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Summer Again – Ni Kexin, Chen Heyi

Summer Again is a youth school web drama directed by Mi Bao, led by Ni Kexin, Chen Heyi, co-starring Zhang Yinuo, Xie Zecheng, Han Xinyu, Ge Quanzhou, Zhuang Sen, Wang Han, and Li Yifan.

This drama is based on the popular school comic of the same title made by Huo He.


Summer Again

English Title: Summer Again
Chinese Title: 薄荷之夏
Genre: Youth, School, Romance
Tag: Meet Again, First Love, Friends to Lovers, Unusual Friendship, Smart Male Lead, Slight Romance
Episodes: 24
Duration: 22 min.
Director: Mi Bao
Writer: Xin Xiaoyang, Liu Yujia
Producer: Wang Yixian, Yu Chengming
Product Company: AIMMEDIA PICTURES, Qujiang Film & Movie, Sanfu Fun, Xian TV Copyright Exchange
Released Date: 2021-07-10
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



Tong Xi, a transfer student who returns to her hometown town, but meets her childhood friend Lin Nanyi, who knows her history and doesn’t deal with her, and with her best friend Tao Zh, they overcome difficulties and finally reap happiness.


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