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Love’s Deception – Huang Junjie, Zhong Qi

Love's Deception is a historical fantasy romantic short drama directed by Yang Hanzhi, starring Huang Junjie, Zhong Qi, Cao Xiyue, Quan Peilun and Zhong Yating.


Love's Deception

English Title: Love's Deception
Chinese Title: 再见君如故
Other Titles: Zai Jian Jun Ru Gu
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 22
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Yang Hanzhi
Writer: Fu Xin, Huang Wenmei
Released Date: 2023-11-14
Broadcast Website: TencentVideo, WeTV



The food deity Feng Lili was punished by descending to the mortal realm to undergo a romantic tribulation. In order to find the true destined one who could help her through the tribulation, Feng Lili assumed the alias Feng Lili and entered the Lord's Mansion of Jiuli City. Through a series of twists and turns, she ended up marrying the Lord, Shen Yuchuan. Little did she know that the true destined one was someone else. In her efforts to escape from the Lord's Mansion, a political conspiracy silently unfolded.

To protect Feng Lili, Shen Yuchuan intentionally distanced himself from her, leading her to realize too late that she had developed feelings for him. Caught in a dilemma, she unexpectedly discovered that Shen Yuchuan's affection for her was nothing more than a meticulously planned deception. Fueled by love-turned-hatred, she decided to retaliate against Shen Yuchuan till the true identity of the destined one eventually appeared.


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