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Love is Deep – Hu Yunhao, Kang Ning

Love is Deep is an urban romantic drama directed by Cai Cong, starring Hu Yunhao, Kang Ning, Zhao Yixin, Zhang Zixuan, Chang Long, Huang Haoyue, Wang Xiaobai, Li Zhengyang.

The drama is adapted from the novel of the same name by Shi Xiaozha and tells the sweet love story of pet toy designer Zheng Dingding and mammography doctor Ning Weijin.


Love is Deep

English Title: Love is Deep
Chinese Title: 浅情人不知
Genre: Urban, Romance
Tag: Nice Male Lead, First Love, Childhood Acquaintance, Second Chance, Father-Son Relationship, Multiple Couples
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Cai Cong
Writer: Guo Shuang, Shan Xinkang
Producer: Xu Wenjun
Released Date: 2019-07-24
Broadcast Website: WeTV



Zheng Dingding and her boyfriend Chen Xun have been in love for many years, and she once put her dream of designing pet toys on hold for the sake of her relationship.

When she realizes that Chen Xun cannot forget his ex-girlfriend, Zheng decides to give up the unequal relationship and regains her dream with the encouragement of Dr. Ning Weijin, a mammographer.

Ning Weijin is attracted to Zheng Dingling and confesses his love for her, but Zheng Dingding refuses for the reason that she needs to focus on her career.

Ning Weijin doesn’t give up but cares for her at work and in life. Zheng Dingling unknowingly falls in love with him.

Despite the many problems they encounter because of their careers and family backgrounds, they try to overcome all kinds of difficulties for each other. This relationship allows Zheng Dingding to find herself and become confident, and also allows Ning Weijin to let go of his former stubbornness.

With the help of Zheng Dingding, Ning Weijin also unravels the knot with her father.

However, because of a serious misunderstanding, Ning proposes to break up. This time, Zheng Dingding takes the initiative to redeem. the misunderstanding is finally lifted and they finally go together.


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