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My Lady General – Yang Qiru, Xu Zhenxuan

My Lady General is a historical romantic drama directed by Li Jun and Song Jian, starring Yang Qiru, Xu Zhenxuan, Zi Yu, Liu Zhiwei, Xiang Hao, Liu Jiarui, Wu Tianhao.


My Lady General

English Title: My Lady General
Chinese Title: 将军在下
Other Titles: Jiang Jun Zai Xia
Genre: Historical, Romance
Tag: Antihero Male Lead, General Female Lead
Episodes: 23
Duration: -
Director: Li Jun, Song Jian
Writer: Da Juan, Fan Fan
Released Date: 2023-06-21
Broadcast Website: WeTV, TencentVideo



The illiterate general Wei Lin, in order to clear the name of the former crown prince, marries Gu Mingzhu, the sickly and handsome son of the Gu family.

However, the sickly young man is the real villain.

The ruthless Jiang Lei, the owner of the Ling Pavilion, pretends to be Gu Mingzhu and marries into the general's family in order to steal the jade to cure his illness, but he never expects to get his heart involved.


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