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Men with Sword – Zha Jie, Zhu Jian, Dylan Xiong

Men with Sword is a historical political series directed by Zhao Shiyao and starring Zha Jie, Zhu Jian, Dylan Xiong, Peng Yuchang, Simon Lian, Zhao Zhiwei, Evan Ma, Wayne Huang, Yi Bochen, Lv Yunfeng, Zhang Tianqi, Li Xizi, and Guo Xin.

The drama is about the story of political power, Jianghu, tenderness, and revenge in the year 329 of the Juntian Dynasty between seven vassal kings and assassins.


Men with Sword

English Title: Men with Sword
Chinese Title: 刺客列传
Genre: Historical, Political
Episodes: 30
Duration: 40 min.
Director: Zhao Shiyao
Writer: Dong Li Xia, Feng Lin Wan
Broadcasting Website:, Viki
Released Date: August 14, 2016


Zha Jie Zha Jie as Murong Li
Zhu Jian Zhu Jian as Zhi Ming
Dylan Xiong Dylan Xiong as Zhong Kunyi
Peng Yuchang Peng Yuchang as Meng Zhang
Evan Ma Evan Ma as Jian Bin
Yi Bochen Yi Bochen as Qi Zhikan
Lv Yunfeng Lv Yunfeng as Ling Guang
Zhao Zhiwei Zhao Zhiwei as Gongsun Qian
Simon Lian Simon Lian as Qiu Zhen
Wayne Huang Wayne Huang as Yu Qing


Jun Tian has been the United States for 300 years and has passed to Emperor Qikun. Although Qikun was the common king of the world, his control over the subordinate states was not as strong as before. The four most powerful states under the jurisdiction of Jun Tian are Tianquan, Tianxuan, Tianshu, and Tianji.

Tianquan is located in the west, rich in goods and wealth, and was the first to become lords, relying on the danger of Mount Yuzhao, and rarely interacted with other countries.

Tianshu, in the north, was rich in good horses and iron, and its people were good at mechanics and construction, so they annexed the small subordinate state of Kaiyang, which bordered it.

In the southwest, Tianxuan, with strong horses and strong people, was active in opening up the territory after the new lord ascended to the throne.

In the southeast, Tianji, who practiced witchcraft and emphasized farming, had already annexed another small subordinate state, Yu Heng, although he had not yet become a lord.

In the year 329 of the Jun Tian dynasty, Tianxuan attacked the direct subordinate country Yaoguang which minted coins for the Jun Tian, Emperor Qikun was angry and sent troops to besiege Tianxuan, but on the eve of the war, he was assassinated, the world has been in turmoil since then.

The 4 vassal states were excited, Nansu Kingdom, which is unfamiliar to the world, was also waiting for the chance. Then, assassins chose their masters and collaborated for the name, for profit, for self, for love, for grace, for the righteousness of the country.

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