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My Girls – Li Yinwei, He Hua

My Girls is a romantic comedy directed by Jia Bingqi, starring Li Yinwei, He Hua, Luo Ji, Cao Xiyue, Liu Renyu, Yang Qiru, Fan Wei, Jin Feng, Wang Jiali, Chen Bieke, Ma Jianyue, and Huang Chengcheng.

The drama tells the story of a nerdy man named Sui Yu who, with the help of the god of love, continues to pursue various girls and eventually finds true love after encountering numerous hilarious farces.


My Girls

English Title: My Girls
Chinese Title: 我的女友们
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Episodes: 15
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Jia Bingqi
Writer: Sha Yi Jiao, Jia Bingqi Studio
Producer: Li Lu, Jiang Chen
Released Date: 2023-02-21
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频



After going through the painful experience of breaking up with his girlfriend, a nerdy guy named Sui Yu coincidentally meets the god of love.

The god of love gives Sui Yu eight chances to fall in love in the hope that he will find true love.

After experiencing eight different types of love, including a famous idol, a "gangster", a "sexy" girl, a cute girl, an air stewardess, a fashion model, a mature writer, and an intelligent doctor, Su Yu realizes that artificially arranged and fast-paced love cannot lead to true love.

He decides to follow his heart, and ultimately succeed in finding true love.


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