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There Will Be Ample Time – Ren Suxi, Li Xueqin

There Will Be Ample Time is a drama directed by Peng Chen and Wang Guang, starring Ren Suxi, Li Xueqin, Shi Ce, Wang Zixuan, Ren Bin, Wu Xingjian, Zeng Kelang, Wu Yuheng, Yue Hong, Mu Liyan, Xiong Ruiling, Zhang Chi, Tu Ling, and Su Zihang.


There Will Be Ample Time

English Title: There Will Be Ample Time
Chinese Title: 故乡,别来无恙
Other Titles: 我在他乡挺好的2
Genre: Life, Drama
Tag: Female Centered Plot, Sismance
Episodes: 30
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Peng Chen, Wang Guang
Writer: Yao Changning, Wang Yu, Wan Meijun
Producer: Yue Yang, Li Liming, Xue Jianqiang
Released Date: 2023-11-03
Broadcast Website: WeTV, Idol & Romance, 腾讯视频



The drama tells four girls who grew up together but drifted apart as adults, scattering to different parts of the world. However, the twists and turns in their respective lives eventually brought them back together in Chengdu. Faced with their hometown after years of absence, they went through the process of readjustment, from feeling unfamiliar to becoming familiar once again. Amid the challenges, they found new career paths, cherished the solace of friendship and family, and discovered the beauty of love. Ultimately, they realized that even in their hometown, life could offer boundless possibilities.


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