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Cast of Stand by Me

Cast of the Chinese Variety Show Stand by Me
  • Zhao JinmaiLuo QiqiMain Role
    Character Introduction:
    Luo Qiqi was born into an ordinary family but was sent to live with her grandfather from a young age due to the birth of her younger sister. Her grandfather adored her deeply, which led to the development of Qiqi's willful personality. From the time she started school, she was stubborn, resistant to defeat, highly sensitive, and somewhat insecure. She secretly admired the wealthy young man, Zhang Jun, since elementary school. They got together in high school but later broke up. She went on to attend Tsinghua University and, after graduating, moved to the United States to live her life.
  • Bai YufanXu XiaoboMain Role
    Character Introduction:
    Luo Qiqi's close friend and childhood companion was unjustly framed in high school, which prevented him from attending university. In order not to burden Luo Qiqi, he chose to sever ties with her. However, he secretly took care of her. Many years later, in keeping with a promise made long ago, he opened a bookstore. They reunited when Luo Qiqi returned from the United States.
  • Wu JiakaiZhang JunMain Role
    Character Introduction:
    Luo Qiqi's first love, who had been studying with her since elementary school, came from a wealthy family. In elementary school, he had a crush on Guan He, but his feelings shifted to Luo Qiqi in junior high school. They began dating in high school, and for this, he worked hard in his studies, all in an effort to keep pace with her. However, they eventually broke up, and he always believed that Luo Qiqi didn't love him. It wasn't until many years later, from a chance encounter with a lucky star, that he learned a secret. But ultimately, it was too late.
  • Zhao ZhaoyiGuan HeMain Role
    Character Introduction:
    The perfect "goddess" in the eyes of outsiders has always been outstanding from a young age, the person Luo Qiqi has always wanted to become. After breaking up with Zhang Jun, she became good friends with him, to the point where Luo Qiqi always misunderstood their relationship. When the truth finally came to light, Luo Qiqi and she became good friends.
  • Zhang XinyiGe XiaofeiSupport Role
  • He AoWu ZeiSupport Role
  • Shi YunpengMa LiSupport Role
  • Zhai XiaoxingLuo HongjunSupport Role
  • Hao WentingXu HuizhongSupport Role
  • Yao AnlianXu QinminSupport Role
  • Yu Cheng EnChen JingSupport Role
  • Xu FangzhouWang ZhengSupport Role
  • Qiu HongkaiShen YuanzheSupport Role
  • Hao ZhuyuSong PengSupport Role
  • Xiang YunjieNao NaoSupport Role
  • Dong LiwuyouLittle Wu ZeiSupport Role
  • Jia ShuyiMother of GuanSupport Role
  • Guo DonghaiWang RuohaiSupport Role
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