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Fan Pian Jing Cha – Zhou Chengao, Chen Jianan

Fan Pian Jing Cha is anti-fraud drama directed by Ma Yuhui and starring Zhou Chengao, Chen Jianan, Li Jinfeng, Jiang Dian, Lu Yuhan, Guo Yihuan, Yu Weiwei, Li Yuanbing, Huang Huannan and Ding Nan, with Wang Yajie, Guo Kaimin, Zhang Lei and Liu Lingzhi in special appearances.

The drama tells the story of Gao Ren, a rookie police officer in Zhongzhou, who goes undercover in a telecommunication fraud gang by mistake and assists the municipal bureau in solving a huge criminal case.


Fan Pian Jing Cha

English Title: Fan Pian Jing Cha
Chinese Title: 反骗警察
Genre: Crime, Drama, Youth, School, Suspense, Action
Episodes: 29
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Ma Yuhui
Writer: Chang Shuxin
Producer: Du Xianchao, Wang Guan, Meng Han
Released Date: 2023-10-12
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



Graduate of the Police Academy, Gao Ren, grew up near the train station. He was once the closed-door disciple of the infamous scammer Ma Shifang. Under his master's guidance, he learned various scam techniques and was well-versed in tactics like deception, marriage fraud, lies, tricks, fabrications, swindles, setups, and more. He was considered a rising star in the field of anti-fraud in the police community.

The class leader, An Lingling, fell victim to a murder scam. Gao Ren, along with his five-member anti-scam team from the police academy, had multiple confrontations with hooligans like Li Xiaoguai, ultimately prevailing. The scam ringleader, Jiang Ye, had mixed feelings about him, both love and hate.

The leaders of the City Public Security Bureau recognized Gao Ren's abilities and appointed Captain Zou Lei to assist him. Together, they successfully infiltrated the inner circle of the fraud gang, risking their lives to help the city bureau. They uncovered the gang's activities related to campus loans, fraudulent loans, zero-cost purchases, virtual currency investments, gambling setups, impersonation of law enforcement agencies, and credit card fraud. They collected crucial evidence, intercepted the ill-gotten gains, and eventually dismantled this long-standing fraud syndicate hidden in Zhongzhou for decades.


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