun Xin quietly made a mental note of it.

On the way, Sun Xiang suddenly remembered that their childhood friend, Chu Xiaoyu, who had stayed out all night. She complained to Sun Xin about it. Sun Xin didn’t seem to care and brushed it off, but she was actually confident in herself. Chu Xiaoyu had always liked Sun Xin, and the two had been together before, even though they had already broken up. Chu Xiaoyu still couldn’t forget about Sun Xin.

When they arrived at work, Sun Xin began her busy and nerve-wracking workday. She only realized close to noon that her sister had secretly put snacks in her coat pocket. At the same time, she also received a message from her suitor, Wu Jiang, asking to meet her at a coffee shop. Wu Jiang had prepared a promotion gift for Sun Xin, a new phone, and expressed his desire to bring her to work at his company.

The next day, Sun Xin went to work and felt disgusted when she saw the pair of high heels. She threw them in the garbage bin in the bathroom, but unfortunately, the cleaning lady picked them up and Yang Xin saw it. Yang Xin was unhappy about it, but didn’t show it. He called Sun Xin to his office and hinted that if she wanted a promotion, she needed to put in more effort. He invited her to have dinner and meet with clients that evening, and Sun Xin agreed to cooperate without realizing his ulterior motives. When Sun Xin arrived at the restaurant that evening, she saw only Yang Xin. Yang Xin claimed that the client had a meeting and postponed the dinner to another day. Sun Xin was about to leave but was persuaded by Yang Xin to stay because he had already ordered food and it would be a waste not to eat it. During the meal, he purposely got her drunk. Sun Xin was aware of Yang Xin’s intentions and secretly recorded the conversation on her phone. When Yang Xin revealed his plan and offered her a room key, Sun Xin pretended to agree but left immediately and went straight home. When she got out of the car, she was already feeling dizzy. Chu Xiaoyu, who was waiting for her at the entrance of the alley, saw her condition and suspected that something had happened but didn’t know what it was. He helped Sun Xin back home and asked Sun Xiang to take care of her. Sun Xiang helped Sun Xin to bed and discovered a room key in her coat. Meanwhile, Yang Xin was waiting for Sun Xin at the hotel but couldn’t reach her after calling her several times.

The news of Sun Xin being sexually harassed quickly spread, and Wu Jiang was the first to find out. He reminded Sun Xin to be careful and suggested that she resign for her safety. He expressed concern for her and hoped she could work at his company instead. Sun Xin felt that Wu Jiang was being overly cautious and decided to wait for the company to handle the situation.

On the other hand, Jiang Chang’an also approached Sun Xiang, claiming that his mother had suffered a stroke and needed a large sum of money for surgery. He asked Sun Xiang to lend him some money. Sun Xiang was at a loss and decided to stall for time. That night, she met Yu Fei and told him about the situation. Yu Fei couldn’t stand by and offered to help Sun Xiang. He promised to beat up Jiang Chang’an if he came to bother her again. Sun Xiang was very grateful.

After dinner, the two went shopping together and ran into someone cutting in line. Yu Fei got into a fight with the person, and Sun Xiang was dragged into the police station. She was afraid of being scolded by her teacher and called her sister to come bail her out. This was the first time Sun Xin met Yu Fei, and her impression of him was very bad. Sun Xiang didn’t know what to do and kept praising Yu Fei’s bravery and righteousness when they got home, telling her sister that he would help her out.

Sun Xin criticized her sister for having simplistic thinking and said that violence could not solve the problem. She asked Sun Xiang to inform her immediately if she ever encountered Jiang Chang’an again, and promised to handle it herself. Meanwhile, Boss Wang, the company’s leader, was dealing with the sexual harassment issue. However, he and Yang Xin had a close personal relationship, having started the company together. He wanted to minimize the problem and stabilize Sun Xin’s situation by offering her a promotion and raise.

Sun Xiang learned that her sister had resigned. She was filled with righteous indignation and thought her sister should expose them, but Sun Xin considered the impact and decided to hold back. She also told her younger sister not to tell their parents about her resignation. After resigning, Sun Xin lied to her family and claimed she was on vacation. She woke up to hear Sun Jian and Chu Tianming discussing Li Huilan helping to take care of the children. Sun Jian was unhappy that Li Huilan was helping others to take care of children, which affected his daily life and income, and also required him to take responsibility for the children. He wanted Chu Tianming to persuade Li Huilan. Chu Tianming told Sun Jian that Li Huilan had liked children since she was young and couldn’t even take care of herself. Yu Fei and Sun Xiang made plans to have dinner together again and agreed to meet at the entrance of the alley after work. In the evening, Li Huilan helped take care of two children, one was from the Zheng family in the alley, and the other was Cheng Jiaxuan, a notorious troublemaker in the class. Cheng Jiaxuan liked to fool around and was caught slacking off under Li Huilan’s watchful eye. After being scolded by Li Huilan, Cheng Jiaxuan made an excuse to go to the bathroom and ran away. Yu Fei arrived at the entrance of the alley early to wait for Sun Xiang, but was attracted by a group of elementary school students playing games. With his competitive spirit, he challenged them one by one and easily defeated them. He lost track of time. Sun Xiang returned home and hurriedly changed clothes, but then found that Cheng Jiaxuan was missing when she went out to look for Yu Fei. Li Huilan anxiously called on everyone to help find Cheng Jiaxuan, but they searched the entire alley and found no trace of him. Sun Jian accused Li Huilan of causing trouble, saying that she couldn’t afford to take responsibility if the child was lost.

After returning home, everyone scolded Sun Xiang for having an unreliable boyfriend. They said that Yu Fei, who is in his twenties, playing games with children, is clearly immature. Sun Xiang argued with reason and protected Yu Fei comprehensively. Who would have known that when they went out, Yu Fei was waiting at the door. He asked about the situation with concern, and coincidentally met Sun Xin. Sun Xin had some complaints about Yu Fei, and the two exchanged some words. Yu Fei called Sun Xin a rat, which made Sun Xiang very angry and they all went their separate ways.

Sun Xin started looking for a new job. She left home early and returned late without telling anyone. However, the job interviews did not go well. Several companies rejected her for different reasons, which made the previously confident Sun Xin feel very disappointed. Li Huilan felt strange and suspicious because who goes out every day when they are on vacation? She asked Sun Xiang, but Sun Xiang was distracted and accidentally revealed the fact that her sister had resigned. Li Huilan was shocked and immediately called for a meeting with Sun Jian. They finally figured out the whole story. Li Huilan said that Sun Xin was not an easy person to deal with. She was born with a heart disease and had already cost the family a lot of money. Now she resigned without saying anything, what should they do in the future? Sun Jian was indignant when he heard about the sexual harassment and wanted to fight with Yang Xin. Sun Xiang argued that violence cannot solve any problem, and told Sun Jian that someone had already taught Yang Xin a lesson, which stopped Sun Jian from doing anything.

Yu Fei accompanied Sun Xiang home, and on the way they encountered a street performer. Spontaneously, Yu Fei stepped forward and sang a modified version of “Beijing Girl” for Sun Xiang, causing her to laugh out loud. With the sound of music in the background, Yu Fei escorted Sun Xiang to the entrance of the alleyway. Sun Xiang didn’t want Yu Fei to go any further, fearing that they might be seen by the neighbors. They said goodbye at the alleyway entrance, and Yu Fei mentioned that this might be the last time they see each other this year. With snow falling from the sky, the atmosphere was intense, and there was an ambiguous feeling between the two of them. As they moved closer to each other, about to kiss, a woman suddenly appeared from the house and interrupted them. They quickly acted as if nothing had happened. Sun Xiang told Yu Fei to let her know when he was heading home so that she could see him off at the train station.

On Valentine’s Day, the two sisters each received a bouquet of flowers. Sun Xiang was full of naive romantic fantasies about the future, but her sister shattered them by telling her the reality of the job market. Sun Xin, who had been unable to find a job, was a bit discouraged. Her sister comforted her and told her that things would be better after the new year. Sun Xin once again asked Sun Xiang to keep her unemployment a secret. Sun Xiang remembered that she had already let it slip, so she quickly jumped onto the bed to avoid Sun Xin.

On the 29th day of the lunar new year, unlike the deserted streets of Beijing, the HuTong was bustling with activity. Chu Tianming and Chu Xiaoyu came to the Sun family’s home every year to celebrate the new year. They gathered together to have a big dinner and make dumplings. On this day, Sun Jian prepared to write couplets, Sun Xiang cooked the new year’s eve dinner, and Sun Xin came back from outside carrying drinks. As soon as she entered the door, Li Huilan pulled her aside and gave her 100 yuan.

On New Year’s Eve, Li Huilan and Sun Jian were still upset about what happened yesterday. To take care of Sun Xin, Li Huilan specifically prepared two red envelopes for the two girls. Sun Xin got more, and Sun Xiang got less. Unexpectedly, Sun Xiang, who had sharp eyes, noticed it and started making a fuss. She brought up the fact that Li Huilan had secretly taken care of Sun Xin, and everyone became a bit embarrassed.

Then, Sun Xiang told their parents that her sister had known about it all along, and everyone felt relieved. They comforted Sun Xin, saying that it was just a job and not to take it too seriously. Sun Jian even said that even if the two girls didn’t work, the family would be fine.

Looking at the table full of dishes, Sun Xiang remembered the New Year’s Eve dinner she had prepared for Yu Fei. She asked where he lived and prepared to bring him some food. Yu Fei replied that he was at the mouth of Xiaoman Hutong. Upon hearing this, Sun Xiang found an excuse to slip away and went to look for Yu Fei.

There weren’t many people in the hutong on New Year’s Eve. Sun Xiang whispered Yu Fei’s name and suddenly a small firework lit up in the dark. It was followed by a circle of fireworks, and Yu Fei appeared from around the corner, giving Sun Xiang a surprise. Sun Xiang was thrilled, and the two of them secretly chatted in the hutong.

When Sun Xiang found out that Yu Fei hadn’t eaten yet, she ran back home to get the lunchbox she had secretly prepared. Inside the house, Li Huilan and others were making dumplings, but they couldn’t find Sun Xiang. Li Huilan was puzzled and wanted to go out and take a look. Chu Xiaoyu volunteered, saying that his dumplings weren’t that good anyway, and he left.

Before the supermarket closed, the people in the alley came to buy daily necessities in a rush, everyone stocked up on a pile of goods, and before leaving, they took a group photo in front of the supermarket, bidding farewell to the place that had accompanied them for a long time. Sun Xiang, who was unemployed, was idle, and went ice skating with Yu Fei. The two of them played happily. When Yu Fei asked about her job, Sun Xiang hesitated and said she didn’t know what to do. Although the coffee shop owner Yan Xi had long hoped she would come over, she still felt embarrassed to speak up, afraid of being accused of using connections. Yu Fei understood and decided to help Sun Xiang secretly.

On the other hand, Sun Xin smoothly joined the Wujiang Company, and Chu Xiaoyu felt jealous when he learned about it. He pulled Sun Xiang aside and hinted at her. Sun Xiang understood Chu Xiaoyu’s thoughts and said he was not ambitious enough. If he continued like this, he probably wouldn’t have much opportunity. Chu Xiaoyu insisted that he didn’t want to do it, but if he took it seriously, he would do better than anyone else. Sun Xiang pointed out that Chu Xiaoyu was bragging and told him to start taking it seriously if he wanted to pursue Sun Xin, or he wouldn’t stand a chance. Chu Xiaoyu was at a loss for words.

While settling the bill at the coffee shop, Yu Fei took the opportunity to tell Yan Xi about Sun Xiang’s unemployment. Yan Xi was very happy and called Sun Xiang herself, inviting her to come and work. Yu Fei left before Sun Xiang knew it was him who helped. He waited outside the store and met Chu Xiaoyu. Chu Xiaoyu invited him to drink together, but Yu Fei was busy with work and said they could meet next time.

Sun Xin has a lot to learn because she has transferred to a new position. During a meeting, while Wu Jiang was presenting a new website design proposal, Sun Xin noticed that the interface design was very similar to that of a foreign e-commerce site. She raised this concern during the meeting, which caused discontent among her colleagues. However, Wu Jiang thought it was a good thing because it’s better to discover internal issues than to have them pointed out by others when the project is completed. He even invited Sun Xin to dinner, which made her like him even more.

On the other hand, Sun Xiang rides her bike to the coffee shop every day, but she discovered that her bike was vandalized one day. She told Sun Xin about it and also mentioned that she felt like someone was following her lately but didn’t know who it was. Sun Xin thought it might be a prank and advised her sister to go home first and not ride her bike anymore. Sun Xiang was feeling down.

As Sun Xiang was pushing her bike home after work, she met Chu Xiaoyu who commented on her unique bike. Sun Xiang told him about being followed, and he thought it might also be a prank, but he still offered to walk her home to be safe. On the way, Chu Xiaoyu mentioned that he found an investor to open a guesthouse and invited Sun Xiang to join him. With Sun Xiang’s large following on her public account, they would be successful. Chu Xiaoyu believed that if they succeed, Teacher Li wouldn’t prevent him from dating Sun Xin.

Chu Xiaoyu spent a day running around with Sun Xin, and after getting tired, they made plans to meet at a restaurant for dinner. They talked about the past and the future, and sighed about how difficult life can be, encouraging each other to work hard. On their way home, Chu Xiaoyu pretended to be drunk and expressed his feelings for Sun Xin, and they kissed in the alley.

When they got home, Sun Xiang told Sun Xin about what happened, expecting her to praise Yu Fei like she did, but to her surprise, Sun Xin thought that Yu Fei was immature. She advised Sun Xiang to stay away from him after he got into a fight shortly after meeting him. However, Sun Xiang did not listen, and Sun Xin felt helpless.

Time flies,  it was already 2016. Sun Xin gradually adapted to her work, while Sun Xiang was doing well at the café. Their relationship with Yu Fei was also growing stronger. One day, Yu Fei rode Sun Xiang’s electric bike to take her back to the café. On the way, he told her that he had informed his family about their relationship, and his mother wanted to meet her future daughter-in-law. Sun Xiang felt shy and thought things were moving too fast. She asked what would happen if Yu Fei’s mother did not approve of her, but Yu Fei reassured her that it would not be the case. Sun Xiang then asked what would happen if Teacher Li(Li Huilan) did not approve of Yu Fei, and this made Yu Fei hesitant since they had previously had conflicts. Sun Xiang suggested that he should visit her family first, and then they could decide together. Yu Fei happily agreed, and they planned to spend the Chinese New Year together this year.

Sun Xiang was discussing with Yu Fei what gift to give to their parents, but she didn’t take it seriously and thought that a few sweet words would be enough to get the job done. She convinced Yu Fei to buy her an expensive cast iron pot and happily went home.

At home, Li Huilan and Sun Jian were discussing their daughters’ affairs. Li Huilan thought that it was time for their two daughters to get married. Sun Jian had always liked Chu Xiaoyu, but Li Huilan believed that Sun Xin deserved someone even better. They went outside to play shuttlecock and coincidentally ran into Chu Xiaoyu and Sun Xin holding hands on their way back. When Li Huilan saw them together, her face immediately darkened.

Chu Xiaoyu and Sun Xin were caught by Li Huilan and Sun Jian when they came back home. Sun Jian was happy, but seeing Li Huilan’s unhappy face, he quickly pulled Chu Xiaoyu away. Just as they took a few steps, Li Huilan stopped them and said she wanted to talk to Chu Xiaoyu. They all looked at each other and then left.

Li Huilan gave Chu Xiaoyu a serious lecture, saying that although they had grown up together, they were not meant to be together. Sun Xin was always moving up in the world, and there were many people chasing after her. Chu Xiaoyu had no job and no money, and in the future, he couldn’t let Sun Xin follow him to live in poverty-stricken alleys. Chu Xiaoyu wanted to argue, but didn’t know how to speak. Li Huilan explained to them with reason and emotion that if neither of them wanted to be the bad guy, then she would be the one to take care of it.

In the evening, Sun Xiang and Yu Fei were discussing matters related to their public account. Yu Fei said that some recipes were indeed difficult and not very friendly to beginners like him. It would be best if they were as simple as making instant noodles. When it came to cooking, Sun Xiang became excited and remotely taught Yu Fei how to cook noodles. While listening to her instructions, Yu Fei found it troublesome, but still managed to cook the noodles as required.

Sun Xin was attracted by the noodles cooked by Sun Xiang and came over to join her sister for a late-night snack. Suddenly, Sun Xiang received a message from Wang Yibing, which made her anxious. However, she found out that Wang Yibing was actually asking for the “Jingye Fu” (a Chinese New Year’s blessing) and breathed a sigh of relief.

On New Year’s Eve, the two sisters were sticking “Fu” (another Chinese New Year’s decoration) in the yard while discussing this year’s “Collect Five Blessings” activity. They teased Sun Jian for going out every day to look for the “Fu” to collect blessings. While they were talking, Ma Jianjun came back and took photos of the two sisters. They joked that he was secretly taking photos, but he emphasized that it was called “snapshot” and showed them his excellent photography work.

Just then, Sun Jian and Li Huilan came back. Sun Jian showed off the five blessings that he had collected and praised himself for being blessed with wealth. They calculated that with several thousand people collecting blessings, Sun Jian could receive tens of thousands of yuan. Li Huilan was also surprised, and Sun Jian was even more proud.

In the afternoon, the neighbors gathered together to play cards while Sun Xiang was preparing for the New Year’s Eve dinner and urging Yu Fei to come out. Yu Fei sent a selfie, saying that he was already on his way.

After Sun Xin left, Chu Xiaoyu expressed full respect to Yu Fei and revealed to him about the demolition, saying that he could participate if he wanted to. Yu Fei declined, saying that he didn’t have much money and needed to save up for rent. Chu Xiaoyu didn’t insist and reminded Yu Fei not to tell anyone, including Sun Xiang. Yu Fei nodded and expressed admiration for Chu Xiaoyu, even if he had to borrow money to do this, proving that he had deep feelings for Sun Xin. Sun Xiang came back with water and saw Sun Xin standing in the corridor from afar. They both felt a bit awkward after their argument earlier. Sun Xin was holding a lunchbox and everything was understood without words. Sun Xin watched her sister eat and felt sorry for Sun Xiang. Sun Xiang asked if Sun Xin still opposed their relationship, and Sun Xin helplessly said that her opposition was useless. Sun Xiang smiled sweetly upon hearing this. During the New Year, Sun Xiang went to the hospital every day. Yu Fei recovered quickly and wanted to be discharged, but he didn’t want to express it because Sun Xiang was taking care of him. On Valentine’s Day, Sun Xin packed her things to attend a class reunion. As she was about to leave, she received a rose from Wu Jiang’s express delivery. Wu Jiang explained to Sun Xin not to distance herself just because he had confessed his feelings, as they could still be friends even if they couldn’t be lovers. Sun Xin accepted.

In the car, Cheng Liang talked about the past and said that if it weren’t for Sun Xin coming today, he wouldn’t have come to this dinner party. Times have changed, and everyone has changed a lot. Sun Xin also sighed that everything is different now. She used to be the best student in the class, but now she seems to be the worst. In the park, Yu Fei and Sun Xiang were educated by the police. Due to his violent actions earlier, Yu Fei’s wound started bleeding again. Sun Xiang regretted taking her out, but Yu Fei said that he had prepared for today for a long time. He took out his earphones and played “Southern Girl,” which he had recorded earlier, for Sun Xiang. Sun Xiang remembered that all of this was Yu Fei fulfilling his promise and couldn’t help but feel moved. Suddenly, the hospital called urging them to go back. Cheng Liang sent Sun Xin back to the alley and got off the car. Sun Xin walked alone in the dark alley, looking at the night around her. A sense of desolation spread from the bottom of her heart. She felt a little sour in her nose. Instead of going home, she walked in the alley and unconsciously walked to the locust tree. She saw Chu Xiaoyu adjusting the colored lights on the tree. Chu Xiaoyu was surprised by Sun Xin’s sudden appearance and accidentally fell from the tree. Regret and surprise turned into shock. Looking at the silly Chu Xiaoyu, Sun Xin felt a little comforted in her heart. She teased him to give her a surprise. Chu Xiaoyu gained confidence, readjusted the lights, lit up the whole tree, and played music again to express his feelings to Sun Xin, promising to make her happy in the future.

Sun Xin has been concerned about the homestay business and hasn’t heard any news recently. So she went to the yard to check it out herself. When she arrived, she found a group of workers demolishing the decorations. She asked them what was going on and found out that the homestay had been closed for a long time and the boss had run away, leaving the workers to use the items to offset the debt. Sun Xin was furious and called Chu Xiaoyu to ask when this happened. Chu Xiaoyu hesitated and said it had stopped before the Chinese New Year, but he had a Plan B. Chu Xiaoyu told Sun Xin about his long-term rental apartment and said he could make a lot of money from it. He even borrowed a large sum of money and planned to borrow money from Sun Xin. Sun Xin couldn’t believe what she was hearing and asked if he knew about it before Valentine’s Day. Chu Xiaoyu nodded. Sun Xin felt like she had been deceived again and left. When Sun Xin returned to the company, she was restless all day. Wu Jiang noticed that something was wrong and asked her about it. Sun Xin didn’t say much, only that Chu Xiaoyu had deceived her again. Wu Jiang spoke up for Chu Xiaoyu, which made Sun Xin incredulous. Wu Jiang said he was just telling the truth. That night, Sun Xin chatted with her sister and realized that she was more than a week late for her period. Sun Xiang joked that she might be pregnant, but Sun Xin didn’t feel well. They decided to buy a pregnancy test, but to avoid Chu Xiaoyu finding out, Sun Xin asked her sister to buy it while she waited outside the pharmacy.

Excited Sun Xiang took a leave of absence and went straight to Sun Xin’s company, but unexpectedly ran into Wu Jiang picking up takeout downstairs. Wu Jiang recognized Sun Xiang and they talked. Wu Jiang asked about Sun Xin, but Sun Xiang didn’t know how to answer. Wu Jiang told her the story of “carving a boat to seek a sword,” but Sun Xiang didn’t understand it, but still thought he was a nice person. In the café, Sun Xiang held butter and thought about how to write an advertisement. She asked Yan Xi why some people use “carving a boat to seek a sword” to describe emotions. Yan Xi enthusiastically explained that the person may want to express that something lost can never be found again. Sun Xiang pondered and looked up to see Wang Yibing coming to the store to eat. As she left, she coincidentally ran into Sun Xin leaving work. Sun Xin saw the two of them coming out together and couldn’t help but take a closer look at Wang Yibing. Wu Jiang’s ex-girlfriend Xiao Xuan came to Beijing to visit and was asked by Wu’s mother to check if Wu Jiang had a girlfriend. After looking around, she found out that Wu Jiang was still single and immediately guessed that he was in unrequited love. Wu Jiang didn’t confirm or deny it, but Xiao Xuan poured cold water on him, saying that if he hesitated like this, he must not like the other person enough. Otherwise, with his personality, there would be a result. Wu Jiang felt uncomfortable and felt like she hit the nail on the head.

After arguing with Sun Xin, Yu Fei was full of resentment but had nowhere to vent. He couldn’t really leave, so he secretly hid and planned to wait for Sun Xin to finish her surgery before going back to pick her up. In his anger, he ignored the messages sent by Sun Xiang and continued to play with his phone. Suddenly, he heard the sound of brakes, but he didn’t think much of it and continued to ignore Sun Xiang’s messages, which remained unanswered. The sound was actually from a scooter accident that caused Sun Xiang to break her bones and her phone to break. Wang Yibing went to the cafe to find Sun Xiang but found out that she had taken a leave of absence. He then met the two who had just returned from the hospital at the entrance of the alley. Yu Fei was very worried when he saw that Sun Xiang was injured and asked what had happened. Sun Xin told him to go home and talk about it later. Meanwhile, Wu Jiang was at their house. After listening to Xiao Xuan’s words, he decided to give up everything and pursue Sun Xin. He found Sun Xin’s house using the usual address and was ready to confess his feelings to her. Li Huilan was thrilled to hear that Wu Jiang was pursuing Sun Xin and urged Sun Jian to call Sun Xin and ask her to come back. Just as he finished speaking, Sun Xin came back with Sun Xiang, who was being supported by Wang Yibing. Wang Yibing learned about Sun Xiang’s situation and sympathized with her, but when Sun Xiang found out about his feelings, she didn’t accept them. Wang Yibing had to leave, but he ran into Yu Fei on his way out. When he saw Yu Fei’s innocent face, he became angry and stopped him from entering. The two fought at the door, causing a commotion in the yard. Sun Xiang saw Yu Fei fighting again and scolded him as a bastard.

Chu Xiaoyu went to prison, and Chu Tianming was also moving out. Sun Xin had no interest in going to work and stayed at home all day. Wu Jiang found Sun Xin and said he didn’t mind what happened before and was willing to wait for her. Sun Xin was moved and regained her spirits. Meanwhile, Sun Xiang had been waiting for Yu Fei to come find her, but he had not contacted her. She had to go to him, but no one answered the door. Half a year passed, and Wu Jiang had been by Sun Xin’s side all along. His colleagues were moved by him, and Sun Xin gradually accepted him. The two decided to get married. Sun Xiang and Yu Fei still had no contact, but Wang Yibing became more attentive and ran the coffee shop more often. Their relationship gradually grew closer. Sun Xin and Wu Jiang’s progress was fast. Wu Jiang’s family was relatively wealthy, and they had saved some money over the years. The two refused the financial support of Wu’s parents and decided to buy a house themselves. Li Huilan had no demands, and everything was proceeding as planned. Sun’s family was discussing where to hold the wedding banquet, and Sun Jian even took out his secret savings. However, just as they were chatting, a police officer came in, and everyone was nervous due to Chu Xiaoyu’s situation. But it turned out that Sun Jian’s mother, Lei Shimin, had come back.

Sun Xiang organized the neighbors to help and asked Yan Xi to bring long tables and chairs. Wang Yibing also helped out. Sun Xin was hesitant to invite Chu Tianming to the wedding, fearing that Wu Jiang would mind. However, Wu Jiang understood her relationship with Chu Xiaoyu and hoped to receive Chu Tianming’s blessing. Sun Xin was deeply moved by Wu Jiang’s understanding. Sun Jian felt uneasy about his daughter’s sudden marriage and found the suit that Sun Xin had bought him when she graduated. Sun Xiang asked if she should tell Chu Xiaoyu about the wedding, but Sun Xin shook her head. However, Sun Xiang went to visit Chu Xiaoyu in prison and told him about Sun Xin’s wedding. Chu Xiaoyu was not surprised but still found it hard to accept. On the day of the wedding, Wang Yibing greeted everyone as if it were his own affair, but Lei Shiman still couldn’t recognize Wu Jiang. Sun Jian was anxious in the house because a button had fallen off his suit. He found a different one to sew on, but he still felt uneasy. Sun Xin helped her father put on his tie and a button fell out of his pocket. Sun Jian was overjoyed and quickly sewed it back on. Sun Xin laughed and said her father was competing with a button, but Sun Jian said it wasn’t about the button, it was about his daughter’s wedding and he couldn’t hold her back.

The wedding proceeded as planned, and Wu Jiang’s parents also came to the scene. The couple exchanged rings and gave speeches on stage, moving the neighbors. Sun Jian looked reluctant and took out two bottles of Maotai that he had saved for a long time from under the bed, sighing that he had been in a hurry to drink them before, but now he couldn’t bear to. Li Huilan joked that their daughter was still his even after getting married, and it was a happy day today, so he should be happy. Sun Jian then cheered up and went to drink with the in-laws. Wu Jiang and Sun Xin also toasted to everyone, and when they saw Wang Yibing, they told him to work hard. While they were chatting, Chu Tianming arrived, and everyone was surprised. Chu Tianming said that Chu Xiaoyu had a letter to give to Sun Xin. Sun Xin hesitated, but Wu Jiang took it and encouraged her to read it. Sun Xin opened the letter and saw that Chu Xiaoyu apologized to her, admitting his immaturity and finally understanding Li Huilan’s words. Although they had grown up together since childhood, they had grown too far apart, and their pursuits were completely different. They were destined to separate. In the letter, he wished Sun Xin all the best and hoped that her dreams would come true. Sun Xin cried and said that she had known for a long time that they could not be together, but it still hurt. Wu Jiang hugged Sun Xin and comforted her, saying that Chu Xiaoyu truly loved her. Before they knew it, it was the end of the year, and Beijing entered winter again. Sun Xin and Wu Jiang lived together, and Sun Xiang finally had her own room. Lei Shiman did not return to Hainan and stayed in Beijing.

Li Huilan’s re-employment failed, and she felt uneasy about it. Although she didn’t say anything, everyone could tell. Wang Yibing suggested that they take the opportunity to let the elders go on a trip to relax. He also said that Sun Xiang had received an advertisement offer for 30,000 yuan. Sun Xiang was surprised because she had never received such a high price before. But Wang Yibing told her that fortune favors the bold. Soon it was Li Huilan’s last day at work, and she felt even more lost. She had been busy all her life, and the thought of not being able to see those students in the future made her feel empty. Sun Xiang didn’t know how to comfort her, but Ma Shang came up with an idea to hold a retirement ceremony for Li Huilan at a Beijing restaurant in Zhengqian’s house. They contacted the people in the alley without telling Li Huilan, hoping to give her a surprise. Wang Yibing also took leave to help and asked about the advertisement offer from last time. Sun Xiang said she turned it down because the quality wasn’t good enough. Wang Yibing was surprised because it was worth 30,000 yuan. He didn’t understand why Sun Xiang refused it, but Sun Xiang said that she had to be responsible to her fans and only promote products that she believed in.

On Sun Xiang’s side, due to the demolition, the café may also have to close. Everyone doesn’t have much of an idea. Yan Xi is waiting for the landlord’s notice, while Sun Xin took the initiative to find General Liang because Wu Jiang has not promoted him. General Liang publicly criticized Wu Jiang, thinking that he was avoiding suspicion too much. Wu Jiang accepted it on the surface, but he was a bit resentful in his heart. Everyone came back for a meal on the weekend, and Wang Yibing also joined in. When he learned that they couldn’t find the property certificate, he was also very concerned and took the initiative to help Sun Jian search for it. Unexpectedly, Sun Xin found out and went to confront them. She drove away Wang Yibing and criticized Sun Jian for letting an outsider help. Sun Jian didn’t think much of it and just said he was careless. Unexpectedly, their conversation was overheard by Wang Yibing at the door, and his self-esteem was hurt. He left on his own initiative, and Sun Xiang found out about it. Sun Xiang said that her sister drove away Wang Yibing and argued with Sun Xin. They both refused to back down. At a critical moment, Lei Shiman spoke up, and they calmed down. Sun Xiang went to complain to their grandmother, saying that Wang Yibing kindly helped them find the property certificate, but was driven away by her sister. Lei Shiman was puzzled as to why they needed the property certificate. Sun Jian said that the house was going to be demolished and they needed proof. Lei Shiman pointed upwards and said that the property certificate was not there.

Sun Xin and Wu Jiang knew that their family was short of money, so they took out their savings, but they had just bought a house and paid the down payment, so they didn’t have much left. They still needed half of the money. Sun Jian suggested asking their older brother for some money, but Li Huilan was afraid that it would lead to other issues. She suggested taking out a loan and paying it back when the compensation money came in. Everyone was busy raising money and no one noticed that Sun Xiang’s birthday was coming up. Wang Yibing offered to celebrate her birthday by taking everyone out to a restaurant. On the day of her birthday, everyone gathered together and Wang Yibing gave Sun Xiang a set of tableware, hoping that they could get married in the future. Everyone was surprised by his proposal, and Sun Xiang was taken aback and said she needed to think about it. Le Shi Man saw that someone was giving gifts and gave Sun Xiang a stack of old banknotes. Everyone didn’t think much of it, but Wang Yibing was surprised to find that the stack of old banknotes was the first edition of the People’s Bank of China’s large black ten, which was worth tens of thousands of yuan on the market. Sun Jian was overjoyed and sold it with Wang Yibing to raise the money they needed for the house. To thank Wang Yibing for his help with the house, Sun Xiang specially made a table of food to reward him. Li Huilan and Sun Jian also had a good impression of him. When they talked about the future, Sun Xiang thought about focusing on running her public account, although the advertising revenue was unstable, it still provided some income.

Wang Yibing was also anxious to get married. He privately approached Sun Jian and Li Huilan, but they couldn’t speak for Sun Xiang. Wang Yibing was disappointed and went to find Sun Xiang. He saw Sun Xiang coming out of a cafe in a hurry and followed her. Sun Xiang and Yu Fei were in a relationship, and Yu Fei had set Sun Xiang as his emergency contact. One day, Sun Xiang received a call from Yu Fei’s company saying they couldn’t reach him. She found him at his rental house. From Yu Fei’s roommate, Sun Xiang learned that Yu Fei’s mother was sick. For the past year, Yu Fei had been shuttling between Beijing and his hometown, working during the day and delivering food after work. As they were talking, Yu Fei came back, looking thinner and darker. Sun Xiang expressed her purpose for coming, but they both felt awkward since they hadn’t seen each other for a long time. Yu Fei suggested they have dinner, but Sun Xiang asked about Yu Fei’s mother. Yu Fei shook his head and said she had undergone two surgeries and couldn’t move anymore. The doctor said there was no need for further treatment. Sun Xiang didn’t know what to say. Yu Fei asked how she was doing, and Sun Xiang told him she might be getting married soon.

The time came to March 2018, and Sun’s mother was packing up the house and saying goodbye to each room. She looked at the portrait of her grandmother on the table, and memories of the days they spent together flooded her mind. After carefully wrapping the portrait in black cloth, she placed it in the prepared box and looked back at the small courtyard where she had lived for most of her life. The courtyard now felt empty and she felt like something was missing. Sun’s father sat in the yard, looking at the decades-old hawthorn tree, and shed tears of nostalgia. Sun Xiang, who was busy cleaning up the yard, also remembered playing with the other children in the alley when she was young. But now everything had changed. Sun’s family and neighbors took a final group photo in the courtyard, which was not just a home for them, but also held many beautiful memories that would never return.

In October 2018, Sun Xin gave birth to a baby named Ruyi and became a full-time housewife. Sun’s mother was delighted to see the baby in the stroller. Meanwhile, Qian Mo helped Sun Xiang’s public account attract an investor named Boss Wang. Wang Yibing and Qian Mo sang praises in front of Boss Wang, not giving Sun Xiang a chance to speak. The investor was successfully won over, but Sun Xiang was not happy about the investor’s demand for daily updates on the public account. Sun Xiang found it difficult to even update weekly, but Wang Yibing comforted her and convinced her to take it slow and find a solution.

On the other hand, Wu Jiang worked late every day and only came home late at night. He took a day off to have dinner with his family, and after dinner, Sun Xin and Wu Jiang confessed that they wanted to go back to work. Wu Jiang used Ruyi as an excuse and asked Sun Xin to wait a few more months, to which she reluctantly agreed.

Sun Xiang and Wang Yibing walked together on the street and took a taxi to apply for the business license for Li Xiang Shi Xin Yu. But no one expected that the driver of the Didi was Chu Xiaoyu. Sun Xiang recognized him at a glance, and the two looked at each other in surprise. Sitting in the car, Sun Xiang sat in the front passenger seat and chatted with Chu Xiaoyu, while Wang Yibing in the back seat seemed like an outsider who couldn’t join the conversation. Watching Chu Xiaoyu drive away, Sun Xiang sighed at the changes of time. The current Chu Xiaoyu is no longer the same as he was in the past. He has become mature, steady, and down-to-earth. Time will always smooth out a person’s rough edges.

Sun Xiang, Wang Yibing, and Qian Mo looked at the studio’s environment together and imagined what it would look like after being renovated in the future. On the other side, after work, Chu Xiaoyu received Xiao Ya. Even though it was very cold in Beijing in winter, Xiao Ya didn’t forget to bring Chu Xiaoyu some warm Dongbei-style food. The two of them drove together to the hutong and looked at the old locust tree that still stood tall and proud. Chu Xiaoyu finally let go of his worries.

The legal representative of Li Xiang Shi Xin Yu’s business license written by Sun Xiang was Wang Yibing. To commemorate the establishment of the studio, Sun Xiang, Wang Yibing, and Qian Mo took a photo together as a keepsake. Sun Xin, who was taking care of her child at home, looked at the group photo posted by Sun Xiang on her WeChat Moments with envy, her eyes shining. But looking at the soup boiling on her stove and the crying child in her house, her life was full of helplessness.

In the evening, Chu Xiaoyu invited Sun Xiang to eat hot pot. The two discussed what had happened over the years. When Chu Xiaoyu heard the news of Sun Xin having a child, his movements with the hot pot stopped for a few seconds. On the other hand, because of his absence, Boss Qian was very dissatisfied with Li Xiang Shi Xin Yu. He was also hesitant about the proposed contract, but under the persuasion of Qian Mo and Wang Yibing, Qian Zong was finally convinced.

Under the persuasion of Qian Mo and Wang Yibing, Sun Xiang accepted Boss Qian’s investment and established a studio. Although she did not want to accept Boss Qian’s condition of two product placement ads per week, Wang Yibing analyzed the pros and cons with her and she eventually compromised. When they were applying for a business license, Wang Yibing and Sun Xiang met Chu Xiaoyu, who had just been released from prison. Chu Xiaoyu had become an online car-hailing driver after his release. Sun Xiang complained that he didn’t even tell her he was out, but Chu Xiaoyu just smiled and didn’t answer. They made an appointment to have dinner together later. The studio “Xiang Shi Xin Yu” was officially established and temporarily operated in Sun Xiang’s apartment. Sun Xiang did not like Boss Qian and was not interested in running a studio, so she registered the company under Wang Yibing’s name. Wang Yibing worked hard for the studio and signed contracts with Qian Mo and Boss Qian while drinking. Boss Qian was unhappy that Sun Xiang, the core member, did not attend, but Wang Yibing made an excuse that Sun Xiang was sick and promised to be in charge. This enabled them to secure the contract, which meant they had one million yuan. Wang Yibing was very happy. Meanwhile, Sun Xiang was having dinner with Chu Xiaoyu. They talked about the past and present. Sun Xiang told him that Sun Xin had given birth to a child and was now a full-time mother. She also asked Chu Xiaoyu to visit her sometime, but Chu Xiaoyu shook his head and declined, saying that he didn’t want to cause any trouble. They talked for a long time, and when Sun Xiang was on her way home, she received a message from Wang Yibing saying that he was waiting for her at the apartment.

After Sun Xiang’s studio was officially established, they immediately started promoting products. Boss Qian sent over shampoo, fitness pants, and self-heating hot pot, but Sun Xiang didn’t like any of them. However, due to the contract, she had to pick one to promote. Fortunately, the hot pot wasn’t completely useless, so she reluctantly accepted it. Wang Yibing volunteered to help and said that since the product was fine, the ad copy was just a formality. He and Qian Mo could handle it. Sun Xiang didn’t really care about this matter, so she handed it all over to them.

Wang Yibing and Qian Mo got to work with enthusiasm, taking photos and working on the ad copy. When they finished, they proudly showed it to Sun Xiang, but she thought it was utter nonsense and scolded Wang Yibing for not knowing anything. She decided to do it herself. Although Wang Yibing was scolded by Sun Xiang, he didn’t care. He and Qian Mo did a site visit to prepare for the later shopping trip. He thought that since they had already earned the money, if Sun Xiang wanted to nitpick everything, it was her own problem.

The two talked about the past and the future. Wang Yibing boasted that he had money now, but Qian Mo joked that 1 million in Beijing wasn’t enough for a down payment. He was now relying on Sun Xiang, and if they broke up someday, he wouldn’t be anything.

After Sun Xiang left, Wang Yibing was still excited. He called his mother to share the good news that they could be reunited soon. Meanwhile, he reported to Boss Qian about Sun Xiang’s refusal and felt that she was disrespectful. Boss Qian pressured Wang Yibing to take action, so he decided to take matters into his own hands and launched the hot pot advertisement that Sun Xiang had previously rejected. The next morning, Sun Xiang saw the advertisement on the public account and went to confront Wang Yibing. However, he was prepared and had bought a ring to propose to her and ease the tension.

On the other hand, Sun Jian suffered a stroke due to long-term alcohol consumption and happened to be encountered by Yu Fei, who was there to discuss business with Sun Xiang. Yu Fei quickly took Sun Jian to the hospital, leaving Sun Xiang preoccupied with her father’s condition. When she arrived at the hospital, everything had already been taken care of by Yu Fei. After greeting Wang Yibing, Yu Fei left, leaving Wang Yibing with a sour expression.

Inside the hospital, Sun Xin was holding Ru Yi and talking to Wang Yibing, accusing him of being too self-important and demanding that he delete the advertisement. Wang Yibing felt that Sun Xin was being too controlling and believed that Xiang Shi Xin Yu was created by him and Sun Xiang, not her. Sun Xin emphasized that Xiang Shi Xin Yu was Sun Xiang’s creation, not Wang Yibing’s, which caused a conflict between them.

Sun Xin looked at the drunken Sun Xiang with some confusion. When she saw the two of them leave anxiously, she became even more suspicious. She searched the room and finally found a clue from the computer. The browsing history showed a change in the public account. Sun Xin inwardly cursed that this wasn’t good. On the way back, Wang Yibing and Qian Mo were both nervous. Wang Yibing suppressed his excitement, while Qian Mo felt disappointed in himself for what he had done. The next morning, the two of them went to the notary office just as Sun Xin and Sun Xiang were standing there. Sun Xiang looked at them in disbelief. Sun Xiang and Wang Yibing broke up. Sun Xiang didn’t understand why Wang Yibing had turned into this. The public account owed a large sum of money and had been suspended, and Sun Xiang hadn’t updated it for a long time. That day, Yu Fei called to ask about advertising. Sun Xiang told him that she might not do it anymore. Yu Fei was surprised and asked what was going on. Sun Xiang told him the whole story, and they both felt regretful. Sun Xin gradually accepted the life of a housewife, spending time with Ru Yi, shopping, cleaning the house, and cooking for Wu Jiang when he came home from work. She even learned several dishes specifically for him. The sense of loss from losing her job gradually faded away, and Sun Xin had to accept this kind of life.

Xu Ting is still ordering food for Wu Jiang. Sun Xin is busy shopping alone while driving and taking care of Ru Yi. Soon it’s the 2019 New Year, and Sun Xin stays in Beijing with the old Sun family to celebrate the Chinese New Year with Ru Yi. Wu Jiang returned to his hometown in Anhui alone. Sun Jian is very happy that the two stayed in Beijing, feeling that it’s like living in a hutong again, just lacking the New Year atmosphere. At night, Li Huilan and Sun Xin make the bed. Li Huilan mentions that she knows that the two have had conflicts and says that in marriage, one needs to accommodate each other. However, Sun Xin says that she wants to go back to work. Li Huilan looks at Sun Xin and recalls her own youth, expressing support and saying that women need to be independent. Sun Xin has been thinking about what Wu Jiang said to her about being worthless, feeling very uncomfortable. She thinks back to the conversation she had with Sun Xiang about the studio a few days ago and suddenly makes a decision to return to work. She sent a message to her old friend Cheng Liang, hoping that he could take over Xiang Shi Xin Yu. That night, Sun Xin and Sun Xiang sleep together and talk about the past and present. Sun Xiang asks if her sister has achieved her original dream of having a home, her own house. Sun Xin doesn’t answer directly, expressing her desire to return to work. Sun Xiang says she doesn’t understand, but Sun Xin doesn’t explain further, only encouraging Sun Xiang not to give up on Xiang Shi Xin Yu. Sun Xiang hesitates, saying she hasn’t given up but doesn’t know what to do. Sun Xin suggests that she start her own business, but Sun Xiang thinks she can’t do it.

Sun Xiang was enjoying making delicious pastries while Wu Jiang thought Sun Xin was joking when she said they would raise the child together. But on Tuesday, Sun Xin became the boss and left the child with Wu Jiang. Sun Xin and Sun Xiang went to meet Cheng Liang, leaving Wu Jiang unprepared. He had to leave Ru Yi with Li Huilan and pick her up later. Cheng Liang quickly dealt with Xiang Shi Xin Yu’s debt problem and enthusiastically helped them rent a new office. He even offered Sun Xin his capable assistants. With everything in place, they were ready to shine. Sun Xin and Sun Xiang busied themselves with research and topic selection. Meanwhile, Wu Jiang had to take care of the child, doing laundry, feeding, and cleaning the house, which left him short on time and caused him to make mistakes at work. One day, Wu Jiang left the child with Sun Jian, planning to quickly return after work. But he suddenly received an invitation to dinner with clients, so he had to call and say he would be late to pick up Ru Yi. Eventually, he had to ask Sun Xin for help with picking up the child. When Sun Xin finished work and went to pick up Ru Yi, they found she was sick. They rushed her to the hospital but thankfully, it was nothing serious, just a fever.

Wu Jiang was taking care of his child at home while also working. One day, he needed to sign a document for his company, so he had his intern Xu Ting bring the document to his house. Xu Ting was fond of children and had experience taking care of her nieces and nephews, so she was able to help Wu Jiang with many things like changing diapers and feeding the baby. They talked about their families and Xu Ting expressed a desire to have a family of her own, which resonated with Wu Jiang.

On the way back from Cheng Liang’s company, Sun Xiang and Sun Xin noticed a lipstick left behind in Wu Jiang’s car. Sun Xin suspected it was not her own and wanted to go home to check. The plan presented by the foodie sisters was approved by Cheng Liang, and everyone started to work on it. Although Sun Xiang was hesitant, no one supported her, so she agreed to try it out by taking some pictures. When the video came out, everyone thought it was good except for Sun Xiang, who believed that it was not what a foodie account should be like. Since Sun Xiang was firm in her beliefs, no one said much about it and the matter was temporarily put on hold.

Because of Xu Ting’s help, Wu Jiang gave her a set of skincare products as a gift, and they became closer. Sun Xin noticed a change in Wu Jiang’s behavior at home and recalled Xu Ting’s situation from before, so she became suspicious. At night, when Wu Jiang was asleep, Sun Xin checked his phone and found frequent chat records between Wu Jiang and Xu Ting, although they were not explicit.

Sun Xin woke up and received a message that Sun Xiang had agreed to the foodie sister’s plan. Sun Xin was a bit surprised, but she understood that her younger sister was taking care of her. A series of videos quickly followed, and as Wen Zhu predicted, the two quickly captured the public’s attention with their style. Xiang Shi Xin Yu immediately became popular and became a hot video account. Cheng Liang saw that the timing was right and began to push for the next round of financing to further expand the business. However, Sun Xiang gradually became depressed and unhappy in this day-to-day life. Since Xiang Shi Xin Yu became popular, Sun Xiang had no time to focus on her own things or study her own recipes. She could only attend event after event and participate in live streams with her sister. Sun Xiang expressed her dissatisfaction several times, but her sister just told her it would be better after this period of time. Sun Xin was focused on work and rarely had time to spend with Ru Yi except for occasional moments when she would bring her food and toys. Since their last argument, Sun Jian had not let Sun Xin into their home and missed Ru Yi very much, but whenever he thought of Sun Xin, he became angry. He refused to reach out to her and could only persuade Sun Xiang to bring Ru Yi back. Sun Xiang tried to resolve the conflict between the two by encouraging Sun Jian to contact her sister, but he didn’t buy it. Sun Xin was also strong-willed and refused to take the initiative, so the father and daughter remained at odds. One day, Cheng Liang brought in several other investors to discuss brand transformation.

Sun Xiang sleeps until late morning every day in the countryside and helps Yu Fei with his busy online store during her free time. Sun Xiang leads an ordinary life here, without videos, without the internet, and without anyone forcing her to socialize. She feels extremely relaxed, which is the life she longs for. Sun Xin’s parents were having dinner when Sun Xiang called to report her safety. Sun Xin asked where Sun Xiang was, and when she heard her sister was nearby, she quickly hung up the phone. Sun Xin understood that her sister was avoiding her. Sun Xin faced immense pressure as her long hiatus caused her fans to lose interest, and even the company’s employees, Cheng Liang and the investor, were dissatisfied and even suggested replacing Sun Xiang. Sun Xin did not express her opinion, knowing that Cheng Liang was right, but she was reluctant to do so. All the pressure fell on her shoulders. One day, Yu Fei took Sun Xiang to pick vegetables, and Sun Xiang had a great time playing. Yu Fei asked her the same question again, “What do you actually want to do?” Sun Xiang knew the answer but was afraid to face it. Yu Fei saw Sun Xiang’s inner conflict and told her that some issues would inevitably have to be faced, and running away could not solve anything. This reminded her of Sun Xin. That night, Sun Xiang reviewed her journey and thought of everything. Suddenly, she made up her mind and sent Sun Xin a location. Sun Xin received it, went to fetch Sun Xiang back, and told Wen Zhu to prepare the shooting plan, ready to start when they got back.

Sun Xiang took over all the responsibilities and realized that her sister, Sun Xin, was even busier. The reason why Sun Xin went to Shenzhen was to pursue her own career and to exchange with Cheng Liang. In order to return Xiang Shi Xin Yu to Sun Xiang, Sun Xin promised to participate in Cheng Liang’s overseas short video project and may even be stationed abroad in the future. Sun Xiang completely took over the management of the account and decided to operate it in her own way. First, she got rid of the pre-made meals and also removed the so-called “beauty” image. Wen Zhu questioned the core competitiveness of Xiang Shi Xin Yu. Sun Xiang told her that the recipes were their most important asset, and all their energy should be focused on them. This time, Yu Fei and Sun Xiang came back together. Sun Jian was very excited to see Yu Fei again and remembered that he had not thanked him for saving his life. He invited him to dinner and asked if he had a girlfriend, hoping to set him up with Sun Xiang again. However, Yu Fei said that he wanted to focus on his career for now and would consider relationships later. Sun Jian and Li Huilan were a little disappointed, but also felt that Yu Fei had matured.

Suddenly, it’s 2021 and the outbreak in Wuhan has spread throughout the country. People are confined to their homes and unable to go to work. Sun Xiang is very cautious and disinfects everything when she goes out to pick up packages. She is worried about her daughter, Sun Xin, who is far away in Shenzhen. So, they connect through video calls. Sun Xin is also forced to take time off from work and stay home. She misses her family and children.

Sun Xiang is staying with her parents and suddenly has some free time, making everyone at a loss about what to do. Watching medical staff working hard on the front line, everyone is a bit anxious. Yu Fei takes the lead and joins the volunteer team, contributing his own efforts. Sun Jian praises him endlessly. At night, Sun Xiang video chats with Yu Fei and asks him why he is doing this. Yu Fei tells her that he just wants to help and will do whatever he can. Sun Xiang is deeply touched and is also thinking about what she can do. After much thought, she decides to reshoot short cooking videos, teaching people who are stuck at home how to cook. Without any fancy gimmicks or eye-catching copy, she focuses on the simple and detailed recordings of the videos, providing only the most practical techniques.

Yu Fei came to Sun Xiang’s home after returning from the epidemic area, and patiently waited for her while she was being interviewed by reporters. After the interview, Yu Fei expressed his feelings to Sun Xiang and she also had a crush on him, so they reconciled. Sun Jian saw this through the crack of the door and was very happy. Sun Xiang heard that Ziyang Network was about to close due to the epidemic, so she urged Sun Xin to come back and work on their public account. Sun Xin made all kinds of excuses, but Sun Xiang invited her to come back to attend her and Yu Fei’s wedding.

Today is Sun Xiang and Yu Fei’s big day, the Sun family is decorated, and Ma Jianjun and Zhang Bi come to help out while Ma Shang takes on the role of videographer. Sun Jian calls Chu Xiaoyu, who agrees to come and congratulate them. Sun Xiang can’t get through to Sun Xin’s phone, and she is very anxious.

Sun Xin arrives in time for the wedding and everyone is very happy. They hug tightly and Li Huilan and Sun Jian are moved to tears. Sun Xin is excited to see her daughter Ru Yi, who is about to start kindergarten and decides to stay and watch her grow up. Li Huilan is deeply relieved. Yu Fei comes with flowers to welcome the bride and they get married amidst the blessings of their family and friends.

Sun Xin wholeheartedly helps Sun Xiang run their public account and the sisters work together seamlessly. Their business thrives and they both find their own place, achieving their goals.

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