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Fish Show You – Zhang Yao, Tang Min

Fish Show You is a modern fantasy romantic drama directed by Qiu Haozhou, led by Zhang Yao and Tang Min, co-starring Kevin Xiao, Ma Shujun, Fan Xiaodong, Wei Ling, Li Nuo, Li Mengying and Du Shuangyu, with special appearances by Tao Huimin and Yang Ziyan .

The drama tells the story of An Xin'er, who falls into the sea and is rescued by Yu Sheng, who takes revenge for her injustice with a new face and falls in love with Yu Sheng.


Fish Show You

English Title: Fish Show You
Chinese Title: 鱼生知有你
Other Titles: Fish Knows You
Genre: Urban, Romance, Fantasy, Drama
Tag: Interspecies Romance, Betrayed by a Lover, Revenge, Merman Male Lead, Rich Female Lead, Screenwriter Female Lead
Episodes: 18
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Qiu Haozhou
Writer: Chen Sisi, Li Nuo, Wang Yue
Producer: Zhang Datong, Hu Ke
Released Date: 2023-06-15
Broadcast Website: Youku,, 优酷



An Xin'er, a girl from a wealthy family, falls into chaos after being framed for her mistaken lover and is saved by a simple and kind-hearted Yu Sheng. With his help, she is cured of her strange illness and emerges from the shadows to write a new life.


Yu Sheng comes from the planet Kepler. Due to water resource issues on Kepler, his father sent him to Earth. During the journey, his father gave all the water to Yu Sheng, allowing him to survive and arrive on Earth. Growing up in the ocean, Yu Sheng's greatest wish every day is to listen to a little girl playing the guitar by the seaside. When the little girl sees him, she invites Yu Sheng to play with her. At this moment, three little boys see Yu Sheng's tail and mistake him for a monster, wanting to capture him. The little girl tries to stop them but gets pushed down. Seeing Yu Sheng about to be captured, the little girl picks up her guitar and rushes towards the three boys, scaring them away. Yu Sheng, frightened, struggles and accidentally transfers the energy crystal to the little girl. The girl, An Xin'er, is sought after by her parents and grandmother. Yu Sheng has no choice but to hide.

From then on, Yu Sheng roams in the ocean, but he never forgets the little girl who saved him. However, despite sensing the energy stone multiple times, he never receives any feedback. On the other hand, due to the injection of the energy stone, An Xin'er's skin grows many scales, preventing her from facing the world with her true appearance. She can only hide herself humbly behind a veil. An Xin'er's parents try various methods to cure her peculiar illness, but they fail. They attempt to find another way to help An Xin'er regain confidence in life, and that's when Ling Zhi enters An Xin'er's life. His enthusiasm and thoughtfulness move An Xin'er, and she opens her heart to accept Ling Zhi's love.

An Xin'er's father, after years of hard work, creates Jiangnan Film and Television. However, due to excessive exhaustion, he becomes seriously ill. On his deathbed, he leaves a will, stating that An Xin'er will inherit 70% of the shares of Jiangnan Film and Television, and the remaining 30% will be gifted to An Xin'er's fiancé, Ling Zhi. Ling Zhi will become the general manager of Jiangnan Film and Television, responsible for its management and operation. He must take care of An Xin'er for her entire life. If they divorce or if he has a change of heart, all the property will be returned, and he will leave with nothing. Ling Zhi pretends to refuse to sign the will, stating that he doesn't want others to think he married An Xin'er for her family's wealth. An Xin'er, confused by Ling Zhi's actions, transfers all the shares to him. Ling Zhi achieves his goal and begins his sinister plan.

An Xin'er falls from a yacht and is spotted by Yu Sheng, who has now become a handsome young man with long hair. He recognizes An Xin'er as the little girl from years ago and uses his energy stone to revive her, as she has lost consciousness. He also helps her remove the scales from her body. When An Xin'er wakes up, she has lost some of her memories, but she still remembers her fiancé, Ling Zhi. She mistakes Yu Sheng for a fraud. However, Yu Sheng presents the energy stone and shows her that the scales on her face have disappeared. Finally, An Xin'er believes him and learns that Yu Sheng is an extraterrestrial from the planet Kepler.

An Xin'er, with her newfound ability to hear others' voices at a distance like Yu Sheng, no longer believes that Ling Zhi is innocent. She realizes his true nature when she overhears his illicit affairs with other women while her whereabouts were unknown. An Xin'er contemplates how to deal with the situation. Knowing that her uncle's family is untrustworthy, she seeks help from her grandmother. Her grandmother is excited to hear that An Xin'er is alive and knows that Ling Zhi is behind everything. She instructs An Xin'er to discuss a solution with her aunt and asks Yu Sheng to take care of An Xin'er's safety.

After thinking it through, An Xin'er decides to go to her aunt alone and not involve Yu Sheng in her troubles. However, Yu Sheng can't let her go alone. He follows the address to An Xin'er's aunt's house. An Xin'er has already knocked on her aunt's door. In the past, her grandmother and father had kicked her aunt out of the house, so An Xin'er is unsure if her aunt will help her. She can only leave it to fate.

An Xin'er came to find her aunt, An Huixiang, for help, but An Huixiang still resented the scene of being driven out of the An family. She instructed Afang not to open the door for An Xin'er under any circumstances. Afang followed her instructions, so An Xin'er could only return disappointedly. However, she didn't give up and shouted before leaving that she would definitely come back.

Yu Sheng exerted great effort to catch up with the bus and finally reached it. However, he was refused entry by the driver because he didn't have any money. He walked aimlessly on the street, but luckily, a delivery boy saw him and kindly stopped to inquire. Yu Sheng showed him An Huixiang's address, and since the delivery boy was going in the same direction, he gave Yu Sheng a ride.

Yu Sheng arrived at An Huixiang's house and knocked on the door with force. Afang came out and asked, repeatedly claiming that there was no one named An Huixiang here. However, Yu Sheng recognized the person standing on the second floor as An Huixiang. Despite that, Afang still didn't let him in. Yu Sheng was exhausted, and he urgently needed to recharge in water. After observing his surroundings, he noticed a small fish pond in An Huixiang's house and decided to dive into it to recharge.

An Xin'er worked at a restaurant opposite her aunt's house, hoping to be closer to An Huixiang's home. She learned from the delivery boy that Yu Sheng had come looking for her, so she hurriedly ran to her aunt's house to check. She happened to see Yu Sheng trying to squeeze through the crack in the main gate. With her help, Yu Sheng finally managed to enter and recharge in the small fish pond. His huge blue fish tail became visible, and An Xin'er was very worried about her aunt finding out. Fortunately, everything went unnoticed.

An Xin'er gave the money she earned from work to Yu Sheng and asked him to return to his own home. However, Yu Sheng refused, insisting on staying because An Xin'er had energy stones on her. He demanded that An Xin'er return the energy stones to him within one hundred days. Helpless, An Xin'er had to find a place for him to stay. The next day, she brought scissors to cut Yu Sheng's hair since his current appearance made it difficult for him to find a job. Yu Sheng hesitated, but for the sake of finding work, he agreed. Someone nearby was interested in Yu Sheng's long hair and offered to buy it for two hundred yuan. The deal was made.

An Xin'er brought Yu Sheng, with his new haircut, to the restaurant where she worked. She had already instructed him on how to present his pitiful situation, hoping that the boss would provide him with a place to stay and any kind of work. With their joint efforts, the boss finally agreed, as it was just a matter of providing a pair of chopsticks for accommodating this free labor. Their goal was to persuade An Huixiang to take in An Xin'er. Therefore, the next day, Yu Sheng kept an eye on Afang, who was dancing in the square, while An Xin'er went to An Huixiang's house. Yu Sheng dutifully watched over Afang, and when they were about to leave due to rain, Yu Sheng used his martial arts to disperse the clouds. Several street dancers who wanted to claim the territory for their dance gave up after seeing Yu Sheng's performance. Afang was very grateful to Yu Sheng.

An Xin'er finally managed to get her aunt to open the door, but An Huixiang wore a frosty expression, bringing up the cruel treatment she received from the An family in the past. Since they treated her that way back then, the life and death of the An family had nothing to do with her now. Helpless, An Xin'er played her trump card and mentioned how her grandmother had always cared for her, keeping her silk scarf and photo from the past, and how her grandmother provided the startup capital for her business. Although An Huixiang acknowledged her ability to help the An family, she believed An Xin'er was not worthy because it was due to her that the An family lost their wealth. Despite An Xin'er being driven out of the house again, An Huixiang's heart was in turmoil. Afang returned home and sensed that something was wrong. An Huixiang questioned her about the startup capital, and Afang had no choice but to admit that it was secretly provided by An Xin'er's grandmother, and she was instructed not to let An Huixiang know.

With heavy rain pouring down, An Xin'er stood in the rain, trying to use a pitiful act to win her aunt's forgiveness. Yu Sheng approached her with an umbrella, but no matter how they tried to persuade her, An Huixiang remained unmoved. Unable to bear seeing her niece suffer in the rain, An Huixiang reluctantly allowed Afang to bring them inside. She agreed to help An Xin'er but set three conditions: First, An Xin'er must focus wholeheartedly on her studies and not get emotionally involved with any man. Second, she must follow An Huixiang's arrangements without making her own decisions. Third, Yu Sheng should come and go without appearing in front of her again.

An Xin'er sought her aunt's help with great difficulty and naturally refused to give up easily. However, she couldn't bear to let Yu Sheng leave, so she agreed to An Huixiang's conditions and planned to persuade her to accept Yu Sheng later. Because Yu Sheng helped Afang save the day, Afang also spoke up for him. In addition, An Xin'er claimed that Yu Sheng's dullness was due to brain damage from lack of oxygen when saving her. An Huixiang agreed to let Yu Sheng stay.

An Huixiang began to mentor An Xin'er, instructing her to bring out the scripts she had written and the completed works to carefully compare them and identify areas where she lacked experience. This would help improve her abilities and skills. An Xin'er was busy improving herself and had no time to take care of Yu Sheng. When Yu Sheng tried to approach her proactively, he was pulled away by Afang to accompany her while she went grocery shopping. An Xin'er realized she had been neglecting Yu Sheng and took the initiative to communicate with him. Curious, Yu Sheng asked why she wanted to break through from scriptwriting, and An Xin'er explained that she wanted to weave a big net to ultimately capture Lingzhi. Yu Sheng expressed his desire to learn about human culture, so An Xin'er brought him to the library the next day. Unexpectedly, Yu Sheng's superpower was incredibly powerful. He could grasp information at a glance and quickly learned a lot of knowledge, leaving An Xin'er feeling inadequate.

An Xin'er suddenly discovered that Yu Sheng had many pearls in his bag. Yu Sheng said he had found them in the sea. An Xin'er immediately sold these pearls and went on a shopping spree with Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng also wanted to wear high heels but accidentally fell into An Xin'er's arms. An Xin'er felt a bit uneasy. She asked Yu Sheng if their planet was dominated by female fish, to which Yu Sheng replied that on their planet, male fish protected female fish, and his protected target was called Yujiao. Yujiao had come to Earth in search of Yu Sheng and, after failing to find him with energy stones, used her powers to locate him through a fishnet descending from the sky.

An Huixiang summoned An Xin'er and informed her that her new name was Li Ning. The company she founded was called Hua Ning Film and Television and was quite famous in the industry. The internal venture capital of Hua Ning was about to begin, and major film and television companies would pay attention and invest in the winning project. An Huixiang wanted to bring An Xin'er to the company and provide her with a new identity, opening the path of revenge as Li Zixin, her apprentice. An Xin'er's arrival brought pressure to the employees of Hua Ning Film and Television. They all speculated about her true identity, including the former elite Gao Meng, who felt her position in the company was being challenged.

The maternal clan had been trying to contact Yu Sheng, but he did not respond. Yu Sheng talked to a small fish, pouring out his heart. Initially, he always wanted to return to his own planet, but now he was conflicted. An Xin'er found Yu Sheng and asked him to help her gather inspiration from the sea. For Yu Sheng, this was an easy task, and he was willing to serve An Xin'er. However, during this time, a shark had its fins cut off and became food for humans. Yu Sheng was furious and insisted on teaching those hunters a lesson, but An Xin'er stopped him. She wanted to solve this problem through writing.

An Xin'er decided to write a work that would protect marine creatures, hoping to resonate with the audience and inspire them to protect marine life. However, Gao Meng and An Huixiang poured cold water on her idea. They believed An Xin'er's original intention might be good, but from the perspective of film and television works, it lacked a selling point. Yu Sheng was delighted to learn that Yujiao had come to find him. When he played and frolicked with Yujiao, An Xin'er saw them and couldn't help but feel jealous. Yujiao noticed the relationship between An Xin'er and Yu Sheng and immediately asked Yu Sheng to kill An Xin'er. It took a lot of persuasion for Yu Sheng to convince Yujiao to spare An Xin'er. He then took Yujiao out for a meal, and her mood improved.

Lingzhi and Xiala came to visit An Huixiang, intending to cooperate with Hua Ning Film and Television to enhance the reputation and revenue of Jiangnan Film Industry. An Huixiang was pleased with this development, considering it the first step in dealing with Lingzhi. She wanted to stimulate his appetite. Afang's son, Ye Ran, was An Huixiang's godson, and he was the most suitable person to take the lead. When An Xin'er saw Lingzhi and Xiala being affectionate, she couldn't suppress her anger and quickly approached An Huixiang to discuss revenge strategies.

An Xin'er hurriedly came to find her aunt and asked if she agreed to cooperate with Lingzhi. She believed that only by pulling Lingzhi into this circle could she make him lose everything. An Huixiang knew that An Xin'er was eager for revenge, but there was only one opportunity, and if they couldn't strike a fatal blow, there might be endless troubles. An Xin'er also didn't have absolute confidence, so An Huixiang advised her to learn patience and find the best timing. Yu Sheng told Yujiao that he hadn't retrieved his energy crystal yet, so he had to stay here for a while. Yujiao knew that he couldn't let go of An Xin'er, so she directly came to find her and explained that Yu Sheng didn't belong to this planet. He was still responsible for finding water resources for the Kepler planet.

Yu Sheng also knew that he would leave sooner or later. He spoke of farewell to An Xin'er and apologized for the fish scale disease she contracted when she saved him years ago. An Xin'er realized that he was the little boy from back then, but she didn't blame Yu Sheng. She believed that everything was destined, and she hoped that both of them could stay firm. An Xin'er's work, "Love of the Deep Sea," went through internal voting at Hua Ning. After further revisions by her, Gao Meng was convinced and cast his vote for An Xin'er, declaring her the winner. An Huixiang proposed that An Xin'er should be the screenwriter, but Gao Meng would be the producer. An Xin'er was confused and asked her aunt for the reason. An Huixiang told her that if she wanted to defeat Lingzhi completely, she had to present the best work. As a newcomer, if she played against Lingzhi, she might be kicked out. The next step was for her to undergo a year-long special training to prepare for a high-profile comeback in the future.

Soon, it was the Mid-Autumn Festival. An Xin'er marked down the hundredth day since Yu Sheng's departure on the calendar. An Huixiang came to visit her, and she already knew that Yu Sheng was not mentally impaired. An Xin'er intentionally concealed it from her. An Xin'er explained that she grew up under the protection of her parents and grandmother, but later she was deceived by Lingzhi. She always appeared as a subordinate. It was only in front of Yu Sheng that she found herself again. She couldn't bear to let Yu Sheng leave, and An Huixiang understood her feelings and consoled her. An Huixiang called Yu Sheng to her home and used the Mid-Autumn Festival as an excuse to clarify his relationship with An Xin'er. Yu Sheng was willing to devote himself to An Xin'er, and An Huixiang asked him to make himself stronger, so he could be a worthy teammate for An Xin'er. Yu Sheng nodded, indicating his understanding.

Yu Sheng went to see An Xin'er, and they reluctantly bid farewell to each other. An Xin'er returned the energy crystal to Yu Sheng through a kiss. Their past memories flashed before their eyes, warm and unforgettable. Since their separation was inevitable, they wished each other well. After Yu Sheng returned, he remained gloomy and refused to go out under the pretext of recovering his physical strength. Yujiao knew that he was depressed and tried to persuade him to cheer up, but nothing seemed to work no matter what she tried.

One year later, Li Ning, the CEO of Hua Ning, made a high-profile comeback with her disciple, Li Zixin, bringing a new work called "She's Back." Other film and television companies were highly interested and wanted to benefit from it, including Lingzhi, who attended the unveiling event with Xiala. The president of Ji Investment, Ji Fanyi, commanded his subordinates to invest alongside any work introduced by Li Zixin, and he wanted to occupy a large share. The secretary speculated that he was pursuing Li Zixin, who was likely his childhood sweetheart.

An Xin'er dressed stylishly and assured her aunt that she would handle everything. She was also prepared for revenge against Lingzhi. As soon as An Xin'er appeared, she attracted everyone's attention and became the most eye-catching focus of the unveiling event. Many attending bosses handed her their business cards, hoping to collaborate further. An Xin'er specifically approached Lingzhi and Xiala because Yu Sheng had already undergone plastic surgery for her, and Lingzhi couldn't recognize her. Xiala became jealous and complained that Lingzhi didn't introduce her as his girlfriend.

Regarding Ji Investment's involvement, An Huixiang welcomed it as it would be more advantageous to suppress Lingzhi. Of course, Ji Fanyi's goal was for An Xin'er. Unlike before, when he didn't care about works, he even intervened in the casting process. Popular celebrity Li Li came for an audition. Although he had many fans, his actual acting skills and level were not commendable. An Xin'er looked at the recommended talents for "Swan Plan" and was shocked to see Yu Sheng among them.

After reading Yu Sheng's information, An Xin'er immediately rushed over to find him. When she saw Yu Sheng, the person she had been longing for day and night, An Xin'er threw herself into his arms to express her yearning. Then she asked Yu Sheng why he didn't leave with Yu Jiao. Yu Sheng told her about his experiences over the past year. Yu Jiao saw that Yu Sheng's heart and eyes were filled with An Xin'er, so she didn't ask her to leave with him to find water resources. When Yu Sheng returned and wanted to find An Xin'er, he was stopped by Sister Ting. Sister Ting gave him advice. If he really wanted to help An Xin'er, he should become a frontline celebrity and improve his own strength. With Sister Ting's help, after a year of intensive training, Yu Sheng became a competent intern actor.

Yu Sheng's performance in the audition was remarkable, much better than the popular star Li Li. The judges also recognized him. But when Ji Fanyi saw An Xin'er's gaze towards Yu Sheng, he naturally voted against him, stating that Yu Sheng was not well-known enough and Li Li's acting skills were too poor. Since the crew was not short of money, they could slowly find actors. When An Xin heard his explanation, she didn't fight for Yu Sheng anymore. After the audition, Ji Fanyi caught up with An Xin'er and invited her to dinner. Yu Sheng was also waiting outside to have dinner with An Xin'er. An Xin'er chose Yu Sheng, leaving Ji Fanyi feeling depressed.

Yu Sheng personally cooked a Western meal for An Xin'er and acted like a domineering CEO while serving her. However, An Xin'er laughed at him, saying he was too greasy. Yu Sheng felt a bit down. Why was it that when others did this, they were called a domineering CEO, but he became greasy? He clearly saw that An Xin'er's face turned red, indicating that she felt something about his actions. When An Xin'er didn't know how to respond, Ling Zhi called and wanted to talk to her. An Xin'er immediately agreed to the appointment. Facing her former lover, An Xin'er behaved naturally and mentioned Ling Zhi's relationship with Xia La. Ling Zhi didn't avoid the topic, but said it wasn't the right time to announce it publicly yet. He was preparing to fully invest in the new drama to help Xia La secure the leading role. An Xin'er mentioned that Ji Fanyi's Devil Capital had already invested fully in this drama. If Ling Zhi really wanted to invest, she had a way to make Ji Fanyi give up some shares, but with different rights. It was a bit unfair for Ling Zhi, so she asked him to think about it.

Back at home, An Xin'er reported her conversation with Ling Zhi to her aunt. An Hui Xin advised her not to push too hard and scare Ling Zhi away. Then she told An Xin'er something. She wanted to go on a retreat for a while and entrusted the entire company and project to An Xin'er to handle. An Xin'er felt sorry for her aunt, as she had involved her in her revenge plan, but she agreed to the request. In fact, An Hui Xin had a serious illness and didn't want An Xin'er to be distracted, so she used this excuse to go away for treatment.

After thinking it over, Ling Zhi agreed to An Xin'er's request. He could invest in the project without interfering in content management. The only condition was to let Xia La play the female lead. After hesitating, An Xin'er proposed letting Xia La play the second female lead. Ling Zhi had ulterior motives for investing in this project. He wanted to use a hit drama to promote the company's listing. For this reason, he sought financing from investors. The investors knew his company well and proposed that if he could bring the popular star Li Li to this drama, they would invest. So, Ling Zhi approached the well-known agent Su Qing, who was also a shareholder in his company. With the temptation of going public, he asked her to take care of Li Li.

Su Qing intervened, and Ye Ran had to give her face, but An Xin'er was not so willing. She insisted on letting Li Li and Yu Sheng compete in a performance to decide the male lead. After seeing Yu Sheng's rehearsal, Su Qing thought he was more capable than Li Li. After Li Li watched the rehearsal video of Yu Sheng, he felt pressured and asked Su Qing to find a way to prevent Yu Sheng from appearing in the competition. Ji Fanyi's subordinates found relevant evidence proving that Li Zi Xin was An Xin'er. Ji Fanyi immediately went to find An Xin'er to confirm. At first, An Xin'er was unaffected, but when Ji Fanyi used Ling Zhi's matter to trick her, An Xin'er showed a flaw. Ji Fanyi became more certain that the person in front of him, Li Zi Xin, was his childhood sweetheart, An Xin'er.

An Xin'er slapped Ji Fanyi, indirectly admitting that she was indeed An Xin'er. Ji Fanyi was so excited that he hugged her. An Xin'er felt a bit awkward and forcefully pushed Ji Fanyi away. She then explained that she had lost some of her memories and couldn't remember anything that happened on the yacht that day. After being rescued, she recovered from her illness and her appearance changed to what it is now.

When Ji Fanyi heard about Ling Zhi's plan to seize the An family's assets, he was furious and wanted to confront Ling Zhi. However, An Xin'er stopped him, stating that they needed to carefully consider the matter. If they acted hastily, it would disrupt their subsequent plans.

Yu Sheng asked Sister Ting what it feels like to like someone. Sister Ting said it's wanting to be with that person every moment. Yu Sheng immediately admitted that he might have developed feelings for An Xin'er and asked if he should tell her. Faced with such straightforwardness from Yu Sheng, Sister Ting didn't know how to advise him. Assistant Xiao Cao overheard their conversation and encouraged Yu Sheng to bravely pursue An Xin'er. He said that if Yu Sheng didn't make a move, someone else might snatch the opportunity.

Yu Sheng told An Xin'er that when he rescued her, he found a cell phone with the name Shang Zhan on it. Shang Zhan was Xia La's husband, who had passed away shortly after An Xin'er fell into the water. It seemed that this was not a coincidence but a conspiracy involving Ling Zhi and Xia La. An Xin'er decided to find that cell phone and see if they could find any clues. They returned to Yu Sheng's spacecraft and found Shang Zhan's phone, but it couldn't be unlocked. Even the experts in the phone shop couldn't help because it was a custom-made model with strict anti-theft password protection. However, there was a wealthy second-generation person who might be able to unlock it. This person was An Tianmin. Whether he would be willing to help or not depended on his interest.

When An Xin'er heard this name, she became excited. She asked the phone shop owner to arrange a meeting with An Tianmin because he was her cousin. An Tianmin arrived as scheduled. He believed that his sister would not commit suicide and had been investigating the incident. Now that he saw An Xin'er, he was very happy and promised to help her decrypt the phone. However, each phone of this kind corresponds to a decoder, and Su Qing had the contact information of the decoder. An Xin'er had to play a game of cat and mouse with Su Qing to pique her interest. She was unwilling to compromise on the matter of Li Li playing the male lead. Su Qing found An Xin'er a difficult person to deal with, and after Ling Zhi learned the details, he asked her to think of a solution. The company's listing depended on it.

Yu Sheng accompanied An Xin'er to a psychology class. Using the techniques taught by the teacher, he indirectly discovered that An Xin'er had feelings for him. An Xin'er didn't want to get entangled in another emotional dilemma, especially since Yu Sheng didn't belong to this planet. She wondered if he would stay for her sake. Yu Sheng said he just wanted to confirm her feelings so he would know how to help her. He prepared to send An Xin'er back, but Ji Fanyi intercepted them and stubbornly got into An Xin'er's car, taking her to watch a movie. He had the rhythm of not giving up until he had her.

Ji Fanyi booked the entire theater and deliberately created an ambiguous atmosphere. An Xin'er felt uncomfortable. At that moment, Yu Sheng called and said he wanted to take her to see a movie. An Xin'er had no choice but to agree. They watched the same movie again, but this time with different companions. Yu Sheng used the tactics taught by Xiao Cao to approach An Xin'er, but it didn't have the desired effect. During a break when An Xin'er went to buy water, Ji Fanyi came in and warned Yu Sheng not to ruin An Xin'er's revenge plan. After watching the movie, Yu Sheng decided to give up competing for the male lead role. In his eyes, those things weren't important. He came back solely to help An Xin'er. However, An Xin'er didn't want him to give up. Persuaded by her, Yu Sheng finally changed his mind and agreed to participate in the upcoming competition.

Upon learning that Yu Sheng had decided to participate in the competition, Su Qing became anxious. She knew Li Li's abilities better than anyone, and in terms of fairness, he would undoubtedly be inferior to Yu Sheng. However, Ling Zhi didn't see it that way. If Yu Sheng couldn't appear at the competition, Li Li would undoubtedly be the only choice for the male lead.

An Xin'er had made up her mind and insisted on having Yu Sheng play the male lead. This would restrain Ling Zhi and foil his plan to go public. However, the final voting results were unpredictable, and An Xin'er needed Ji Fanyi's support. An Xin'er made an appointment with Ji Fanyi and explained her position. Ji Fanyi said he could vote for Yu Sheng, but on the condition that An Xin'er became his girlfriend. He didn't value fame and fortune; he just wanted to win over An Xin'er. This infuriated An Xin'er, and she stood up and left, warning Ji Fanyi that if he pursued girls in this manner, he might end up lonely.

Ling Zhi instructed Su Qing to find a way to prevent Yu Sheng from participating in the competition so that Li Li could win without a fight. Su Qing, driven by self-interest, had Li Li arrange a dinner with the art director and invited Yu Sheng as well. She used alcohol as a tool during the meal. Xiao Cao thought of it as a trap, but Yu Sheng insisted on going. As expected, Su Qing and Li Li did their best to make Yu Sheng and Xiao Cao drink. Yu Sheng quickly became intoxicated, and even Xiao Cao, who usually had a high alcohol tolerance, couldn't hold on for long. Both of them ended up unconscious on the table.

When Yu Sheng woke up in a daze, he was awakened by the police. The vehicle he was in was blocking the road, and Xiao Cao's whereabouts were unknown. With a strong smell of alcohol on his breath, the police had no choice but to take him to the police station. Su Qing, who was hiding nearby, immediately called Ling Zhi and reported that everything had been taken care of. However, unbeknownst to them, a vehicle across the street had captured everything on its dashcam. The competition was approaching the next day, but Yu Sheng couldn't be reached. Sister Ting, suspecting that Su Qing had plotted something behind the scenes, wondered what she had done to Yu Sheng. Su Qing, feigning innocence, claimed she knew nothing and that Xiao Cao had been the one to take Yu Sheng home last night, although Xiao Cao couldn't remember anything due to being heavily intoxicated.

Li Li arrogantly participated in the competition, and Ling Zhi insisted that if Yu Sheng didn't show up, his qualification would be revoked. An Xin'er was also anxious and could only delay the time by using Ji Fanyi's absence as an excuse. Ling Zhi urged the director to let Li Li perform first. If Yu Sheng still didn't show up after Li Li's performance, Li Li would have enough reason to challenge Yu Sheng. However, Li Li was merely a popular star with exaggerated and lacking expressive acting skills. The director shook his head after watching his performance, and even Ling Zhi felt a bit embarrassed. But for the sake of his plan, he had no choice but to support Li Li. Just when everyone thought it was a settled matter, Yu Sheng unexpectedly arrived at the scene. With An Xin'er's cooperation, he presented the script's intended emotions perfectly, gaining the director's approval. However, the director was easily swayed, and although he thought Yu Sheng's acting was superior, he knew that Li Li was a popular star who guaranteed box office success. So he remained neutral, while Ling Zhi naturally supported Li Li, and An Xin'er voted for Yu Sheng. The final decision on the male lead role would be made by Ji Fanyi.

Ji Fanyi arrived late, but his presence was enough to change the whole situation. The arrival of two traffic police officers made Su Qing nervous, and they asked her to cooperate with their investigation at the police station. Ji Fanyi voted for Yu Sheng, ultimately standing on An Xin'er's side. Su Qing paid a fine and had her driver's license confiscated. Just as she left the police station, she received a call from an unknown person claiming to have a video that implicated her in framing Yu Sheng. Su Qing had no choice but to meet this person. The person who recorded the video turned out to be An Tianmin, who used the video to obtain the contact information of the decoder for Su Qing's phone, which belonged to Shang Zhan. However, to unlock the phone, proof of Shang Zhan's death was required, and that evidence was in the hands of Shang Zhan's personal nurse, Zhuang Xiaoqiao. Zhuang Xiaoqiao had returned from abroad and planned to fight a legal battle over the inheritance with Xia La. If Su Qing could help her win the lawsuit, she believed she could provide the necessary conditions.

After finding out that Yu Sheng had feelings for An Xin'er, Ji Fanyi joined the competition. The two of them dressed up handsomely and invited An Xin'er to dinner together, clearly showing their competitive attitudes. An Xin'er frowned upon seeing this. Unable to compete with Yu Sheng, Ji Fanyi resorted to a plan where he pretended to break his arm for An Xin'er. However, Yu Sheng saw through his scheme and advised him not to compete with him anymore, as he had no chance of winning. Ji Fanyi argued that An Xin'er wasn't Yu Sheng's either, but Yu Sheng proudly proclaimed that he was An Xin'er's. Ji Fanyi refused to give up and attempted to get closer to An Xin'er by helping her find Zhuang Xiaoqiao. Yu Sheng refused to back down and did his best to assist An Xin'er. Seeing the two of them chasing after her like a pair of clowns, An Xin'er couldn't help but feel frustrated. Finding Zhuang Xiaoqiao was currently the top priority, and she had no time to consider personal matters.

Xin Qing came over for an actor audition. As she came down the stairs, she nearly stumbled, but Yu Sheng happened to see her and went forward to help her. Xin Qing heard that he was the male lead and very handsome, but when she tried to exchange contact information, Yu Sheng said he only had one WeChat contact and no email, clearly indicating his refusal. Disappointed, Xin Qing left. Suddenly, Yu Sheng remembered that he had seen Xin Qing somewhere before, so he stopped her and asked if they had met before. Xin Qing thought he was playing hard to get and using a clichéd pickup line, but she still added Yu Sheng on WeChat. An Xin'er saw this and felt jealous.

An Xin'er pulled Yu Sheng aside and, with a hint of jealousy, reminded him not to add strangers on WeChat. Yu Sheng mentioned that he had seen Xin Qing before but couldn't remember where exactly. After the day's auditions, the director suggested casting An Xin'er as Yu Sheng's first love interest in the play. An Xin'er refused, citing her lack of acting skills. Ji Fanyi also noticed the interaction between Yu Sheng and Xin Qing and thought that if he could link them together, he would have one less formidable rival. So he agreed with the director's suggestion, but ultimately, An Xin'er vetoed Xin Qing's casting.

Xin Qing tried to get closer to Yu Sheng through WeChat, but he didn't respond at all. However, Yu Sheng suddenly recalled something and compared a photo of Zhuang Xiaoqiao with Xin Qing's photo, realizing that they were the same person. He immediately informed An Xin'er, who was surprised by the unexpected discovery and praised Yu Sheng. Seizing the opportunity, Yu Sheng confessed his feelings to An Xin'er, but she told him she had more important things to do at the moment and it wasn't the time for romance. Besides, Yu Sheng would leave once he found the water resources he was searching for. However, Yu Sheng said he could stay for her and asked if she could be his girlfriend. An Xin'er's heart raced, and she shyly said she would consider it.

The next day during the script reading, Xin Qing arrived promptly after receiving notice from the crew. An Xin'er asked Yu Sheng to assist Xin Qing, and he dutifully followed An Xin'er's instructions. However, he seemed a bit too enthusiastic, which sparked An Xin'er's jealousy. Ji Fanyi approached An Xin'er, hoping to get closer to her, but she didn't give him the chance. Ji Fanyi had no choice but to take it slowly. An Tianmin visited his sister and inquired about the progress with Zhuang Xiaoqiao. He sensitively noticed that his sister seemed more interested in Yu Sheng. An Xin'er hurriedly denied it. At that moment, Ji Fanyi approached her and learned that she had been feeling down lately. He insisted on taking her shopping, and An Xin'er couldn't refuse. She didn't have time to inform her hiding brother and went out with Ji Fanyi.

While Yu Sheng was accompanying Xin Qing to try on shoes, they coincidentally ran into An Xin'er and Ji Fanyi. An Xin'er liked the shoes Xin Qing was wearing, and Ji Fanyi generously bought all the shoes in the store, including the pair Xin Qing was wearing. An Xin'er didn't want Xin Qing to feel embarrassed, so she immediately suggested giving the shoes to her as a gift. Sensing An Xin'er's displeasure, Yu Sheng made an excuse and left Xin Qing. Xin Qing noticed that Yu Sheng's shoelaces were untied and voluntarily bent down to tie them for him. This scene was captured by a paparazzo hiding nearby. In reality, Xin Qing had arranged for the paparazzo to capture the moment to boost her own fame and ultimately compete with Xia La for Shang Zhan's inheritance.

Yu Sheng tried to contact An Xin'er, but she didn't answer his calls or messages. Helpless, Yu Sheng went to her room to find her and gave her a watch as a gift, expressing his love once again. An Xin'er felt happy inside but requested some time to consider. Yu Sheng made a pact with her that the day she wore the watch would be the day she agreed to be his girlfriend.

Filming for "She's Back" officially began. Ling Zhi and Xia La saw Xin Qing at the opening ceremony and recognized her as Zhuang Xiaoqiao. They knew she was up to no good, but since she didn't have any leverage, they didn't pay too much attention to her.

Yu Jiao returned, but due to a damaged energy crystal, she couldn't find Yu Sheng. She had to seek help from the fish kept in the restaurant. The restaurant owner saw her and assumed she was mentally ill. Yu Jiao punished the fish for lying to her but got caught by the owner. As compensation for the fish she had destroyed, the owner made her wash dishes. Yu Jiao sneaked in to take the necklace but was discovered by a waitress, leading to an argument. Ji Fanyi saw the situation and wanted to help Yu Jiao, but her attitude made him change his mind.

An Xin'er wanted to extract more secrets from Xin Qing, so she asked Yu Sheng to invite her out. Xin Qing thought Yu Sheng was inviting her out for a meal alone, so she dressed up beautifully for the appointment. Unexpectedly, An Xin'er also showed up. An Xin'er got Xin Qing drunk, and Xin Qing asked Yu Sheng to take her home. She held onto his neck and refused to let go, confessing her feelings to him. Yu Sheng, feeling nervous in the presence of An Xin'er who was hiding nearby, tried his best to explain that he had no relationship with Xin Qing at all. Luckily, An Xin'er was there, otherwise Yu Sheng wouldn't have been able to make it clear.

An Xin'er reminded Yu Sheng to ask about the will. Xin Qing claimed that her father had already passed away, and there were many versions of the will, but in the end, it was changed to give all the wills to that dead woman. Yu Sheng lied and said he had a terminal illness and wanted to see what her father's will looked like. Xin Qing used this as a condition to make Yu Sheng her boyfriend. An Xin'er couldn't bear it and intervened forcefully, but ended up hurting her leg. Yu Sheng had to support her and leave Xin Qing's house.

Yu Sheng was worried about An Xin'er's leg injury and didn't let her walk at all. He carried her horizontally at first and then carried her on his back back to the apartment. Just as they arrived, Ji Fanyi walked out of the apartment. Seeing the intimate appearance of the two, Ji Fanyi felt extremely lost. He didn't expect An Xin'er to reject his confession and instead throw herself into Yu Sheng's embrace. Moreover, this Yu Sheng seemed to be emotionally confused. An Xin'er asked Yu Sheng to go back first as she wanted to have a good talk with Ji Fanyi. After all, he was the major shareholder, and losing his support would affect her revenge plan. Ji Fanyi also wanted to make a final attempt, but An Xin'er had already made up her mind. She thanked Ji Fanyi for his help but couldn't repay him with her feelings.

In the end, Ji Fanyi chose to leave. He wasn't withdrawing his investment but was going to find evidence that Yu Sheng was playing both sides. If it could be proven that Yu Sheng was a two-faced person, perhaps An Xin'er would change her mind and come back to him. With this plan in mind, Ji Fanyi coincidentally encountered Yu Jiao by the seaside. Due to the lack of energy crystals, Yu Jiao was in a semi-stagnant state. She only had one thought in her mind, which was to find Yu Sheng. However, she didn't know what Yu Sheng looked like or where he lived. A kind-hearted boss took her in and let her work at his restaurant, allowing Yu Jiao to survive. Ji Fanyi decided to bring Yu Jiao back and expose Yu Sheng's true face.

The next day, Xin Qing woke up from a hangover and forgot the scene of drinking too much the previous day. While filming, she accidentally called the male lead's name wrong and directly called out Yu Sheng's name. The director criticized her for not separating acting and personal life. Xin Qing felt embarrassed. She knew that An Xin'er treated Yu Sheng well and worried that she would miss her chance. So she took advantage of a break in filming to confess her feelings to Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng said he already had someone he liked and firmly rejected Xin Qing. Xin Qing pretended to be calm on the surface but felt extremely ashamed inside.

In order to quickly increase her popularity and have the capital to confront Xia La, Xin Qing deliberately created a scandal with Yu Sheng, using him as a stepping stone to gain fame. Yu Sheng explained to An Xin'er that it was just a publicity stunt by others, and they were innocent. An Xin'er chose to believe Yu Sheng, but Ji Fanyi stood up for her. With the spread of public opinion, Yu Sheng was smeared as a controversial artist. Ling Zhi took the opportunity to make a move and planned to replace Yu Sheng, as this would allow Li Li to take over and he could secure financing to solve the current crisis of the company.

An Xin'er would never let Ling Zhi succeed so easily. She claimed that Yu Sheng was framed and set a three-day deadline to find evidence proving that someone was behind all this.

An Xin'er and Tingjie found Xin Qing and tried to persuade her to come forward and explain the situation for Yu Sheng. However, Xin Qing refused to cooperate because she wanted to increase her popularity. In the past, her Weibo posts only received one or two likes, but this particular post received over 50,000 likes. It was her only chance to become famous in her lifetime. An Xin'er questioned her if she was willing to let Yu Sheng suffer injustice and ruin his career just for the sake of fame. Xin Qing believed that being famous would allow her to do many things, and since Yu Sheng had rejected her without any mercy in the past, she wanted to maximize her own benefits. The two had a heated argument, but Xin Qing didn't expect that An Xin'er had already recorded their conversation.

An Xin'er arranged for Tingjie to hold a press conference to clarify the Yu Sheng incident. The entertainment reporters relentlessly questioned Yu Sheng's infidelity, but Tingjie claimed that the rumors were unfounded. Yu Sheng also appeared and stated that he had someone he liked, but the reporters refused to believe them and demanded evidence. Helpless, An Xin'er took the stage and raised Yu Sheng's hand, showing their matching couple watches on their wrists as proof of their love. Then, An Xin'er played the recorded conversation between her and Xin Qing, proving that Yu Sheng had been set up and freeing him from the scandal of being a bad artist.

Seeing the truth exposed, Xin Qing offended An Xin'er. With her days on the set numbered, she called her mother to apologize for messing things up and said she was ready to go back. At that moment, An Xin'er came to find Xin Qing and offered to help her win the inheritance lawsuit as a condition for their cooperation.

In order to bring Yu Jiao back and prove that Yu Sheng was a scumbag, Ji Fanyi did everything he could to please Yu Jiao, even helping her with chores like washing dishes and cleaning. However, Yu Jiao believed in living in the present and cherishing the life in front of her. She wanted to forget the painful memories of the past, and Ji Fanyi couldn't force her to leave. He had to gradually win her over. Ji Fanyi endured experiences he had never encountered before for the sake of An Xin'er. Finally, he managed to touch Yu Jiao's heart, and she agreed to leave with him. However, they encountered a typhoon on the way. All boats sought shelter in the harbor. Ji Fanyi went to negotiate with the boat owner, but when faced with the choice between money and human lives, the boat owner chose the latter. When Ji Fanyi returned, there was no response when he knocked on the door. He had waited in the rain for too long and fell ill. Yu Jiao took up the responsibility of nursing him. She strictly followed the instructions of the village leader, even though Ji Fanyi refused to have an IV because he was afraid of needles. But for An Xin'er, he was willing to do anything. After the typhoon passed, the village leader reluctantly bid farewell to the two of them and entrusted Ji Fanyi with taking care of Yu Jiao and helping her find her family, to which Ji Fanyi agreed.

The crew members were discussing Xin Qing's situation, thinking that she had no face to stay on the set. However, Xin Qing returned to the set as if nothing had happened. Xia La was furious when she saw this and tried to persuade Xin Qing to leave. Xin Qing retorted, pointing out that Xia La had a hidden agenda for wanting to get rid of her. She mentioned that there were obvious problems with her father's final will. In the past, her father would make a new will every year, with herself and her mother as the primary heirs. But the last will had changed, and it must have been Xia La's doing.

Xin Qing sincerely apologized to Yu Sheng, but he didn't pay much attention to it. He said that through this incident, he confirmed An Xin'er's feelings for him. From that perspective, he should thank Xin Qing. They could still be friends in the future. Yu Sheng learned the secret of human love from Xiao Cao when he was young, and that was romance. So he carefully designed a romantic scene in his room, filled with flowers, balloons, and their photos. An Xin'er was moved by Yu Sheng's thoughtfulness, and the two shared a passionate kiss. Just as things were about to progress further, An Xin'er's phone rang at an inappropriate time. It turned out that An Tianmin had cracked Shang Zhan's phone password.

Yu Sheng and An Xin'er went to find An Tianmin. From the pictures on Shang Zhan's phone, they deduced that he had discovered Ling Zhi and Xia La's affair two years ago. He had invested in Jiangnan Entertainment with the intention of removing Ling Zhi from the company. To be prepared for unforeseen circumstances, he made a new will every year for his illegitimate daughter abroad. Ling Zhi and Xia La, upon learning about this, conspired to kill Shang Zhan and alter the will. Now their goal was to find relevant evidence to prove that Shang Zhan was not a victim of illness but a deliberate murder, and that the crime scene was on the yacht.


  • 2023-07-23 10:18:39

    Hope Ling Zhi will only love himself in the rest of his life

    Ling Zhi undoubtedly is the biggest villain in this drama, ambitious and unscrupulous, treating human lives as insignificant. He doesn't keep in touch with his family and has no friends. The only glimmer of light for him might be Xia La, allowing him to take off his mask in this deceitful world and find a moment of respite. Perhaps he has even forgotten what he used to be like.

    Ling Zhi comes from a small place with an average family background. Lacking parental care, he became introverted, unlike the lively and excellent students whom teachers and classmates favored. Ling Zhi was always silent and inconspicuous, as if he didn't exist. Until one day, he unintentionally saved Xia La from bullying at school. From then on, Ling Zhi was no longer alone. His world had eyes on him, as if there was finally light in the darkness, nurturing his long-barren inner world.

    At an age when they should have experienced innocence and happiness, they could have studied together, encouraged each other, and faced a future with each other. Unfortunately, fate seemed to be against them. Xia La lived in a quagmire and, unwilling to accept her fate, chose to drop out of school and venture into the entertainment industry. Ling Zhi followed her all the way to protect the one he deeply loved.

    The entertainment industry, a glamorous and fame-seeking place, follows the Pareto principle, where people like Shang Zhan, the wolf in sheep's clothing, can do whatever they want as long as they have money. Ling Zhi didn't care about his own dignity being trampled upon; he was used to it. But for Xia La, it was different; she was his only bottom line. Seeing Xia La being humiliated, he finally felt pain in his heart. Even if he was a pile of mud, he would firmly cover up and pull down anyone who hurt Xia La. One wrong step, and he kept making mistakes, until he found himself in the abyss with no way to turn back.

    His world had never seen the sun, but for that tiny glimpse of sunlight, he would treat the darkness as if it were daytime.

    In the future, he hoped that Ling Zhi would learn to reconcile with himself, not living for others' approval, but loving himself. From then on, there would be no Ling Zhi in the world, only a happy person.

    Time rewinds to the day of their first encounter, walking side by side on their way home. The night sky was exceptionally radiant, and they together envisioned their future together. She wanted to become the best actress, and he wanted to be the most remarkable producer.

    That year, they were both 18 years old, with the most beautiful futures ahead of them.

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