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Love Starts From Marriage Season 2 – Qi Peixin, Pan Xinyi

Love Starts From Marriage Season 2 is an urban romantic drama directed by Ye Lin, starring Qi Peixin, Pan Xinyi, and Xie Yibo.

The drama revolves around the marriage of Xia Qiange, the heir to the Xia Group, and Gu Chengze, the unpopular younger son of the Gu Group, and the business battle between the two companies.


Love Starts From Marriage Season 2

English Title: Love Starts From Marriage Season 2
Chinese Title: 夏小姐的先婚后爱2
Genre: Urban, Romance, Drama
Tag: Contract Marriage, Contract Relationship, Trauma, Sibling Rivalry, Rich Female Lead, Car Accident
Episodes: 24
Duration: 8 min.
Director: Ye Lin
Released Date: 2023-04-29
Broadcast Website: WeTV, TencentVideo, 腾讯视频



One is a scheming and domineering female president, the other is a gentle and introverted young "puppy".

The two of them make a deal on a blind date, and together they go on a journey that leads to a life of ludicrous marriage.


In the bar, Xia Qiange, a young man from the Xia Group, was dancing inside, with a creepy man standing behind him, trying to take advantage of him. Xia Qiange received a call and went out first. The assistant on the other side reminded him not to forget what the chairman had instructed.

Xia Qiange came to the bar counter, and the man followed him, saying he wanted to buy him a drink. Gu Chengze was mixing drinks at the bar counter and said that the drink had a problem and he would replace it for them. The man told him not to interfere, but Xia Qiange said it was just a drink and there was no problem, and then drank the drink. The man sent a message, indicating that the matter had been taken care of.

After drinking, Xia Qiange was dizzy, and Gu Chengze supported him, saying that someone had drugged him. Xia Qiange said he was just drunk. Gu Chengze had no choice but to take Xia Qiange to the hotel. Gu Chengze was about to leave when Xia Qiange's clothes accidentally caught his tie. While trying to undo it, Xia Qiange woke up and mistakenly thought he was taking advantage of him.

Xia Qiange threw up, and finally calmed down. Gu Chengze was about to leave, but Xia Qiange grabbed him and even untied Gu Chengze's tie. The next day, Xia Qiange woke up and saw Gu Chengze tied to himself. He didn't expect himself to be so wild. A group of reporters rushed in from outside and took pictures of them, and the assistant couldn't stop them.

After being secretly photographed, the news quickly came out, stating that the female CEO had a private meeting at a hotel, suspected of having a chaotic personal life. Xia Qiange felt very depressed, wondering how he had become known for having a chaotic personal life. Xia Qiange told Gu Chengze that he was not good with money and gave him a card. Gu Chengze asked what Xia Qiange meant, and Xia Qiange said that they were all adults and he wouldn't shortchange him. Once he took the money, they would be even, and the money should be enough for him to work at the bar for a year. Gu Chengze said that he wasn't like that, and Xia Qiange asked if he had a purpose for not taking the money. Gu Chengze said that they probably wouldn't see each other again in the future.

Xia Qiange received a call from his assistant, who said that Gu Chengfeng was a person with a chaotic personal life and had even been involved in a lawsuit, not a good person. Xia Qiange and Gu Chengze had a blind date and didn't expect to meet again. Xia Qiange didn't expect Gu Chengze to be like this and felt that he had to expose his true nature. Xia Qiange asked Gu Chengze to drink, but he didn't expect Gu Chengze to be a heavy drinker. Xia Qiange felt that the alliance between the Gu family and the Xia family was a good thing, but he was more dominant. If they got married, she would make Gu Chengze endure it.

Gu Chengze worked at a bar, and Xia Qiange drove away several female customers. The man from before came back and thought Gu Chengze was just a bartender. Xia Qiange bought the bar and had the man kicked out.

Soon it was time for the engagement between Xia Qiange and Gu Chengze. The host asked Xia Qiange what he thought of Gu Chengze. Xia Qiange said he had never met him before and didn't know him. The host then asked Gu Chengze how he felt about Xia Qiange. Gu Chengze said that the first time he saw Xia Qiange, he was amazed.

A reporter came over and said that Xia Qiange had hooked up with another handsome guy before. The bodyguard dragged the reporter out. The host asked Gu Chengze if he wanted to confirm the engagement with Xia Qiange. Gu Chengze said it was his honor. The host then asked Xia Qiange if she wanted to confirm the engagement with Gu Chengze. Xia Qiange said she didn't want to.

Xia's father was very angry, but Xia Qiange said he wanted to be engaged to Gu's family, but he wanted to be with Gu Chengze. During the blind date, Gu Chengze admitted he was Gu Chengfeng's younger brother. Gu Chengze's father had an affair with Gu Chengfeng's mother, and now the illegitimate child was in power. Gu Chengze could only work in a bar. Xia Qiange said he could help him take back the Gu family and make him marry her.

Xia Qiange asked the host to announce the engagement quickly, and when Gu Chengze was stunned, he announced it himself and kissed Gu Chengze. Xia Qiange's brother was very angry and felt it was unacceptable. Xia Qiange said that as long as she was engaged to the Gu family, it didn't matter who she was with.

Xia Qiange asked Gu Chengze when he would move in with him and when they would go to register their marriage. Gu Chengze said that this matter still needed careful consideration because, given their current relationship, it wouldn't be good for her reputation if he moved in. Xia Qiange reminded him that on the day of their engagement, he promised to marry her, and now he seemed to be going back on his word. Gu Chengze explained that he did promise, but they needed to think it through.

Xia Qiange and Gu Chengze went back home and thought it would be good for Gu Chengze to move in with him. That way, he wouldn't have to worry about others' opinions at Gu's house, and as for his own reputation, he didn't need to worry too much. Gu Chengze asked if she was really willing to sacrifice herself to achieve their goals. Xia Qiange replied that sacrifices were necessary to accomplish great things, and besides, marrying him wasn't exactly a sacrifice.

Suddenly, the man from before appeared with a group of other men and said they needed to settle the score. Xia Qiange quickly grabbed Gu Chengze's hand and they ran away. No matter where they ran, those men kept chasing them. Xia Qiange thought it would be better to hide upstairs, and Gu Chengze agreed.

After entering the house, Xia Qiange claimed it was his home. Gu Chengze tried to open the door to go out, but it wouldn't budge. Xia Qiange told Gu Chengze to take a shower and sleep on the sofa for tonight. The next day, when Xia Qiange woke up and saw Gu Chengze still there, he expressed surprise, thinking he had already left.

Gu Chengze said that Xia Qiange went to great lengths to deceive him and if he were to leave, it would be quite tactless. Gu Chengze mentioned that someone once told him not to give up when it's time to cherish, and said he wanted to take Xia Qiange to a certain place.

Gu Chengze took Xia Qiange to register their marriage, and Xia Qiange was extremely delighted. Xia Qiange brought Gu Chengze to the company and introduced him to everyone as his husband, mentioning that they had registered their marriage today. It was his first day as the CEO, and as long as they worked hard with him, he wouldn't mistreat them. However, if they violated his taboos, he wouldn't be polite to them either.

Xia Qiange and Gu Chengze returned to Gu's house, and Gu Chengfeng greeted them with sarcastic remarks. Gu Chengze stated that he didn't come to argue with him but to collect his belongings. Xia Qiange remarked that Gu Chengze was much better than some individuals with chaotic personal lives. Gu Chengfeng wanted to hit Xia Qiange but was stopped by Gu Chengze, and Gu Chengfeng expressed surprise at Gu Chengze's newfound assertiveness.

Gu Chengze moved his things over and cleaned the house with Xia Qiange. Xia Qiange mentioned that he still had something to attend to at the company and asked his assistant Yang Fan to tidy up. Yang Fan was Gu Chengze's junior in college and mentioned that she joined the Xia Corporation right after graduating. She asked Gu Chengze what he was busy with, and he replied that he was just busy with meaningless things. Gu Chengze asked Yang Fan what she thought of Xia Qiange, and she said Xia Qiange had a bit of a bad temper.

Xia Qiange couldn't sleep and kept tossing and turning in bed, wondering if Gu Chengze really had no feelings for him. Earlier, Xia Qiange asked Gu Chengze about their agreement to get married and how they should act affectionately in front of others. Xia Qiange mentioned that they should hold hands when they're out in public, and if it's a formal occasion, they should link arms. Gu Chengze said that he would protect her when they're out, and he can take care of all the household chores.

Xia Qiange asked Gu Chengze what they should do if someone further tested their relationship. He felt that if they wanted to deceive others, they should make it believable and asked Gu Chengze to give it a try. Gu Chengze thought that no one would pay attention to such things, and Xia Qiange found it uninteresting and simply walked away.

Xia Qiange handed the marriage agreement to Gu Chengze, stating that he was not allowed to have any relationships with other women and should not enter his personal space without permission. Gu Chengze mentioned that the house belonged to Xia Qiange, so how should they define such matters. Xia Qiange replied that it meant he couldn't enter her room, but Gu Chengze thought that in case of an emergency, he might need to enter, so Xia Qiange agreed to remove that clause. Gu Chengze also stated that Xia Qiange couldn't have any relationships with other men outside, and Xia Qiange agreed.

Xia Qiange couldn't sleep and got up, sitting in the living room. Gu Chengze also couldn't sleep and came out, and the two of them watched TV together.

The next day, Xia Qiange woke up and saw that Gu Chengze had prepared breakfast. Gu Chengze noticed that there was nothing in Xia Qiange's refrigerator, so he assumed he hadn't been eating breakfast properly and insisted that he must eat well in the future.

Xia Qiange's senior brother suddenly arrived and pulled Xia Qiange aside, saying that he had been especially miserable without her. Gu Chengze pulled Xia Qiange over and introduced himself as her husband. Xia Qiange's senior brother took Xia Qiange aside and asked why she was bringing all sorts of people into their home. Xia Qiange assured him that she had investigated and everything was fine. Her senior brother said that information only shows what a person appears to be on the surface and warned her not to be deceived by Gu Chengze's harmless appearance. Xia Qiange asked her senior brother why he had come back this time, and he said he had come to help her with a project she was working on, which made Xia Qiange happy.

Xia Qiancheng came to find Xia Qiange and questioned why certain suppliers had been replaced when they were doing well. Xia Qiange explained that she knew how much profit those suppliers were making, and now that she was back, she wouldn't let him make these small moves anymore.

Yang Fan reported work to Xia Qiange, but Xia Qiange seemed distracted and asked if there was any way to know what someone was doing without sending them a message. Yang Fan mentioned that there was still a pet monitor from when they used to have a cat. Meanwhile, Gu Chengze was at home sorting through documents when he suddenly heard someone calling his name.

Gu Chengze felt strange when he saw a monitor on the table. Xia Qiange asked Gu Chengze what he was doing in their room, and Gu Chengze took out the agreement, saying that he had thought of something to add to it. Xia Qiange came home and was about to ask Gu Chengze when she saw him cooking in the kitchen, instantly captivated by him.

Xia Qiange offered to help, but Gu Chengze said she had worked hard all day and it was enough for him to handle it. Xia Qiange mentioned that she had always wanted to learn how to cook, so it was a good opportunity for her to learn. Gu Chengze asked her to cut the tomatoes, and they started cooking together while joking and laughing.

Xia Qiange asked Gu Chengze what clauses should be added to the agreement, and coincidentally, her father sent her a message, urging her to have children early. Xia Qiange heard it and said that without both parties' consent, they couldn't proceed to the next step, such as having children. Xia Qiange assured him not to worry and said she wouldn't force him.

Xia Qiange looked at herself in the mirror and wondered if she really lacked charm. Gu Chengze went to see Gu Chengfeng and gave him some documents, asking him to return their mother's belongings. Gu Chengfeng asked Gu Chengze for another favor and informed him that the pricing information from Xia Corporation was on Xia Qiange's computer. He wanted Gu Chengze to obtain that pricing. Gu Chengze agreed, making it clear that this time he must keep his word.

Song Jie came early to pick up Xia Qiange for work, but Gu Chengze didn't let him in, saying that Xia Qiange was still getting ready in his room, and it would be inconvenient for him to come in. When Song Jie heard that Xia Qiange was in his own room, he immediately calmed down and asked if they slept in separate rooms. Xia Qiange came out and said that newlyweds couldn't be separated even for a moment, and they had slept separately for a few days because they were tired.

Gu Chengze and Song Jie competed with each other, saying that they would count to three and then let go together. As a result, both of them held on even tighter and refused to let go. In the end, they went to work together as a group of three. Song Jie took care of the paperwork for Xia Qiange, who said that she had to go to work first and asked Gu Chengze to go back home. Gu Chengze said he would go home and cook for Xia Qiange and mentioned that her hair was messy, so he helped her tidy it up. Xia Qiange asked why Gu Chengze was being so sweet today.

In Xia Qiange's office, Gu Chengze was searching for something when Yang Fan suddenly arrived, holding a USB flash drive, and asked if he was looking for it. Gu Chengze said he couldn't explain this matter to him, but he asked him to believe that he had absolutely no ulterior motives towards Xia Qiange. Yang Fan said Xia Qiange was only using Gu Chengze and didn't have genuine feelings for him, but he assured Gu Chengze that no matter what happened, he would stand by his side and be there for him.

Yang Fan grabbed Gu Chengze's hand, but Gu Chengze immediately shook it off, stating that he and Xia Qiange were doing well and he had his own reasons. After saying that, he walked away. Xia's father suddenly came to see Xia Qiange, and Xia Qiange and Gu Chengze quickly embraced each other, pretending to be affectionate.

Xia's father told them not to pretend, as he had heard everything. He knew they were sleeping in separate rooms. Xia Qiange asked him who told him that and said that sleeping in separate rooms didn't prove anything. Xia's father asked them to prove it to him and suggested they kiss. Xia's father felt it would be improper. Xia Qiange asked how they should prove it, and Xia's father said they should quickly have a chubby grandson. Xia Qiange and Gu Chengze could only say that they would try their best.

Xia Qiange, Gu Chengze, and Song Jie were drinking together. Xia Qiange kept pouring Song Jie a lot of alcohol and asked him who he had told about them sleeping in separate rooms. Song Jie said he had told Xia's father about it when he saw him a few days ago. Xia Qiange said her father didn't know about it, and Song Jie said he didn't know that he didn't know. He said he understood now that they had an arranged marriage.

Song Jie mentioned that he had pursued Xia Qiange before but didn't succeed. Xia Qiange was puzzled, and Song Jie brought up a surprise he had planned. On that occasion, Xia Qiange entered a pitch-black room, and Song Jie suddenly jumped out to surprise her, causing Xia Qiange to hit him. After telling the story, Song Jie fell asleep.


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