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Ready For Love – He Changxi, Ju Ke’er

Ready For Love is an urban romantic drama directed by Deng Zhaneng, written by Mu Bai, led by He Changxi and Ju Ke'er, co-starring Ma Liya, Wang Yilei, Lei Haoxiang, and Zhuang Yihan.


Ready For Love

English Title: Ready For Love
Chinese Title: 结婚吗?好的!
Genre: Urban, Romance, Drama
Tag: Contract Marriage, CEO Male Lead, Rich Man/Poor Woman
Episodes: 30
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Deng Zhanneng
Writer: Mu Bai
Producer: Chen Yuexin
Product Company: ENJOY PICTURES
Released Date: 2023-05-17
Broadcast Website: 森宇热播剧场, SENTV English



Meng Chuxia was deceived by her ex-boyfriend and burdened with a huge debt.

Then, she and the newly appointed CEO male lead, Tang Jingxing, were also featured in the headlines due to rumors.

Tang Jingxing was labeled as a "playboy," which hindered his career.

With one person being chased by creditors and the other facing responsibilities, they decided to use a contract marriage to calm down this huge misunderstanding...


In the morning, Mi Chuxia woke up from drowsiness and saw a man standing by the window, shouting the name "Jie Kai." When the man turned around, Mi Chuxia shouted, "Who are you?" To her surprise, it was the newly appointed CEO of the group, Tang Jingxing. Mi Chuxia recalled with great fear the alcohol she had drunk the previous night, which led to the current situation. She found her phone and tried to make a call, but the other person couldn't answer. At that moment, Tang Jingxing threw a check at her and told her to forget about what happened last night. Faced with this sudden situation, Mi Chuxia burst into tears, realizing that her first time had turned out like this.

Tang Jingxing touched the lip mark on his neck and looked at the roses on the bed. He also recalled Mi Chuxia's enthusiasm from the previous night. He smirked, took out a pen, and wrote a note, which he then threw at her. Mi Chuxia, feeling very angry, said she didn't know him, which infuriated Tang Jingxing. He yelled at her to stop pushing it, and after saying that, he put on his clothes and left the room. On the other side, Zhao Jie Kai (played by Wang Yilei) received a call from his supervisor urging him to come to work early. Meanwhile, a creditor came to collect his debt, threatening to break his legs if he didn't pay. Seeing the news, Zhao Jie Kai started to panic.

Mi Chuxia angrily packed her things and walked out to find Tang Jingxing. She intended to return the check to him. Suddenly, the elevator door opened, and she saw Alex. Tang Jingxing's face immediately softened, and he hugged Mi Chuxia. Seeing the ambiguous traces on Tang Jingxing and Mi Chuxia, Alex teased that Tang Jingxing valued his principles. Tang Jingxing clarified that Mi Chuxia was not his girlfriend but his fiancée. After seeing Alex off, Tang Jingxing's expression changed again. Finally arriving at their destination, Tang Jingxing prepared to leave, and Mi Chuxia threw the check at him once more before walking away angrily. Then she received a call from her mother.

Mi Chuxia hurriedly returned home and saw the IOU posted outside. Suddenly, her father called her over while watching TV. A group of people surrounded the TV, and Mi Chuxia also saw her own figure. The TV was reporting the first exposure of Tang Jingxing. Everyone criticized Mi Chuxia, saying she was with Zhao Jie Kai. Her father kicked her out of the house, and she came out frustrated. On the other side, Zhao Jie Kai called Mi Chuxia, hoping she could help him. Mi Chuxia learned that Zhao Jie Kai had borrowed a high-interest loan for his business and owed one million.

After listening, Mi Chuxia wanted to go and find Zhao Jie Kai, but he stopped her, telling her to raise the money and transfer it directly to his account. Meanwhile, Mi Chuxia was also distressed. How could she raise so much money in a week? Suddenly, a creditor's voice came through the phone, urging Zhao Jie Kai to repay the debt. Mi Chuxia tried calling again, but his phone was switched off. At that moment, Mi Chuxia received a call informing her that she had been accepted for a job. She decided that once she resolved these troubles, she would take her mother out of this terrible place.

Tang Jingxing returned to his company and listened to people's discussions. Alex had already terminated the contract and made a promise to everyone. Within a month, he would bring Wan Mao back on track. If he failed, he would step down from the CEO position. Tang Jingxing instructed his secretary to find Mi Chuxia. Mi Chuxia was walking with a pile of documents when the secretary informed Tang Jingxing that those news reports were Mi Chuxia selling them at a high price to others. Upon hearing this, Tang Jingxing also felt a headache. When he turned around, he coincidentally bumped into Mi Chuxia. Mi Chuxia, in a fluster, grabbed onto Tang Jingxing. After they finished looking at the documents, Mi Chuxia hurriedly tried to escape but was pulled back by Tang Jingxing.

Tang Jingxing pulled Mi Chuxia into his office, while the secretary informed the news to the old lady. The old lady decided to secretly go over there. Tang Jingxing was extremely surprised to see Mi Chuxia at Wan Mao, and both of them were puzzled. Sitting in the chair, they suddenly saw Tang Jingxing's photo album. Tang Jingxing told Mi Chuxia to leave the company immediately and leave Jiangzhou forever. If I keep you in Jiangzhou, who knows how much trouble you will cause.

Mi Chuxia resigned if she wanted to resign, but leaving Jiangzhou is impossible. Then Mi Chuxia angrily left the office and went to the restroom. She drew a picture of Tang Jingxing on the paper, venting her anger and complaining about her miserable life. She had to resign right after joining the company. Meanwhile, Tang's old lady also came to the company. Suddenly, she had an asthma attack, which Mi Chuxia noticed. Mi Chuxia quickly opened her bag and handed the medicine to Tang's old lady. Tang's old lady planned to reward Mi Chuxia for her help but learned that she was going to resign. After bidding farewell to Tang's old lady, Mi Chuxia left and went to the office. She angrily confronted Tang Jingxing, asking him how he could hide his daughter-in-law in the company.

Tang Jingxing was also helpless with his grandmother's attitude. Tang's old lady planned to arrange a marriage between Tang Jingxing and Mi Chuxia to turn the situation around for Wan Mao. Tang Jingxing didn't want their relationship to be based on business and advised his grandmother to watch fewer romance dramas. Under his grandmother's words, he reluctantly accepted this order. Tang's old lady also instructed Tang Jingxing to bring Mi Chuxia back in the evening. Helpless, Tang Jingxing opened his phone and asked his secretary to find detailed information about Mi Chuxia. He called Mi Chuxia to his office, but she covered her face with the resignation letter. Tang Jingxing moved the letter away and told Mi Chuxia, "Let's get engaged."

Tang Jingxing took out an engagement agreement and threw it on the table for Mi Chuxia to look at. Tang Jingxing stated that they had rumors at Wan Mao, so they needed to publicly announce their relationship. Afterwards, he would give her two million. Mi Chuxia hurriedly told him that she had a boyfriend. Tang Jingxing presented a clear bill for Mi Chuxia to see, but she proposed a condition: to shorten the contract period to three months. Tang Jingxing agreed, and then Mi Chuxia signed her name. They shook hands and made peace.

When Mi Chuxia heard that Tang Jingxing wanted her to go home with him after work, she began to worry about the two of them being alone together. However, she felt relieved after learning that they would have dinner at his home. The supervisor informed everyone that they would be treated to a meal tonight and invited them to gather together. The employees in the company started discussing Mi Chuxia and General Manager Tang. Suddenly, Tang Jingxing came out and told everyone that Mi Chuxia had a family banquet to attend at his place tonight. Then Tang Jingxing took Mi Chuxia's bag to his office and handed her a set of formal attire, asking her to change and go home for dinner together.

In the evening, Tang's old lady was very happy to see Mi Chuxia. It turned out that she was the girl who saved her in the morning. Mi Chuxia was surprised to learn that Tang Jingxing was the old lady's grandson. The old lady emphasized that Mi Chuxia would be the mistress of the Tang family and should handle Tang Jingxing well. Tang Jingxing personally picked up a dish for Mi Chuxia and fed her. Mi Chuxia had a proud expression on her face. Then they heard that Tang's old lady was planning to go abroad in a few days and decided that Mi Chuxia would move into this house tonight. Both of them immediately agreed to live together.

Tang Jingxing gave a signal to Mi Chuxia, and she told the old lady that their office romance was causing some negative effects. It was then revealed that the old lady and Tang Jingxing's grandfather had an office romance in the past. Tang Jingxing felt that being together all the time would eventually lead to losing the novelty, but the old lady suppressed Mi Chuxia and instructed her to strictly manage Tang Jingxing. The old lady even wanted Mi Chuxia to have children soon. At that moment, Tang Jingxing's mother came and took the old lady away. Before leaving, the old lady entrusted Tang Jingxing's mother to secretly observe their every move.

Finally, after seeing off the old lady, the two of them entered the bedroom and discovered a facial recognition device. They learned that the old lady had set up the device for both of them and instructed them to check in here every night. Tang Jingxing felt both helpless and fortunate that the device wasn't placed next to his own bed. He couldn't understand why, despite everything that had already happened, Tang's mother still made such arrangements. In the bedroom, they saw flowers and clothes. Mi Chuxia teased Tang Jingxing, saying that his grandmother put so much effort into every girlfriend he had. It was revealed that Tang Jingxing had never brought a girl home before. Seeing Mi Chuxia comparing herself to the clothes the grandmother prepared, Tang Jingxing threw the clothes to the ground. Mi Chuxia picked them up and kept swaying them in front of Tang Jingxing.

Tang Jingxing suggested that he would be on the bed while Mi Chuxia would be on the floor. He mentioned being the boss and prioritizing his own interests. Under the threat, Mi Chuxia reluctantly sold her face and smiled. Watching Tang Jingxing enter the bathroom, Mi Chuxia lazily lay on the bed. She proposed going to an orphanage to adopt a child to fulfill the grandmother's task of carrying on the family line. Upon hearing this, Tang Jingxing couldn't contain his anger. He lifted the blanket and got inside, and the bed began to shake unintentionally. In the process, Mi Chuxia accidentally fell off the bed. Tang Jingxing jokingly remarked that the engagement scene had turned into a scandal scene. Upon hearing this, Mi Chuxia poked her head out.

Tang Jingxing and the company personnel were selecting a brand spokesperson when suddenly Mi Chuxia asked Tang Jingxing to fetch her a towel. Upon hearing this, the people from the company covered their mouths and laughed, and then quickly halted the meeting to rush over and fetch the towel for Mi Chuxia. Tang Jingxing angrily reprimanded Mi Chuxia, as the wife of the president, asking her to pay attention to her own image. Mi Chuxia complained that she had been feeling exhausted these past few days just to wear that dress, and the engagement banquet was about to be ready.

Lin Xiaotong saw the news that Tang Jingxing would be engaged to a mysterious woman this Saturday, and when she zoomed in on the photo, she discovered that it was Mi Chuxia. On the other side, Zhao Jiekai was playing cards with someone and was teased. Then the phone rang, and it turned out to be Lin Xiaotong calling, informing him about Mi Chuxia's engagement. The two of them planned to seize a lucrative opportunity, and after hearing it, Zhao Jiekai was very happy. Tang Jingxing and Mi Chuxia also arrived at the engagement banquet. Tang Jingxing held a prop ring, ready to put it on Mi Chuxia's finger. Tang Jingxing and Mi Chuxia looked at each other, and Mi Chuxia jokingly remarked that Tang President had quite a flair for idol dramas. At this moment, Mi Chuxia also saw Lin Xiaotong and happily walked down, while Lin Xiaotong pleaded with Mi Chuxia to give Tang Jingxing back to him.

It was then revealed that Tang Jingxing was Lin Xiaotong's boyfriend. Lin Xiaotong explained that she mistakenly took her room key instead of her own that day, but Tang Jingxing came over and exposed this lie. He also revealed her true identity as a model at the Wanhao Exhibition Booth and showed the surveillance video from the hotel that day. After watching it, Lin Xiaotong lowered her head.

Tang Jingxing explained Lin Xiaotong's various suspicions. Lin Xiaotong, taking advantage of her birthday, pushed her best friend, Mi Chuxia, onto Tang Jingxing's bed. Mi Chuxia couldn't believe it after hearing this; she had sincerely considered you as a friend, but you treated me like this. Lin Xiaotong, on the other hand, expressed that everything you're enjoying today should have been mine. Then, she angrily grabbed Mi Chuxia's hand and said, "If you don't want it, give it back to me."

They arrived at the room, but Tang Jingxing blocked their way. First, they listened to what Zhao Jie Kai and the others were talking about inside. Lin Xiaotong was very angry and told Zhao Jie Kai that he had missed the best opportunity. Zhao Jie Kai was very pleased and mentioned that Tang Jingxing had given him a large breakup fee. Before the banquet, Zhao Jie Kai was called into a room by Tang Jingxing's people and shown a video. After watching the video, Zhao Jie Kai was very excited, thinking about how to use this money.

Mi Chuxia sacrificed more than a decade of her life for me, but little did she know that Zhao Jie Kai's words were heard word for word by her. Tang Jingxing allowed Mi Chuxia to see the true faces of Zhao Jie Kai and others. After saying this, he stood silently to the side. Zhao Jie Kai secretly congratulated himself for sacrificing for Mi Chuxia, believing that she would be deeply moved.

Mi Chuxia, suppressing her anger, walked in angrily, slapped Zhao Jie Kai, and hysterically asked if he had ever loved her. She mentioned that he owed so much loan shark debt, and her whole family was threatened. Suddenly, Tang Jingxing walked over, draped his shirt over Mi Chuxia's shoulders, and told her to go to the car first while he handled the situation.

After Mi Chuxia left, Zhao Jie Kai started demanding his reward. Tang Jingxing took out a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to Zhao Jie Kai. After reading it, Zhao Jie Kai was dumbfounded, realizing that he had been played by Tang Jingxing. Faced with threats, Zhao Jie Kai had no choice but to admit defeat and left the room with the paper. Tang Jingxing took out his phone to call Mi Chuxia but realized that her phone was left in the room. He found Mi Chuxia had returned to the room. Mi Chuxia suggested going for a drink to drown their sorrows, and so the two of them left the room with smiles.

The waiter brought skewers for Mi Chuxia, and after she finished eating, she exclaimed that it had touched her soul. Tang Jingxing, looking at these things, startled Mi Chuxia for a moment, then took the food she had just eaten and continued eating. Mi Chuxia was incredulous to see that Tang Jingxing was actually eating her leftovers. The two of them enjoyed their skewers and drinks. Unexpectedly, Mi Chuxia had too much to drink and started acting drunk, vomiting and cursing at the couple over there. Tang Jingxing was quite helpless about this. He listened to Mi Chuxia muttering to herself and expressing relief that it wasn't Zhao Jie Kai that night, otherwise, it would have been really disgusting. Then, she pinched Tang Jingxing's face and playfully threw herself onto the sofa. Suddenly, she fainted on the couch.

Tang Jingxing looked at the unconscious Mi Chuxia and couldn't help but feel helpless. He reached out to wipe away the tears from her eyes and subconsciously touched her lips. Suddenly, Mi Chuxia opened her mouth and bit down on Tang Jingxing's finger. Tang Jingxing quickly pulled his hand away, then carried Mi Chuxia princess-style into the bedroom. He was still reminiscing about their encounter with Mi Chuxia and felt a bit overwhelmed.

As he walked out of the bathroom and moved Mi Chuxia's clothes aside, Tang Jingxing prepared to kiss her. However, he didn't expect Mi Chuxia to uncover the towel, and upon seeing Tang Jingxing's boxer shorts, she started acting drunk again. Tang Jingxing watched her going crazy again, desperately trying to stop her. Suddenly, Mi Chuxia pushed him onto the bed and then kissed Tang Jingxing.

Tang Jingxing felt that he shouldn't take advantage of her vulnerable state, so he pushed Mi Chuxia away. The next day, Mi Chuxia woke up from her sleep and saw Tang Jingxing. Tang Jingxing informed Mi Chuxia that a new clause had been added to the contract. Mi Chuxia took out the agreement and saw the provision prohibiting her from drinking, which piqued her curiosity. She wondered why such a clause existed. Tang Jingxing opened his shirt, revealing the scratches, and Mi Chuxia realized what had happened the previous night. She had no choice but to comply with this new clause.

Mi Chuxia decided to embark on the peak moments of life with Tang Jingxing. Tang Jingxing was very satisfied with Mi Chuxia's current state and urged her to quickly get ready to return to the company together. When Mi Chuxia arrived at the company, the employees greeted her as the boss, and they were already busy with their work. Mi Chuxia had to ask the supervisor for some work assignments. Suddenly, the secretary came out and was looking for someone to help. Mi Chuxia volunteered to assist, and after taking on the task, she began to work diligently.

In the restroom, the employees were discussing Mi Chuxia, unaware that she was eavesdropping from inside. After coming out, she looked at herself in the mirror with a newfound confidence, thinking that she was quite pretty. Mi Chuxia worked hard, going to work early, coming home late, and burning the midnight oil. Tang Jingxing patiently taught her the tasks she was unfamiliar with. That night, Mi Chuxia planned to work overtime and told Tang Jingxing that she wouldn't be coming home to clock in. At home, Tang Jingxing obediently waited for Mi Chuxia but ended up waiting until the next day when the alarm clock rang. He woke up, called out for Mi Chuxia, but didn't find her. He felt very frustrated and angry, deciding that he needed to have a serious conversation with her.


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