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The Heart Synopsis

Zhou Xiaofeng is the Deputy Chief Physician of the Cardiology Department at Dongli Hospital. He has an introverted personality, strict self-discipline in both work and life, and is a key candidate for cultivation by the department head Bai Ji and the hospital leadership. He is a backbone figure in the Cardiology Department. He partners with Lin Yi, a straightforward and impulsive cardiovascular surgeon, in the Coronary Artery Team. The two have different medical philosophies, leading to significant differences.

Lin Yi, who recently joined the hospital, used to focus solely on surgeries at Xili Hospital and lacked communication and collaboration with colleagues. His direct supervisor and mentor, Cao Nuoya, believed that this was not conducive to his growth. Therefore, he recommended Lin Yi to work at the newly established Heart Center at Dongli Hospital.

Zhou Xiaofeng's sister, Fang Xiaoran, pursues her own ideals and aims to improve the relationship between her brother and their mother. She successfully enters Dongli Hospital and becomes an intensive care doctor in the Cardiovascular ICU. Throughout the process of treating and saving patients, these three individuals, starting from a lack of understanding and conflicts, gradually come to appreciate and support each other, evolving into excellent work partners.

The Heart Recap

Episode 1 Recap

Lin Yi is a cardiothoracic surgeon at Xi Li Hospital. He is the proud disciple of Cardiothoracic Department Head Cao Nuoya. For eight years, Lin Yi has not only worked diligently but also taken care of his brother, who suffers from dilated cardiomyopathy. Upon hearing that Dong Li Hospital has established a cardiac center, Cao Nuoya, with a heavy heart, sends Lin Yi to study there. Tomorrow marks Lin Yi's first day at Dong Li Hospital. As usual, he wakes up early to buy groceries when he sees an elderly man clutching his chest in pain. Lin Yi rushes to assess the situation.

The elderly man, named Wang Xi, is 63 years old. Lin Yi deduces from Wang Xi's symptoms that he is experiencing an acute myocardial infarction. Despite Wang Xi insisting that it's just a result of a previous fracture, Lin Yi persuades him to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination. Wang Xi adamantly refuses, believing that the chest pain has subsided and that Lin Yi is misleading him. Concerned about the potential danger to Wang Xi's life, Lin Yi convinces a nearby vendor to call a taxi and forcefully takes Wang Xi to the hospital.

Lin Yi briefs the deputy chief cardiologist, Zhou Xiaofeng, about Wang Xi's condition and hastily leaves upon receiving news of his brother's deteriorating health. Zhou Xiaofeng instructs Wang Xi to undergo tests and recommends hospitalization, requiring a deposit of 15,000 yuan. Despite Wang Xi's reluctance due to financial concerns, Zhou Xiaofeng manages the situation. Suddenly, a patient in the ward under Zhou Xiaofeng's care starts choking, and he rushes to rescue the patient. Seizing the opportunity, Wang Xi quietly leaves the hospital.

Lin Yi rushes home to find his brother in critical condition. After calling emergency services, Lin Yi starts resuscitating his brother. By the time the paramedics arrive, his brother's condition stabilizes. The doctors warn Lin Yi about the hereditary nature of dilated cardiomyopathy. Meanwhile, Zhou Xiaofeng implants a pacemaker for another patient, successfully reviving their heartbeat. Upon returning to his office, Zhou Xiaofeng realizes that Wang Xi has left.

Inquiring about Wang Xi's condition over the phone, Lin Yi learns that Wang Xi claims the tests showed nothing wrong, and he has returned home. Cao Nuoya calls Lin Yi, advising him to learn well from Chief of Staff Cui Jing. Lin Yi takes note of the advice. Fang Xiaoran, an intensive care unit physician at Dong Li Hospital, diligently reviews the conditions of each patient early in the morning.

Bai Jishi, the director of the Cardiac Center, highly recommends Zhou Xiaofeng as the leader of the coronary artery team. Lin Yi rushes to a meeting, attracting the attention of young female doctors. Fang Xiaoran also notices Lin Yi, and an anesthesiologist named Xie Tianming acknowledges Lin Yi as an old acquaintance. Chief Cui Jing announces in the meeting that Zhou Xiaofeng has won the championship in the Heart-to-Heart Cardiovascular Medical Device Innovation Competition. This is the hospital's first prestigious award in five years. Everyone congratulates Zhou Xiaofeng. Cui Jing introduces Lin Yi, revealing that he is a prominent cardiac specialist and a student of Cao Nuoya. Zhou Xiaofeng immediately instructs his assistant Zhang Zhen to call Wang Xi back for reexamination.

After the meeting, the internal and external cardiology doctors conduct their rounds separately. Zhang Zhen discovers that Wang Xi's contact information is incorrect and reports to Zhou Xiaofeng. Remembering that Lin Yi has Wang Xi's contact details, Zhou Xiaofeng seeks him out for the phone number. Just as Zhou Xiaofeng is about to call Wang Xi, Zhang Zhen informs him that Wang Xi is experiencing a sudden heart attack and is being treated in the emergency room. However, it's too late, and Wang Xi has already lost his heartbeat. Despite efforts from Zhou Xiaofeng and Lin Yi, they are unable to revive him. Wang Xi's son is devastated, and Lin Yi watches him with a heavy heart.

Lin Yi confronts Zhou Xiaofeng, blaming him for negligence that led to Wang Xi's death. Zhou Xiaofeng feels guilty, and Jiang Junling calls Lin Yi to the operating room for assistance. The patient has a ruptured heart valve, posing a life-threatening situation. Lin Yi, with his exceptional skills, quickly repairs the valve. Extracorporeal circulation doctor Qiao Ye expresses admiration for Lin Yi's abilities and inquires about him with Xie Tianming.

Wang Xi's family blames the hospital for not providing effective treatment and demands accountability from the attending physician. An emergency meeting is called at the hospital, and Lin Yi receives an invitation to attend. Zhou Xiaofeng recounts the incident, and Bai Ji desperately defends him. Lin Yi questions Zhou Xiaofeng, suggesting that if Wang Xi had been kept for examination, the tragedy might have been averted. The meeting ends abruptly, with Lin Yi laying blame on Zhou Xiaofeng. Bai Ji hurriedly interrupts Lin Yi's accusations, concluding the meeting.

Wang Xi's family causes a scene at the hospital, surrounding Zhou Xiaofeng. Despite Zhou Xiaofeng repeatedly emphasizing that he issued the correct medical advice, Wang Xi refused to listen and left against medical advice. The family remains unrelenting. The director of the Medical Affairs Department, Lu Zhiping, reports to Chief Cui Jing, and they both rush to the scene. Upon hearing the commotion, Fang Xiaoran arrives and tries to persuade Wang Xi's son to sit down for a proper discussion. Feeling disheartened, Zhou Xiaofeng retreats to the corridor, where Lin Yi follows and chastises him.

Episode 2 Recap

Lin Yi interrogates Zhou Xiaofeng's conscience, but Zhou Xiaofeng doesn't want to explain too much. He believes he has fulfilled his responsibilities as a doctor and trusts that the hospital will handle the matter fairly. Lin Yi, frustrated, turns and leaves. He apologizes to Wang Xi's son, regretting not waiting a little longer that night for Wang Xi to complete all the examinations, which might have prevented the tragedy.

Cui Jing and Lu Zhiping discuss having Fang Xiaoran intervene to calm Wang Xi's family and then objectively and fairly handle the situation. Fang Xiaoran advises Zhou Xiaofeng to communicate with Wang Xi's family, but Zhou Xiaofeng is uncooperative. He even warns Fang Xiaoran not to reveal that they are siblings. Fang Xiaoran's mother, Fang Zhuqing, is a renowned specialist in cardiology, and before retiring, she was the head of the Cardiology Department at the First People's Hospital of Dongjiang. After divorcing Zhou Xiaofeng's father, Fang Zhuqing left him, leaving Zhou Xiaofeng deeply resentful.

From the doctors in the intensive care unit, Wang Xu and Zhao Yuliang, Fang Xiaoran learns that on the night of the emergency, there were too many patients, and Zhou Xiaofeng worked tirelessly without sleep. Wang Xi felt relief from chest pain and left on his own. Wang Xi's family comes to the hospital for mediation. Zhou Xiaofeng bows deeply, apologizing to them. Zhang Zhen steps forward as a witness, stating that Wang Xi didn't have his ID at the time and left an incorrect phone number, making it impossible to contact him.

Bai Ji retrieves the surveillance video from that day, clearly depicting the entire incident. Lin Yi hands over Wang Xi to Zhou Xiaofeng after completing surgery. Zhou Xiaofeng promptly conducts various tests on Wang Xi. At the time, there was a patient experiencing cardiac arrest, and Zhou Xiaofeng rushed to treat them, instructing Wang Xi to wait for his return. However, Wang Xi claimed to be fine, took matters into his own hands, and left. Zhou Xiaofeng, busy with duty that night, performed four surgeries in a row and didn't manage to bring Wang Xi back in time.

After watching the surveillance video, the family decides not to pursue the matter further. The hospital decides to criticize Zhou Xiaofeng, and he thanks Bai Ji for bringing the surveillance to reveal the truth. Zhou Xiaofeng realizes that all this was orchestrated by Fang Xiaoran. He expresses gratitude to Fang Xiaoran but criticizes her for leaving the First People's Hospital of Dongjiang. Fang Xiaoran considered Zhou Xiaofeng a role model from childhood and voluntarily moved to the Cardiac Center at Dongjiang Hospital.

Zhou Xiaofeng sees a female patient who suspects herself of having angina. Despite Zhou Xiaofeng insisting that it's due to menopausal reasons, the patient's husband secretly records the consultation. Zhou Xiaofeng faces the situation calmly. Fang Zhuqing is scheduled to consult in Sanya and takes a few days off. Once back in Dongjiang, she comes to the hospital to pick up Fang Xiaoran. They run into Zhou Xiaofeng, who greets them briefly and hurries away.

Fang Zhuqing speculates that Fang Xiaoran joined Dongjiang Hospital because of Zhou Xiaofeng. Fang Xiaoran, determined to work in the Cardiac Center, learned that Zhou Xiaofeng was avoiding her. Knowing this, Fang Zhuqing feels uncomfortable. Zhou Xiaofeng, seeing Fang Zhuqing again, recalls many past events. When Zhou Xiaofeng got into college, Fang Zhuqing came to deliver living expenses, but Zhou Xiaofeng firmly refused.

In his first outpatient consultation, Lin Yi recommends hospitalization and surgery, but the patient makes various excuses to refuse and insists on getting medication. Lin Yi is anxious and shouts at the patient, leading to a complaint. Chief Jiang Junling persuades the patient to be hospitalized, promising to personally perform the surgery. Jiang Junling verbally warns Lin Yi, reminding him to be more careful in the future. Lin Yi suggests triaging patients in the outpatient department to avoid delaying critical cases. Jiang Junling agrees, finding merit in the idea.

Episode 3 Recap

Patient Zhang Bingxian came to the hospital with unbearable chest pain. Lin Yi examined him and strongly suspected a highly fatal aortic dissection (A-dissection). As the blood vessel could rupture at any time, Lin Yi had Zhang Zhen push Zhang Bingxian through the green channel for examination and instructed the operating room to prepare. Jiang Junling took over Lin Yi's outpatient duties and asked him to perform surgery on Zhang Bingxian, a procedure Lin Yi had experience with and welcomed.

Lin Yi explained the patient's condition and the risks of surgery to Zhang Bingxian's wife and daughter. From his daughter, Lin Yi learned that a few days ago, Zhou Xiaofeng had diagnosed Zhang Bingxian with coronary syndrome, observed him for just a day, and then let him go home. Lin Yi personally performed the surgery on Zhang Bingxian, finding the pericardium filled with blood. He remained calm and completed the operation meticulously.

Cui Jing and Jiang Junling watched the entire surgical process and praised Lin Yi's medical skills. Zhang Bingxian was taken to the intensive care unit, and Lin Yi provided detailed information about his condition to Fang Xiaoran. Zhang Bingxian's daughter complained that Zhou Xiaofeng misdiagnosed her father. Bai Ji clarified that Zhou Xiaofeng had correctly diagnosed coronary syndrome, concealed the pain of a ruptured back, actively requested discharge, and that Zhang Bingxian showed no symptoms of aortic dissection before leaving the hospital. Lin Yi raised questions about Zhou Xiaofeng's diagnosis, leading to a heated argument between Zhou Xiaofeng and Lin Yi.

Fang Xiaoran defended Zhou Xiaofeng, presenting authoritative literature to prove that the later occurrence of aortic dissection was unrelated to the initial diagnosis. Bai Ji showed CT scan results from before Zhang Bingxian's discharge. Lin Yi admitted his mistake in front of Zhou Xiaofeng, and Jiang Junling asked Lin Yi to explain the situation to Zhang Bingxian's family.

During the ward rounds in the intensive care unit, Zhou Xiaofeng learned about Zhang Bingxian's condition. Lin Yi, however, was unappreciative and sarcastic. Fang Xiaoran confronted Lin Yi, vigorously defending Zhou Xiaofeng. Despite this, Lin Yi remained unyielding. The hospital decided to fine Lin Yi 300 yuan, and Jiang Junling worried that he might refuse to accept it.

Zhou Xiaofeng regularly lectures interns. When some interns asked for leave to attend a lecture by Fang Qingzhu, Zhou Xiaofeng adamantly refused. After finishing a class, Zhou Xiaofeng received a message from Zhang Zhen about a trauma patient from the emergency room. The patient had a drastic drop in blood pressure due to a heart rupture. Zhou Xiaofeng rushed to the scene, learned about the situation, and immediately performed surgery. Lin Yi received a call from Jiang Junling while leaving the operating table, instructing him to assist Zhou Xiaofeng.

The patient was suffering from severe pericardial bleeding. Zhou Xiaofeng and the medical staff made every effort to stop the bleeding, and Zhou Xiaofeng asked Lin Yi to continue with the next surgery. Hearing that Zhou Xiaofeng had been busy for a day and a night, Fang Xiaoran brought breakfast to him. Despite leaving only a sandwich, Zhou Xiaofeng had not had a chance to eat when an ambulance brought in a patient named Zhang Yuxi. Fang Xiaoran hurriedly followed to assist.

Zhang Yuxi, a salesperson for an e-commerce platform, had collapsed due to continuous overtime. Her colleagues rushed her to Dongjiang Hospital.

Episode 4 Recap

Lin Yi had just completed the surgery for a patient with a ruptured heart, and he admired Zhou Xiaofeng's solution for pericardial bleeding through puncture. Zhou Xiaofeng diagnosed Zhang Yuxi with aortic dissection. Fang Xiaoran called the cardiology department for help, and Lin Yi immediately rushed over. Fang Xiaoran brought an echocardiogram, performed an examination on Zhang Yuxi, and when Lin Yi saw her blood pressure dropping sharply, he decided to perform surgery.

Zhou Xiaofeng insisted on conducting a CT scan for confirmation before surgery, but Lin Yi, concerned about time constraints and the immediate danger of aortic dissection causing massive bleeding, explained the situation to the family and obtained their immediate consent. Zhou Xiaofeng tried hard to persuade Lin Yi to confirm the diagnosis before surgery to avoid potential disaster, but Lin Yi paid no attention.

Upon learning that Lin Yi was proceeding with surgery without confirming through a CT scan, Xie Tianming and Qiao Ye were reluctant to take the risk. Lin Yi voluntarily took full responsibility, and only then did they reluctantly agree to administer anesthesia to Zhang Yuxi. Zhou Xiaofeng reported the situation to Bai Ji, who immediately called Cui Jing. Cui Jing ordered Lin Yi to stop the surgery, but it was too late. Cui Jing cautioned Lin Yi repeatedly.

Jiang Junling, Zhou Xiaofeng, and Fang Xiaoran, one after another, came to watch the entire process of Lin Yi's surgery, and they all nervously watched. Lin Yi skillfully stopped the bleeding for Zhang Yuxi, and her blood pressure gradually returned to normal. However, her brain oxygen rapidly decreased, and Lin Yi had to complete the branch anastomosis within five minutes. Otherwise, irreversible brain damage could occur due to prolonged oxygen deprivation. Despite the standard anastomosis requiring ten minutes, if a CT scan had been done before the surgery, Lin Yi could have accurately located the branch.

With Zhang Yuxi's brain oxygen rapidly dropping, Cui Jing rushed to the scene. Lin Yi, relying on his excellent medical skills, quickly completed the anastomosis. Zhang Yuxi's various indicators gradually returned to normal, and everyone present breathed a sigh of relief. After the surgery, Cui Jing and Jiang Junling called Lin Yi to account for his actions. Lin Yi admitted that he did not follow the procedure for the surgery and was willing to accept any punishment. However, he didn't have time to wait for the CT scan results. Cui Jing explained the consequences to Lin Yi.

Fang Xiaoran explained Lin Yi's surgery to Fang Qingzhu, who thought Lin Yi was too reckless. Fang Xiaoran, on the other hand, praised Lin Yi's medical skills. Fang Qingzhu mistakenly believed that Fang Xiaoran liked Lin Yi, but Fang Xiaoran clarified that she actually disliked Lin Yi. Lin Yi's impulsive behavior resulted in a quarter of the bonus being deducted from the entire medical staff in the department. To avoid affecting everyone, Fang Xiaoran spoke up for Lin Yi, but Cui Jing insisted on following the proper procedure before surgery.

After the meeting, Lin Yi sought mercy from Cui Jing, asking not to penalize his colleagues' bonuses. However, Cui Jing remained firm. Zhou Xiaofeng was appointed as the leader of the coronary group, a position he was eager to take. Despite Zhang Yuxi's various indicators being normal, she remained in a coma. When Lin Yi examined her, Zhang Yuxi woke up in a daze, expressing gratitude to Lin Yi and even suggesting he consider her.

To compensate for the deducted bonuses, Lin Yi gave each penalized colleague some money, but they all returned it. Zhou Xiaofeng reminded Lin Yi to think twice in the future. Zhou Xiaofeng proactively messaged Fang Xiaoran to inquire about Zhang Yuxi's condition. Fang Xiaoran sent Zhang Yuxi's various indicators to him, and Zhou Xiaofeng expressed his gratitude, marking the first time he had initiated contact with her. Lin Yi dreamed that Zhang Yuxi had an accident, waking up in a cold sweat. His brother advised him and suggested they watch the blooming of night-blooming cereus together.

Episode 5 Recap

Cui Jing announced that Zhou Xiaofeng had been appointed as the leader of the coronary group, and everyone congratulated him. Lin Yi was suspended from work, having neither clinic nor surgery duties. Bored and idle, Zhou Xiaofeng arranged many night shifts for him without any days off. Lin Yi questioned if Zhou Xiaofeng was settling a personal grudge against him. Zhou Xiaofeng wanted him to gain more experience, and Lin Yi reluctantly acquiesced.

Zhang Yuxi was in low spirits, refusing to eat or drink. Lin Yi tried hard to persuade him and even fed him, a scene observed by Fang Xiaoran. Zhou Xiaofeng wanted to treat everyone to a meal over the weekend, but Lin Yi staunchly refused, advising Fang Xiaoran and others not to join the gathering. Fang Xiaoran teased him for holding grudges.

Zhang Yuxi's husband visited the hospital, and Yu Lingyun handed him the overdue payment notice for hospitalization expenses. He complained about Zhang Yuxi choosing such a poor workplace, which didn't provide social and medical insurance, and didn't even cover hospitalization expenses. Zhang Yuxi had savings of fifty thousand yuan, which he was asked to use to pay for the hospitalization. Fang Xiaoran noticed Zhang Yuxi's low spirits and offered kind words of encouragement. Zhou Xiaofeng was heading to the outpatient department, and as Zhang Zhen had a cold and cough, he couldn't accompany him. Lin Yi volunteered to be Zhou Xiaofeng's outpatient assistant.

Zhou Xiaofeng accurately diagnosed a patient's condition based solely on the suspension of clinic duties, earning Lin Yi's admiration. His brother's condition had stabilized recently, and Lin Yi took him downstairs to play with other children. Lin Yi called him to go home, but he was still reluctant to leave. Zhang Yuxi cried every day due to her bad mood. Fang Xiaoran played music to help relieve her stress. Zhang Yuxi was upset because of conflicts with her husband and parents. The more she thought about it, the sadder she became, finally breaking down in tears.

Suddenly, Zhang Yuxi started coughing and developed a fever. Fang Xiaoran conducted relevant examinations and called Lin Yi. Lin Yi deduced that Zhang Yuxi had a Klebsiella pneumoniae infection and advised Fang Xiaoran on the appropriate treatment. Lin Yi accidentally learned that Fang Xiaoran was the daughter of Fang Qingzhu. Fang Xiaoran consulted Zhou Xiaofeng about Zhang Yuxi's condition, and Zhou Xiaofeng agreed to use a ventilator; otherwise, Zhang Yuxi might suffocate to death. Fang Xiaoran considered informing Zhang Yuxi's parents, but Zhou Xiaofeng advised her not to let emotions cloud her judgment, supporting Lin Yi's suggestion. Fang Xiaoran used this opportunity to persuade Zhou Xiaofeng to reconcile with his mother, Fang Qingzhu, but he remained indifferent.

Fang Xiaoran truthfully explained Zhang Yuxi's condition to her husband. When he learned about the considerable expense for the ventilator, he complained about wasting money and suggested Zhang Yuxi leave the hospital and consult a renowned doctor. Zhang Yuxi recalled how she had insisted on marrying him against her parents' wishes, and he used to sweet-talk her. Now, things were different, and she was heartbroken.

Episode 6 Recap

Zhang Yuxi was heartbroken because of Tian Lei's heartlessness. Fang Xiaoran kindly advised her. Zhang Yuxi regretted marrying Tian Lei against her parents' wishes. Tian Lei let her down. Fang Xiaoran firmly believed that her parents wouldn't mind, so she urged Zhang Yuxi to inform them. Zhang Yuxi had already broken her parents' hearts, fearing they wouldn't forgive her. The reason she worked day and night was to earn their approval. Zhang Bingxian was next to Zhang Yuxi. He advised her to believe in her parents' unconditional love. Zhang Yuxi couldn't face her parents, so Fang Xiaoran had to give up.

Zhang Yuxi, disheartened and in worsening health, asked Fang Xiaoran to find her parents' contact information. She discovered they had moved. Fang Xiaoran asked Zhang Yuxi's classmates but found nothing. Lin Yi, unable to bear it, confronted Tian Lei. Tian Lei, for money, refused to use extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. Lin Yi fought hard to save Zhang Yuxi from the brink of death. Angry and frustrated, he scolded Tian Lei, who ignored him and insisted on completing the discharge procedures for Zhang Yuxi.

After completing the procedures, Tian Lei ran into Zhou Xiaofeng. Zhou Xiaofeng understood Tian Lei's decision and advised him to call Zhang Yuxi's parents to avoid more trouble. When Zhang Yuxi's parents arrived late at night, Fang Xiaoran persuaded Nurse Yu Lingyun to let them visit. In the intensive care unit, Zhang Yuxi's parents, wearing protective suits, saw their frail daughter. The medical staff was moved, thinking Lin Yi had convinced Tian Lei to bring them. Zhang Yuxi's parents, after learning about ECMO, disagreed on its risks. Zhang's father was determined to save her, but Zhang's mother didn't want her to suffer.

Zhang's mother consulted Zhou Xiaofeng, a cardiologist. Unable to intervene in extracorporeal treatments, Zhou Xiaofeng thanked Zhang's mother for saving Zhang Yuxi. Feeling uneasy seeing Zhang's mother crying, he suggested trusting Lin Yi, who risked punishment to save Zhang Yuxi. Zhang's parents agreed to Lin Yi's treatment plan and signed the consent form.

Initially resistant to ECMO, Zhang Yuxi's attitude changed after a night of constant care from Fang Xiaoran and Lin Yi. People queued up to see Zhou Xiaofeng after hearing about his medical skills. Zhang Yuxi's father wrote a thank-you letter to Lin Yi, appreciating the medical staff at the Heart Center for saving his daughter. Meanwhile, Lin Yi received a disciplinary notice from the hospital but took pride in being a doctor.

Zhou Xiaofeng suggested creating a special registration line for patients unable to book appointments online. Cui Jing agreed and instructed Zhou Xiaofeng to keep an eye on Lin Yi. Despite Lin Yi's impatient temperament, Zhou Xiaofeng admired his sense of justice. Han Xiao accidentally witnessed Mrs. Zhang feeding persimmons to Zhang Bingxian, scolding her without knowing the full story. Zhang Bingxian, experiencing constipation again from eating persimmons, sought help from Han Xiao, leading to a messy situation. Zhang Bingxian's daughter recorded it and reported Han Xiao to the medical department, threatening to have her dismissed.

Despite Lin Yi's efforts, Han Xiao treated him coldly, leading to a heated argument. Cui Jing asked Zhou Xiaofeng to handle the situation. Lin Yi apologized to Zhang Bingxian on behalf of Han Xiao, who also felt guilty. Fang Xiaoran and Fang Qingzhu discussed Han Xiao's case, recognizing its complexity and hoping Zhou Xiaofeng would handle it wisely.

Episode 7 Recap

Zhou Xiaofeng and Yu Lingyun had a conversation with Han Xiao, who felt wronged. She had repeatedly advised Zhang Bingxian not to eat persimmons, as it could cause trouble for bedridden patients with constipation. However, Zhang Bingxian didn't listen, and Yu Lingyun sternly scolded him. Zhou Xiaofeng advised Han Xiao to apologize to Zhang Bingxian's family.

Zhou Xiaofeng and Yu Lingyun brought Han Xiao to meet Zhang Bingxian's daughter and wife. Zhang Bingxian's daughter insisted on dismissing Han Xiao and threatened to expose the matter to the media. Zhou Xiaofeng asked Han Xiao to leave first and tried to plead for her, but Zhang Bingxian's daughter remained adamant. She even mentioned Lin Yi's intention to dismiss Han Xiao. Zhou Xiaofeng promised to provide a satisfactory response within three days. Zhou Xiaofeng sought White Ji's help, suggesting reducing Zhang Bingxian's treatment fees, but White Ji insisted on firing Han Xiao. Zhou Xiaofeng worried about the impact on the morale of their nursing department colleagues, but White Ji remained unyielding.

Zhou Xiaofeng sought help from Lin Yi, asking him to appeal to Zhang Bingxian's family for leniency and give Han Xiao a chance to reform. Lin Yi firmly refused, leaving Zhou Xiaofeng disappointed. Lawyer Chen Yue from Xuanji Law Firm visited Zhou Xiaofeng to inquire about Zhang Yuxi's situation. Zhou Xiaofeng honestly shared the information, and Chen Yue admired Zhou Xiaofeng's care for patients. Chen Yue inquired about the details of Zhang Yuxi's surgery, suspecting overmedicalization at the hospital. Zhou Xiaofeng refused to answer, and Zhang Zhen, the security guard, was called to forcefully remove Chen Yue.

After extensive medical treatment, Zhang Yuxi's condition gradually improved. She wanted to return to her hometown for recuperation. Zhang Bingxian congratulated her. Han Xiao, after sending her child to kindergarten, came to the hospital lounge. She had never taken leave in many years, and now with free time on her hands and not wanting to worry her family, Fang Xiaoran advised her to rest. Later, she approached Lin Yi seeking his help, desperately trying to please him. She took Lin Yi to visit the ICU, attempting to make him empathize with her. Lin Yi, witnessing Han Xiao's mistreatment of patients, was also aware that she had caused Nurse Zhao to resign. However, Fang Xiaoran remembered that Nurse Zhao was dismissed due to unsatisfactory performance, unrelated to Han Xiao, and Lin Yi was unaware of this.

Chen Yue approached Lin Yi to inquire about Zhang Yuxi's condition. Zhou Xiaofeng sent a message warning Lin Yi to be cautious with Chen Yue, as she was hired by the company. Lin Yi responded with cold words, criticizing the company's leadership as heartless, and then left angrily, leaving Chen Yue aside. Zhang Bingxian's daughter came to negotiate with Zhou Xiaofeng, urging him to dismiss Han Xiao quickly. Zhou Xiaofeng lied, claiming the hospital director was away, asking her to wait one more day. Chen Yue couldn't help but mock Zhou Xiaofeng.

Zhou Xiaofeng approached Fang Xiaoran to discuss obtaining surveillance videos from the ICU. Fang Xiaoran voluntarily offered to edit a video showing Han Xiao's careful attention to Zhang Bingxian. She worked tirelessly, managing the video editing while taking care of patients. Fang Xiaoran, overwhelmed with busyness, stayed up all night but finally managed to edit the video.

As Zhang Bingxian's condition improved, he was scheduled to transfer to a regular ward. Fang Xiaoran arranged for Zhang Bingxian's wife and daughter to receive nursing training, and Lin Yi advised them to study carefully. During the training session, Yu Lingyun played the edited video of Han Xiao caring for Zhang Bingxian. Zhang Bingxian's wife and daughter were deeply moved, feeling a sense of guilt. They voluntarily withdrew their lawsuit against Han Xiao.

Han Xiao visited Zhang Bingxian in the ward, sincerely apologized to him, and received heartfelt thanks. When Zhang Bingxian's wife and daughter saw Han Xiao diligently taking care of him, they invited Han Xiao to eat buns. Zhou Xiaofeng heard that Han Xiao had previously worked in the operating room, so he reassigned her back to the operating room. Han Xiao expressed her gratitude to Zhou Xiaofeng and Yu Lingyun, and Yu Lingyun advised her sincerely.

Fang Xiaoran shared Zhou Xiaofeng's daily life on Weibo, filled with praises. Chen Yue read the entire Weibo post and began to suspect that Zhou Xiaofeng and Fang Xiaoran might be relatives based on their names.

Episode 8 Recap

Fang Xiaoran is well aware of the preferences of each patient in the intensive care unit. She hangs favored decorations and photos by their bedside, stabilizing the patients' emotions. Lin Yi highly praises Fang Xiaoran's approach.

Zhou Xiaofeng invited colleagues from the Cardiac Center for a meal. Lin Yi made an excuse not to attend, and this was Zhou Xiaofeng's first time dining with colleagues. They perceived him as aloof, keeping their distance. Han Xiao publicly expresses gratitude to Zhou Xiaofeng and Fang Xiaoran, thanking them for their help in finding evidence that saved her from being dismissed. Zhou Xiaofeng is grateful for having such good colleagues, publicly stating their cooperation. Everyone enjoys the gathering with laughter and joy.

Lin Yi finishes work and relaxes downstairs with his brother. He sends a congratulatory message to Zhou Xiaofeng, who promptly replies. Lin Yi suddenly receives news that his teacher Cao Nuo has had a stroke and rushes to the hospital. After full efforts from medical personnel, Cao Nuo stabilizes. He expresses concern for a patient he was scheduled to operate on, and Lin Yi advises him to rest.

Fang Xiaoran, in high spirits, drinks a lot. Worried colleagues ask Zhou Xiaofeng to take her home. Fang Xiaoran, delighted, can't stop smiling. This is their first time spending time alone together, and she is proud to have Zhou Xiaofeng as her good brother.

Fang Xiaoran pretends to be unable to walk due to intoxication, and Zhou Xiaofeng takes her home. Seeing Zhou Xiaofeng, Fang Qingzhu is excited and invites him in. Zhou Xiaofeng, unable to refuse, helps Fang Xiaoran into the room. Awkwardly, they discuss recent hospital events, with Fang Xiaoran praising Zhou Xiaofeng. Seeing photos of Fang Qingzhu's younger days, Zhou Xiaofeng recalls her leaving him at the age of five. Despite her explanations, he leaves abruptly, ignoring Fang Xiaoran.

Fang Qingzhu becomes increasingly sad, thinking that if she hadn't divorced, she would have endured a difficult marriage for thirty years. She sends monthly living expenses to Zhou Xiaofeng but is forbidden to meet him by her grandmother. She continues her education while working and sends living expenses quarterly.

On the way home, Zhou Xiaofeng is emotionally conflicted, remembering the last time he saw Fang Qingzhu. She gave him a puzzle and promised to bring him to Dongjiang once her work stabilized. However, she went abroad for three years, and Zhou Xiaofeng, in anger, threw away the puzzle. Fang Qingzhu tells Fang Xiaoran about the past, and Fang Xiaoran encourages her to reconcile with Zhou Xiaofeng. However, Zhou Xiaofeng remains unforgiving and leaves without turning back.

Lin Yi arranges for Cao Nuo's patients to find other doctors for surgery. Only Yan Hui, chairman of Yan Hui Group, insists on waiting for Cao Nuo's recovery before undergoing surgery. Cao Nuo, aware he can't undergo surgery again, recommends Lin Yi to Yan Hui. Yan Hui reluctantly agrees, asking Lin Yi to accompany his wife for a comprehensive examination.

Yu Lingyun clears a room for Yan Hui, and Cui Jing sends Zhou Xiaofeng to welcome Yan Hui. Yan Hui is eager to see Lin Yi, who is currently occupied with surgery, ignoring calls from several important figures in the Dongjiang medical system.

Episode 9 Recap

Since Yan Hui was hospitalized, there has been a constant stream of visitors, but Lin Yi has chased them all away. Cui Jing gathers the surgical team for a meeting, and based on the urgency of the patient's condition, Lin Yi schedules the surgery for the day after tomorrow. However, Yan Hui firmly insists on minimally invasive surgery, while Zhou Xiaofeng repeatedly emphasizes that his condition is not suitable for it and recommends cardiovascular surgery. Lin Yi has two more surgeries to prepare for, so he rushes off.

Bai Ji initially wanted to use Yan Hui's surgery to expand the influence of the Cardiology Department. Unexpectedly, Zhou Xiaofeng transferred it to Cardiovascular Surgery, as he believes it's more suitable. Yan Hui, busy with work, receives numerous calls and wants to be the first for surgery. He even offers Lin Yi a big red envelope through his wife, but Lin Yi refuses, insisting on following the order of surgeries.

Lin Yi dismisses the visitors to Yan Hui and, downstairs, his assistant Shu Ze cheers for Yan Hui loudly. Zhou Xiaofeng arrives to stop this, and Shu Ze asks Zhou Xiaofeng to deliver cards and greetings from the staff to Yan Hui. Zhou Xiaofeng persuades them to leave and takes the cards to Yan Hui. Yan Hui complains about the discomfort of the hospital bed, and Zhou Xiaofeng quickly fixes it for him.

Yan Hui has been afraid of needles since childhood and is anxious about the surgery. Zhou Xiaofeng reassures him, advising him not to have psychological burdens as the entire surgery is under anesthesia, causing only mild pain. Lin Yi vents his frustration to Cao Nuo, who advises him not to offend those people who care about Yan Hui.

Chen Yue keeps a close eye on Fang Xiaoran's Weibo, thinking that Fang Xiaoran is dating Zhou Xiaofeng. She comments below, and Fang Xiaoran repeatedly explains that Zhou Xiaofeng is her true big brother, and she is his fan. Chen Yue is curious and searches online, quickly finding out that Fang Xiaoran is the daughter of Fang Qingzhu and Zhou Xiaofeng's running route.

Chen Yue pretends to coincidentally meet Zhou Xiaofeng during her morning jog by the river. She takes the opportunity to inquire about Zhang Yuxi's situation. Zhou Xiaofeng, aware that she is investigating the matter on behalf of Zhang Yuxi's former company, remains tight-lipped. Chen Yue discovers that Zhang Yuxi concealed a history of high blood pressure before joining the company, and Zhou Xiaofeng repeatedly emphasizes that hypertension is unrelated to aortic dissection. Chen Yue argues about not conducting a CT scan before the surgery, asking for Zhou Xiaofeng's WeChat. Zhou Xiaofeng firmly refuses, but Chen Yue introduces a new job opportunity for Zhang Yuxi and requests Zhou Xiaofeng to pass it on. Zhou Xiaofeng agrees to add her as a friend.

After recovering, Zhang Yuxi expresses gratitude to Lin Yi and considers suing her former company for not providing medical insurance to employees. Lin Yi gives Zhang Yuxi his WeChat for easy contact, and Zhang's mother gives Lin Yi a handmade sachet. When patients are discharged, Fang Xiaoran stands on the second-floor balcony to see them off. She and Lin Yi watch Zhang Yuxi leave the hospital, while Tian Lei hides and observes from the side, making Fang Xiaoran feel emotional. Fang Xiaoran reveals that Yan Hui gave red envelopes to the surgical team, and she is sure Lin Yi did not accept them, making Lin Yi feel gratified.

Lin Yi arranges for Yan Hui's preoperative examination. Dr. Liu pushes him in the elevator, and they wait in line at various departments. Tired and hungry, Yan Hui complains to Lin Yi and Zhou Xiaofeng, and Zhou Xiaofeng does his best to calm his emotions. Lin Yi deliberately delays the surgery time, infuriating Yan Hui. Dr. Liu patiently explains, and when Yan Hui learns that he will be transferred to the Intensive Care Unit with twenty other patients after surgery, he worries about the risk of infection and threatens to rent an entire room. Dr. Liu quickly finds an excuse to leave.

Yan Hui, in pain from the potassium solution, calls for a nurse. Dr. Liu dares not face Yan Hui and asks Fang Xiaoran to intervene. Fang Xiaoran patiently listens to Yan Hui's complaints, soothing the pain from the infusion with a warm towel. Yan Hui's emotions gradually stabilize. Lin Yi successfully completes the surgery and sends someone to bring Yan Hui to the operating room.

Episode 10 Recap

Yan Hui has been afraid of pain since childhood, even fearing injections. When medical staff come to take him to the operating room, he trembles with fear, tightly holding his wife's hand. Despite her continuous encouragement and cheering, Yan Hui remains extremely frightened. Lin Yi completes the crucial part of the surgery for the previous patient, allowing the assistant to handle the final steps. He then prepares for Yan Hui's surgery.

Restless, Yan Hui anxiously awaits Lin Yi to start the surgery and becomes impatient. Zhou Xiaofeng sends away the last outpatient and quickly arrives at the operating room. Yan Hui vents his frustration to Zhou Xiaofeng, who urges Lin Yi to proceed. Lin Yi calmly finishes the surgery and immediately begins preparations for Yan Hui. At this moment, Deputy Director Wang Xu from the Intensive Care Unit calls urgently, reporting a critical situation with a patient Lin Yi was responsible for. Lin Yi rushes to leave, but Yan Hui, exhausted and hungry since the morning, refuses to let him go and demands immediate surgery. Lin Yi tries to find another doctor for Yan Hui, but he vehemently refuses, even threatening and intimidating Lin Yi. In frustration, Lin Yi leaves, slamming the door.

Cui Jing arrives upon hearing the news, personally overseeing Lin Yi's completion of the drainage for the patient. They go to the operating room together, only to find out that Yan Hui has already left. Soon after, someone calls Cui Jing, demanding an explanation for Yan Hui's surgery. Lin Yi realizes the severity of the problem and offers to apologize to Yan Hui, but it's too late.

Fearful of surgery, Yan Hui wishes for minimally invasive intervention. Xiao Ye recommends Bai Ji, who confidently assures Yan Hui that he can handle the surgery. Upon learning this, Zhou Xiaofeng advises Bai Ji to report to Cui Jing first. Bai Ji, with a plan in mind, wants to finish the surgery first before reporting. Zhou Xiaofeng suggests involving Cardiovascular Surgery, but Bai Ji firmly declines, aiming to use Yan Hui's surgery for publicity in the Cardiology Department.

Zhou Xiaofeng carefully reviews Yan Hui's medical records, and Lin Yi inquires about the patient's condition. Zhou Xiaofeng falsely claims that it's a case from foreign literature. Bai Ji arranges for Yan Hui in the hybrid operating room and sends Zhou Xiaofeng to escort him. During the surgery, Bai Ji, as the lead surgeon, accidentally punctures a blood vessel with a guidewire, causing Yan Hui's blood pressure to drop sharply. Ignoring Zhou Xiaofeng's advice, Bai Ji continues the surgery, but both attempts to repair the damage fail. Yan Hui's heartbeat accelerates, blood pressure plummets, and Bai Ji panics. Zhou Xiaofeng secretly calls Fang Xiaoran to bring an echocardiography machine to the Chest Pain Center.

Seeing an echocardiography machine in the Chest Pain Center, Fang Xiaoran immediately realizes the severity of the situation. She hurries to the operating room and witnesses Bai Ji performing minimally invasive surgery on Yan Hui. Despite Zhou Xiaofeng's persistent persuasion, Bai Ji only agrees to seek assistance from Cardiovascular Surgery after realizing the gravity of the situation. Fang Xiaoran urgently seeks help from Lin Yi, who arrives without hesitation. Together with the medical staff, they make relentless efforts and successfully complete the surgery.

Afterwards, Cui Jing severely scolds Bai Ji, reminding him not to pursue quick success and immediate benefits, emphasizing the responsibilities of being a doctor. Bai Ji deeply regrets his actions. Yan Hui finally regains consciousness, but Fang Xiaoran notices that he hasn't urinated. She quickly calls Lin Yi, who performs relevant checks and discovers fluid accumulation in Yan Hui's pericardium. Wang Xu calls to truthfully report the situation to the hospital leadership.

Jiang Junling advises Lin Yi to consider the overall situation and not reveal the failure of Bai Ji's surgery. Bai Ji desperately tries to shift blame, insisting that Yan Hui's pericardial effusion is unrelated to his intervention surgery. Fang Xiaoran publicly raises doubts about this claim.

Episode 11 Recap

Cui Jing convened relevant medical staff to discuss the situation. Bai Ji suspected that Yan Hui's pericardial effusion was caused by bleeding from Lin Yi's surgery. Fang Xiaoran believed that Yan Hui's pericardial effusion was not due to bleeding and disagreed with another surgery. Lin Yi agreed with Fang Xiaoran, and after careful consideration, Zhou Xiaofeng also consented to conservative treatment. They decided to start with urinary catheterization for Yan Hui, and Cui Jing assigned this task to the Cardiology Department. Bai Ji was frightened and almost fell, but Zhou Xiaofeng voluntarily took responsibility, guaranteeing to handle it within 24 hours. Cui Jing assigned Fang Xiaoran to assist Zhou Xiaofeng.

After the meeting, Bai Ji complained that Zhou Xiaofeng shouldn't have taken this troublesome task, as conservative treatment might only result in more effort without appreciation. Zhou Xiaofeng worried about potential accidents with Yan Hui and the consequences for both cardiology and cardiovascular departments. Bai Ji had placed Yan Hui in the hybrid operating room to keep it a secret, but Cui Jing found out. Hearing that Fang Xiaoran had been in the control room, Bai Ji suspected her of informing Cui Jing. Zhou Xiaofeng desperately defended Fang Xiaoran, but Bai Ji remained unconvinced.

Zhou Xiaofeng, Lin Yi, and Fang Xiaoran tirelessly guarded Yan Hui's bedside all night. Yan Hui had been unable to urinate, so Lin Yi offered to take turns with them. Zhou Xiaofeng agreed to rotate the duty among the three of them. Lin Yi thought Yan Hui should have waited for his surgery instead of allowing Bai Ji to perform a minimally invasive intervention, but Zhou Xiaofeng didn't know how to explain. Lin Yi was curious why Fang Xiaoran sought his help with the surgery. Fang Xiaoran inadvertently said that Lin Yi was her first choice, realizing her mistake, she quickly found an excuse to leave.

Zhou Xiaofeng, Lin Yi, and Fang Xiaoran worked tirelessly throughout the night, and Yan Hui finally regained the ability to urinate. All indicators returned to normal, and Lin Yi congratulated Yan Hui, who struggled to gesture a victory sign with his fingers. Fang Xiaoran casually mentioned the incident with Dr. Xiao from the Laboratory to Zhou Xiaofeng. Lin Yi overheard and, after work, joined a basketball match against Dr. Xiao. Zhou Xiaofeng and Lin Yi's coordinated efforts resulted in a thorough defeat for Dr. Xiao, who left the court frustrated.

As soon as Fang Xiaoran returned home, she eagerly shared Zhou Xiaofeng's recent activities with her mother, vividly describing his heroic deeds. Fang Xiaoran unintentionally revealed that Zhou Xiaofeng had asked her to bring an echocardiography machine to the Chest Pain Center. She only then discovered that Bai Ji had secretly performed a minimally invasive intervention on Yan Hui. Fang Xiaoran immediately grasped Zhou Xiaofeng's intention.

Student Shen Long visited Cao Nuoya, and upon learning he was at the Heart Transplant Center, Cao Nuoya quickly called Lin Yi to send his brother's case to Shen Long. An elderly man was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, worrying about passing it on to his unmarried son. He forcibly brought his son to the hospital for an examination. Zhou Xiaofeng and Lin Yi, passing by, witnessed the scene. The elderly man sought advice from them, and Zhou Xiaofeng suggested a cardiac magnetic resonance, which turned out to be normal. Relieved, the father and son left, and Lin Yi empathized, fearing he might also inherit the dilated cardiomyopathy like his brother.

In front of Fang Xiaoran, Yan Hui complained about Lin Yi's attitude. Fang Xiaoran kindly advised him and spoke highly of Lin Yi. Yan Hui offered a high salary to hire Fang Xiaoran as his medical consultant, but she politely declined. Lin Yi, who overheard the conversation, promptly intervened, inviting Fang Xiaoran to a feast at the cafeteria.

Lin Yi was curious why Fang Xiaoran didn't follow in her mother Fang Qingzhu's footsteps as a cardiovascular surgeon. Fang Xiaoran preferred working in the Intensive Care Unit. Lin Yi opened up to Fang Xiaoran, revealing that he chose medicine for his family. As they talked, they found themselves connecting more and more. Shen Long carefully examined Lin Yi's brother's case but couldn't do much. He warned Lin Yi to be careful, undergo regular check-ups, and avoid catching colds. Lin Yi felt disheartened.

Upon hearing that Lin Yi had stayed up all night, Jiang Junling reminded him to take care of his health and not overexert himself. Jiang Junling advised Lin Yi to apologize to Yan Hui, but Lin Yi remained adamant. He believed that if he hadn't intervened in time, Yan Hui would have died on the operating table. Jiang Junling urged Lin Yi to consider the bigger picture and brought up Cao Nuoya to pressure him. In frustration, Lin Yi left, slamming the door. Sitting in his office, Lin Yi brooded over the situation. Zhou Xiaofeng straightforwardly pointed out that Lin Yi intentionally ignored Yan Hui, and Lin Yi tried to justify his actions.

Episode 12 Recap

Zhou Xiaofeng noticed that Lin Yi deliberately targeted Yan Hui due to resentment towards the wealthy. He also heard that the security guard at Lin Yi's clinic allowed patients who paid him benefits to jump the queue. Lin Yi was unaware of this, and Zhou Xiaofeng advised him to treat every patient fairly. Lin Yi resisted, leading to a heated argument with Zhou Xiaofeng. They ended up parting ways on unfriendly terms.

Lin Yi assigned his assistant to investigate the bribery case involving Security Guard Lao Zhao. Lin Yi, involuntarily, went to the rooftop and found solace in seeing patients recovering and leaving the hospital. He offered an umbrella to a wheelchair-bound young patient, and the patient's mother specially ordered takeout for Lin Yi. Fang Xiaoran delivered it to Lin Yi, who vented his frustrations. Fang Xiaoran, realizing Lin Yi was a responsible doctor, advised him to be open-minded about Yan Hui. Lin Yi felt comforted by her words.

Cao Nuo Ya returned home after being discharged, diligently practicing stitching every day despite frustration due to severe hand tremors. Lin Yi visited him, advising patience. Fang Xiaoran learned about Bai Ji's disciplinary action, leading to a heated argument between Lin Yi and Zhou Xiaofeng. Someone saw her in the control room, suspecting she called Lin Yi for help. Fang Xiaoran didn't regret her actions and openly thanked Zhou Xiaofeng for the call, leaving him unsure how to respond.

Yan Hui's condition gradually improved, and he chatted with neighboring patients. Learning that Lin Yi delayed his own surgery to save Yan Hui, Yan Hui felt guilty. Cui Jing encouraged Zhou Xiaofeng to participate in the selection of the top ten young doctors. In the emergency department, they admitted a patient with a rare and massive coronary aneurysm. Lin Yi rushed there and found Zhou Xiaofeng already present, who called him for assistance.

The patient, Song Xingyan, aged twenty, had been diagnosed for thirteen or fourteen months. The large tumor caused chest pain, shortness of breath, and dizziness. Lin Yi arranged a full-body examination for him. Renowned imaging expert Wang Min personally took X-rays for Song Xingyan. Knowing Lin Yi was Cao Nuo Ya's student, Wang Min remained indifferent, and Zhou Xiaofeng explained it was just her personality.

Lin Yi and Zhou Xiaofeng explained the surgical risks to Song Xingyan's mother, who, under immense pressure, repeatedly emphasized Song Xingyan's allergy to metronidazole. Lin Yi promised to use alternative medications. Chen Yue constantly followed Zhou Xiaofeng's social media, liking and commenting on every post, even posting pictures of Zhou Xiaofeng. Zhou Xiaofeng was displeased and publicly expressed his discomfort.

Lin Yi provided symptomatic treatment for Song Xingyan, and his condition gradually stabilized. Every time the nurse administered medication, Song's mother would repeat the metronidazole allergy issue, annoying the medical staff. Surprisingly, she was also reading a book on cardiac surgery. After much consideration, Song's mother agreed to let her son undergo surgery.

Fang Xiaoran found information online about Song Xingyan's twin brother, Song Xinghui, who died after an appendectomy due to metronidazole allergy at Dongjiang Hospital. This incident had resulted in disciplinary actions against the relevant doctors. Lin Yi and Zhou Xiaofeng felt uneasy about this revelation. Lin Yi vowed not to let anything go wrong in this surgery and not to betray Song's mother's trust.

Lin Yi scheduled the surgery for Song Xingyan next Wednesday, openly mentioning Shen Zheng's metronidazole allergy during ward rounds. Fang Xiaoran initiated adding Zhou Xiaofeng on WeChat, which he accepted. She then treated the department colleagues to coffee to celebrate, leaving Lin Yi puzzled.

Today was the day for Lin Yi's brother's follow-up appointment. Early in the morning, Lin Yi accompanied his brother to the hospital. Song Xingyan's condition worsened, leading to fainting. Suspecting a ruptured aneurysm, urgent surgery was needed. Lin Yi received a call and rushed back to the Heart Center. Confirming the aneurysm rupture, Lin Yi privately discussed the high surgical risk with Song's mother, given Song Xingyan hadn't fasted, was on anticoagulant therapy, and might not survive the surgery. Song's mother pleaded with Lin Yi to save her son.

It was the weekend, and there were three surgeries scheduled early in the morning. Nurses, anesthetists, and medical assistants were short-staffed. Yu Lingyun, Fang Xiaoran, and Zhou Xiaofeng each made phone calls to find additional help.

Episode 13 Recap

Zhou Xiaofeng and Yu Lingyun posted information in the group. Operating room staff rushed over, but there still weren't enough hands. Zhou Xiaofeng asked Fang Xiaoran to assist Lin Yi. Fang Xiaoran hadn't been on the operating table for a long time and was worried about her competence. Zhou Xiaofeng believed in her skills.

As the instrument and anesthesia nurses were on the operating table, Zhou Xiaofeng had no choice but to invite the Director of the Instrument Department, Xu Xiaotian, and the Director of the Anesthesia Department, Liu Shuangquan, to help. Han Xiao, upon hearing the news, also came to assist and asked Zhou Xiaofeng to take care of her daughter. Before the surgery, Lin Yi briefly explained Song Xingyan's situation to everyone. They all expressed their commitment not to let down Song's mother's trust.

Lin Yi remained calm and conducted the surgery methodically. Cui Jing and Wang Xu watched from the control room. Zhou Xiaofeng tried hard to appease Han Xiao's daughter, but she insisted on finding her mother. Zhou Xiaofeng had no choice but to bring out a human model for her to play with before she finally stopped crying. Assistant Liu Dong, who had been a groomsman the previous night, hadn't slept. He stood on the clean-up table and dozed off, so Lin Yi asked Fang Xiaoran to replace him.

To avoid damaging surrounding cells and lymphatic tissues, Lin Yi used a spoon to clear the tumor from Song Xingyan. Cui Jing praised his creativity. Han Xiao's daughter braided Zhou Xiaofeng's hair and painted his nails, and Zhou Xiaofeng obediently complied. Lin Yi and the medical staff worked together, finally removing the massive aneurysm from Song Xingyan. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and gave thumbs up to Lin Yi.

Song's mother anxiously waited outside the operating room. When Lin Yi came out and informed her, she learned that the surgery was very successful. Overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude, she bowed deeply to Lin Yi, who also expressed thanks for her past understanding. Han Xiao's daughter finally fell asleep, and Zhou Xiaofeng carried her to Yu Lingyun's office. Fang Xiaoran saw Zhou Xiaofeng's disheveled appearance and couldn't help but chuckle.

Lin Yi didn't return home until very late and found out that his brother had encountered the cold attitude of Dr. Yue again. Out of frustration, his brother left without undergoing the examination. Lin Yi understood Dr. Yue's personality, and his brother didn't want to cause trouble for him. Yan Hui was discharged today, and he quietly went home with his wife to avoid alarming people at the company. Before leaving, he left a note for Lin Yi, expressing gratitude, warming Lin Yi's heart.

Employees of Yan Hui Group came with banners to welcome him, only to find out that Yan Hui had already returned home. Cui Jing convened a meeting for the Heart Center staff, and Lin Yi publicly admitted his bias against Yan Hui. Lin Yi's sincere attitude earned him praise from everyone, and Cui Jing was deeply pleased with Lin Yi's change.

From that day on, Lin Yi changed his stern demeanor and became kind and friendly to every patient, which took some getting used to for the patients. Lin Yi expressed gratitude to Zhou Xiaofeng, Fang Xiaoran, Yu Lingyun, and others for their strong support. Song Xingyan's condition gradually improved, and his mother supported him for a walk in the corridor. Zhou Xiaofeng reminded Song Xingyan to be filial to his mother in the future. As they left, chatting and laughing, Zhou Xiaofeng felt a mix of emotions, and Fang Xiaoran observed it all.

方清竹, Cui Jing, Zhou Xiaofeng, and Cao Nuoya attended a medical forum. Lin Yi detailed the entire process of Song Xingyan's surgery. Fang Qingzhu congratulated Cao Nuoya on having such an excellent student as Lin Yi.

Episode 14 Recap

Lin Yi's brilliant speech at the medical forum won unanimous praise from all the experts and medical professionals present. He particularly thanked Zhou Xiaofeng for his strong support, especially for helping him assemble a powerful surgical team during the emergency, which led to the successful completion of Song Xingyan's surgery. In the end, Lin Yi expressed his gratitude to the medical staff who had fought alongside him that night.

Cao Nuoya was surprised by Lin Yi's change. Lin Yi was usually arrogant, never yielding to anyone, yet today he was unexpectedly humble. Cui Jing was very satisfied with Fang Xiaoran's performance and praised her in front of Fang Qingzhu, who was also delighted. Lin Yi gained the spotlight, making Bai Ji uncomfortable sitting below. Bai Ji quietly reminded Zhou Xiaofeng to take credit for the Cardiology Department, but Zhou Xiaofeng remained unmoved.

After the event, Fang Qingzhu took the initiative to talk to Lin Yi, requesting him to take good care of Fang Xiaoran, which Lin Yi readily agreed to. Bai Ji warmly invited Fang Qingzhu and Zhou Xiaofeng to dinner that evening. Fang Qingzhu didn't refuse, but Zhou Xiaofeng had to return to the hospital for duty. Bai Ji promised to find someone to cover for him, so Zhou Xiaofeng reluctantly agreed.

Bai Ji advised Zhou Xiaofeng to leverage Fang Qingzhu's influence in the industry to enhance his own position. However, Zhou Xiaofeng wanted to rely on his own efforts and had only met Fang Qingzhu a few times. Bai Ji insisted that Fang Qingzhu wanted to have dinner with Zhou Xiaofeng, and Zhou Xiaofeng believed him. During dinner, Bai Ji went all out to praise Zhou Xiaofeng in front of Fang Qingzhu, hoping to groom him as his successor. Suddenly, Bai Ji received an emergency call from the emergency room and had to leave.

In the private room, only Zhou Xiaofeng and Fang Qingzhu's mother and son remained. Fang Qingzhu reminded Zhou Xiaofeng not to push Fang Xiaoran to the forefront in the future. Zhou Xiaofeng, caught in a dilemma during the emergency, didn't want to offend Bai Ji, so he called Fang Xiaoran for help in notifying Lin Yi. Fang Qingzhu sensed her son was being questioned and was displeased. Bai Ji, hearing the mother and son's dispute at the door, discreetly avoided them. Zhou Xiaofeng and Fang Qingzhu had a heated argument and ended up parting ways unhappily.

Today is Zhou Xiaofeng's birthday, but he had an unpleasant encounter with Fang Qingzhu. Feeling upset, Zhou Xiaofeng casually posted a message on his friend circle. Chen Yue and Fang Xiaoran were the first to congratulate him. Chen Yue took the opportunity to seek advice from Fang Xiaoran on relationship matters, falsely claiming that she fell for a man with a personality like Zhou Xiaofeng's. Fang Xiaoran encouraged her to boldly pursue him. Remembering it was Zhou Xiaofeng's birthday, Fang Qingzhu felt guilty, and Fang Xiaoran tried to comfort her, but she couldn't let it go.

Bai Ji wanted to help reconcile Zhou Xiaofeng and Fang Qingzhu, but Zhou Xiaofeng kept making excuses to avoid it. Zhou Xiaofeng went to the university to give a lecture, and Chen Yue specially came to find him, using the excuse that wearing high heels was inconvenient and asking for a ride. Zhou Xiaofeng couldn't refuse, and Chen Yue gave him a birthday gift when she got in the car. However, Zhou Xiaofeng couldn't feel happy about it, and Chen Yue offered to be his punching bag. Zhou Xiaofeng then revealed the incident of seeking help from Fang Xiaoran on the day of the surgery. Chen Yue found it normal and consoled Zhou Xiaofeng.

Rose and her fiancé Jianbo encountered a car accident. Rose suffered minor injuries and was now receiving treatment in the Neurosurgery Department. Jianbo, due to brain damage, was sent to the Intensive Care Unit. Rose dressed up carefully, brought two panda plush toys, and went to the ICU to see Jianbo. Jianbo had been unconscious, and Rose suddenly fainted due to urgency. Zhou Xiaofeng rushed to check her when he heard the news. He found out that she had severe mitral valve insufficiency and needed immediate surgery. Zhou Xiaofeng transferred her to the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department, but Rose firmly refused to undergo surgery. Lin Yi explained the risks to her, but she still refused. Lin Yi learned about Rose's background from Jianbo's mother. Rose grew up in an orphanage. Lin Yi used a heart model to explain the danger of her condition to Rose, who begged Lin Yi to save Jianbo. Otherwise, she would rather die.

Episode 15 Recap

Lin Yi earnestly persuaded Qiang Wei, but she refused to undergo surgery. Lin Yi poured out his frustrations to Zhou Xiaofeng, who was also helpless. Lin Yi sought help from Fang Xiaoran, who gladly agreed. Zhou Xiaofeng didn't disclose that he and Fang Xiaoran were half-siblings, sharing the same mother but different fathers. Lin Yi thought they both resembled Fang Qingzhu, and Zhou Xiaofeng tried hard to conceal this fact.

Fang Xiaoran inquired about Qiang Wei's condition in detail and spoke to her. Qiang Wei had congenital heart disease since childhood and was abandoned by her parents, ending up in an orphanage. Fortunately, she met Jianbo, and they fell in love quickly. One night, after finishing their night shifts together, they took a bus home. The driver, fatigued, caused an accident. Fang Xiaoran expressed deep sympathy for Qiang Wei's plight.

Lin Yi suggested that Zhou Xiaofeng lie to Qiang Wei, claiming that Jianbo would wake up soon. This might convince Qiang Wei to agree to surgery. Zhou Xiaofeng, reluctant to deceive, warned Lin Yi not to act impulsively. Suddenly, Qiang Wei's condition worsened, showing signs of heart failure. Lin Yi and Fang Xiaoran rushed to her side, coordinating with the medical staff for emergency treatment. Qiang Wei's condition stabilized slightly.

Lin Yi took Fang Xiaoran to seek help from Lu Zhiping. Lu Zhiping believed Qiang Wei was beyond recovery and didn't want to lie. Lin Yi begged him not to give up on Qiang Wei, with Fang Xiaoran also pleading. Lu Zhiping, entangled, reluctantly agreed to lie to Qiang Wei. Fang Xiaoran teased Lin Yi for having low emotional intelligence, but Lin Yi didn't take it seriously.

Lu Zhiping falsely claimed that Jianbo might wake up, urging Qiang Wei to accept treatment. Overjoyed, Qiang Wei agreed to undergo surgery. Seeing Lu Zhiping leaving Qiang Wei's room, Zhou Xiaofeng guessed that Lin Yi had lied to Qiang Wei through him. Angry, he refrained from exposing the truth, despite Fang Xiaoran and Lin Yi advising him not to.

Upon hearing that minimally invasive mitral valve clipping surgery would allow a quick recovery, Qiang Wei approached Zhou Xiaofeng to discuss undergoing the procedure. Zhou Xiaofeng insisted that surgical treatment was more suitable for her, but Qiang Wei, eager to recover quickly and accompany Jianbo, insisted on the mitral valve clipping surgery. Zhou Xiaofeng couldn't resist her, so he reported to Bai Ji. Bai Ji naturally welcomed the opportunity, as mitral valve clipping belonged to the cardiology department.

When Lin Yi learned that Qiang Wei wanted mitral valve clipping surgery, he strongly protested. Bai Ji proposed reducing medical fees for Qiang Wei, but Lin Yi remained unconvinced. Bai Ji asked Zhou Xiaofeng to explain publicly that Qiang Wei had approached him willingly, but Lin Yi still disagreed. He believed Qiang Wei was more suitable for surgical treatment, and Cui Jing suggested cooperation between cardiology and surgery. Two years ago, Dongjiang Hospital admitted an elderly man over seventy with multiple organ failure. He underwent treatment in four or five departments and was finally sent to the heart center. The old man had no ID, no relatives to visit him, and no one paid for his treatment. Fang Xiaoran briefly inquired about the old man's condition from Yu Lingyun.

Lin Yi confronted Zhou Xiaofeng, suspecting him of instigating Qiang Wei behind his back. Zhou Xiaofeng defended himself vigorously, but Lin Yi didn't believe him. Zhou Xiaofeng didn't want to explain too much, and Lin Yi accused Fang Xiaoran of always siding with Zhou Xiaofeng. Fang Xiaoran brought up Yan Hui's matter, and Zhou Xiaofeng didn't want her involved, so he forcibly drove her away.

Lin Yi visited Qiang Wei to confirm her decision. Qiang Wei insisted on minimally invasive surgery, and Lin Yi couldn't force her. Zhou Xiaofeng specially bought Fang Xiaoran's favorite dishes to please her, repeatedly apologizing. Fang Xiaoran had long since forgiven him. When she discussed the mitral valve clipping surgery, Zhou Xiaofeng advised her not to be overly assertive in the future and learn to protect herself wisely. Taking advantage of the situation, Fang Xiaoran urged him to reconcile with Fang Qingzhu. Zhou Xiaofeng quickly changed the topic.

A patient's family gave Lin Yi a red envelope, which he promptly handed over to Yu Lingyun. Fang Xiaoran walked by, seemingly ignoring Lin Yi. Yu Lingyun could tell that Fang Xiaoran was unhappy with Lin Yi.

Episode 16 Recap

Fang Xiaoran casually noticed patient Yang Guilan sitting on the stairs, looking around. Curious, she approached and inquired. Yang Guilan falsely claimed she had indigestion, but a nurse hurriedly arrived, confiscated the hidden white wine and cooked food behind her. Fang Xiaoran then learned that Yang Guilan was secretly drinking here. She advised her to take care of her health and cooperate with the doctor's treatment. Yang Guilan, feeling hopeless, behaved recklessly. The nurse threatened to report her to the head nurse, and Yang Guilan begged for mercy. Fang Xiaoran voluntarily accompanied Yang Guilan back to the ward.

Yang Guilan was a frequent visitor to the hospital, staying in the hospital every few days. The first two times were for treatment in the cardiology department, and this time, she needed surgery for three coronary lesions, with Lin Yi as her attending physician. When Fang Xiaoran saw Lin Yi waiting for Yang Guilan, she didn't want to encounter him, so she turned away. Lin Yi repeatedly reminded Yang Guilan to control her oil and salt intake, or the consequences would be dire. Yang Guilan knew she was wrong but couldn't resist her cravings. She pleaded with Lin Yi to leave her a sausage, and he reluctantly agreed, leaving her a small piece.

Lin Yi took the initiative to talk to Fang Xiaoran, asking her to persuade Yang Guilan. He even told amusing stories to cheer her up and took the opportunity to apologize. Although Fang Xiaoran was amused by his comical appearance, she refused to forgive him. Lin Yi sincerely apologized to Fang Xiaoran, who asked him to apologize to Zhou Xiaofeng. Lin Yi hesitated but agreed to consider it. Fang Xiaoran took him to visit the elderly man who always talked about flowers, and Lin Yi agreed.

Yang Guilan had a cheerful personality and was helpful, quickly becoming familiar with the patients in the same ward. She comforted them and assisted the nurses, tirelessly performing various tasks. The elderly man who constantly called for "flowers" became agitated after removing the tube. Nurses couldn't handle him until Yang Guilan appeared. Fang Xiaoran requested Ling Yun's permission for Yang Guilan to enter the intensive care unit, and Ling Yun reluctantly agreed.

As the New Year approached, the number of patients in the cardiac center increased. Zhao, a doctor, announced that his wife, Ling Yun, was three months pregnant. Lin Yi and Zhou Xiaofeng were unaware of this news. Despite being married for over ten years, Zhao and Ling Yun had struggled with infertility. They had decided against in vitro fertilization, but unexpectedly, Ling Yun became pregnant naturally this time.

On New Year's Eve, Lin Yi went home for a family reunion. Lin Hai and Xiao Rui prepared a table full of dishes, and the three of them celebrated the New Year. Zhou Xiaofeng was on duty at the hospital. The cafeteria aunt brought him a plate of dumplings, and he video-called his grandparents to wish them a happy New Year. Fang Xiaoran and her mother had dinner outside. When she received the duty schedule for the Chinese New Year, she realized Zhou Xiaofeng was on duty today and left early to find him.

Yang Guilan brought a hat to the elderly man and took a photo for remembrance. Qiang Wei visited the intensive care unit to see Jian Bo, praying for his quick recovery. Zhou Xiaofeng unintentionally browsed through Chen Yue's Moments. Fang Xiaoran came to the hospital to see Zhou Xiaofeng. Fang Qingzhu arranged for a delivery guy to bring them a New Year's Eve dinner. However, Zhou Xiaofeng was not appreciative. Fang Xiaoran persuaded Zhou Xiaofeng and Fang Qingzhu to reconcile. Zhou Xiaofeng clearly stated that he no longer harbored resentment towards Fang Qingzhu; those past events had long been forgotten.

After dinner, Lin Yi was washing dishes when Lin Hai suddenly fainted due to a recurring illness. Lin Yi rushed him to the hospital. Fang Xiaoran was relieved that there were fewer patients today, but Zhou Xiaofeng received an emergency call to attend to Lin Hai, Lin Yi's brother. Zhou Xiaofeng immediately joined the intense rescue efforts.

Zhou Xiaofeng and the medical staff worked hard, and Lin Hai eventually recovered. Zhou Xiaofeng intended to arrange an intensive care unit bed for him, but Lin Yi, knowing Lin Hai didn't want his colleagues to know about his condition, insisted on getting Lin Hai discharged. Xiao Rui worried about inheriting heart disease, but Lin Yi advised him not to overthink it.

Episode 17 Recap

Zhou Xiaofeng settled the patient and saw Fang Qingzhu's thoughtful message and contact information in the takeout. Zhou Xiaofeng felt warm and immediately added her on WeChat, sending New Year greetings. Fang Qingzhu was extremely excited.

Lin Yi arranged for Lin Hai to be transferred to another hospital. Lin Hai had spent eight years battling his illness, often spending the New Year in the hospital. Lin Yi was accustomed to it. When Cao Nuoya heard that Lin Hai was hospitalized and couldn't come due to health reasons, she sent her wife to visit the hospital and gave Lin Yi a generous red envelope, leaving him deeply moved. Fang Xiaoran, concerned about the patients in the intensive care unit, arrived at the hospital early. Lin Yi and Ling Yun were on duty that day. Ling Yun casually inquired about Zhou Xiaofeng's treatment of a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy patient. Zhou Xiaofeng lied, claiming the patient's condition had stabilized, and they had been discharged. Lin Yi noticed that Zhou Xiaofeng had canceled all his night shifts, feeling grateful.

After finishing work, Lin Yi came to the hospital to accompany Lin Hai. He was worried about Qiang Wei, so he asked Liu Dong about the situation.

Yang Guilan couldn't sleep and secretly went to the corridor to drink. She found Qiang Wei attempting suicide by cutting her wrists. Yang Guilan screamed for help, and Fang Xiaoran rushed to save Qiang Wei just in time. Qiang Wei was finally revived. Inadvertently, Lin Yi learned that Qiang Wei had been lied to by him to undergo surgery. Feeling hopeless, Qiang Wei scolded Lin Yi, Fang Xiaoran, and Zhou Xiaofeng, refusing to accept their apologies. Yang Guilan tried to console Qiang Wei, but she couldn't let go of her despair.

Lin Yi regretted deceiving Qiang Wei and was willing to take responsibility for all consequences. Fang Xiaoran also felt guilty. Lin Yi came to apologize to Qiang Wei, urging her to live well. Qiang Wei remained silent. Yang Guilan believed Lin Yi was not at fault and promised to persuade Qiang Wei. Yang Guilan's husband and child had died in a major earthquake. She once contemplated following them, but in the end, she chose to live for the sake of her husband and child. Yang Guilan encouraged Qiang Wei to be strong, and Qiang Wei cried bitterly in her arms.

Chen Yue always paid attention to Zhou Xiaofeng's actions. She intentionally came to the riverside for a morning run and coincidentally met Zhou Xiaofeng. Zhou Xiaofeng told her about Qiang Wei's suicide attempt and regretted deceiving her. Chen Yue felt that Zhou Xiaofeng was not wrong, sometimes requiring well-intentioned lies for comfort. Chen Yue gave Zhou Xiaofeng a twig, suggesting it for his pet lizard to play on, and Zhou Xiaofeng gladly accepted.

Due to the complexity of Yang Guilan's condition, Lin Yi suggested conducting surgery on both the cardiac and cardiac surgery departments. Cui Jing supported his idea. Bai Ji was unhappy and silently criticized Lin Yi for making decisions without explaining the situation beforehand. Lin Yi reminded the staff in the cardiology department not to assist him.

Episode 18 Recap

Bai Ji issued a strict order to the Department of Cardiology, stating that without his permission, no one was allowed to assist the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery in performing a composite surgery on Yang Guilan. Lin Yi found out that Zhou Xiaofeng was the first doctor to attend to Yang Guilan and sought his help for a right coronary intervention. Zhou Xiaofeng, obeying Bai Ji's command, declined Lin Yi's request and advised him to seek help elsewhere. Lin Yi, unable to find assistance from Director Wu, apologized to Zhou Xiaofeng, thinking he was still upset.

Thinking Zhou Xiaofeng was angry, Lin Yi repeatedly apologized, only to learn that Zhou Xiaofeng's grievance was with Bai Ji. Lin Yi expressed his intention to seek Bai Ji's forgiveness, but Zhou Xiaofeng warned him about the importance of communication and tactics. Lin Yi, following Zhou Xiaofeng's advice, approached Bai Ji with a carefully crafted explanation, but Bai Ji evaded and redirected him to Zhou Xiaofeng.

Bai Ji called Zhou Xiaofeng to question him, bringing up the incident where Zhou Xiaofeng secretly informed Lin Yi about the surgery. Out of anger, Bai Ji transferred Zhou Xiaofeng to the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery and blocked his application for the Top Ten Young Doctors award. Lin Yi, seeking Zhou Xiaofeng's help in planning Yang Guilan's surgery, faced avoidance. Zhou Xiaofeng blamed Lin Yi for betraying him in front of Bai Ji, creating an awkward situation.

Since Jian Bo's death, Qiang Wei had become a different person, immersed in sorrow and paper-folding. Fang Xiaoran discovered a hole in her wedding dress and secretly went to repair it. Yang Guilan, having lost her son and husband in an earthquake, faced opposition from her nephew Yang Chuanbin, who wanted her property. Yang Guilan refused, leading to a confrontation where Yang Chuanbin threatened to abandon her. Yang Guilan's condition worsened due to emotional distress, and Zhou Xiaofeng, learning of the situation, tried to find a guardian for her.

Concerned about repercussions from Bai Ji, the doctors in the Cardiology Department refused to assist Lin Yi in the surgery. Lin Yi turned to Cao Nuoya for help, who advised him to improve relations with colleagues. Yang Guilan, fearing the worst during surgery, appointed lawyer Xu and notarized a document for him to sign on her behalf if she lost consciousness. She remembered Zhou Xiaofeng as the doctor who saved her, hoping he would treat her again, a sentiment echoed by Fang Xiaoran.

After much consideration, Zhou Xiaofeng decided to collaborate with Lin Yi on Yang Guilan's surgery, scheduled for a time when Bai Ji was absent. Fang Xiaoran offered to help find an assistant and warned Zhou Xiaofeng not to let Bai Ji know. Lin Yi sought Fang Xiaoran's assistance, who wanted to consult Jiang Junling first.

As Yang Guilan's surgery approached, she visited the elderly man who loved flowers. Unable to sleep that night, she stood by the window in contemplation. Zhou Xiaofeng, noticing her, approached her for a heart-to-heart conversation. Fang Xiaoran informed her sister, Fang Qingzhu, about Zhou Xiaofeng performing the surgery secretly and expressed understanding for his predicament.

Yang Guilan shared her feelings of longing and guilt for her deceased son with Zhou Xiaofeng, advising him not to leave any regrets. She gave lawyer Xu's contact information to Qiang Wei, fearing surgery complications.

Episode 19 Recap

Yang Guilan is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. She arranged everything before finally being able to sleep at ease. Today is Friday, and Bai Ji is not at the hospital due to some matters. Zhou Xiaofeng assists Lin Yi in Yang Guilan's surgery. They work seamlessly together, with Fang Xiaoran assisting Lin Yi, who performs a heart bypass surgery on Yang Guilan. Zhou Xiaofeng precisely places stents based on Yang Guilan's vascular condition. Lin Yi praises Zhou Xiaofeng's approach, and Zhou Xiaofeng commends Fang Xiaoran for flawless cooperation.

Yang Guilan's surgery is very successful, and she is moved to the intensive care unit for observation afterward. Qiang Wei visits her, with Fang Xiaoran staying by her side. Lin Yi invites Zhou Xiaofeng to a roadside stall to express gratitude for his strong support. Through this cooperation, their past grievances are resolved, and Lin Yi notices Fang Xiaoran's admiration for Zhou Xiaofeng, suspecting that she likes him. Zhou Xiaofeng quickly changes the topic. Fang Xiaoran thanks Lin Yi for allowing her to assist and is delighted.

In her social media post about her pet rainforest scorpion, Chen Yue receives the first like from Zhou Xiaofeng. She is ecstatic and concludes that Zhou Xiaofeng is single from birth, which he admits. Fang Qingzhu learns that Bai Ji is not open-minded and is cautious about Zhou Xiaofeng. She also hoards key research projects, fearing Zhou Xiaofeng may surpass him, causing her to feel regret for Zhou Xiaofeng. Yang Guilan finally wakes up, and Fang Xiaoran asks Qiang Wei to feed her pumpkin porridge, diverting her attention and helping her overcome grief.

Having gone through this life-and-death experience, Yang Guilan decides to live well. Qiang Wei continues to take care of her, and her mood gradually improves. Yu Lingyun, observing this, appreciates Fang Xiaoran's thoughtful efforts and praises her in front of Lin Yi. Chen Yue learns about Yang Guilan's plan to donate her inheritance to the hospital. Yang Chuanbin, her nephew, plans to sue the hospital, and Chen Yue takes on the case, suspecting that it involves Zhou Xiaofeng's hospital, Dongli Hospital.

Chen Yue waits at the hospital for Yang Chuanbin, who complains to her, accusing the hospital staff of manipulating Yang Guilan into not leaving him any money. Chen Yue accompanies Yang Chuanbin to see Yang Guilan, who insists on donating her assets to the hospital. Chen Yue advises her to think twice, but Yang Guilan remains determined. Chen Yue suspects that medical staff hinted to Yang Guilan, but she vehemently denies it.

Chen Yue investigates by talking to a caregiver and learns that Lin Yi and Zhou Xiaofeng collaborated on Yang Guilan's surgery. She approaches Zhou Xiaofeng to inquire about Yang Guilan's situation. Zhou Xiaofeng is surprised to learn that Yang Guilan is leaving her property worth nine hundred thousand to the hospital. He was unaware, and Chen Yue asks him to persuade the hospital leadership to give up the inheritance. Otherwise, she will take legal action for Yang Chuanbin. Lin Yi angrily accuses Chen Yue of being an unscrupulous lawyer.

Despite Yang Chuanbin's efforts, Yang Guilan refuses to change her decision. Yang Chuanbin insults her, blaming her for the deaths of her husband and son. Yang Guilan collapses, and Lin Yi and Zhou Xiaofeng rush to treat her. Chen Yue feels guilty for underestimating Yang Chuanbin's extreme behavior. Zhou Xiaofeng advises her not to get involved in this matter.

Yang Guilan's body temperature rises to 39 degrees, and her white blood cell count reaches thirty thousand. Nurses panic, and Zhou Xiaofeng senses a critical situation, immediately contacting Dr. Qin from the Hematology Department for a blood test.

Episode 20 Recap

The results of Yang Guilan's spinal tap reveal lymphoblastic leukemia. Zhou Xiaofeng promptly shares the test results with Lin Yi, who is also surprised. Qiang Wei visits Yang Guilan and shows her a video of a flying peacock, fulfilling Yang Guilan's long-held dream. Touched, she plans to go to Yunnan with Qiang Wei to see peacocks after being discharged.

Cui Jing holds an emergency meeting, where Lin Yi details Yang Guilan's condition. Bai Ji learns that Zhou Xiaofeng installed two stents without informing him and is furious. Unable to explode in public, Bai Ji delegates the matter entirely to Zhou Xiaofeng. Lin Yi infers from Bai Ji's surprised expression that Zhou Xiaofeng performed the surgery without informing him. Fang Xiaoran, concerned about Bai Ji's reaction, worries about Zhou Xiaofeng. Ignoring the potential consequences, Zhou Xiaofeng consults with Director Gong from the Hematology Department, who provides a practical treatment plan. Yang Guilan is fortunate; if leukemia had been detected before the surgery, the heart operation might not have been possible.

Bai Ji calls Zhou Xiaofeng to his office for questioning, blaming him for not informing about Yang Guilan's surgery. Zhou Xiaofeng, thinking Bai Ji is upset due to a grudge with the Cardiovascular Surgery, and unable to let someone die, faces Bai Ji's anger. Bai Ji is furious and leaves the room in frustration. Yang Guilan's illness deeply affects the hospital staff. Fang Xiaoran visits her whenever possible, doing her best to cheer her up.

Chen Yue visits the hospital to inquire about Yang Guilan's condition. Fang Xiaoran recognizes her as Yang Chuanbin's lawyer and speaks to her coldly. Chen Yue has dropped Yang Chuanbin's case and brings some supplements for Yang Guilan. She also adds Fang Xiaoran on WeChat. Zhou Xiaofeng and Lin Yi consult with the director of the Infectious Disease Department to seek help for Yang Guilan. Fang Xiaoran adds both the Hematology and Infectious Disease Department directors to a group chat for better communication on Yang Guilan's treatment.

Chen Yue refuses to sue on behalf of Yang Chuanbin. Despite his persistence, Chen Yue advises him to visit Yang Guilan and not focus on her assets. Qiang Wei visits Yang Guilan regularly, providing mutual comfort. Zhou Xiaofeng urges Qiang Wei to undergo surgery soon to avoid worsening her condition, but she remains silent.

Fang Xiaoran tries to find someone to repair Qiang Wei's wedding dress, but no one is willing due to its low value. She goes from one place to another seeking help. Eventually, a bridal shop owner, moved by her sincerity, repairs the dress quickly. Qiang Wei, seeing the repaired dress, is moved to tears and decides to undergo surgery. Lin Yi approaches Zhou Xiaofeng to discuss performing the mitral valve clip procedure for Qiang Wei. Fang Xiaoran is thrilled as they can finally collaborate again.

Chen Yue feels guilty about Yang Guilan's situation and seeks advice from Fang Xiaoran on preparing nourishing meals for her. She then visits several times and provides a list of items for Yang Guilan. Chen Yue arranges for chicken soup to be sent and asks Fang Xiaoran to deliver it. Suddenly, Fang Xiaoran receives news of Yang Guilan vomiting black blood, and she rushes to the intensive care unit. Lin Yi and Zhou Xiaofeng consult with a digestive specialist. Qiang Wei, witnessing the urgency, anxiously awaits updates.

The digestive specialist examines Yang Guilan and finds multiple internal organ hemorrhages, indicating a dire situation. Lin Yi is determined not to give up, and Zhou Xiaofeng organizes detailed responsibilities for the medical staff, preparing for surgery. Yang Guilan urgently needs a large blood transfusion and volunteers to donate blood herself.

Episode 21 Recap

Medical staff from various departments take turns to save Yang Guilan. Qiang Wei is extremely anxious, asking Fang Xiaoran to inform her of the rescue results. She expresses her willingness to accompany Yang Guilan on her final journey if there is no hope for recovery. Chen Yue donates blood for Yang Guilan, despite her weakened condition, staying outside the operating room.

The healthcare workers work tirelessly throughout the night, dedicating fourteen hours to bring Yang Guilan back from the brink of death. Chen Yue buys breakfast for everyone in the morning, introducing herself as a friend of Zhou Xiaofeng. Colleagues are surprised to learn about Zhou Xiaofeng's friendship, given his usually aloof nature. Zhou Xiaofeng thanks Chen Yue for donating blood, but she has to leave for a meeting at her workplace.

During a meeting, Zhou Xiaofeng announces his plan to perform the mitral valve clip procedure with Lin Yi. Cui Jing reminds them to cooperate well. Bai Ji volunteers to operate on Qiang Wei, using the pretext of responsibility to the supplier. Zhou Xiaofeng insists on performing the surgery for Qiang Wei to avoid disappointment and any mishaps, even though Bai Ji is unwilling and resentful.

Lin Yi learns about Zhou Xiaofeng and Bai Ji competing for the surgery and gains new respect for Zhou Xiaofeng. Fang Xiaoran updates Fang Qingzhu about Yang Guilan's condition daily, including various anecdotes about Lin Yi. Fang Qingzhu senses Fang Xiaoran's feelings for Lin Yi, but Fang Xiaoran denies it. Lin Haiyue reads about someone replacing a heart online, expressing interest, but Lin Yi explains the impracticality of such actions.

Fang Xiaoran gradually develops affection for Lin Yi, paying constant attention to his social media updates. Yang Guilan's condition deteriorates, leading to unconsciousness. The examination reveals intracranial hemorrhage, and despite efforts to save her, it proves futile. Fang Xiaoran informs Qiang Wei immediately. Qiang Wei pleads with Zhou Xiaofeng to save Yang Guilan, but he advises her to face the reality and say her goodbyes. Grandpa Hua continues crying, sensing an unfortunate event.

Qiang Wei sings for Yang Guilan, vividly remembering her vibrant personality. Despite the emotional atmosphere, all healthcare workers present are deeply moved. Fang Xiaoran, heartbroken, silently sheds tears. Lin Yi buys her food and silently accompanies her. Zhou Xiaofeng advises Fang Xiaoran to accept reality, but she can't help but cry. Alone on the stairs, she weeps silently. Lin Yi arrives and comforts her, and she breaks down on his shoulder. Qiang Wei, sitting on the hospital bed, looks despondent. Zhou Xiaofeng visits her, and she decides to undergo surgery the next day.

The funeral home staff arrives to take away Yang Guilan's body. Lin Yi, Zhou Xiaofeng, and others watch the hearse gradually move away, feeling heavy-hearted. Lin Yi immediately dives into a tense surgery. The operation goes smoothly, and Zhou Xiaofeng receives a message from Lin Yi, feeling a deep sense of relief. Zhou Xiaofeng watches a lecture by Fang Qingzhu on congenital heart disease in children on his phone. He recalls Yang Guilan's words and doesn't want to have any regrets, so he waits downstairs for Fang Qingzhu late at night.

Fang Qingzhu finishes work late, and she and Zhou Xiaofeng have a heartfelt conversation in the yard. She casually mentions various childhood anecdotes about Zhou Xiaofeng. Finally, Zhou Xiaofeng, mustering courage, says three words: "Thank you." Fang Qingzhu understands the meaning behind these words and is moved to tears. Zhou Xiaofeng recalls Yang Guilan, who recently passed away, takes out the candy she gave him, and eats it. Despite outward appearances, his heart is heavy, and tears stream down his face.

Episode 22 Recap

Qiang Wei was discharged today, and her in-laws came early to pick her up. Qiang Wei dressed up carefully, and Cui Jing and the medical staff from the heart center brought instruments to see her off, taking a commemorative photo together. Lin Yi and Fang Xiaoran stood on the second-floor terrace, watching Qiang Wei and her in-laws leave happily. They shared in Qiang Wei's joy.

Lin Yi and Fang Xiaoran visited Grandpa Hua. Since the death of Yang Guilan, Grandpa Hua had been melancholic. They pushed him outside to enjoy the sunshine, with Fang Xiaoran believing that family would soon come looking for Grandpa Hua. Lin Yi, having witnessed much of life and death recently, reflected on life and emotions. Fang Xiaoran, on the other hand, remained optimistic, cherishing everything she had. Lin Yi couldn't help but be deeply affected by her positive outlook, gazing at her affectionately. Fang Xiaoran, feeling embarrassed, quickly found an excuse to step aside.

After work, Lin Yi hurried home, taking meticulous care of Lin Hai's daily life. Lin Hai, not wanting to burden Lin Yi, urged him to find a girlfriend soon. Lin Yi avoided discussing this matter. Qiang Wei created a group to search for relatives, and Fang Xiaoran posted information about Grandpa Hua, hoping to find his family.

In the quiet of the night, Zhou Xiaofeng couldn't help but recall Chen Yue, flipping through her social media. Chen Yue witnessed healthcare workers striving to save Yang Guilan, developing admiration for them. Chen Yue, suspecting a sibling relationship between Fang Xiaoran and Zhou Xiaofeng, inquired about Zhou Xiaofeng's situation. Fang Xiaoran, realizing Chen Yue's feelings for Zhou Xiaofeng, provided advice. Chen Yue, seizing the opportunity, asked about Fang Xiaoran's love life. Fang Xiaoran admitted developing feelings for Lin Yi over time but was unsure of his feelings. Chen Yue offered guidance, and they shared everything.

Chen Yue texted Zhou Xiaofeng to go for a night run after work. Zhou Xiaofeng proposed dinner, and Chen Yue gladly accepted. She encouraged Fang Xiaoran to take the initiative and not miss the chance with the person she liked. Zhou Xiaofeng and Chen Yue had dinner together, quickly bonding over their conversation. Chen Yue took the opportunity to express her feelings to Zhou Xiaofeng. The restaurant offered a discount for couples taking photos, and Zhou Xiaofeng readily took a snapshot. Chen Yue was overjoyed. After dinner, Zhou Xiaofeng asked Chen Yue to accompany him in choosing a birthday gift for Fang Qingzhu.

The day after tomorrow is Fang Qingzhu's birthday, and Zhou Xiaofeng asked Fang Xiaoran to deliver the gift. Fang Xiaoran suggested he go personally, and Zhou Xiaofeng immediately called Fang Qingzhu, who invited him for dinner at her house. Bai Ji prepared a teacup as a birthday gift for Fang Qingzhu and asked Zhou Xiaofeng to deliver it.

Yu Lingyun wanted to take Grandpa Hua out to enjoy the sun. Surprisingly, Grandpa Hua responded to Zhou Xiaofeng's words, even though he couldn't speak. Zhou Xiaofeng was pleasantly surprised. Fang Xiaoran found a photo of Yang Guilan, and Grandpa Hua recognized her, shedding tears of excitement.

Episode 23 Recap

Grandpa Hua's mental faculties gradually recovered, bringing joy to Fang Xiaoran, Lin Yi, and others. Chen Yue, once again, brought afternoon tea and snacks for everyone. Zhou Xiaofeng publicly announced their relationship, and everyone congratulated them. Lin Yi took the colleagues outside, giving Chen Yue and Zhou Xiaofeng a chance to be alone. Chen Yue would be going out of town for a trial tomorrow, and she bid farewell to Zhou Xiaofeng with reluctance.

Today is Fang Qingzhu's sixtieth birthday. She decorated the house, and Fang Xiaoran prepared a table full of dishes. Zhou Xiaofeng arrived on time for her birthday banquet, leaving Fang Qingzhu speechless with excitement. The three of them had dinner together, and Fang Xiaoran created a group for them, taking a photo and sharing it. After dinner, Fang Qingzhu took out a photo album with pictures of Zhou Xiaofeng from his childhood. Zhou Xiaofeng gave Fang Qingzhu a bracelet, and she cherished it. Fang Xiaoran reminded Zhou Xiaofeng and Bai Ji to keep their distance. Zhou Xiaofeng intended to give Bai Ji's gift but ended up putting it back in his bag.

Bai Ji suddenly called Fang Qingzhu to congratulate her. He inquired about Fang Qingzhu being a judge for the innovative talent selection, asking for her support. Fang Qingzhu asked Zhou Xiaofeng to show the gift, which was then promptly sent to Bai Ji the next day, still wrapped. Bai Ji was furious.

The director of Xide Hospital, Xiaotong, suddenly called Zhou Xiaofeng, inviting him to an industry salon. Zhou Xiaofeng politely declined, citing other commitments. Xiaotong persisted, and Zhou Xiaofeng lied about having a patient, hanging up. Zhou Xiaofeng handed Bai Ji the application form for the top young doctors, but Bai Ji made various excuses and even threw the application materials on the ground. Zhou Xiaofeng understood everything.

A patient named Zhuang Jiashun was transferred to the respiratory department with chest tightness and shortness of breath. Zhou Xiaofeng conducted a detailed examination, diagnosing him with heart failure. Zhuang Jiashun insisted it was just bronchopneumonia and wanted some medication. Zhou Xiaofeng ordered an electrocardiogram and blood tests, but the results showed no cause. Zhou Xiaofeng suggested a cardiac ultrasound for further diagnosis. Zhuang Jiashun was dissatisfied and accused Zhou Xiaofeng of scamming money. He demanded a refund, causing a scene. Suddenly, Zhuang Jiashun received a call from his wife urging him to come out, or he would get a parking ticket from the police.

An hour earlier, Zhuang Jiashun was forced by his wife to come to the hospital. Due to a dispute with the security guard at the entrance over parking fees, he parked his car on the roadside in anger. Zhuang Jiashun urged Zhou Xiaofeng to prescribe medicine quickly. Other patients nearby couldn't stand it and advised Zhuang Jiashun. He got angry, and Zhou Xiaofeng asked Zhang Zhen to call the security guard. Zhuang Jiashun, infuriated, suddenly threw a punch at Zhou Xiaofeng, knocking his glasses off. The medical staff, hearing the commotion, pulled Zhuang Jiashun away, and Zhang Zhen called the police.

The police arrived, wanting to take a statement from Zhou Xiaofeng. They separately inquired about the situation from Zhuang Jiashun and Zhou Xiaofeng. Zhuang Jiashun just wanted some medication and considered all the tests unnecessary. Zhou Xiaofeng emphasized the severity of his heart condition and the necessity of the tests. The police intended to detain Zhuang Jiashun and impose a fine. Zhou Xiaofeng expressed his indifference to the outcome and left quickly.

The office handling medical disputes sent a staff member to persuade Zhou Xiaofeng not to escalate the matter. Zhou Xiaofeng was displeased with the advice and called Bai Ji for guidance. Surprisingly, Bai Ji instructed Zhou Xiaofeng to apologize to Zhuang Jiashun and not let it affect the selection of the outstanding cardiology department. Zhou Xiaofeng was speechless and had to compromise. Zhuang Jiashun was fined only 300 yuan. Fang Xiaoran and Lin Yi, hearing about Zhou Xiaofeng being assaulted, were furious and wanted justice for him. Zhou Xiaofeng didn't want to create more trouble and instead consoled them. Lin Yi couldn't swallow this injustice but had no other options.

Episode 24 Recap

Fang Xiaoran returned home and vented her frustrations to Fang Qingzhu, continuously defending Zhou Xiaofeng. Bai Ji not only failed to support Zhou Xiaofeng but also added insult to injury. Fang Qingzhu, upon learning the truth, was speechless with anger. She immediately called Cui Jing and arranged to have lunch the day after tomorrow. Cui Jing and Fang Qingzhu, both colleagues, suspected that something was amiss and canceled their schedules for the next afternoon. The assistant explained in detail about Zhou Xiaofeng being assaulted, and Cui Jing, just returning from a business trip, was unaware of the incident.

Xiaotong, the director of Xide Hospital, heard about Zhou Xiaofeng's ordeal. She purposely bought exquisite pastries and waited for Zhou Xiaofeng to finish work at the hospital entrance. Xiaotong tried to persuade him to switch to Xide Hospital, promising double the salary and generous benefits. She vowed not to let Zhou Xiaofeng suffer injustice and even formed a cardiac project team for him. Zhou Xiaofeng was undecided and wanted to consider it carefully.

Unable to sleep at night, Zhou Xiaofeng received a call from Chen Yue, who shared her work troubles. Zhou Xiaofeng didn't want to worry her and didn't mention his own situation. As soon as Cui Jing started work, she inquired about Zhou Xiaofeng from Bai Ji, who spoke ill of Zhou Xiaofeng since becoming a team leader.

Zhuang Jiashun went to Dongjiang Second Hospital for a comprehensive examination, confirming severe mitral valve stenosis combined with atrial fibrillation, just as Zhou Xiaofeng predicted. Zhuang Jiashun's wife found out that only Lin Yi from the Cardiac Center at Dongjiang Hospital could perform the mitral valve replacement surgery. Concerned about being rejected, Zhuang Jiashun used a fake name to come to Dongjiang Hospital again. Lin Yi agreed to perform the surgery, and Zhuang Jiashun quickly arranged for hospitalization.

Lin Yi asked Zhou Xiaofeng for assistance in the consultation. Recognizing Zhuang Jiashun, Zhou Xiaofeng turned and left. When Lin Yi realized that Zhuang Jiashun was Zhou Xiaofeng's patient, he was furious. Lin Yi, out of anger, refused to perform the surgery on Zhuang Jiashun and demanded that Zhuang Jiashun apologize to Zhou Xiaofeng. Zhou Xiaofeng advised against impulsiveness and asked Director Wu to cooperate with Lin Yi in the surgery.

Worried that Lin Yi might retaliate, Zhuang Jiashun packed his things to leave. His wife desperately tried to stop him, apologizing profusely to Lin Yi. Lin Yi harshly scolded Zhuang Jiashun, pointing out that Zhou Xiaofeng's diagnosis was correct, and Zhuang Jiashun falsely accused him of fraud and even physically assaulted him. Zhuang Jiashun was left speechless, and his wife pleaded with Lin Yi to save him. Zhuang Jiashun admitted his mistake, and Lin Yi decided not to pursue the matter further.

Chen Yue returned from her business trip and went directly to the hospital to find Zhou Xiaofeng. They went to the cafeteria for a meal while Chen Yue shared her lovesick feelings with Zhou Xiaofeng. While eating, Zhou Xiaofeng saw Zhuang Jiashun, his wife, and daughter buying food in the cafeteria, leaving him stunned. Chen Yue called out to him, snapping him out of his thoughts.

Chen Yue brought food for Fang Xiaoran and casually mentioned Zhou Xiaofeng's unusual behavior. Fang Xiaoran then informed her about Zhou Xiaofeng being assaulted. Chen Yue was furious and wanted justice for Zhou Xiaofeng, but he insisted on not pursuing the matter further. Chen Yue learned that Zhuang Jiashun had returned to the hospital for surgery and wanted to confront him but restrained herself.

Lin Yi arranged preoperative examinations for Zhuang Jiashun, who didn't want to go through with them due to a lack of money. His wife and daughter went to Lin Yi to plead for mercy. Lin Yi only arranged the necessary examinations. Fang Qingzhu and Cui Jing had lunch together, where Cui Jing apologized for Zhou Xiaofeng's situation. Fang Qingzhu didn't want to delve into the matter but emphasized that she didn't want Zhou Xiaofeng to be treated unfairly. Feeling pressured from higher-ups, Fang Qingzhu thought that Zhou Xiaofeng and Lin Yi worked well together. Cui Jing promised more cooperation between them.

Upon hearing that Fang Qingzhu came to find Cui Jing, Bai Ji felt uneasy. Cui Jing asked her assistant about Bai Ji's relationship with Zhou Xiaofeng and found out that Bai Ji didn't recommend Zhou Xiaofeng as a candidate for the top young doctors. Cui Jing publicly announced Zhou Xiaofeng and Lin Yi as fixed partners during the meeting. Fang Xiaoran saw through Cui Jing's intentions and was delighted. Bai Ji, suppressing his anger, congratulated them. However, when Zhou Xiaofeng took a call and stepped out, Bai Ji once again mentioned Zhou Xiaofeng being assaulted, using the excuse of considering the overall situation.

Lin Yi stepped forward to protest against Bai Ji, listing all of Bai Ji's wrongdoings. He pointed out that Zhou Xiaofeng, who worked diligently for the patients, was assaulted, and Bai Ji not only failed to defend him but also asked Zhou Xiaofeng to apologize to his assailant. This would demoralize the medical staff. After hearing Lin Yi's impassioned speech outside the door, Zhou Xiaofeng's heart warmed.

Cui Jing publicly declared that they would enhance security measures and ensure no harm would come to medical staff. The audience applauded and praised her. Zhou Xiaofeng complained that Lin Yi shouldn't have challenged Bai Ji publicly. Lin Yi didn't want to see Zhou Xiaofeng compromise, and Zhou Xiaofeng understood his good intentions. They shook hands, agreeing to be good partners and work together for the patients.

Episode 25 Recap

Bai Ji pretended to care about Zhou Xiaofeng, desperately trying to get close to him. In front of Zhou Xiaofeng, Bai Ji spoke ill of Lin Yi. Zhou Xiaofeng remained silent, and Bai Ji seized the opportunity to sow discord between him and Lin Yi. Zhou Xiaofeng found his actions contemptible. After careful consideration, Zhou Xiaofeng decided to go to Xide Hospital. He sent a message to invite Director Li to meet with him.

Zhuang's wife secretly gave Lin Yi a large red envelope, but Lin Yi firmly refused to accept it. She thought he hadn't forgiven Zhuang Jiashun yet and pleaded with him. Lin Yi reluctantly accepted it and promptly handed the money to Yu Lingyun. Yu Lingyun promised to transfer the amount to Zhuang Jiashun's hospitalization expenses after the surgery. Fang Xiaoran announced Flower Grandpa's situation in the search group for relatives. Soon, three children came to find Flower Grandpa, who, due to brain damage, didn't recognize them at all.

Flower Grandpa's real name is Lou Shanqing, the stepfather of the three children. After their biological mother passed away, Lou Shanqing refused many suitors and worked hard to raise the three of them. They wanted to take Lou Shanqing to a nearby nursing home. Lou Shanqing called his youngest daughter "Hua'er" (Flower), and the medical staff learned about Flower's origin. On the day of discharge, Qiang Wei came to send Lou Shanqing off, giving him a hat woven by Yang Guilan, and Zhou Xiaofeng, Lin Yi, and Fang Xiaoran came to bid farewell.

Lin Yi performed surgery on Zhuang Jiashun, coordinating fully with the medical staff. The operation went smoothly, and Zhuang Jiashun's wife and daughter were very happy. Zhuang Jiashun was taken to the intensive care unit. Suddenly, Fang Xiaoran noticed his dilated pupils and called Lin Yi. Lin Yi examined Zhuang Jiashun and found a sudden intracranial hemorrhage. Despite the efforts of the medical staff, they couldn't save Zhuang Jiashun due to severe bleeding. Devastated, Zhuang Jiashun's wife couldn't accept the reality and cried bitterly.

Cui Jing held an emergency meeting, and Lin Yi truthfully reported the situation. Zhuang Jiashun had only undergone two examinations due to economic reasons, making it difficult to determine the cause of the intracranial hemorrhage. Zhuang's wife insisted that Lin Yi accepted her red envelope, and Yu Lingyun, intending to transfer the money back to Zhuang Jiashun's account that day, was delayed due to a prenatal checkup. Cui Jing and the hospital leaders decided to provide humanitarian economic assistance to Zhuang Jiashun.

Lin Yi was puzzled and couldn't figure out the cause of Zhuang Jiashun's intracranial hemorrhage. The investigation team repeatedly watched the entire process of Lin Yi's surgery, confirming that there was no mistake in Lin Yi's surgical team. News of Zhuang Jiashun's incident quickly spread. Medical staff and inpatients who were unaware of the facts pointed fingers at Lin Yi. Patients who had appointments with Lin Yi canceled them, leaving Lin Yi feeling disappointed. He could only hide away and drown his sorrows in alcohol.

Zhou Xiaofeng guessed Lin Yi's whereabouts and, with Fang Xiaoran and Chen Yue, went to find him. Zhou Xiaofeng suspected that Zhuang Jiashun might have had congenital vascular malformations but lacked concrete evidence. Fang Xiaoran suggested conducting a post-mortem examination to clarify the situation. She went to Zhuang's wife's house to discuss, but Zhuang's wife adamantly refused and forcibly expelled Fang Xiaoran.

Episode 26 Recap

Zhou Xiaofeng and Chen Yue witnessed Fang Xiaoran being expelled by Zhuang's wife, Jiang Yu. They both thought Fang Xiaoran's actions were too impulsive, but they understood her desire to clarify the truth for Lin Yi. Zhou Xiaofeng asked Chen Yue to seek justice for Lin Yi through legal means, and Chen Yue readily agreed.

Zhuang Jiashun was the pillar of his family, and his death led to the complete collapse of the household. With the help of relatives and friends, Jiang Yu managed Zhuang Jiashun's affairs and then returned to their hometown with their daughter Nannan. The hospital leadership decided to reduce Lin Yi's outpatient visits and surgeries. Jiang Junling advised him to take this opportunity for research and publication. Although Lin Yi was unwilling, he had to comply.

Due to continuous stress and worries, Lin Yi fell ill. He developed a high fever and persistent cough. Cui Jing had learned from Cao Nuo about Lin Yi's family history of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. She urged him to drop his current workload and seek treatment in the respiratory department. Lin Yi thought he was fine, but Cui Jing insisted, and Zhou Xiaofeng accompanied him for the examination.

The director of the respiratory department conducted a comprehensive examination and diagnosed Lin Yi with a respiratory tract infection. Despite Lin Yi's belief that this cold wouldn't trigger hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the department insisted on his hospitalization. Zhou Xiaofeng advised him to rest and recover. Lin Yi intentionally avoided Fang Xiaoran's calls and messages. Unable to reach him, Fang Xiaoran messaged Zhou Xiaofeng to inquire about his condition and expressed a desire to visit. Lin Yi, not wanting to involve Fang Xiaoran, firmly refused her visit.

Worried, Fang Xiaoran hurriedly came to Zhou Xiaofeng to inquire about Lin Yi's condition. Liu Dong brought Lin Yi some daily necessities, and Fang Xiaoran volunteered to deliver them. Lin Yi, determined to keep his distance, harshly sent her away, causing Fang Xiaoran to believe that Lin Yi disliked her. In a fit of pique, she slammed the door as she left. Xiao Tong arranged for Zhou Xiaofeng to meet with Director Li, who admired Zhou Xiaofeng's talent and medical skills, urging him to consider transferring to Xide Hospital for more development opportunities. Zhou Xiaofeng was immediately interested.

Chen Yue learned that the insurance company refused to cover Zhuang Jiashun and went to the hospital to investigate. She found Jiang Yu copying medical records and promptly discussed countermeasures with Fang Xiaoran. They went to the hospital in Zhuang Jiashun's hometown to investigate, and, coincidentally, Fang Xiaoran had a friend working at that hospital. They rushed there and encountered Jiang Yu and Zhuang's relatives at the entrance. Jiang Yu recognized Fang Xiaoran at a glance and attacked her without explanation. Chen Yue tried to protect Fang Xiaoran, but they were surrounded by Zhuang's family. They had no choice but to call the police, and the police took them to the police station.

Upon hearing the news, Lin Yi and Zhou Xiaofeng immediately drove over. Suspecting that Zhuang Jiashun might have had pre-existing cerebrovascular disease, Fang Xiaoran questioned Jiang Yu, who vehemently denied it and blamed Lin Yi for Zhuang Jiashun's death. Lin Yi, seeing Fang Xiaoran injured as soon as he entered the police station, was furious. Fang Xiaoran repeatedly questioned Jiang Yu, leaving her speechless. The police only dealt with the assault by Zhuang's family and advised both parties to resolve the medical dispute at the hospital.

On the way back, Zhou Xiaofeng criticized Lin Yi, who, in turn, blamed Fang Xiaoran for being too impulsive, worrying that it would be challenging to explain to Fang Qingzhu.

Episode 27 Recap

Zhou Xiaofeng was both anxious and angry about Fang Xiaoran being beaten. He kept blaming her for being impulsive. Lin Yi forbade Zhou Xiaofeng from reprimanding Fang Xiaoran, and Fang Xiaoran loudly intervened to stop Lin Yi. Lin Yi, observing the mutual concern between Zhou Xiaofeng and Fang Xiaoran, suspected an abnormal relationship between them. Zhou Xiaofeng had to admit that he and Fang Xiaoran were half-siblings with the same mother but different fathers. Lin Yi was unaware of this, and Chen Yue quickly intervened to explain the situation. However, Lin Yi remained uneasy, feeling that Zhou Xiaofeng and Fang Xiaoran shouldn't have kept it from him.

After dropping off Fang Xiaoran and Chen Yue at home, only Zhou Xiaofeng and Lin Yi remained in the car. Zhou Xiaofeng briefly explained his family situation, and only then did Lin Yi feel a bit relieved. From that day on, Lin Yi became overly cautious, thoroughly investigating the medical history of every patient scheduled for surgery to prevent a tragedy similar to Zhuang Jiashun's from happening again.

To alleviate Jiang Yu's burden, Nan Nan secretly skipped school to work. Jiang Yu learned about this when the head teacher called, realizing her daughter hadn't been attending school. She scolded Nan Nan severely, but Nan Nan confronted her, exposing the fact that Jiang Yu had undergone surgery for a vascular tumor to compensate for money owed to Zhuang Jiashun. Shocked, Jiang Yu, who had planned to inform Lin Yi about the surgery, found out that Zhuang Jiashun had vehemently refused. Nan Nan overheard this outside the door.

After that risky experience, Fang Xiaoran and Chen Yue became close friends, discussing everything. Fang Xiaoran had been trying to improve the relationship between Zhou Xiaofeng and Fang Qingzhu, but lacking a good solution, Chen Yue suggested focusing on their medical professions rather than family ties. Fang Xiaoran decided to give it a try. Chen Yue casually inquired about Fang Xiaoran's feelings for Lin Yi, and Fang Xiaoran felt it was one-sided; Lin Yi showed no interest. Chen Yue, however, was puzzled by Lin Yi's apparent liking for Fang Xiaoran.

The medical affairs department quickly received news from the insurance company. Zhuang Jiashun had congenital vascular malformation, and he had undergone surgery. If Zhuang Jiashun hadn't revealed this information beforehand, even with Lin Yi's comprehensive preoperative examination, these conditions would not have been detected. The suspicions against Lin Yi and the team were completely overturned, and everyone joyfully spread the news.

Jiang Yu brought Nan Nan to the hospital and explained the situation. Zhuang Jiashun had previously undergone surgery for a cerebral vascular malformation. Jiang Yu had concealed this, fearing that Lin Yi would order many more tests. She had initially planned to use the compensation money to send Nan Nan to school. Jiang Yu handed over the compensation money and apologized to Lin Yi, Zhou Xiaofeng, and Fang Xiaoran. Watching Jiang Yu and Nan Nan leave, Zhou Xiaofeng decided to stay at Dongli Hospital and immediately declined Director Li's offer.

Cui Jing summoned Zhou Xiaofeng and Lin Yi to her office, encouraging them not to be defeated by injustice. Zhou Xiaofeng suggested restoring Lin Yi's outpatient visits and surgeries, and Cui Jing readily agreed. Lin Yi wanted to learn interventional surgery, and Cui Jing suggested that Zhou Xiaofeng and Lin Yi learn from each other. After experiencing so many ups and downs, they had already formed a deep friendship.

Dr. Zhao accompanied his wife, Yu Lingyun, for prenatal check-ups. The obstetrician found everything normal, but Dr. Zhao, after listening to the fetal heartbeat repeatedly, suspected congenital heart disease. He scheduled a fetal echocardiogram, and the result confirmed his suspicion. Despite Yu Lingyun's difficult journey to conceive, she was determined not to give up and was willing to do whatever it took for treatment.

Fang Xiaoran learned about this and expressed sympathy for Yu Lingyun. Lin Yi believed they should give up on the child, but Fang Xiaoran thought they shouldn't abandon the little life. The two had a heated argument, with Lin Yi witnessing his brother, Lin Hai, suffering from congenital heart disease to the point of wishing for death. Lin Yi asked Zhou Xiaofeng to persuade Yu Lingyun to terminate the pregnancy.

Episode 28 Recap

Yu Lingyun and Zhao Yuliang have been married for more than ten years. They finally got pregnant after much effort, but it was discovered that the fetus had congenital heart disease. Yu Lingyun was reluctant to terminate the pregnancy, but the child would require both interventional and surgical procedures once born, followed by endless treatment. Even so, there was no guarantee the child would survive into adulthood. Zhao Yuliang was also deeply distressed and tearfully tried to persuade Yu Lingyun to reconsider. Yu Lingyun, in great pain, ultimately decided to have an abortion and threw herself into her busy work to try to forget her current suffering.

When Zhou Xiaofeng heard that Yu Lingyun was going to have an abortion, he came to the obstetrics and gynecology department to see her. Just as Yu Lingyun was about to enter the operating room, she suddenly felt a strong fetal movement. She couldn't bear to proceed with the abortion and tearfully begged her husband to find a way to save the child. Zhou Xiaofeng witnessed this scene and felt uneasy. He immediately messaged Fang Zhuqing to request a meeting the following day.

Fang Zhuqing suggested an in-utero intervention and pulmonary artery dilation for the fetus and recommended Dr. Xue, the most authoritative obstetrician in Dongjiang. This was a highly complex surgery, and any slight mistake could lead to the death of both mother and child. Zhou Xiaofeng was unsure whether to tell Yu Lingyun. In passing, Zhou Xiaofeng asked about the incident when Bai Ji called on Fang Zhuqing's birthday, but Fang Zhuqing didn't reveal much. She heard that Bai Ji was very critical of Zhou Xiaofeng and advised him not to dwell on it.

After work, Lin Yi went for a walk with Lin Hai and Xiao Rui. Lin Hai was in good spirits, which made Lin Yi happy. However, Lin Hai suddenly fell into a coma early in the morning, and it was thanks to Lin Yi's timely return home that he managed to wake Lin Hai up. Zhou Xiaofeng and Fang Xiaoran discussed whether to inform Zhao Yuliang about the in-utero intervention. Zhao Yuliang didn't want Yu Lingyun to take the risk.

Fang Xiaoran collected information on in-utero intervention from various sources, while Lin Yi insisted that Yu Lingyun should terminate her pregnancy. Fang Xiaoran noticed that Lin Yi had become hesitant and fearful, which made her resent him. Lin Yi saw Lin Hai teetering on the edge of life and death every day but couldn't explain the full situation.

A girl named Caiyun from Guizhou, aged eighteen, suffered from Tetralogy of Fallot. She had undergone three surgeries and was currently experiencing chest tightness and shortness of breath. Caiyun's family faced financial difficulties, and both of her parents were ill. Dr. Qu from the local county hospital took Caiyun to various medical facilities for help, and they eventually arrived at Dongjiang Hospital. Zhao Yuliang happened to meet them and brought Caiyun to Zhou Xiaofeng. Zhou Xiaofeng examined Caiyun and recommended that she undergo surgery at a children's hospital. Dr. Qu explained Caiyun's family situation to Zhou Xiaofeng, emphasizing that they wouldn't have insurance coverage if they went to the pediatric hospital. Zhou Xiaofeng agreed to admit Caiyun to the hospital and promised to arrange her fourth surgery as soon as possible.

Zhou Xiaofeng called Lin Yi, Zhao Yuliang, and others to discuss the surgical plan. Because Caiyun had already undergone three major surgeries and had congenital heart defects, neither interventional nor surgical procedures were feasible. Lin Yi used Caiyun as an example to illustrate the lifelong dangers of complex congenital heart diseases. Zhao Yuliang sensed that Lin Yi was hiding something and once again felt lost.

Yu Lingyun gathered information from different sources and finally found information on in-utero intervention. She quickly sought advice from Bai Ji and then asked Zhou Xiaofeng and others to help find an expert in this field. Zhao Yuliang had to admit that he had known about this method but was afraid to tell Yu Lingyun due to the potential risks. Yu Lingyun was furious, as she had nearly aborted the child in a moment of weakness. She was willing to risk her own life to save the child, and Zhao Yuliang implored Zhou Xiaofeng to help them. However, Lin Yi cautioned them not to bring a child into the world to suffer.

Zhou Xiaofeng blamed Lin Yi for being too heartless and for adding insult to injury to Yu Lingyun and Zhao Yuliang. Lin Yi believed he was simply speaking the truth and shifted the blame back to Zhou Xiaofeng. In the end, the two of them parted ways. Dr. Qu was afraid that Caiyun might fall behind in her studies and had strict demands on her. He arranged daily academic lessons for her, and Caiyun diligently kept up with her studies. When Lin Yi visited for rounds, he saw Caiyun studying diligently and she mentioned Dr. Qu's care and support over the years.

Lin Yi visited Cao Nuoya at home, who was in good health but regretted not being able to perform surgeries for patients anymore. Lin Yi discussed in-utero intervention with him.

Episode 29 Recap

Cao Nuoya believed that every new life deserves respect, regardless of its length, and its quality should be valued. Lin Yi was deeply moved when he heard Cao Nuoya's words, thinking of Dr. Qu's unwavering commitment to helping Caiyun seek medical care.

Zhou Xiaofeng and Chen Yue went shopping at the supermarket together. Zhou Xiaofeng casually mentioned Yu Lingyun's unborn child's illness. Suddenly, Zhou Xiaofeng remembered a similar case that Fang Zhuqing had talked about before. He immediately called Fang Xiaoran and asked her to consult with Fang Zhuqing. Fang Zhuqing suggested a combined cardiac and cardiac surgery, emphasizing the need for the two lead surgeons to have excellent synergy for the operation to succeed.

Fang Xiaoran called Zhou Xiaofeng and Lin Yi together to present Fang Zhuqing's surgical plan. Lin Yi and Zhou Xiaofeng were still in a cold war, and they both remained silent. Fang Xiaoran was puzzled by this and then witnessed them apologizing to each other and shaking hands, ending their dispute. She was left feeling disoriented and suspected that they were hiding something, so she called Chen Yue for help.

Chen Yue received an acceptance letter from the British Law School and was overjoyed. However, the thought of being separated from Zhou Xiaofeng for two years left her in a dilemma. Zhou Xiaofeng and Lin Yi collaborated on Caiyun's surgery, and they devised a detailed plan. Zhou Xiaofeng sent a message to Fang Zhuqing to express his gratitude, and then he and Lin Yi had dinner together, even sharing a few drinks.

After dinner, Zhou Xiaofeng and Lin Yi took a taxi home. They saw Fang Zhuqing waiting downstairs at Zhou Xiaofeng's home from a distance, and Lin Yi discreetly left. Zhou Xiaofeng brought Fang Zhuqing inside, and she contacted Director Xue, who promised to perform the surgery for Yu Lingyun. Fang Zhuqing noticed the pet lizards that Zhou Xiaofeng kept, reminding her of his childhood fascination with reptiles. Zhou Xiaofeng and Fang Zhuqing shared their joys, and their conversation grew more and more cheerful.

Cui Jing agreed to perform in-utero intervention for Yu Lingyun, and Zhou Xiaofeng and Lin Yi joined forces for the operation, with Fang Xiaoran assisting. Fang Xiaoran learned about this and volunteered to assist Lin Yi, which he naturally welcomed, maintaining his usual expressionless demeanor. Fang Zhuqing participated in the discussion of Caiyun's surgery plan, and Dr. Qu explained Caiyun's condition. Together, they formulated a detailed surgical plan.

Caiyun had her surgery today, and Dr. Qu accompanied her to the operating room's entrance. Zhou Xiaofeng had the circulating nurse invite Dr. Qu inside. Lin Yi performed the surgery while Fang Xiaoran assisted him. Next, Zhou Xiaofeng carried out the interventional procedure. Lin Yi and Zhou Xiaofeng each played their roles with great coordination, and they successfully completed the operation. Bai Ji and Jiang Junling watched the entire procedure from the control room and praised their superb medical skills.

Cui Jing learned about Caiyun's family's financial difficulties and decided to waive the portion that couldn't be covered by medical insurance. She was surprised to find out that someone had already prepaid Caiyun's hospitalization fees. Shortly after the surgery, Caiyun woke up, and Yu Lingyun and Zhao Yuliang were by her side, filled with hope.

Caiyun gradually improved and was about to be transferred to a regular ward. Fang Xiaoran and Zhou Xiaofeng visited to express their gratitude to Dr. Qu for his unwavering support. Dr. Qu shared his notebook, which contained detailed records of Caiyun's surgical process and the treatment of many children with complex congenital heart diseases. He expressed regret that many children did not receive timely treatment.

Cui Jing invited Fang Zhuqing to have dinner as a token of appreciation. Zhou Xiaofeng, Lin Yi, and Fang Xiaoran accompanied them. Cui Jing revealed that it was Fang Zhuqing's idea to have Lin Yi and Zhou Xiaofeng form a specialized surgical team. Lin Yi expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Fang Zhuqing. After dinner, Zhou Xiaofeng and Lin Yi took a walk on the street. They gazed at the stars and contemplated the boundless possibilities of life together.

Episode 30 Recap

Zhao Yuliang went to great lengths for the upcoming birth of his child. He contacted Professor Liao, a cardiovascular specialist at Xili Hospital. Fang Zhuqing arranged for the renowned fetal medicine expert, Director Xue, to perform the surgery. Given the exceptional difficulty of the surgery, this top-notch team meticulously simulated the procedure multiple times, preparing for every possible scenario. Finally, Fang Zhuqing called together the people involved in the surgery and set a date for the operation when Yu Lingyun would be 26 weeks pregnant. Zhao Yuliang was deeply grateful for their efforts.

Fang Zhuqing asked Zhou Xiaofeng to be her assistant, but he politely declined, as it wasn't his area of expertise. When Bai Ji learned about this, he encouraged Zhou Xiaofeng to participate, emphasizing the opportunity to promote the Cardiology Department through this surgery. Zhou Xiaofeng disapproved of Bai Ji's utilitarian approach and repeatedly asserted that he wouldn't take part in the surgery, even if Bai Ji insisted.

Yu Lingyun's in-utero intervention surgery proceeded as scheduled. Zhao Yuliang stayed by her side, providing encouragement. Fang Zhuqing, Professor Liao, and Director Xue were on time and well-prepared. They patiently waited for the fetus to assume a normal position and then began the surgery. Zhao Yuliang quickly left the room, while Zhou Xiaofeng, Lin Yi, and others observed the procedure from the control room. Bai Ji explained the details to Zhou Xiaofeng.

Lin Yi retreated to the rooftop on the second floor, and Zhao Yuliang followed, confiding his anxiety and fear. Fang Zhuqing, Professor Liao, and Director Xue each played their part, working together seamlessly to successfully complete this high-difficulty surgery. Bai Ji was amazed and couldn't help but exclaim, and Zhou Xiaofeng held Fang Zhuqing in high regard. After the surgery, Zhao Yuliang expressed his gratitude to the medical staff involved, and Yu Lingyun finally regained consciousness. She was overjoyed to hear that the surgery had gone smoothly, tears of happiness in her eyes.

Zhou Xiaofeng and Chen Yue had planned to have dinner together, but they were interrupted by an emergency patient. After Zhou Xiaofeng dealt with the case, he rushed to meet Chen Yue, but he was already 40 minutes late. Chen Yue was in a hurry to attend a meeting, so they had to pack their meals separately. Zhou Xiaofeng drove Chen Yue back to the law firm, where she asked about Lin Yi's distant attitude towards Fang Xiaoran. Zhou Xiaofeng couldn't reveal the whole truth and only explained that Lin Yi had some undisclosed concerns.

Zhou Xiaofeng received a sudden call from the hospital. One of his new patients had deteriorated, and he rushed back to the hospital. Chen Yue had to ride a shared bicycle back to the law firm. As a result, she was late for the meeting and had to hurry to the conference room. Yu Lingyun was gradually improving, and she would be discharged the day after tomorrow. Zhao Yuliang invited everyone for a meal, and Zhou Xiaofeng, Fang Xiaoran, Lin Yi, and others attended. In front of everyone, Zhao Yuliang announced that he was planning to switch to the private Eastwood Pediatric Clinic. Everyone was reluctant to see him go, and Lin Yi felt sorry for him. Zhao Yuliang was willing to sacrifice for his family and now only wanted to be a good husband and father.

A colleague casually inquired about the progress of Fang Xiaoran and Lin Yi's relationship. Fang Xiaoran tried to cover up but was relentlessly questioned. She eventually had to admit that they had already broken up. Zhou Xiaofeng revealed that he and Fang Xiaoran were siblings, and everyone had known about it for some time. Lin Yi received a sudden call from Xiao Rui, informing him that Lin Hai had collapsed again, and he hurried home.

Lin Hai had regained consciousness, but his body was very weak. Xiao Rui read a novel to him, and when Lin Yi came home, he took over from Xiao Rui. Seeing Lin Hai's haggard appearance, Lin Yi felt uncomfortable. After dinner, Zhou Xiaofeng drove Fang Xiaoran back home. Fang Xiaoran was so happy that she couldn't stop smiling. She could finally openly call Zhou Xiaofeng her "brother." Fang Xiaoran confided in Zhou Xiaofeng about her feelings for Lin Yi, believing that he also cared for her, but they were just not meant to be together. Fang Xiaoran became increasingly upset as she spoke, eventually breaking down in tears on Zhou Xiaofeng's shoulder. Zhou Xiaofeng couldn't bring himself to reveal the genetic condition in Lin Yi's family, so he silently supported Fang Xiaoran.

Zhou Xiaofeng put aside his current projects to tackle congenital heart disease, a field he wasn't familiar with. Bai Ji advised him not to give up on the research he had been working on for a long time. Zhou Xiaofeng had made up his mind. After having her prenatal check-up, Yu Lingyun also visited Caiyun. She gave Caiyun a lucky colored string and thanked her for giving her the courage to face her own challenges. She hoped her baby would also grow up healthy and happy.

Zhou Xiaofeng had a heart-to-heart conversation with Lin Yi, asking him to give Fang Xiaoran a legitimate reason for their breakup. Lin Yi was afraid to tell Fang Xiaoran the truth, fearing that she would shoulder all of his family's burdens. Caiyun was going to be discharged the next day. Dr. Qu bought her a pair of sports shoes to encourage her to exercise. Zhou Xiaofeng reminded Dr. Qu to bring Caiyun for regular check-ups. Dr. Qu casually mentioned that there were many children like Caiyun who needed treatment but had been delayed due to limited resources. Zhou Xiaofeng began to entertain a daring idea. On the weekend, Lin Yi accompanied Lin Hai for a walk, but Lin Hai suddenly collapsed.

Episode 31 Recap

Lin Yi rushed Lin Hai to Xili Hospital, where Lin Hai's condition had deteriorated, reaching an advanced stage. Lin Yi decided to transfer Lin Hai to Dongli Hospital immediately. Lin Hai was concerned that his colleagues would find out about the family's hereditary disease. Lin Yi was determined to respect his wishes, and Lin Hai requested not to receive cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), to which Lin Yi reluctantly agreed.

Zhou Xiaofeng arranged for Lin Hai to be treated in the Cardiology Department, and his colleagues were aware of the family history of congenital heart disease in Lin Yi's family. They all worried for Lin Yi. When Fang Xiaoran learned about this, she finally understood why Lin Yi had rejected her. Without a second thought, she went to see Lin Hai. Lin Yi was coincidentally present and quickly found a wheelchair to leave.

Lin Yi found a wheelchair, but Fang Xiaoran pulled him aside without hesitation. She carefully listened to his heart, relieved to find that Lin Yi didn't inherit the congenital heart disease. Lin Yi didn't want to burden Fang Xiaoran, but she didn't care about it at all. She held Lin Yi tightly. Fang Xiaoran complained that Zhou Xiaofeng hadn't informed her about Lin Yi's condition in advance. Zhou Xiaofeng didn't want her to have any psychological burden.

Fang Xiaoran went home to seek help from Fang Zhuqing. Fang Zhuqing was worried that if Lin Yi fell ill, she would also suffer, but Fang Xiaoran was willing to sacrifice for Lin Yi. Fang Zhuqing advised her to follow her heart. With Zhou Xiaofeng's dedicated treatment, Lin Hai's symptoms gradually improved. Xiao Rui was deeply grateful to Zhou Xiaofeng, who was polite and very different from Lin Yi. He even added Zhou Xiaofeng on WeChat.

Chen Yue was diagnosed with a breast nodule, and the doctor recommended surgery. Chen Yue had an appointment with Zhou Xiaofeng, but there were too many patients with additional appointments, so he was delayed in arriving. Fang Xiaoran suggested that Chen Yue have the surgery at Dongli Hospital.

Whenever Fang Xiaoran had time, she would come to chat with Lin Hai. Lin Hai shared many interesting stories with her, and they had lively conversations. Lin Yi hadn't seen Lin Hai laugh so openly in years, and it warmed his heart. Lin Yi walked in and forcefully took Fang Xiaoran away.

Zhou Xiaofeng contacted the director of the breast surgery department, and the surgery was scheduled for the morning after tomorrow. Zhou Xiaofeng promised to accompany Chen Yue. Lin Hai's condition became increasingly critical. Zhou Xiaofeng administered the maximum dose of a powerful cardiac medication, but it couldn't alleviate Lin Hai's pain. Zhou Xiaofeng advised Lin Yi to prepare mentally, as Lin Hai might not make it through the next few days. Lin Hai was barely hanging on and expressed his wish to go home. Lin Yi had no choice but to grant his request.

Lin Yi brought Lin Hai back home. Lin Hai mustered his last bit of strength to make arrangements with Lin Yi and Xiao Rui. Then, he peacefully passed away. Lin Yi was deeply saddened, choking back tears. He promised to take good care of Xiao Rui and himself.

Episode 32 Recap

Lin Yi had clinic hours today, and patients who came after hearing about him had already formed long queues. However, Lin Yi was running late, and the patients became increasingly anxious, venting their frustrations. Yan Hui also came to see Lin Yi for a follow-up, but he had a hard time calming the impatient patients. Liu Dong had to call Zhou Xiaofeng to inquire about the situation. Zhou Xiaofeng believed that Lin Yi wouldn't let his work be affected due to Lin Hai's passing, and he asked Liu Dong to pacify the patients.

Lin Yi arrived late, immediately immersing himself in his demanding work. Chen Yue was scheduled for surgery that day, but when Zhou Xiaofeng checked the rooms, he was called back to rescue a patient under his jurisdiction who suddenly had a cerebral hemorrhage. Zhou Xiaofeng intended to ask Fang Xiaoran to accompany Chen Yue. Still, Chen Yue didn't want to trouble Fang Xiaoran, so she lied and said she had called her mother to be with her. Chen Yue went for the surgery alone, feeling uneasy about it.

After Zhou Xiaofeng stabilized the cerebral hemorrhage patient, he intended to visit Chen Yue after work. Chen Yue had already returned home after her surgery, but she wanted to rest. Zhou Xiaofeng inquired about Chen Yue's condition from the lead surgeon and learned that Chen Yue had undergone the surgery alone, which made him feel guilty.

Lin Yi was engulfed in the agony of his brother Lin Hai's passing and couldn't free himself from it. He threw himself into his intense work. Fang Xiaoran watched this situation, unable to find the right words to comfort Lin Yi. She silently observed his every move. When Lin Yi finished his surgery, he lay on the empty operating table, feeling despondent. Fang Xiaoran came to see him and presented Lin Hai's farewell letter to Lin Yi.

In the letter, Lin Hai expressed his gratitude for Lin Yi's years of companionship and love, hoping that Lin Yi and Fang Xiaoran could be together but not wanting to burden Fang Xiaoran with the family's medical history. Lin Yi, tears in his eyes, finished reading the letter and shared the deep brotherly love he had with Lin Hai. Fang Xiaoran offered kind words of advice to Lin Yi, suggesting he shouldn't be afraid to be happy with her. Lin Yi didn't want to burden her with the family history, but Fang Xiaoran only wanted to know if he liked her. Lin Yi admitted that he had liked Fang Xiaoran for a long time, but he couldn't take the risk, especially when it involved dragging her into his family's medical history.

Fang Xiaoran firmly believed in Lin Yi. Her heart was closed to others. Lin Yi, unable to confront Fang Xiaoran's feelings, decided to break up with her, and he even threatened to leave Dongli Hospital. Fang Xiaoran, asking for Lin Yi's final thoughts, found that he was resolute in his decision. In her frustration, she uttered some harsh words and left angrily, slamming the door behind her.

After recovering from her illness, Chen Yue returned to work and immediately decided to study abroad in England. She sent a letter to the law school in England. Zhou Xiaofeng visited the law firm, repeatedly apologizing to her and promising to spend more time with her. Chen Yue realized that he was entirely focused on his patients and was greatly disappointed. Zhou Xiaofeng pledged to delegate more work to young doctors and spend more time with Chen Yue. Chen Yue agreed to give him another chance.

Zhou Xiaofeng accompanied Chen Yue to a family day event at the law firm. Chen Yue was about to mention her plans to study abroad when her colleagues pulled them into a couples' challenge. Zhou Xiaofeng and Chen Yue hadn't been together for very long, so their answers didn't match. Zhou Xiaofeng couldn't even remember Chen Yue's phone number. In front of her colleagues, Chen Yue felt embarrassed. She was disappointed, and finally, she revealed her intention to study abroad for two years. Zhou Xiaofeng congratulated her, but Chen Yue believed that Zhou Xiaofeng didn't love her. Despite Zhou Xiaofeng's explanations, she couldn't believe him and, in anger, said some heartless words before leaving in a taxi.

A female student from Dongjiang Medical University, Jiang Yining, saw a young man attempting suicide by jumping off a bridge. She rushed to save him, and they both fell from the bridge into the water. They were quickly taken to Dongjiang Hospital, where emergency services were activated to rescue them. Jiang Yining had a concussion and remained unconscious. The young man, Cheng Qi, required immediate surgery. Due to a shortage of medical staff, Fang Xiaoran was asked to assist in the operation. Cheng Qi's sister arrived and briefly explained his medical history to the doctors. The surgery began, but Cheng Qi's blood splattered, and it was discovered that he was an AIDS patient, shocking everyone present.

Upon learning of the situation, Lin Yi quickly arrived in the operating room. He replaced Zhao Yuliang and Fang Xiaoran and administered medications to prevent transmission of the virus. Zhou Xiaofeng confronted Cheng Qi's sister about the situation.

Episode 33 Recap

Cheng Qi's sister hid his AIDS diagnosis because she was afraid medical personnel wouldn't save him. Zhou Xiaofeng was furious and accused Cheng Qi's sister of being irresponsible. This put Fang Xiaoran at risk of infection.

Cui Jing came to see Fang Xiaoran and showed great concern for her. Fang Zhuqing hurriedly arrived and wanted to take Fang Xiaoran home, but Fang Xiaoran advised her not to rush and preferred to leave after work. She had cleaned her eyes after the blood splatter and had taken the prophylactic medicine.

Lin Yi visited Fang Xiaoran as soon as he finished his surgery. He explained the side effects of the prophylactic medicine to her. Their colleagues also came to see her, urging her to go home and rest. Fang Xiaoran pretended to be calm and bid farewell to everyone. After work, Zhou Xiaofeng took Fang Xiaoran home, but she didn't want him to accompany her upstairs. In her haste, she forgot the password several times and ended up sitting weakly at the doorstep.

Zhou Xiaofeng visited Fang Xiaoran after work, learning that she had locked herself in her room as soon as she got home. Fang Zhuqing didn't want to disturb her and asked Zhou Xiaofeng to check for new medications or methods. She hoped that Zhou Xiaofeng could find time to visit Fang Xiaoran at home. Not long after the surgery, Cheng Qi's condition gradually stabilized. Lin Yi suggested that he be sent to an infectious disease hospital for further treatment.

Jiang Yining, who had been unconscious due to a concussion and intracranial hematoma, had her parents deeply worried. They begged Director Luo to save her. Both Lin Yi and Zhou Xiaofeng were worried about Fang Xiaoran. Zhou Xiaofeng was downcast, and Lin Yi kindly advised him. They prayed together for Fang Xiaoran, hoping she would recover safely after 28 days. Yu Lingyun visited Zhao Yuliang, who was self-isolating, and brought him lots of food, urging him to eat well and rest.

The side effects of the prophylactic medicine were severe, tormenting Fang Xiaoran. She forced a smile in front of Zhou Xiaofeng and Fang Zhuqing, afraid of making them worry. Chen Yue wanted to visit Fang Xiaoran, but Fang Xiaoran firmly declined her offer. Chen Yue then asked Zhou Xiaofeng about the situation. In passing, she mentioned Lin Yi and Fang Xiaoran's relationship issues. Chen Yue wanted to be with Zhou Xiaofeng forever, but he was too busy with work. They couldn't seem to connect. Zhou Xiaofeng clearly told her that he liked Chen Yue and was willing to make an effort for their relationship. Chen Yue was moved by his words and was ready to commit to him as well.

Lin Yi couldn't sleep at night, thinking about Fang Xiaoran's unwavering love for him. He felt uncomfortable about it. Yu Lingyun reminded Lin Yi to visit Fang Xiaoran, but Lin Yi had an unspoken bitterness. He tried to find excuses to cover it up. Fang Xiaoran, suffering from the side effects of the prophylactic medicine, appeared haggard and even developed a high fever. Fang Zhuqing took care of her. When Lin Yi came to see Fang Xiaoran, he brought a lot of supplements, and Fang Zhuqing tactfully left them alone.

Lin Yi tried his best to comfort Fang Xiaoran, caring for her daily life and diet, but Fang Xiaoran didn't appreciate it. She shouted at him, and using their colleagues as an excuse, she asked him to leave after a few words. After Lin Yi left, Fang Xiaoran was heartbroken and cried silently. Fang Zhuqing witnessed it all.

Jiang Yining remained unconscious, and her parents were deeply worried. Stone was her boyfriend, and he stayed by her side at all times. Jiang Yining's father didn't want to hinder Stone's future and urged him to leave. Still, Stone was determined not to abandon Jiang Yining, firmly believing she would wake up sooner or later. After an all-out effort by the medical staff, Jiang Yining finally woke up. Director Luo quickly called Jiang Yining's parents, and they, along with Stone, came to the ward. Jiang Yining asked Director Luo about Cheng Qi's condition and, after learning that Cheng Qi had recovered, she finally felt relieved.

Suddenly, Jiang Yining fainted, and Director Luo called Zhou Xiaofeng and Lin Yi for a consultation. Zhou Xiaofeng discovered that Jiang Yining had a pulmonary embolism, a life-threatening condition at any moment. He immediately decided to perform an interventional surgery on her and requested Lin Yi's assistance. Zhou Xiaofeng honestly explained the common issues and risks of the surgery to Jiang Yining's parents.

Episode 34 Recap

Jiang Yining's parents were informed that their daughter had saved an AIDS patient at great personal risk. They felt sorry for her, and Stone, too, was indignant. Zhou Xiaofeng advised them not to be angry, saying that after graduation, Yining would become a doctor, and doctors should not discriminate against any patient. With tears in their eyes, Jiang Yining's parents signed the surgery consent form.

Zhou Xiaofeng and the medical staff were fully engaged in the intense rescue operation to perform a pulmonary embolism surgery for Jiang Yining, gradually relieving her pain. Lin Yi couldn't face Fang Xiaoran and asked Zhou Xiaofeng to deliver the medication to alleviate the side effects of the prophylactic drugs. Zhou Xiaofeng refused to be their messenger and insisted that Lin Yi should personally give the medicine to Fang Xiaoran.

President Gu of Dongjiang Medical University called Cui Jing to inquire about Jiang Yining's condition. Cui Jing entrusted Jiang Yining entirely to Zhou Xiaofeng. Jiang Yining gradually regained consciousness, and Stone stood by her side, advising her not to act impulsively in the future. Jiang Yining had no regrets about Cheng Qi and was eager to know the reasons behind Cheng Qi's suicide. Stone didn't want to discuss these matters, so he made an excuse and left the room.

Because of the side effects of the prophylactic medication, Fang Xiaoran couldn't eat or sleep, and her body was extremely weak. As soon as Zhou Xiaofeng finished work, he came to visit Fang Xiaoran. Fang Zhuqing was in a hurry to perform surgery and asked Zhou Xiaofeng to stay and take care of Fang Xiaoran. Zhou Xiaofeng made every effort to cheer her up, promising to watch movies and play games with her. After being cooped up at home for so many days, Fang Xiaoran naturally welcomed this opportunity.

Zhou Xiaofeng took Fang Xiaoran to his dormitory, where Fang Xiaoran was very fond of his pet lizard. She firmly believed that she could overcome this difficult time. Zhou Xiaofeng promised to share her joys and sorrows, casually mentioning Chen Yue's plan to study abroad. They also discussed Lin Yi's reluctance to visit her. The siblings empathized with each other, and finally, they stood on the balcony, gazing at the city's lights. They both spoke their minds: Zhou Xiaofeng didn't want Chen Yue to go abroad, and Fang Xiaoran harshly criticized Lin Yi.

Lin Yi couldn't sleep at night, so he casually browsed Fang Xiaoran's social media profile. Seeing that Fang Xiaoran had grown tired of the food cooked by Fang Zhuqing, she had secretly ordered takeout to satisfy her cravings. This gave Lin Yi an idea. The next morning, he disguised himself as a delivery driver and brought food to Fang Xiaoran. He inquired about her well-being and presented the medicine he had prepared. Fang Xiaoran questioned who he was representing this time, and Lin Yi had to admit that he was acting on his behalf. He also showed the videos recorded by their colleagues.

Seeing the videos from her colleagues, Fang Xiaoran was deeply moved, and she expressed her gratitude to Lin Yi. Lin Yi felt sorry for Fang Xiaoran continuously ordering takeout, so he promised to make her a meal when he had the time. After work, Lin Yi rushed to the market and bought a lot of groceries to cook for Fang Xiaoran. He planned to take her fishing over the weekend. Lin Yi was bustling around and quite confused, unable to focus. Fang Xiaoran found his attempts to be entertaining and eventually had to order takeout again.

The school's leaders sent classmates as representatives to visit Jiang Yining, expressing their condolences and bringing greeting cards from other students. Jiang Yining had read on the school forum that she had saved Cheng Qi, who had a history of drug addiction, and she overheard the nurses talking about Cheng Qi having AIDS. Fang Xiaoran and Zhao Yuliang were also at risk of infection due to occupational exposure. Jiang Yining had mixed feelings.

Jiang Yining's story quickly spread throughout Dongjiang. Many people sent her flowers and greeting cards, but Jiang Yining couldn't find happiness. Zhou Xiaofeng checked and found that Jiang Yining was under a heavy psychological burden. Cheng Qi, using crutches, came to see Jiang Yining, but Stone didn't allow him to enter the ward. Cheng Qi immediately apologized to Jiang Yining, who didn't regret saving him. She congratulated him on being able to walk again. Cheng Qi felt hopeless and blamed himself for the suffering Jiang Yining had endured for him. Jiang Yining encouraged him not to give up on life, and they shook hands. Cheng Qi was grateful to Jiang Yining. He had initially resorted to drug use after his business failed, and after finally getting out of a rehab facility, his parents had rejected him. He felt cornered and decided to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge, but Jiang Yining saved him.

Episode 35 Recap

Cheng Qi deeply repented in front of Jiang Yining. He felt that his life was worthless. Jiang Yining had suffered severe injuries while saving him, and she had also exposed Fang Xiaoran and Zhao Yuliang to the risk of infection. Jiang Yining advised him to stay strong and face the upcoming difficulties. Cheng Qi was deeply moved and expressed his gratitude to Jiang Yining with tears in his eyes.

As soon as Zhou Xiaofeng finished work, he came to see Fang Xiaoran. Fang Xiaoran inquired about Jiang Yining's condition. Jiang Yining had been brave and strong in front of her family during the day, but she had nightmares every night and often experienced palpitations. Zhou Xiaofeng was concerned that Jiang Yining's emotional baggage might overwhelm her. Fang Xiaoran offered advice to help him assist Jiang Yining in opening up about her feelings.

Lin Yi sent a message saying he wanted to visit Fang Xiaoran. Fang Xiaoran happily replied to him, and Zhou Xiaofeng was pleased for her. Jiang Yining was tormented by the pain of rehabilitation training. She didn't let her parents and Stone into the room to prevent them from worrying. Jiang's mother accidentally revealed that Jiang Yining had been afraid of pain since she was a child. Zhou Xiaofeng suddenly understood the root of Jiang Yining's psychological issues.

Zhou Xiaofeng had a heart-to-heart conversation with Jiang Yining and candidly expressed her true feelings. Jiang Yining didn't want to make everyone worry, so she desperately concealed her pain and her regrets about saving others. Jiang Yining didn't want to let everyone down, so she had to endure it. When Zhou Xiaofeng pointed out the core issue, she cried and released all the pent-up grievances in her heart.

During the weekend, Lin Yi took Fang Xiaoran to the seaside to relax. Fang Xiaoran's mood improved significantly. Lin Yi took photos of her, and they both ran around and played like children, bringing joy to each other. Jiang Yining couldn't sleep, so she asked the nurse for a sleeping pill. Zhou Xiaofeng learned of this and came to accompany her in the ward. He understood Jiang Yining's inner conflict, as he had also been a person who tried to be strong but ended up causing himself pain. Zhou Xiaofeng advised Jiang Yining to be more forgiving of herself, and she felt somewhat relieved.

Xiao Rui went to West Li Hospital for a checkup, and the results were all normal. However, Xiao Rui was still worried, so he came to Zhou Xiaofeng for help. Zhou Xiaofeng arranged a comprehensive examination for him and discovered that Xiao Rui had dilated cardiomyopathy. Xiao Rui was shocked, as both his grandfather and father had died from this condition, and he felt that he couldn't escape the same fate. Zhou Xiaofeng kindly advised him not to give up, as active intervention could effectively alleviate the suffering. Zhou Xiaofeng accompanied Xiao Rui back home and agreed to keep it a secret from Lin Yi for the time being. He intended to prescribe some medication first.

Lin Yi's relationship with Fang Xiaoran was getting better, and he was in high spirits. Zhou Xiaofeng didn't want to ruin his good mood, so he didn't tell him about Xiao Rui's condition. Chen Yue and Fang Xiaoran arranged to go shopping together, and Lin Yi stuck close to Fang Xiaoran, observing her happiness. This reminded him of his family's medical history, and he found himself in a dilemma. Lin Yi sought help from Zhou Xiaofeng, not knowing how to face Fang Xiaoran. Zhou Xiaofeng advised him not to rush into any decisions to avoid regrets later.

Jiang Yining's condition gradually improved, and she was about to be transferred to the orthopedic department for rehabilitation treatment. Zhou Xiaofeng encouraged her to document the entire treatment process.

Episode 36 Recap

Jiang Yining's condition gradually improved, and she was in high spirits. She sat on the bed, applying nail polish. Zhou Xiaofeng watched with joy. He gave Jiang Yining an assignment to document her illness journey in detail and send it to his email by tomorrow noon. Jiang Yining knew Zhou Xiaofeng's good intentions and kept bargaining with him while expressing her gratitude in her heart.

Lin Yi's relationship with Fang Xiaoran was getting better and better. However, Lin Yi suddenly thought about the family's history of genetic diseases. His mood plummeted. Zhou Xiaofeng, from the perspective of Fang Xiaoran's brother, didn't want them to be together, but as a good friend, he genuinely felt happy for Lin Yi. Zhou Xiaofeng reminded Lin Yi not to rush into any decisions, leaving Lin Yi in a dilemma.

In the blink of an eye, it was the weekend. Fang Xiaoran had prepared fishing gear early and was waiting for Lin Yi to take her fishing. Hearing the weather forecast predicting rain, Fang Zhuqing reminded her to bring rain gear. Fang Xiaoran immediately texted Lin Yi to inform him. Zhou Xiaofeng learned that Chen Yue wanted to see a newly released movie, so he went to great lengths to buy two tickets. He arrived at the designated location early, but Chen Yue had something come up, so he had to wait.

Lin Yi, just after seeing off his brother Lin Hai, unexpectedly found out about his nephew Xiao Rui's dilated cardiomyopathy. He couldn't accept this reality. Surprisingly, Xiao Rui consoled him instead. Lin Yi was deeply upset, and Xiao Rui didn't want to burden Lin Yi like his father Lin Hai. So he decided to move to the school dormitory. Lin Yi watched as Xiao Rui left, and his heart ached.

Ever since learning that Xiao Rui had been diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy, Lin Yi couldn't focus during work and received numerous patient complaints. He took a leave of absence and also used up all his annual leave. Fang Xiaoran went to the supermarket for groceries and invited Lin Yi to dinner, but Lin Yi made an excuse to decline. Fang Xiaoran learned about Xiao Rui's condition through Zhou Xiaofeng, which led her to understand why Lin Yi had been avoiding her. Concerned, she asked Zhou Xiaofeng to check on Lin Yi.

Zhou Xiaofeng went to Lin Yi's place, and Lin Yi was in a low spirits. Zhou Xiaofeng advised him in a kind manner. Lin Yi had witnessed his relatives succumbing to dilated cardiomyopathy one after another, and even Xiao Rui couldn't escape this fate. Lin Yi felt overwhelmed by despair and saw darkness in every aspect of life. He didn't want Fang Xiaoran to live in perpetual darkness, so he had to painfully sever the ties with her. Zhou Xiaofeng didn't know how to comfort him.

Zhou Xiaofeng told Fang Xiaoran about Lin Yi's emotional struggle, but Fang Xiaoran didn't care about these issues. Her feelings for Lin Yi were stronger than anything else. Chen Yue admired Fang Xiaoran's determination and courage. Jiang Yining sent the well-organized medical records to Zhou Xiaofeng's email. Zhou Xiaofeng provided detailed comments and encouraged her to become a great doctor. Stone thanked Zhou Xiaofeng for helping and supporting Jiang Yining.

Cao Nuoya heard that Lin Yi was resting at home, so he and his wife came to visit him, bringing Lin Yi's favorite dishes. Lin Yi, who had given up on being a doctor, was encouraged by Cao Nuoya and his wife to quickly regain his spirits. Jiang Yining transferred to the orthopedic department for rehabilitation training. The doctors had strict requirements, and she cried out in pain. Zhou Xiaofeng rushed over to cheer her on.

As soon as Zhou Xiaofeng finished work, he accompanied Chen Yue to a comedy show. The actors on stage made Chen Yue laugh heartily. After the performance, Zhou Xiaofeng treated Chen Yue to hotpot. Chen Yue decided to go to the UK next week, and Zhou Xiaofeng couldn't bear to see her go. He wanted to take time off to accompany her to the UK.

Episode 37 Recap

Zhou Xiaofeng wanted to take time off to accompany Chen Yue to the UK, but he hadn't obtained his visa yet. Despite Chen Yue's repeated advice and reminders, she urged him to take it easy and not neglect his health for the sake of work. She also reminded Zhou Xiaofeng to promptly share Fang Xiaoran's test results with her. After dinner, Zhou Xiaofeng drove Chen Yue back home, and they bid a tearful farewell. Chen Yue had recently noticed a change in Zhou Xiaofeng, who would message her after surgery and share beautiful moments from his life. However, their relationship had drifted off course, and Zhou Xiaofeng was no longer the first person on Chen Yue's mind. Zhou Xiaofeng and Chen Yue parted with tears in their eyes.

Bai Ji, suspected of official misconduct, was apprehended by the Dongjiang City Discipline Inspection Commission. He took off his white coat and handed it to Zhou Xiaofeng, who rushed back to the changing room to fetch him a jacket. He helplessly watched Bai Ji being taken away. Bai Ji's arrest quickly spread throughout the entire hospital, and colleagues were discussing it, suspecting that Bai Ji had accepted benefits from pharmaceutical representatives. Meanwhile, Fang Zhuqing was taken in for questioning due to receiving gifts from Bai Ji, who was a candidate for the Excellent Innovation Award. Fang Xiaoran called Zhou Xiaofeng and brought Fang Zhuqing to the Discipline Inspection Commission to learn about the situation.

Bai Ji had given Fang Zhuqing a cup as a birthday gift, and she promptly mailed it back to him. Bai Ji had unique and innovative ideas for the evaluation, and Fang Zhuqing had no reason not to give him a high score. Bai Ji asked Zhou Xiaofeng for help in delivering the gift, and Fang Xiaoran was concerned that it might put Zhou Xiaofeng at risk. However, Fang Zhuqing had already explained to the investigation team that Zhou Xiaofeng had nothing to do with the matter. Zhou Xiaofeng and Fang Xiaoran brought Fang Zhuqing back home.

Lin Yi stumbled upon photos taken by Lin Hai before his death, which depicted beautiful flowers, landscapes, and everyday moments with Xiao Rui. The photos made Lin Hai reminiscent of the moments they had spent together. Lin Yi's heart was filled with complex emotions, and an idea began to take shape in his mind. Zhou Xiaofeng visited Lin Yi to have a drink and share the news about Bai Ji's arrest and his mother, Fang Zhuqing, being investigated. Lin Yi was shocked by the revelation.

Lin Yi organized a photography exhibition in the community, displaying all the photos taken by Lin Hai before his death. Zhou Xiaofeng and colleagues came to help. The exhibition attracted many visitors, fulfilling Lin Hai's long-cherished wish. Xiao Rui later arrived, patiently explaining the stories behind each photo.

Suddenly, Zhou Xiaofeng received an emergency call. The hospital had admitted a patient with a complex myocardial infarction. Zhou Xiaofeng immediately rushed back with his colleagues. He conducted routine examinations and discovered a massive arterial dissection with severe bleeding, indicating an urgent need for cardiac surgery. However, the main cardiac surgeon was unavailable. Zhou Xiaofeng sent the patient's test results to Lin Yi.

Lin Yi arrived promptly to perform the surgery. After more than seven hours of intense efforts by him and the medical staff, they successfully saved the patient's life. Due to the extensive myocardial infarction, the patient remained in a critical condition. Lin Yi explained the situation to the patient's children. They expressed their gratitude to Lin Yi, who had performed surgery on their father in a life-threatening situation. After the surgery, the patient was transferred to the intensive care unit, and Lin Yi stayed by his side, closely monitoring his condition.

Lin Yi, deeply affected by this experience, returned to his work with a renewed sense of purpose. Hospital staff were gossiping about Bai Ji's arrest, and they also criticized Fang Zhuqing. Zhou Xiaofeng overheard their idle chatter and warned them not to spread unfounded rumors. Lin Yi witnessed this and applauded Zhou Xiaofeng. Fang Xiaoran came to the hospital to dispense medicine and ran into Lin Yi. She inquired about his well-being and expressed her concern.

Episode 38 (Ending) Recap

Zhou Xiaofeng accompanied Fang Xiaoran to finish the prescription. When Fang Xiaoran saw the malicious articles online that were defaming Fang Zhuqing, she was furious. Fang Zhuqing paid for Caiyun's medical expenses without seeking credit. She would not engage in any unethical practices for Bai Ji's petty benefits. Zhou Xiaofeng learned that Fang Zhuqing didn't care about these negative reviews and advised Fang Xiaoran not to bother with those petty keyboard warriors.

Fang Xiaoran was due to have a blood test for HIV tomorrow. Zhou Xiaofeng reminded her to rest well. However, Fang Xiaoran's heart ached for her and Chen Yue's relationship. Zhou Xiaofeng and Chen Yue were separated by the ocean, and Zhou Xiaofeng didn't want to ask for too much. He believed that everything should follow its course. Zhao Yuliang and Fang Xiaoran arrived early at the hospital to get their blood tests. Both were nervous, but they exchanged encouraging glances. Zhou Xiaofeng and Lin Yi were anxiously praying for a negative result.

Fang Xiaoran was unresponsive for a while, and Lin Yi was restless. He finally received a message from Fang Xiaoran and hurriedly went to the rooftop to meet her. Fang Xiaoran falsely claimed to be among the unfortunate 1% who had tested positive for the HIV virus. Lin Yi swore to be with her forever, even though Fang Xiaoran didn't want to burden him, he was resolute. Fang Xiaoran sent the test results to Zhou Xiaofeng, who promptly informed Fang Zhuqing. Both Zhou Xiaofeng and Fang Zhuqing breathed a sigh of relief.

Zhao Yuliang's test result was also negative, and Yuling praised him for it. Fang Xiaoran revealed her test results, and Lin Yi was both surprised and pleased. He scolded Fang Xiaoran for deceiving him. Fang Xiaoran wanted to force Lin Yi to speak his heart using this method. Lin Yi couldn't help but embrace Fang Xiaoran tightly, and he even officially announced their relationship on social media. Their colleagues were delighted for them. When Fang Zhuqing saw the news, she was overjoyed. Lin Yi took Fang Xiaoran back to the office, and their colleagues clapped in celebration. Zhou Xiaofeng asked Lin Yi to treat everyone to a meal.

Xiao Rui was going for a follow-up checkup tomorrow, and he remained optimistic, believing that one day, the medical challenge of congenital heart disease would be overcome. Lin Yi was inspired by Xiao Rui's positive attitude. Zhang Zhen had been promoted from a resident physician to an attending physician. He diagnosed an emergency patient, Old Liu, with a heart attack. Fortunately, Zhou Xiaofeng recognized that Old Liu had an aortic dissection. Zhang Zhen successfully saved Old Liu's life. Zhang Zhen unintentionally saw Old Liu's son waiting outside the doctor's office. He assumed that the son had come to blame him and rushed to Zhou Xiaofeng for help. Zhou Xiaofeng encouraged Zhang Zhen to face the situation with strength and accompanied him to meet with Little Liu.

Little Liu thanked Zhang Zhen and Zhou Xiaofeng for saving his father. Four years ago, Little Liu's uncle had suffered a sudden heart attack. Due to a misdiagnosis by doctors at the local town hospital, he passed away. Zhou Xiaofeng and Zhang Zhen both lamented the unfortunate incident. Caiyun and Zhou Xiaofeng had a video call, and she showed him her tea garden. Zhao Yuliang and Yuling were happy to see Caiyun's recovery and congratulated her. Caiyun named her unborn child "Xiaoyunduo." Dr. Qu discussed a congenital heart disease assistance program with Zhou Xiaofeng, which gave him an idea.

Fang Zhuqing was assigned to the Jiangbin Branch Hospital as the Executive Vice President. Before leaving, she bid farewell to Zhou Xiaofeng and encouraged him not to forget his initial aspirations and to become the top physician. Fang Zhuqing had always been proud of Zhou Xiaofeng, and he shared the news about him and Chen Yue. They had an open and honest conversation for the first time. Zhou Xiaofeng submitted an application for the Guizhou mission to the hospital administration. Cui Jing expressed her regret, but Zhou Xiaofeng wanted to step out of his comfort zone to make a difference in remote mountain areas. She reluctantly let him go. A month later, Zhou Xiaofeng boarded a train to Guizhou, receiving well-wishes from colleagues. Before his departure, he remembered having dinner with Lin Yi. Lin Yi supported Zhou Xiaofeng's decision to embark on the Guizhou mission and promised to be his partner when he returned. They raised their glasses in a farewell toast.

Zhou Xiaofeng went through the messages from colleagues one by one. He came across a photo of "Xiaoyunduo" and smiled with satisfaction. Yuling successfully gave birth to a daughter, and Zhou Xiaofeng, Fang Xiaoran, and Lin Yi all came to see her. Xiaoyunduo had a healthy heart, bringing relief to everyone. Lin Yi wanted to train Xiaoyunduo as an outstanding surgeon, but Zhou Xiaofeng believed she had the potential to become an internist. They debated the matter, and Fang Xiaoran had to step in as a mediator. As the train gradually entered Guizhou, Zhou Xiaofeng gazed at the beautiful scenery of mountains and clear waters outside the window, filled with hope and anticipation for the future.

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